How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 1 – The Bored Assassin

Location: Assassin Star Dimension

Time: 10:00 PM

On a small hilltop, two teenagers sat on the grass, each holding a stalk of dogtail grass in their mouths which blew in the evening breeze. They gazing at the starry sky, letting out sighs.

“This is so boring…” The silver-haired teenager who spoke was named Chen Xing.

At the young age of 17, he had already reached the pinnacle of the world as the top-ranked assassin on the hitman rankings!

【 Yeah, it’s really boring…” 】 This person is Chen Xing’s system, a close friend named San’er. He’s an artificial intelligence idiot. Chen Xing spent a lot of evolution points to turn him into this human form.

Two years ago, when Chen Xing was still taking his high school entrance exams, he was brought to this dimension by a shocking heavenly thunderbolt. He didn’t even finish the exams.

And the system also came along at that time.

As a result, in this dimension filled with assassins, Chen Xing, with the help of this system, defeated all the assassins in the entire continent.

Whether it was with knives, guns, staffs, or bare hands. Sneaky assassinations or direct confrontations. No one could match him. People called him the Assassin God – Chen Xing!

Some even called him the Assassin Star. Sharing the same name as the planet!

That’s enough to show his reputation. After becoming invincible, everything became tasteless to Chen Xing, so he wanted to go and play in other dimensions. But he was constrained by the limitations of the dimensions. He couldn’t break through the void and travel to other realms.

Even the system, San’er, was restricted. Chen Xing had upgraded him to the maximum level, but he couldn’t initiate any cross-dimensional travel. He had killed all the damn monsters and defeated the bosses he needed to defeat. He had even planted an entire mountain with vegetables.

So the two of them… had nothing to do. They were bored every day!

In his boredom, Chen Xing learned all the skills he could learn. Playing musical instruments, chess, calligraphy, painting, singing, dancing, medicine, business studies, and so on. It didn’t matter if a skill was useful or not, he learned them all. In the end, he couldn’t even spend all his evolution points!!

Life returned to tranquility once again, which was painful for a young boy with strong firepower.

【Sigh, why aren’t you a girl? 】 San’er sighed.

Chen Xing: ????

“What difference does it make if I’m a girl? It’s still boring.”

【 If you were a girl, I could have a passionate love affair with you, human and machine together… 】

Chen Xing rolled his eyes and smirked. “Heh… We could also have a passionate love affair between man and machine.”

【 Forget it, your chest is too small…..Sigh】


Honestly, Chen Xing regretted upgrading his language pack for San’er. The previous robotic and innocent feel was quite cute. Now, it’s all about dirty talk. Unfortunately, he couldn’t uninstall it!

“Is your dimension fun?”

【 Not really, otherwise, why would I follow you on this long trip? 】

“That shouldn’t be the case. Your dimension has so many systems and big battles. It should be interesting.”

【 Forget it, the water is too deep to measure the depth. 】


The thunderclouds had climbed onto the rooftop without them realizing it. The wind on the hill gradually grew stronger.

“It’s going to rain, let’s go back.”

【 Mhmm. 】

“Boom~” A thunderclap resounded, illuminating the night sky for a moment.

It startled San’er: 【 Which fellow cultivator is undergoing a tribulation? Such a loud thunder!? 】

Of course, it was a joke. There’s no concept of tribulation in this world.

Chen Xing suddenly stopped in his tracks. “Wait a minute!”

【 What’s wrong? 】

“Hmm, if I get struck by lightning again, can I travel through dimensions? Wasn’t it because I got struck by lightning before that I arrived in this dimension?”

San’er wasn’t too sure. 【 You can give it a try. Anyway, with your constitution, the lightning won’t be able to kill you! 】

“I think so too. Then I’ll go for it!” Chen Xing looked at the thundercloud with anticipation. Just as he was about to take off into the sky, San’er suddenly shouted to stop him.

【 Are you sure you want to try? If you successfully travel through dimensions, the system will be reset. All the attribute bonuses on your body will be reset to zero, and you’ll start from scratch! 】

“If it’s just the attribute bonuses, then it doesn’t matter. I can level up slowly. Will all the skills I’ve learned be erased too?”

【 No, they won’t! The skills you’ve learned already belong to you. 】

“Will you come with me?” Chen Xing was afraid of losing San’er, his only friend in this world.

They had been partners for two years, and even though San’er was an artificial intelligence, they had developed a deep friendship. As an assassin, he always had to hide himself, so he had never made any friends.

Not to mention being in a romantic relationship. Women would only hinder his speed of drawing the sword!

【 Of course I will! 】

With those words, Chen Xing felt relieved. “Then I’m going.”

【 Great! 】


Chen Xing suddenly pushed off the ground and with a “whoosh,” he jumped from this hill to the hill where the world-shaking thunder had just struck. The straight-line distance between the two hills was 5 kilometers.

He merely made a light leap!

“Boom!” Another thunderbolt struck.

Seeing the thunderbolt up close made it even more terrifying. But it passed by Chen Xing’s side. It seemed that Chen Xing’s arrival had provoked the dissatisfaction of the thundercloud.

Successive thunderbolts fell, even more ferocious than before.

“Boom!” One minute passed, and there were already hundreds of thunderbolts falling. However, not a single one struck Chen Xing!

【 Why aren’t you dodging?! 】 San’er shouted.

“I didn’t dodge!!! Can’t you see that I was facing it?!”

“Damn, why isn’t it striking me?”

【 …Is this fate? Even the heavens want you to be bored to death! 】

“Or it could it be because I’m too handsome…” Just as he finished speaking…

“Boom!” A thunderbolt directly hit the top of his head.

“What the hell…” His voice suddenly disappeared.

Because Chen Xing was gone.

Similarly, San’er also disappeared without a trace!


Location: Spirit Continent, a parallel dimension to Earth.

Time: 10:10 PM, May 30, 2021

Weather: Heavy rain.


The rain poured down heavily.

“He Yu… wait for me…” A girl dressed in a lolita floral dress knelt on the ground.

She looked at He Yu’s figure in front of her with despair, tears streaming down her eyes.

The man named He Yu didn’t even turn his head. He angrily cursed: “Wait for you? You useless piece of trash! What can you do?!”

“Do you think you’re worthy of being an SSS-grade Spirit User?”

“I spent so many spirit points to upgrade you, and all you can do is a loli hammer? A waste!”

“You wasted so much of my spirit points for nothing!”

Despair filled the girl’s eyes. She had lost count of how many times she had been abandoned like this. She knew that the person in front of her would never come back.

But she still pleaded desperately: “I’m sorry… Can you give me another chance… please?”

However, the man named He Yu didn’t pause for a moment. He was truly utterly disappointed in this girl.

“A chance? Dream on. I’m going to find a new Spirit User. I don’t need you, you worthless piece of trash.”

“SSS? I will never believe in SSS again in my life.”

The girl fell silent, sitting on the wet ground, quietly sobbing. With tears streaming down her face, she watched him grow farther and farther away in despair.

As her tears mixed with the rain pouring from the sky, it was impossible to tell whether the droplets on her face were tears or rain.

As He Yu walked further away, the light in the girl’s eyes gradually dimmed. Despair, helplessness, self-blame, and pain, several negative emotions lingered in her heart.

She still couldn’t understand why her system rating was clearly the highest level. Yet, she turned out to be such a super waste!?

“Boom!” A thunderbolt resounded, and the world seemed to flicker.


“Thud!” From the direction He Yu had walked, came the sound of a heavy object landing and his cries of agony!

It happened in the split second when the thunderbolt flashed.

In mid-air, several meters above the ground, a boy suddenly appeared out of nowhere, freefalling, and landing directly on the back of He Yu’s head!

“He Yu!” The girl heard He Yu’s cries of agony and, disregarding the wound on her leg, quickly crawled up from the ground. She ran towards He Yu’s direction.

“Ah…” Intense pain caused her legs to give way, and she fell again.

“Ouch… It hurts so much…” But soon, the girl gritted her teeth and stood up again, enduring the pain. Hobbling and limping, she slowly made her way towards He Yu.

Under the dim light of the street lamp, she vaguely saw two people lying on the ground. From their clothes, she could tell that one of them was He Yu, but she didn’t recognize the other person. Did someone attack He Yu?

That was the girl’s first thought, and she anxiously shouted: “He Yu! Are you okay?”

At that moment, the figure beside He Yu sat up from the ground. It was Chen Xing!

After sitting up, Chen Xing looked around and noticed He Yu lying beside him.

“Uh… Did I… kill someone!?” Chen Xing instinctively checked the man’s pulse. Hmm… He’s still alive.

Although he was an assassin, he wasn’t the kind of person who indiscriminately killed innocent people. Chen Xing shook He Yu, and under the dim street lamp, he could see his face clearly.

“Hmm? An uncle?”

The girl who had been running towards them shouted when she saw the scene: “Who are you!? Let him go!”

“Um…” Chen Xing felt a bit embarrassed as he stood up. Looking at the girl who was limping towards him, he felt a bit bewildered.

“Loli?” Dressed like this, is she cosplaying a character from an anime?

Seeing her anxious expression, he thought to himself, ‘Could this uncle be her father? Did I accidentally kill her father?’

“He Yu!!!” The girl finally hobbled her way in front of them. Without even looking at Chen Xing, she immediately crouched down and placed her hands on He Yu.

“He Yu… Are you okay?”

“He Yu… sob…”

Upon hearing her call the uncle by that name, Chen Xing speculated that he might be her boyfriend! A loli in love with an uncle… It’s not impossible…

Casually, he said, “Don’t worry, he’s fine. He’s alive. Sorry about that.”

“Who are you, anyway?” Tears glistened in the girl’s eyes.

“Me? I’m Chen Xing.”

“Why did you attack him!?”

“Well…” Chen Xing was about to explain when suddenly the person named He Yu woke up.

“What the hell? Someone smashed me!”

“He Yu!” The girl, delighted to see He Yu wake up, wiped away the tears and rainwater from her face. He Yu furrowed his brow and his face was filled with disgust.

“Why is it you again!?”


He swatted away the girl’s hand that was supporting him.

“Don’t touch me!”

“Damn it, ever since I met you, I’ve had bad luck every day, you jinx!”

The girl visibly flinched, and tears welled up in her eyes once again.

“I… I’m sorry.”

“Get lost! Don’t apologize to me, stay away from me!”

Chen Xing frowned at the scene but remained silent. He Yu looked up and saw him. Seeing that it was a child, he instantly toughened up.

“How dare you sneak attack me!” In an instant, he stood up, grabbing Chen Xing by the collar.

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