How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 2 – You Don’t Have To Bother With Me…

Chen Xing was being dragged by the collar, but he remained calm and said faintly, “I’ll give you five seconds to get lost. I’m in a good mood today and don’t feel like killing you.”

Today, Chen Xing had finally succeeded in traversing. He didn’t want to kill someone on his first day of transmigration; it would be too unlucky.

Although he didn’t have any system attribute bonuses now, his body had already surpassed the limits of a human thanks to the powerful attribute enhancements from the system.

Furthermore, after training in the Assassin Star Dimension for so long, even without the system, his physical capabilities were extraordinary. It was like he had opened up his meridians and suddenly one day lost all his martial arts and internal energy. However, he could still rely on his body to punch through a large boulder.

The man didn’t expect Chen Xing to speak so boldly and speculated that he might also be a Spirit Master. In this world, some Spirit Masters, despite being young, possessed terrifying strength.

Since the man didn’t have a Spirit User at the moment and was unarmed, he certainly couldn’t defeat a Spirit Master with a Spirit User. Therefore, he didn’t dare to retort. He cast a disgusted look at the girl squatting on the ground, then turned and walked away.

He was used to bullying the weak and fearing the strong; it had always been his style.

“He Yu…” The girl’s voice was as soft as a mosquito. She didn’t want to shout loudly for him to come back; she just couldn’t bear to see him go.

One year’s time, the memories were vivid. On that day one year ago, she had been abandoned by someone on the roadside.

He Yu, who happened to pass by, saw her. He discovered that she was an SSS-grade Spirit User. His ecstatic reaction was just like everyone else’s before!

She had already gotten used to it… Every person who laid eyes on her for the first time would be ecstatic. But then, they would be utterly disappointed. After being abandoned that time, she decided not to become anyone’s Spirit User anymore.

Time and time again, her expectations only resulted in abandonment. She had long stopped hoping; her heart should have died.

But He Yu’s persistence and cajoling, his care for her, finally pried open her heart once again. She chose to trust He Yu.

However, unexpectedly, history repeated itself. It was another rainy night, and she was once again abandoned by the person she trusted the most…

Was this fate?

It wasn’t because she loved him or had feelings for him. Even if it was a friend, being called worthless would be hurtful. Moreover, the girl had always relied on He Yu like a brother.

He Yu’s footsteps grew fainter and gradually disappeared into the rain.

“Sob…” The girl, as if drained of all her strength, sat crouched on the ground. She kept her head lowered, crying incessantly, letting the pouring rain drench her.

Chen Xing glanced at the girl sitting on the ground. He thought to himself, ‘Did she get dumped by her boyfriend?’

“Sigh.” He let out a light sigh.


Chen Xing took off his short T-shirt and gently covering it over the girl’s head. His well-built physique was instantly exposed, with symmetrical muscle lines that looked very attractive. Slim when dressed, muscular when undressed, that’s the kind of person Chen Xing was. Then, he crouched down and spoke softly.

“Go home quickly, don’t get drenched. You might catch a cold.” Even he couldn’t believe he cared about a complete stranger, a little girl he had never met before. If San’er was present, he would surely exclaim in surprise. He had never seen Chen Xing be so gentle before.

“Sob…” The girl felt Chen Xing’s kindness but couldn’t stop crying.

“Tha…thank you.”

“Well, forget it. Where do you live? I’ll walk you back.” Chen Xing treated her like a child.

Judging by her appearance, she should be around 13 years old. He thought to himself that since it’s this late at night, she’s alone and dressed like this, she might encounter some perverts!

He never imagined that the girl in front of him was the same age as him! Seventeen years old.

“Sob…” The girl continued to cry.

Chen Xing helplessly crouched beside her, getting drenched in the rain together, silently waiting for her response.

At the same time, he also observed his surroundings. This place seems to be a park, with dim streetlights and heavy rain. Is this world somewhat like Earth? I didn’t get sent back there again, did I!?

Just as he was pondering, the girl spoke up, her voice still carrying a hint of crying: “I don’t have a home…”

“No home?” A strange scenario unfolded in his mind.

Inner thoughts: Could this girl be a victim of an online relationship gone wrong, abandoned by someone!?

That’s why you have to be cautious with online relationships!

Chen Xing had been scammed of 5 yuan in the past on Earth due to an online relationship, and it was a lifelong pain for him. After that, he no longer believed in love!

“Well, let’s find a shelter from the rain first. It’s easy to catch a cold if you stay in the rain like this.”

“Thank you… but you should go now, you don’t have to bother with me.” The girl had stopped crying by now, and her voice had steadied.

“Thank you for your clothes.” She took off the shirt that was covering her head and handed it back to Chen Xing.

As she looked up, she caught sight of his well-built physique. She froze for a moment, her face turning red. She turned her head away, tightly closing her eyes, too shy to look at him.


Seeing her reaction, Chen Xing didn’t have much to say either. He took the shirt back and put it on himself again. However, the clothes were already wet, making it quite uncomfortable to wear.

“Let’s go…” Chen Xing reached out a hand towards her, trying to help her up from the ground.

The girl looked at him with some confusion. “You don’t have to bother with me…”


Chen Xing sighed helplessly and turned around to leave. Rarely did he want to do a good deed, only to be rejected.

The girl saw him turn away and showed no emotional response. Although she was homeless, she didn’t want to seek any help either.

Right now, all she wanted was to rot away on her own. She didn’t want to disturb anyone anymore.

It would have been easy to keep Chen Xing around. She was confident that as long as she revealed her ID card, her identity as an SSS-grade Spirit User would be undeniable to most people in this world!

But what would happen afterward? She believed that Chen Xing would gradually realize that she was actually worthless and then abandon her once again! Thinking about this, she leaned back and fell to the ground.

Under the pouring rain, she squinted her eyes and looked at the stars in the sky, murmuring:

“If I remember correctly, this should be a D-level hunting area…”

“In that case, why not encounter a Spirit Beast and let me die…”


Chen Xing walked casually, stepping through the water. His inner voice called out to the system: “What are you doing? Still not awake?”

But the familiar voice in his mind never resurfaced.

Suddenly, Chen Xing stopped in his tracks.

“Killing intent?”

As an assassin, he was undoubtedly the most sensitive to killing intent. The direction from which the killing intent emanated was right behind him!

Chen Xing turned around. There were a pair of eyes as big as fists, emitting a faint red glow. Two red eyes were staring directly at the girl lying on the ground.

“Whoosh…” The girl didn’t expect that when she hoped for something, it actually arrived.

Although she had decided to die, seeing those crimson eyes made fear well up in her heart. She took another deep breath, slowly exhaled, closed her eyes, and spoke with a trembling voice: “Come… take me away…”

Chen Xing frowned. Why wasn’t she running? Could it be that fear had weakened her legs? Should he save her or not?

“Roar!~” The Spirit Beast let out a resounding roar, emanating a foul stench from its mouth. The odor blew straight towards Chen Xing. In its blood-filled mouth, a bone was stuck between its teeth.

“The gaps between its teeth are quite wide…” Chen Xing muttered while his body moved.

He quickly rushed towards the Spirit Beast. The beast opened its mouth wide, about to bite the girl in half. What the Spirit Beast didn’t expect was that tonight’s meal came with a special offer. Devour one damsel, get a dude absolutely free!

Just before it could bite the girl, Chen Xing jumped into the Spirit Beast’s mouth himself!

Chen Xing found himself crouching inside the beast’s mouth. The Spirit Beast felt something sudden in its mouth. It paused for a moment. Chen Xing crouched in the toothless area, supporting himself with his hand. The beast couldn’t close its mouth at all. It was about to use its tongue to push Chen Xing towards its teeth and crush him in one bite.

Chen Xing supported the hard palate of the Spirit Beast’s mouth with his left hand while raising his right hand, which transformed into a knife-hand shape. Chen Xing didn’t have any weapons on him now. His original weapons were stored in the system. But now the system seemed to have disappeared.

When a killer didn’t have a weapon in hand, their body became their weapon. With a firm knife-hand strike, there was a “pu-ci” sound as it pierced a third of the way into the interior upper wall of the beast’s mouth.

That was its soft palate. Chen Xing’s knife-hand strike could penetrate even several tens of centimeters of brick, let alone this soft palate.

“Roar!” The Spirit Beast suddenly went berserk and let out a furious roar. It abruptly closed its mouth!

This caused Chen Xing’s entire arm to pierce through, his fingertips breaking through layer after layer of obstruction and reaching its brain. The familiar sensation transmitted through his hand, and Chen Xing was very familiar with it.

This feeling was no different from those magic beasts of the Assassin Star Dimension. The terrifying roar scared the girl lying on the ground, and she opened her eyes again.

Looking at the fierce-looking Spirit Beast, she bit her lip and said: “What’s wrong? Do you also despise me?”

Her voice trembled, whether from sadness or fear, she didn’t know. The Spirit Beast seemed frozen in place, as if under a paralysis spell, motionless. In the next second, it suddenly toppled over, splashing a large puddle of water.

“Is it dead?” The girl sat up again, looking at the Spirit Beast in astonishment.

Suddenly, a bony, slender hand reached out from the beast’s mouth.

“Tsk tsk… Well, I need to wash up somewhere.” The hand pried open the blood-filled mouth of the Spirit Beast, and then Chen Xing quickly leaped out from inside. His entire body was covered in unknown fluids and bloodstains.

When the girl saw him, her face filled with fear and astonishment: “You… were just eaten!?”

Seeing her reaction, Chen Xing wanted to tease her a bit: “Yes. I’m a ghost now. Are you scared?”

“Not scared!”

Chen Xing chuckled lightly but didn’t say anything more.

The girl looked at Chen Xing, somewhat puzzled. He shouldn’t know her own identity, so why would he risk his life to save her?

In this world, everyone was busy looking after themselves. They would even prefer it if more people died to reduce the competition. People like Chen Xing, who risked their lives to save a stranger, were extremely rare.

“Why… did you save me?” the girl asked, and Chen Xing seemed to anticipate her question, casually coming up with a reason:

“The rain is too heavy, and I wanted to find an inn, but I don’t know the way. I need you to show me the way.” Of course, it was just an excuse. In the Assassin Star Dimension, Chen Xing had once staked out a target for over a month in even more extreme and harsh weather! Would he be afraid of this rain?

Compared to the rain on the Assassin Star Dimension, this rain could only be considered a drizzle.

In truth, he didn’t know why he wanted to help her. As a person, he followed his heart. He killed those he wanted to kill and helped those he wanted to help. As the number one assassin of the Assassin Star Dimension, he only had one principle: It depended on his mood.

The girl, of course, didn’t believe this excuse. Would a normal person risk their life against a Spirit Beast just to ask for directions?

Clearly, it was unreasonable.

However, she was happy to be saved. It made her feel once again that someone cared about her…

“What’s an inn?” she asked.

As an experienced traverser, Chen Xing quickly understood that this place was likely not Earth and that there were cultural differences. In the Assassin Star Dimension, an inn wasn’t called an inn; it was called a Green House…

He explained, “It’s a place where you can spend money to stay for a night!”

As he said that, he even patted his pocket, and there were a few gold coins inside. Staying at an inn shouldn’t be a problem. In theory, gold was valuable anywhere.

“Are you talking about a Safe Zone? I know one nearby!”

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