He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 64

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Chapter 64 – Acting Skills

Just because of Qin Chen’s few words, Xu Jian met his encouraging eyes, his mind became hot and he nodded. “Okay, I’ll work hard.”

As expected, Qin Chen raised his hand, rubbed Xu Jian’s hair, and chuckled.

“I’ll cheer you on from the side.”

Qin Chen’s tone and action at this moment were very much similar to coaxing a child. Xu Jian’s heart jumped, his ears instantly flushed, lowered his head, and quickly glanced around. He was a little relieved when he saw that no one was paying attention to them.

Although Xu Jian himself didn’t know what he was feeling awkward and guilty about.

Seeing Xu Jian’s dodging eyes, not daring to look at him, Qin Chen raised the corner of his lips as he withdrew his hand.

Little heartless’s face is thinner than he thought.


Xu Jian was asked to audition for the role with the idea of reporting a resorting to desperate measures in desperate times. The director didn’t give him much time to prepare. Soon, someone came over to call him and asked him to get ready for the audition.

If Xu Jian fails, the casting director should seize the time to find actors again.

Half an hour later, Xu Jian stood under the camera, while Qin Chen looked at him outside.

Suddenly, before they have time to clear the scene, the director sitting in the crowd flipped through the script, and then looked up at Xu Jian. “Just act the part where Xu Feng knew that their plan failed and the male lead, Yu Xiu also caught their spy.”

Xu Feng is the name of the mid-level boss Xu Jian is auditioning for.

After speaking, the director’s hand holding the script waved towards his side which means: Show Xu Jian the script.

The assistant director understood and walked over to Xu Jian with the villain’s script.

The assistant wasn’t tall, it was difficult to open the script to the 1.81m tall Xu Jian, and she needs to tiptoe slightly.

Xu Jian thoughtfully matched with the assistant’s lowered head, glanced at the script, and found that there were only a few words in the paragraph on the script. The general idea is that: After listening to the report of his subordinates, Xu Feng was extremely angry, and the cup in his hand fell on his subordinate’s face.

There are also a few actor’s lines mixed with it, with a bolded sentence next to it: [Emotions should be gradual and layered.]

During the filming process, for scenes with great emotional ups and downs such as great joy, sorrow, and anger, actors usually need time to brew emotions, so the director said to Xu Jian, “Find the feeling first, and we’ll start when you think it’s okay.”

Xu Jian meditated on the script twice in his heart, then nodded to the assistant director and said softly, “Okay, thanks.”

Being close, the assistant director could clearly see Xu Jian’s distinct eyelashes. Just when she sighed in her heart that he is another one with fine eyelashes, she was caught off guard hearing Xu Jian speaking in a low voice, and instantly regained her mind.

Facing Xu Jian’s gentle expression, the assistant director blushed, whispered ‘it’s okay’. After holding the script, she lowered her head and ran away, howling in her heart as she ran —

Ahhhhh so polite and gentle ah!

Qin Chen glanced at the red-face assistant director and then looked at Xu Jian with an imperceptible frown: This person is flirting randomly again.

Meanwhile, Xu Jian, who didn’t know what Qin Chen was thinking, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he gestured to the director that means: I’m ready.

The director saw this and gave the filming teacher prior notice.

When the filming teacher pressed the start button, Xu Jian sat down on the prop chair at the same time. When he opened his eyes, his aura changed, and the originally nervous and gentle eyes no longer existed.

Seeing his aura change, the surrounding people also subconsciously relaxed their breathing for fear of disturbing him. The director was even more watching him closely.

Xu Jian sat on the chair with his legs crossed, his hands resting on the edge of the table, and his body half-tilted. His eyelids were half raised to look at the air in front of him, his eyes were full of impatience, and his tone was a bit careless, “Didn’t I tell you to keep an eye on Yu Xiu? Why are you back?”

When he said this, Xu Jian’s fingers on the table were still tapping neither lightly nor heavily, and the sounds of “tap, tap, tap” were heard one after another. It was clearly audible in the quiet scene. It is also irregular and inexplicably stifling, making people feel uncomfortable in their hearts.

And Qin Chen attentively watched Xu Jian, seeing him sitting in a boneless appearance, his eyebrow raised slightly —

Like a model, it seems that you usually work hard.

Xu Jian paused after he finished speaking as he waited for the imaginary subordinate to report.

A few seconds later, Xu Jian’s fingers tapping on the table suddenly paused. He pulled the corners of his mouth and looked up at the imaginary subordinate. The smile on his face was arrogant and evil.

“Since Yu Xiu caught his tail, find a day to get rid of him. He’s a useless sacrifice anyway.”

Xu Feng pressed his tongue against his cheek and said cold words, but his eyes revealed a trace of excitement. He didn’t know if it was because of the excitement of that sacrifice or because he was finally going head to head with Yu Xiu.

However, Xu Feng’s excitement didn’t last for a few seconds because his subordinate told him that not only the sacrifice, but even the spy they planted with great difficulty had been uprooted by Yu Xiu, and their plan had been completely exposed.

Xu Feng was stunned for a moment, propped up against the table and abruptly stood up. His face turned from white to blue, staring at his subordinates; the blue veins on Xu Feng’s temple jumped, and it took a while to squeeze out a sentence between his teeth, “Say that again.”

The sacrifice isn’t the same as the spy. The sacrifice runs a steamed bun shop opposite the police station. He is usually responsible for observing the police movements. When a police officer comes by to buy something, it’s insignificant and the loss is not a pity.

The spy is different. The spy is an undercover agent that Xu Feng’s boss put into the system through layers of relationships and it took a lot of effort. He is usually responsible for delivering news.

Yu Xiu took off one of their spies.

The trembling subordinate gulped at the words and mustered up the courage to repeat what he had just said. However, as soon as he uttered a syllable, Xu Feng suddenly smashed the cup making him badly bruised, and the hot water and blood mixed together with blood flowing down…

After the ashen-faced Xu Jian smashed the cup, he kicked the chair next to him as if venting his anger, showing the villain’s anger when he met the witty and intelligent male lead for the first time, but after the mission failed, he was full of vivid anger.

Looking at Xu Jian with his back to him, Qin Chen felt the suppressed rage in his heart even from his back.

Qin Chen wondered if this person really looked like this when he blew up.

When the chair was flipped over, the director raised his voice and yelled, “CUT—”

Xu Jian’s movements paused, when he turned around and came back, all the ruthless anger in his eyes disappeared, and he returned to his previous pure gentleness. After looking at the people around him, he even smiled embarrassedly.

They couldn’t even see the shadow of Xu Feng just now.

He has six years of improvisation experience coupled with Xu Jian not being coy, so he doesn’t have stage fright when he is auditioned in front of so many people.

But after the act, Xu Jian was still somewhat embarrassed by the more than a dozen pairs of staring eyes around him, so he raised his hand and touched his nose.

Xu Jian’s first reaction after turning around was to look at Qin Chen, who nodded to him with a smile.

This time, Qin Chen didn’t wear any inexplicable filters, he really thought Xu Jian was doing well.

After seeing Qin Chen nod and meet his gaze, Xu Jian was slightly relieved: Qin Chen nodded his head. It seems that he did a good job just now. He should… pass this time, right?

With this in mind, Xu Jian was a little nervous and looked up to see the chief director.

Although Qin Chen thought it was good, he wasn’t the director after all. In the end, the director has the say whether it’s good or not.

It’s not that Xu Jian hadn’t thought of stepping into the showbiz world again, but at least he didn’t intend to return to his old career so soon. Yet God suddenly gave him such an opportunity, so he wanted to work hard.

Now that he auditioned, Xu Jian naturally wanted to pass.

But Xu Jian isn’t very confident. A big director’s production like <The Slayer> has very high demands on the actors. He didn’t practice for several months after the accident…

Not only was Xu Jian waiting for the director to say something, but the others were also waiting for him to speak.

The director, who was being stared at by many people around him, stared at Xu Jian for a few seconds, then finally took a deep breath, raised his voice, and said with a laugh, “Let’s welcome Xu Jian into the group!”

After the director’s words fell, there was a few seconds of brief silence in the entire set. Then from nowhere came a cheer, like a pebble thrown into the lake, a ripple spread out in circles. Finally, everyone began to cheer and applaud; some people congratulated Xu Jian with a smile.

Among them, Xiao Nan was the loudest. If it weren’t for her Brother Chen’s presence, she would’ve even wanted to rush forward and give Xu Jian a big hug. “Brother Xu, I didn’t expect your acting skills to be so good!”

Xiao Nan wasn’t blowing rainbow farts, she still really felt Xu Jian was deeply hidden. The Xu Feng he played just now had such fierce eyes that she had lingering fears.

Xu Jian simply looked like a different person just now.

Not only did Xiao Nan have this idea, but the other people present also have the same thoughts in their hearts as her.

The dazed Xu Jian hasn’t reacted to the cheers, he subconsciously looked at Qin Chen, still a little confused—

Has he… passed the audition?

Can they really film together now?

Qin Chen didn’t have as many scruples as Xiao Nan. He took a few steps toward Xu Jian, his eyes full of smiles, “Congratulations, your performance is better than I imagined.”

When Xu Jian showed that arrogant and evil smile, Qin Chen knew that Xu Feng’s role should belong to Xu Jian.

Xu Jian brought Xu Feng’s role to life, making his every move as if he was Xu Feng himself, who was fighting wits and courage with the male lead.

Xu Jian was still currently somewhat confused, after listening to Qin Chen’s words, he subconsciously replied, “Likewise, likewise.”[1]lit. share weal and woe; the same to you (returning a compliment); can also be used when others greet you in New Year. Idk what appropriate words to use this qaq

Qin Chen was taken aback when he heard the words, then he was amused by him and nodded. “Likewise? You think it’s Chinese New Year?”

Xu Jian finally came back to his senses and looked up at him, “Chinese New Year?”

Not to mention, the surrounding cheers really touch the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.

Qin Chen held back a smile, “Mr. Xu, next we’ll be working together, please give me a lot of advice.”

Xu Jian was also happy in his heart, but he couldn’t help but ask again, “I really passed?”

Listening to Xu Jian’s skeptical tone, Qin Chen replied, “If I’m lying then I won’t have cats in the future.”

Xu Jian originally felt that it was a bit unreal, but after listening to Qin Chen’s words, he instantly became at ease.

Qin Chen, who is a heavy plush control, would say such things; it seems to be true.


On their side, Qin Chen and Xu Jian share the same joy, and the director on the other side is also equally excited. He couldn’t help telling the assistant director and his own assistant, “I really picked up a treasure this time. I didn’t expect Xu Jian’s acting skills to be so good!”

Leyu’s eye for talent is really not a cover!

When Xu Jian auditioned, he improvised many small movements such as tapping on the table, kicking the chair, and the evil smile. Qin Chen guessed correctly. When he saw him full of evil smiles, the director decided to give Xu Jian the role of Xu Feng.

The director’s thought at that time was — That’s him, no one can say so otherwise!

The assistant director who gave medicine to a dead horse[2]lit. to give a medicine to a dead horse (idiom); fig. to keep trying everything in a desperate situation/desperate times calls for desperate measuresreally didn’t expect that the horse was really alive, his appearance was full of joy. “With Qin Chen and Shen Xi, and now with a Xu Jian, I have a feeling that our movie’s box office will explode!”

After hearing this, the director nodded with conviction, “At least it won’t flop.”


Now that it has been determined to let Xu Jian act as Xu Feng, there will be a lot of preparatory work in the early stage. The film remuneration, costume styling, contracts, and so on must be negotiated. Xu Jian is now a member of 3 NOs, so Qin Chen left the matters to the very experienced Pan Min in this area to deal with.

After the termination of his contract in Ancient, this is Xu Jian’s first play. Although Xu Feng doesn’t have many roles, <The Slayer> is a big production by a big director. With Qin Chen and Shen Xi joining, the basic box office is guaranteed.

If the role of Xu Feng is taken out for public auditions, there will certainly be a crowd of people who will fight for it.

Xu Jian was lucky to be in the role this time. It just so happened that the special actor have a broken leg. As a new starting point to his career, <The Slayer> isn’t a low starting point or even top-notch.

Pan Min went to talk about the follow-up matters. The official filming will take place in the afternoon. It’s rare for Qin Chen and Xu Jian to have time to stroll around the set.

After all, it’s a famous film and television base, which is very lively.

Qin Chen tilted his head to look at Xu Jian, who hadn’t diminished the smile on his face since the beginning. Infected by him, he also followed with a smile then joked, “Are you so happy to be able to film with me?”

The author has something to say:

Jian cat: ?? Who said I’m happy because of you?

Qin poop scooping officer: If not, then who?

Congratulations to our Xu Jian~!


1 lit. share weal and woe; the same to you (returning a compliment); can also be used when others greet you in New Year. Idk what appropriate words to use this qaq
2 lit. to give a medicine to a dead horse (idiom); fig. to keep trying everything in a desperate situation/desperate times calls for desperate measures

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