He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 77

Chapter 77 – Ambiguous

To the reporter, Xu Jian was a raw face, but her professionalism and adaptability allowed her to quickly adjust and pulled a cordial and warm smile at Xu Jian.

“You guys going to the staff for something?”

Looking at the camera on the cameraman’s shoulder, Xu Jian subconsciously turned his head to look at Qin Chen; the meaning in his eyes: What should I say?

After receiving the distressed signal in Xu Jian’s eyes, Qin Chen gave him a comforting look.

“Say whatever you want to say.”

Xu Jian nodded after listening, then said to the reporter with a serious face, “There is something.”

Off-cam, the corners of Xiao Nan’s lips twitched, what kind of answer is this?

The reporter maintained the smile on her face. “… Is it convenient to tell us what it is?”

Xu Jian was somewhat embarrassed, “Not very convenient.”

The matter of losing a ring sponsored by a brand can be a big or small thing. It’s good for the brand to know that it’s okay. What to do if the brand thinks that the artist isn’t attentive to its product?

If you meet someone narrow-minded, you might block the artist because of this trivial matter and no longer provide sponsorship to the artist.

In the entertainment industry, a trivial matter that you think grew slowly and the consequences will be unpredictable in the end, so Xu Jian doesn’t intend to talk about the ring to the camera.

It’s better to avoid unnecessary trouble.

He was so straightforward that the reporter was stunned, and stared at him with an ‘ah’.

Knowing that Xu Jian had no experience in responding to reporters’ questions, Pan Min smiled and sent them away in a few sentences while the reporters were stunned.

After handing over the ring to the staff and getting into the car, Pan Min turned to Xu Jian and said:

“I’ll send you a template for answering reporters’ questions later to your email when we go back. You can simply memorize them.”

In the face of the reporters’ questions, answer them if you can. If it’s inconvenient to answer, you must avoid it by going in circles and striving to make the reporter dizzy and escape unscathed. It’s inconvenient to say everything they ask.

Hearing Pan Min’s words, Xu Jian was surprised, “There are templates?”

Pan Min: “Of course there are.”

The so-called templates are the official answers. After flexibly using the speech template, the answer won’t basically go wrong.

Xu Jian turned to look at Qin Chen, thinking that since there is this thing called template, how come this person doesn’t use it?

He still remembered the news that Qin Chen had made reporters cry before.

It’s impossible for templates to publicly criticize people, right?

Facing Xu Jian’s puzzled gaze, Qin Chen could see at a glance what he was thinking. He calmly explained, “I didn’t study it.”

After Qin Chen’s words fell, Pan Min said to Xu Jian, “He’s just lazy, don’t learn from him.”

One Qin Chen is enough to give her a headache. If Xu Jian learned to follow Qin Chen’s path again, she’ll really feel her head is about to explode.

Xu Jian nodded, thinking that he couldn’t learn even from it.

On the road, Pan Min told the two that the film festival’s return pictures would be circulated online later, and asked them to post two on-the-spot photos of themselves.

Xu Jian wanted to say that he hadn’t taken pictures just now, but before he could say anything, Xiao Nan held up the SLR and smiled widely at him:

“I have a lot of photos here, so I’ll send them to you after I take and edit them.”

When Xiao Nan was on the scene, like other artists’ teams, she stood at different angles to take pictures of her own artists, and the inventory was full.

However, unlike other artists, some of them will ask photography teams to specifically shoot the return pictures, while Qin Chen and Xu Jian will be Xiao Nan and Zhu Liang.

After all, they’re good-looking, you can take random shots, 360° with no dead ends.

Qin Chen has his own studio. After Xiao Nan sent the pictures on the scene, the retoucher started working, with Xu Jian’s share.

It’s impossible for the company to set up a studio for Xu Jian, a newcomer who has just signed a contract. His agent is Pan Min, so Qin Chen told Pan Min in advance. Since she’s also his agent anyway, he can share a team with Xu Jian until the other has his own team.

As for the staffs’ salary, pay them in double.

Xu Jian isn’t popular now. There is little use for the team. The workload is less and doubles the salary. Not only do the studio employees have no complaints, they even hope there will be two more good things like this.


Not long after arriving home, the extremely efficient retoucher sent the repaired photos to the group. Xu Jian first clicked on Qin Chen’s, stared at the person in the photo for a few seconds, then muttered in his heart—

Does this photo only adjust the background and brightness ah?

It was said it’s a retouched picture, but there’s no difference between this and Qin Chen himself.

Qin Chen, on the other hand, saved Xu Jian’s photos from the group, then randomly picked two photos of him to post on Weibo.

After posting on Weibo, Xu Jian and Qin Chen received a message from Xiao Nan at the same time: [Picture] xN.[1]I think it just means “Xiao Nan”. Let me know if it has another meaning~ Edit: This means times the number of pictures. Thank you to keichii! <3

After swiping the screen and posting the photos, it was followed  by a message from Xiao Nan:

[You’re welcome, I did what I’m supposed to do.]

Xu Jian was still confused when he saw the latter message. When the photos all loaded, he finally understood what she meant.

What Xiao Nan sent to them privately now are all photos of the two of them together.

There are pictures of Qin Chen fixing his hair, of them whispering to each other, and of them looking at each other…

There are even gifs. In there, the two of them can’t take their eyes off the front, then turn their heads to the right at the same time in complete tacit understanding, which can be described as godly synchronization.

The most important thing is that Xu Jian hadn’t paid attention before. Now looking at the photos, he realized that the suits he and Qin Chen wore today were white and black, and they were in a similar style. At a glance, they looked like… couple’s outfits.

Thinking of this, Xu Jian couldn’t help but glance up the wall. Qin Chen’s room was on the other side of the wall.

Qin Chen picked his clothes, and he didn’t know if he chose them deliberately or casually.

Across the wall, Qin Chen admired the group photo. After saving them, he sent two red packets to Xiao Nan, one with a note: Good job, and the other: Keep up the good work.

Encouraged by the red packets, Xiao Nan sent a bowing emoji and started blowing rainbow farts:

[Thank you, Brother Chen. Brother Chen is impressive, I will continue to work hard!]

[Brother Chen, you two are really invincible, a match made in heaven!]

Qin Chen couldn’t help but smile. [You have a good eye.]

Unlike the calm Qin Chen, Xu Jian held his phone for a few seconds, and finally saved the gif of Qin Chen fixing his hair like a thief.

What’s more, he lowered his head in this gif, and Qin Chen leaned forward slightly with a smile to help him fix his hair, looking intimate and warm.

When fixing his hair, Xu Jian’s heart didn’t fluctuate and didn’t think about it at all. But now he looked at the gif, the base of his ear starts to burn.

So, he raised his hand and rubbed his face. Xu Jian created a separate album for this gif and also set a password.

After doing all this, Xu Jian closed his eyes and went to sleep, it was foolproof!

Early the next morning, Xu Jian was awakened by the ringing of his phone. He opened his eyes and touched the phone in a daze, he didn’t know who the caller was. After connecting, he put it to his ear. Before he could say ‘Hello’, Chen Doudou’s excited voice came from there:

“Erjian! You’re on the hot search!”

Chen Doudou’s voice was so loud that Xu Jian’s brows furrowed. He wasn’t still awake, he rubbed his eyes and asked, “What hot search?”

Chen Doudou’s volume increased rather than decreased:

“Weibo hot search ah, what else can it be!”

Xu Jian was now awakened by Chen Doudou’s roar, and when he looked at his phone, it was only after seven o’clock.

Staring at the ceiling, Xu Jian began to suspect that Chen Doudou still hadn’t woken up. “What are you dreaming about?”

How could he be on the hot search.

Seeing that Xu Jian didn’t believe, Chen Doudou hurriedly said:

“Really. If you don’t believe me, look at it on Weibo yourself. You and Qin Chen are on the hot search together…”

After listening to Chen Doudou crackling like beans, Xu Jian hung up the phone and went on Weibo to see and found that he was really on the hot search.

Before he could figure out how he got on the hot search, Qin Chen came over and told him to get up and have breakfast.

During the meal, Xu Jian finally understood what was going on.

The fact that Qin Chen took the initiative to sit on the back row yesterday really caused a lot of discussions. Last night, the live camera swept towards the back from time to time, but it happened to be so coincidental that each time, the camera captured the scene of Qin Chen and him talking in a low voice.

Just when the passersby, including Qin Chen’s fans, were hotly discussing who he was, Gu Zhi, a currently popular actress, posted another Weibo post:

Gu Zhi V: Yesterday, I accidentally lost the ring at the film festival [cover face]. Fortunately, @Qin Chen @Xu Jian picked it up and found it. Thank you [fist palm salute[fist palm salute] I invite you two to dinner when you have time![Picture].

Gu Zhi’s picture was exactly the beautiful women’s ring that Xu Jian picked up yesterday that hasn’t been listed on the market.

As soon as Gu Zhi posted the Weibo, many fans followed and forwarded it. So now the number of people @ him in Xu Jian’s background has reached its highest in history since the opening of Weibo.

After taking a sip of soy milk, Xu Jian found that Qin Chen also forwarded Gu Zhi’s Weibo last night:

Qin Chen V: @Xu Jian, found the owner. // Gu Zhi V: Yesterday…

Xu Jian isn’t popular, but Qin Chen and Gu Zhi are both popular actors and have many fans who are popular enough. The two of them posted on Weibo, coupled with the events at the film festival, Xu Jian was quickly sent to the tail end of the hot search. The topic was:

#Qin Chen Xu Jian#

There is also another hot search about Qin Chen in the front, and the entry is: #Qin Chen picked up Gu Zhi’s ring#

Judging by the time, it should have been the hot search for #Qin Chen picked up Gu Zhi’s ring# first. The topic #Qin Chen Xu Jian# was only created after Qin Chen forwarded Gu Zhi’s Weibo.

The time shows that after Qin Chen forwarded Gu Zhi’s Weibo, it was after six o’clock in the morning.

Xu Jian raised his eyes to look at him and couldn’t help but ask, “What time did you wake up?”

Last night, after turning back into a cat, Xu Jian didn’t take long to fall asleep. He slept soundly until Chen Doudou woke him up, and he didn’t notice when Qin Chen got up.

Qin Chen was spreading jam on the bread and laughed at Xu Jian’s words. “After brewing[2]mull over for so long, you ask me this?”

Xu Jian: “Huh?”

What else could he have asked?

Looking at his blank expression, Qin Chen smiled, “I thought you would ask me about the hot search first.”

Qin Chen got up early than usual this morning. The first thing he did after waking up was to go to Xu Jian’s room to see if he had kicked the quilt.

He gently opened the door and saw Xu Jian bending over like a shrimp hugging the quilt, and his bare legs exposed in the air.

After covering Xu Jian with a quilt ‘without distracting thoughts’, Qin Chen went out to buy breakfast after washing up. It was also at that time when he saw Gu Zhi’s Weibo and forwarded it.

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian was stunned, then reacted:

“Could it be that the hot search was bought for me by Sister Pan?”

Qin Chen was amused. “What are you thinking? You don’t have a drama to promote, so why buy hot search without rhyme or reason.”

Seeing Qin Chen’s expression, Xu Jian knew he was thinking too much. He lowered his head in embarrassment when he heard the words and touched his neck:

“Since it’s not bought, what do you want me to ask?”

Qin Chen looked at him and slowly said, “For example, you obviously picked up the ring, but the result of the hot search is hanging on my name, I rubbed your popularity.”

After Qin Chen’s words fell, Xu Jian also thought seriously for a few seconds, then said solemnly:

“Maybe this is what people call, it’s obviously a three people’s movie but I can’t have a name.”

Qin Chen: “……”

Seeing Qin Chen’s expression of ‘are you kidding me’, Xu Jian held back his smile. “You joked with me first.”

Xu Jian still knew in his heart whether he had the popularity for Qin Chen to rub against him.

If it weren’t for Qin Chen, he wouldn’t be in the hot search, he wouldn’t even be able to go to the film festival, let alone pick up any ring.

If he hadn’t rubbed Qin Chen’s popularity, he wouldn’t even be on the tail of the hot search.

So now that Qin Chen said he had rubbed his(XJ) own heat, Xu Jian, who was clear in his heart, took it as a joke.

After staring at Xu Jian for several seconds, Qin Chen finally shook his head and sighed.

“Mr. Xu, I don’t know if this personality of yours is good or bad.”

Xu Jian listened and asked rhetorically, “What’s wrong with my personality?”

He thinks his personality is pretty good.

Handing the bread with jam to Xu Jian, Qin Chen looked at him helplessly:

“You’re good everywhere, it would be better if you didn’t have such an elderly mentality.”

The author has something to say:

Jian Cat: ? ? ? Who’s talking about elderly mentality?

Qin poop scooping officer: You!

XJ: What elderly mentality? I don’t know

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1 I think it just means “Xiao Nan”. Let me know if it has another meaning~ Edit: This means times the number of pictures. Thank you to keichii! <3
2 mull over

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