He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 97

Chapter 97 – Serious

Qin Chen also agreed with Xu Jian’s words. Thinking that Liu Qianqian wasn’t only sick, but also sick to figure out.

Xu Jian: “Then, what did the police say?”

Qin Chen: “The police went to her house last night to get the person, but the specific results haven’t come out.”

Xu Jian thought for a moment after hearing this. It was also that it had only been one night this time that it was already very fast to be able to investigate the truth of the matter. It would take some time for the interrogation and the lawsuit to produce the result.

Xu Jian thought about it, then frowned, “Liu Qianqian, her family will certainly be entrusted with relations to protect her.”

Qin Chen nodded, “You thought right. Liu Qianqian’s father went to my house last night to plead for her overnight.”

According to Qin Chen’s mother, last night, Liu Teng went to his house at past three o’clock in the middle of the night, looking tired and anxious. He seemed to have aged ten years in a few hours.

Last night, Liu Teng sat down and started to cry, crying that his daughter was still young and ignorant, crying that it wasn’t easy for him to have a daughter and that he hadn’t taught his daughter well, and finally asking them if they could let Liu Qianqian off the hook for the sake of his hard work in Leyu without being credited over the years.

He promised that she will be strictly disciplined in the future and wouldn’t let Liu Qianqian appear in front of Qin Chen again.

Liu Qianqian’s hiring of Wu San Jiang and a few people was of a serious nature, and it’s also Qin Chen’s development since he was little that didn’t have her way. If Qin Chen was as negligent in development as ordinary young men, no one would know where he was kidnapped now.

What’s more, Wu San Jiang is still a murderer on the run and initiated an ambush that might be serious. What if something happens to Qin Chen?

Thinking of this, neither Father Qin nor Mother Qin’s faces looked good. To Liu Teng, who was in tears, Mother Qin, who has a protective temper, directly said, “Liu Qianqian is also twenty-three this year, right? She’s not young, they’re all adults and should be responsible for their own actions.”

“Your daughter is a person, but my son is not? Whose children didn’t grow up with them? What if something really happened to my son today?”

Mother Qin has been at home as a noble wife with peace of mind since she got married. She doesn’t understand business matters, but she also understood the truth.

You, Liu Teng, had worked hard for Leyu, but my Qin Family has not lost a grain of rice to you over the years. Which of the annual salary, shares, and benefits of the same given to you fell short?

As much as you pay, no one should say who has been wronged over the years.

After taking ten thousand steps back, when something like this happened, if it weren’t for the old friendship these several years, not to mention Liu Teng sitting in front of them crying, he wouldn’t even want to enter their house.

On this matter, Father Qin’s views were consistent with Mother Qin’s, so he didn’t relent to his old subordinate’s plea, only saying that it was up to the police to handle it.

They respect the results of the police’s handling.

Liu Teng came in tears, and finally also left in tears. When he left, his face was ashen and his expression was dispirited. Looking at his faltering back, Mother Qin was soft-hearted in the end, and somewhat couldn’t bear it.

They were all parents. When the housekeeper sent Liu Teng away, Mother Qin turned to look at her husband, “Did I say too much just now?”

Raising his hand and patting the back of her hand in comfort, Father Qin said, “Regret? You also want to plead for Liu Qianqian.”

After Mother Qin heard this, she quickly pulled her hand out, without even thinking about it, “No way, this isn’t negotiable.”

It’s also that her baby son wasn’t hurt anywhere, otherwise, she could go to the polic station and scratch Liu Qianqian’s face.

Still pleading, don’t even think about it, no way.

Father Qin: “That’s it. Don’t think about it too much. This incident is also a lesson for Old Liu. He can’t keep spoiling his daughter like this, he will raise a person to waste.”

Father Qin heard of the extent to which Liu Teng doted on his daughter. Even if Liu Qianqian asked for the moon in the sky, Old Liu will look up at the sky to measure it.


After listening to Qin Chen’s words, Xu Jian sighed, “It’s also hard for Liu Qianqian’s father.”

However, no one is to blame for this. Liu Teng blindly indulged, and Liu Qianqian didn’t learn well herself, which led to the current situation.

Qin Chen didn’t feel so much about Liu Teng’s affairs. He had considered Liu Teng’s face before, and he didn’t even care if Liu Qianqian asked a private investigator to investigate him.

He also asked someone to send a message to Liu Teng, and gave the father and daughter a chance, but they didn’t cherish it.

What Qin Chen didn’t say to Xu Jian was that among the several calls he received this morning, one of them was from the cleaning aunt.

Although they moved away from the previous community, the aunt would still come to the door regularly to clean and maintain it. The aunt said that she picked up a piece of paper in the door which was full of words that said — You are mine.

According to the aunt, someone should’ve stuffed it in through the narrow slit of the door.

Apart from Liu Qianqian, Qin Chen couldn’t think of a second person who could do this kind of thing.

After breakfast, Xu Jian took out the script of Chaotic Steps and Flying Swords. As soon as he opened a page and read two lines, Qin Chen walked up to him and said, “Don’t rush to read the script first, accompany me to a place.”

Xu Jian looked up from the script, “Where?”

After asking, Xu Jian suddenly said, “Are you going to the police station?”

While talking, Xu Jian put down the script and got up, ready to go.

But Qin Chen said, “Not the police station.”

Xu Jian’s movements paused, wondering, “Then where are you going? Supermarket?”

Qin Chen: “To meet Jiang Linxie.”

Xu Jian thought he had heard it wrong, “To meet President Jiang? You have something to do with President Jiang?”

Qin Chen looked at Xu Jian and slowly said, “Jiang Linxie knows last night’s matter.”

“Huh?” Xu Jian was stunned and couldn’t help frowning, “It’s only been one night, the news spread so fast?”

Jiang Linxie has nothing to do with this matter, doesn’t that mean everyone knows it?

Wasn’t it agreed that for Qin Chen as a public figure, for his sake, they wouldn’t make it big and keep a low profile?

After listening to Xu Jian’s words, Qin Chen calmly said, “It’s not that the news is spreading too fast, it’s that Jiang Linxie’s news is too well-informed.”

Xu Jian looked at him, “Why?”

Qin Chen: “The police did not speak about yesterday’s incident, but few media outlets still got the news.”

This kind of big news involving wanted criminals is well-known in Qin Chen’s backstage. Even if the media has the first-hand news, they dare not rashly expose it, so a media company found Leyu first and asked them if the news could be released.

If you can let them go, you can let them go. If you can’t, you have to spend money to buy the news. To put it nicely, you will give hush money and hard-earned money.

Everyone is making a living, so it doesn’t hurt to talk things through.

It’s good for artists and actors to be on the entertainment news. It’s best not to get involved in social news and legal affairs, so Pan Min decided to spend money to suppress the news without thinking about it.

However, just ten minutes after Pan Min called to apply for funding, the media came to pass on the news again, saying that they will not publish the news, and there was no need to give any hush money.

Pan Min wondered how the media changed their faces in the blink of an eye, but after inquiring, she learned that it turned out that the old president had sent someone to settle the matter.

Leyu’s public relations and Pan Min’s efficiency are well-known in the circle, but this time Jiang Linxie took the lead.

Pan Min didn’t know the involvement between Jiang Linxie and Xu Jian. After hearing  that he had made a move, she frowned and told Qin Chen about it, asking if Qin Chen and President Jiang were familiar.

Or, President Jiang regretted the termination of the contract with Xu Jian again.

Without merit, Jiang Linxie, as the president in charge of Degu, came to help their Leyu actor which was strange thinking about it.

 Xu Jian was a little surprised, “President Jiang spent money to suppress the news?”

“En.” Qin Chen nodded, “There’s also the matter of He Jia last time. Since he was removed and called back to the company last time, my people haven’t heard from him again.”

The name He Jia hadn’t been heard for too long, and Xu Jian had almost forgotten this person. Now that Qin Chen mentioned him, he remembered that it had been a long time since he heard news about him.

For such a big matter of being withdrawn from resources, he didn’t even see the slightest news of him on the internet, and his whole person seemed to have disappeared from the world.

Thinking about it this way, Xu Jian felt that it was necessary to meet Jiang Linxie and not to mention anything else. This time, people spent money to help them seal the media’s mouth, and they should thank them in person no matter what.

Degu Company is not in Nanfeng City, and it takes more than two hours to drive on the high way. Along the way, Qin Chen told Xu Jian all his suspicions about Jiang Linxie.

Xu Jian raised his hand and stared at the silver bell on his wrist, his tone a little hesitant,

“What you mean is… the bracelet and collar sent by President Jiang has a problem?”

Qin Chen pursed his lips and nodded, then said, “Think about it carefully. Before you met Jiang Linxie, you turned into a cat for a long time in a month, but the day you first met Jiang Linxie in the set, you were delayed for six hours.”

“You’re stable during the day you change into a human and a cat at night, and it was also after Jiang Linxie gave you a bracelet and collar.”

“A few days ago, you became unstable changing from a human to a cat. I think it was also because you forgot to bring your bracelet before.”

Xu Jian thought about it carefully for a moment, and couldn’t help but widen his eyes, “It seems so ah!”

Qin Chen didn’t mention that Xu Jian hadn’t thought about it yet. Now that he heard him say it, he thought it was a bit strange.

He can understand President Jiang giving him a bracelet, but why would he give Milk, that he had never seen before, a cat collar? And it’s such a coincidence that the bells are sent.

Qin Chen’s words seemed to open a certain door in Xu Jian’s heart. Xu Jian frowned and said to himself, “Does the mint scent I smelled on the bell have something to do with President Jiang?”

Qin Chen turned his head and looked at him when he heard the words, “What mint scent?”

Thus, Xu Jian also told Qin Chen about the mint scent he had smelled on Jiang Linxie before.

After saying this, Xu Jian also felt that the more he said about it, the more mysterious it became, and joked, “President Jiang can’t be a mint spirit, right? After the founding of the country, he can’t be a spirit.”

Qin Chen was amused by him and asked rhetorically, “Then, what do you say about your situation?”

Xu Jian sat with his back straight, “I’m a serious person.”

The aftermath of the accident when he became a cat.

Qin Chen continued to smile, “No one said you’re not serious.”

Xu Jian choked, and finally glanced at him, “I always think that your serious and my serious is not the same.”

At this time, I must sigh at the broad and deep Chinese writing.[1]XJ said 正正经经 while Qin Chen said 正经 which actually just means the same. The latter was derived from the first word. Though, do let me know if I made a mistake about this explanation. … Continue reading


Two and a half hours later, Xu Jian and Qin Chen’s car parked downstairs in Degu Company.

After getting out of the car with a mask and looking at the two words Degu, Xu Jian felt a lot of emotions. On the day he terminated his contract and left, he didn’t expect that he would be able to set foot into the company’s door again.

After finally making a trip, Xu Jian was ready to meet Chen Doudou after dealing with President Jiang’s side.

He haven’t seen a few of them either.

Xu Jian originally thought that if they wanted to see Jiang Linxie, they would have to spend some time with the company’s front desk to identify themselves and explain their intentions, and perhaps also send a message to Jiang Linxie to let him and Qin Chen go up.

However, what Xu Jian didn’t expect was that when he and Qin Chen walked into the company’s door, someone quickly greeted them, looked at them for two seconds, and said with a smile, “Mr. Qin and Mr. Xu, right?”

Qin Chen and Xu Jian looked at each other, finally nodded, and said deeply, “Yes.”

The smile on the person’s face grew a little stronger, and he turned slightly sideways to make a gesture of invitation, and politely said, “Hello, I’m President Jiang’s secretary. Knowing that the two of you are coming, President Jiang specially asked me to wait here. President Jiang has been waiting up there for a long time. This way, please.”

This secretary was seen in the set last time, Xu Jian also smiled amicably, “Hello.”

In the elevator, looking at the rising numbers on the display screen, Xu Jian couldn’t help but ask the secretary, “President Jiang knew we were coming?”

The secretary nodded, “Yes.”

They haven’t told Jiang Linxie or Shen Xi that they were coming, even Pan Min wouldn’t know. How does Jiang Linxie know?

So Xu Jian blinked at Qin Chen, the meaning in his eyes — Really a god?

President Jiang can also predict the future?

Qin Chen said, “We’ll know when we meet him.”

After the elevator stop, the secretary took the two to the President’s office door, raised his hand and knocked on the door, saying in a low voice, “Boss, Mr. Qin and Mr. Xu have arrived.”

From inside came Jiang Linxie’s voice, “Enter.”

The secretary opened the door and took the two of them inside. Knowing that they had something to talk about, he poured water and went out.

After Qin Chen, Xu Jian, and Jiang Linxie were left in the large office, Jiang Linxie finally put down the pen in his hand, looked up at the two people sitting, and suddenly smiled.

“You guys came a little earlier than I expected.”

XJ finally being enlightened and not unsuspecting XD (random gif bc I dunno a suitable gif for this chapter XD)


1 XJ said 正正经经 while Qin Chen said 正经 which actually just means the same. The latter was derived from the first word. Though, do let me know if I made a mistake about this explanation. Thank you.

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