How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 3 – This System Seems To Have Some Issues

The rain poured down, and the thunder roared.

“Hurry, let’s go!” Chen Xing grabbed the girl’s hand and pulled her up.

“Ah… it hurts!” The girl exclaimed in pain. Her knee was already injured, with a large wound bleeding profusely. It was the kind of wound that would make anyone cringe.

But Chen Xing showed no expression on his face. He simply took off his dirty clothes and crouched down in front of the girl.

“I’ll carry you on my back.”

“Huh?” The girl was puzzled.

Chen Xing just glanced at her.

“Hurry up, the rain is getting heavier.”

“Oh…” The girl didn’t know what she was thinking, but she instinctively climbed onto his back.

“Wow, you’re not that big… but quite heavy.”

Without the powers and enhancements from the system, Chen Xing was still adjusting to the change and felt a bit unusual.

The girl blushed and didn’t dare to say anything. She thought to herself, ‘I only weigh 85 pounds!’

Chen Xing carried the girl on his back and walked quickly, keeping his body in a steady position. No fluctuations whatsoever! This was a basic skill of an assassin.

Back on the Assassin Star Dimension, Chen Xing used to train every day with the system, carrying weights of several thousand pounds, and he could walk without any fluctuations. Although his attribute enhancements were gone now, the weight of the girl was negligible for his body.

The girl quietly clung to Chen Xing’s back, feeling his warmth, even though his back was wet. But after holding on for a while, the warmth was still transmitted. That comforting feeling made the girl feel like she had found someone to rely on.

“So warm…”

“Huh? What did you say?” The rain was too heavy, and Chen Xing couldn’t hear clearly what she said.

“It’s nothing… By the way, earlier, you killed that Spirit Beast without a Spirit User, how?”

“Spirit User?” Chen Xing thought for a moment. It might be a type of a warrior or energy user in this world.

“No, I don’t know any Spirit User.”

“You’re lying…” The girl’s meaning was that how could he have killed a D-grade Spirit Beast barehanded! Someone as powerful as him couldn’t possibly be without a Spirit User!?

But Chen Xing couldn’t be bothered to explain.

“Which way should we go?”

“Continue straight ahead for 3 miles.”

“3 miles?”

So Chen Xing increased his pace once again. After taking a few steps, he said to the girl behind him: “I’m going to speed up, hold on tight.”


“Pata, pata.”

Chen Xing ran like crazy, even with the girl on his back, his speed was faster than any athlete on Earth! Despite that, his body only had minimal fluctuations.

The girl was amazed internally: ‘He’s so amazing… He must be a powerful Spirit Master!’

Soon, Chen Xing saw a tall building. Due to the heavy rain, Chen Xing couldn’t see how tall the building was, but it seemed to pierce the sky. On the high-rise, three large characters were written: B-grade Safe Zone.

Beside them, there was a line of small text: “Lily Safe Zone: Trustworthy and reliable, providing you with the most secure home.”

“Is that the building?”

“Yes!” The girl saw the B-grade Safe Zone and knew it must be expensive.

She suddenly whispered: “That… it seems very expensive here.” Usually, only Spirit Masters ranked B-grade or higher on the Spirit Ranking could afford to live here.

Chen Xing casually said, “It’s fine.”

What’s there to fear with a few pieces of gold in his pocket? Although Chen Xing complained in his heart countless times, he still walked towards the building.

The glass door of the building seemed to be frosted glass. You could see light from the outside, but it was unclear what was inside. Chen Xing found that this Safe Zone didn’t look much different from a hotel on Earth. When he walked to the door with the girl on his back, the door suddenly opened with a swoosh.

“Welcome to the Lily Safe Zone~”

As Chen Xing turned to the voice, he saw a woman approaching with a smile.

“Hello, may I assist you with anything?”

“I’d like to stay here for a night.”

“Alright, please follow me to the front desk.”

As they walked towards the front desk, they saw a clock hanging on the wall.

It read: May 30, 2021, 11:30.

“Please show your ID card.”

“…I didn’t bring it.” He didn’t have an ID card…

“It’s fine… I have mine. Um… Can you put me down, please?” The girl’s voice behind Chen Xing was barely audible, resembling a gentle buzz of a mosquito.

“Sure.” Then Chen Xing put her down on the ground. When he stood up straight, he realized that the little girl was only 165 centimeters tall. A difference of 20 centimeters compared to his 185 centimeters.

After the girl got off his back, she lifted her head and looked at his handsome face.

Their eyes met, creating a historic moment, a gaze that would last for eternity.

Chen Xing had never seen such beautiful eyes before. The girl’s eyes were blue, and the pupils were as mesmerizing as a kaleidoscope. They were like a sky full of stars, profound and captivating. Yet, there was a hint of sadness in her eyes, which made one’s heart ache.

Her face was clean, without a trace of makeup. Her skin was fair and delicate, with a rosy tint. It was incredibly smooth and tender, enticing one’s senses with its flawless texture, begging to be caressed.

Her light purple hair was wet from the rain, scattered on her body. Even though her hairstyle was messy, it was evident that she was a beautiful young girl.

Similarly, the girl had never seen eyes as clear as Chen Xing’s.

She could never imagine that the person with such eyes was the number one assassin from another world!

Strangely enough, Chen Xing had killed numerous people, yet his gaze had never changed. It always gave people a sense of youthfulness.

Even if he was cold, he was a cold-hearted youth. Although his hair was silver-white, it didn’t give a sense of aging; instead, it emitted a sunny aura.

In this world, everyone was driven by power and influence, blinded by bloodlust. People with Chen Xing’s temperament were few and far between.

“Excuse me… ID cards…” One sentence snapped both of them out of each other’s gaze.

The girl’s face turned red, and she quickly lowered her head, rummaging through the layers of lolita flower skirts.

“Just a moment.”

“Found it! Here…” She handed a blue card to the woman. In that instant, Chen Xing caught a glimpse of a few words on the card:

【 Identity: Spirit User, Grade: SSS, Gender: Female 】

【 Name: Zero 】

【 Spirit Type: Universal 】

Chen Xing wondered in his mind: ‘What is a Spirit User after all?’

‘Could it be that this girl is a robot?’

At the same time, the woman at the front desk exclaimed in surprise: “An SSS-grade Spirit User!?”

Inwardly, she thought: This young man is probably her Spirit Master!


After the woman at the front desk scanned the ID card, the machine made a sound. She returned the ID card to Zero.

Her attitude towards the two became even more enthusiastic: “Dear guests, currently we only have suites available in our shelter area. Would that be acceptable to you?”

“Okay.” Chen Xing thought to himself that with the gold in his pocket, he could afford to stay for a few days.

“How would you like to pay?”

“With gold.” Saying that, Chen Xing took out a palm-sized piece of gold from his pocket and handed it over.

“What is this?” The woman glanced at it but didn’t reach out to take it. Zero also looked at the gold curiously, held in Chen Xing’s hand.

Chen Xing’s heart sank: Could it be? Gold is not usable in this world?

“Um… Please pay with crystal coins or spirit points.”

“Crystal coins!?”

“Um… I forgot to bring crystal coins.” He experienced a social death right after crossing over! Chen Xing felt extremely embarrassed.

“It’s okay. You can also pay with spirit points.”

“Spirit points?”

“Yes, it’s ten thousand spirit points for one night.”

“Ten thousand spirit points!” Zero was greatly shocked. She knew that this kind of shelter area was expensive, but she didn’t expect it to be this expensive!

She looked at Chen Xing with some embarrassment. She estimated that this young man wouldn’t be able to come up with so many spirit points. Someone like He Yu had saved up for over a year just to accumulate ten thousand spirit points!

What the hell are spirit points? Chen Xing now knew nothing about this world! He suddenly felt that he was reckless.

Seeing Chen Xing’s lack of reaction, the woman assumed he agreed. “So, you’ll be using spirit points. Please wait a moment.”

As she spoke, the woman picked up a device and pressed it against Chen Xing. A blue light enveloped him.


Suddenly, the device in the woman’s hand made a sound: “No spirit points detected. Target is not a Spirit Master.”

“Hmm?” The woman paused for a moment, then revealed a look of disdain. Inwardly, she thought: He’s not a Spirit Master and yet he wanted to stay in a B-class Safe Zone? He’s shameless.

Since he wasn’t a Spirit Master, what was his relationship with this SSS-grade Spirit User?

Zero was also surprised. This young man seemed so formidable, yet he wasn’t even a Spirit Master?

“Sir, this place may not be suitable for you.” As soon as she saw that Chen Xing had no money and no status, the woman’s attitude immediately changed.

Such people exist no matter the world.

Just as Chen Xing was contemplating what to do, a voice suddenly resounded in his mind:


【Congratulations, host. Spirit User system activated.】

Chen Xing was taken aback and cursed inwardly: “You finally woke up! Lend me some money quickly!”

However, San’er didn’t joke around with him as usual. Instead, he spoke in an official tone:

【 Detected that the host attempted to use spirit points for payment but was unable to complete the transaction. Unlocking title: “Broke-ass.” 】

【 Attribute bonuses: Affinity: +100, Number of hairs: -100 】


“Are you crazy?” Chen Xing cursed inwardly.

Then he remembered what San’er had said before, that the system would reset once again after crossing over. But this reset seemed a bit excessive.

Could it be that even the system’s previous memories were gone? That meant he had to start all over again. Chen Xing’s biggest fear was that the system had changed! He still hoped that his old partner, San’er, would come to his aid.

Chen Xing’s attention was still on the system, so he didn’t even notice that his hair had fallen all over the floor.

The woman at the front desk and Zero looked at him with shocked expressions.

Is this young man going bald…?

“This system seems to have some issues!”

Suddenly, the voice of the system rang out again.

【 Do you need the system to make the payment on your behalf? 】

In the next second, a familiar panel appeared before Chen Xing’s eyes.

【Borrow 50,000 spirit points, repayment amount: 100,000 spirit points.】

【Do you need it?】

After seeing this panel, Chen Xing furrowed his brow.

“Is there a smaller amount? I don’t need 50,000.”

【There isn’t.】

“This is too much of a rip-off! It’s worse than a loan shark!”

The system’s voice sounded again:【Dear Host, I’ve been totally cool with your lack of wealth. But are you not cool with my shadiness? 】

At this moment, Chen Xing was certain. This familiar attitude, it was definitely San’er!

【 Ding~ Detected SSS-grade Spirit User near the host. Triggering mission: Bind with the SSS-grade Spirit User. 】

【 Reward: 1 million spirit points and 10 million crystal coins. 】

“!!?” Chen Xing was astonished and looked at Zero.

Zero, with a face full of confusion, met his sudden gaze. Her gaze was filled with countless questions, a thousand inquiries in a single look.

“Give it to me!” Chen Xing hardly hesitated. Come on, there’s a million spirit points right in front of him. Who cares about a mere 100,000?

Tonight, he was going to claim this SSS Spirit User.

【Ding~ 50,000 spirit points successfully deposited.】

Chen Xing snapped back to reality and looked at the woman at the front desk. He was about to ask her to try again.

“Swish~” The door behind him opened.

As soon as the woman at the front desk saw a new customer, she abandoned Chen Xing and rushed towards the new arrival. The familiar lines echoed once again:

“Welcome to the Lily Safe Zone~”

Chen Xing glanced back and squinted his eyes when he recognized the person. It’s a small world indeed!

It was He Yu.

And standing beside He Yu was a tall, revealingly dressed woman. She was his new Spirit User.

Not sure where he picked her up from. It had only been a short while, and he already found a new Spirit User?

He Yu was in a good mood too, perhaps this was destiny. After parting ways with Zero, he came across an uncontracted Spirit User who happened to be stunningly beautiful. And she was a wealthy woman! She had a million crystal coins on her.

But the main thing was, she was an adult!

She seemed to have just been released by someone, but she didn’t look sad at all. She was chatting and laughing with He Yu. Calling him “husband” without reservation… As they say, a dog matches its owner, forever and ever.

He Yu held her waist and walked in with a smile on his face.

“He Yu?” Zero exclaimed in surprise.

The smile on He Yu’s face instantly froze.

“What the heck? Why are you everywhere?”

“Who is this, honey?”

“She’s the fake SSS Spirit User I told you about.”

The woman disdainfully glanced at Zero and said, “Her? Why is she just a little kid? Your taste is really unique…”

“If she hadn’t deceived me with that SSS act, could I have taken a liking to her?”

Chen Xing listened expressionlessly as the two of them bickered. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Zero discreetly wiping away tears…

For some reason, Chen Xing suddenly felt a pang of pity for her. In the past, when he was an assassin, he was accustomed to seeing corpses all the time. But now he felt sorry for a young girl?

“Let’s go, let’s not stay in this shop. Let’s go to the nearby A-grade one.”

The woman at the front desk quickly intercepted them: “Please wait, customers!”

He Yu looked displeased. Now that he had money, he became arrogant: “What’s the matter?”

“They are not customers here. They have no money, no spirit points. I told them to leave, but they didn’t. And that young man is not even a Spirit Master.”

The woman at the front desk turned her head and looked at Chen Xing, her expression serious: “If you continue to obstruct our business like this, I will call the security team!”

“Oh?” He Yu’s face displayed that disgusting smile, he started mockng: “Oh, I thought it was some young master from a wealthy family. Turns out you’re just a poor loser, not even a Spirit Master. What a waste! Hilarious.”

“Zero, is this the new ‘Spirit Master’ you found? Haha… Waste matching waste, not bad at all, hahaha…”

“Heh…” Chen Xing suddenly laughed. He genuinely found the absurdity amusing. At this point, he had no intention of keeping this guy around. Getting provoked on the first day of his journey?

No need for that. Not killing him would leave a lingering resentment. It would only take a second for Chen Xing to take out his heart!


Just as he was about to make a move, Zero suddenly moved. She slowly walked towards He Yu.

Seeing this, Chen Xing decided to temporarily postpone the plan to kill him and see what Zero intended to do.

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