How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 10 – Power Levels

“Wow… When was this photo taken? Why does it look so young?” The current Zero looks like she’s twelve or thirteen, but in the photo album, she looks even younger. A sense of guilt overwhelms me…

“I can’t look at this! What is this guilty feeling about?”

Ten minutes later…

“No, I really can’t look at it!”

Saying that, he flipped to the next page: “OMG, this is unfair! How can she be so cute!”

In the photo album held by Chen Xing, Zero is depicted sleeping in a pink pajama. This album was taken a year ago when Zero and Susu went to the seaside to play, and Susu took these photos of her.

Every single one is exquisitely beautiful. It’s clear that Susu is a talented photographer!

In this world, there are only two copies of this album. One owned by Susu, and one by Zero. Zero usually keeps hers stored in the system.

However, the Spirit System was directly invaded by Chen Xing’s Super System, secretly making a copy. Now, there are three copies in this world.

And the one Chen Xing exclaimed as cute was a picture of Zero taken by Susu while she was sleeping.

The seaside in summer was quite hot. So Zero kicked off the blanket and lay on the bed in a thin, pale pink pajama. Her hands were spread out, with a completely defenseless sleeping posture. The shirt covering her small belly was also lifted by her in her sleep, revealing her fair and tender skin.

The pink ultra-short shorts, along with her snow-white legs, complemented each other. Her two little feet were spread wide apart. Her fair and slightly rosy face was exquisitely delicate.

Susu perfectly captured all of her cute features.

“Tsk tsk… She truly is my wife! Adorable!”

Suddenly, the voice of the system sounded:【 What do you think, host? 】

“She’s flawless!”

【 Aren’t you not supposed to look? 】

“Huh? Can’t I look at pictures of my wife?”

【 Heh, men! 】

Chen Xing ignored the system and continued to enjoy the photo album. Finally, he reached the last page. Satisfied, he nodded and closed the album.

Suddenly, he remembered something and flipped open the photo of Zero sleeping. He looked at it again…

Then he closed the album.

“What time is it?”

【 Time: 4 a.m. 】

“So late? Did I spend that long looking at them?”

【 You spent at least half an hour on each photo. 】

“Fine. Then I won’t sleep. Let’s go and kill He Yu.”

“Where is He Yu? Is he still at that safe zone?”

【 No, he just left the hospital and is on his way back. 】

“Oh? How do you know?”

【 Every system of every Spirit User you’ve encountered has been marked by me. I can locate them anytime. Praising me is futile, I know I’m amazing! 】


【 … 】

Chen Xing abruptly got up from the bed. With thoughts of He Yu on his mind, he neglected the photo album and casually placed it on the bed.

Then he carefully opened the door, trying not to make any noise. Even his footsteps made no sound.

As an assassin, footsteps?


In the past, he would have simply jumped out of the window. But now, starting from scratch, he had no choice but to obediently take the elevator.

Otherwise, jumping from the 390th floor would create a massive hole and turn him into a puddle of flesh!

At 4 a.m., Zero in the room was still awake.

Her little face was still rosy!

Her mind was filled with the words Chen Xing had said to her before going to sleep: “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Suddenly, she remembered something.


【 Here, master! 】

“Open today’s recording!”

【 Okay. 】

Zero looked at the panel and, following the timeline, quickly found the recording of Chen Xing saying those words.

“Play it again!”

【 Okay. 】

Then Chen Xing’s voice echoed in her mind: “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Ah… I…” The voice sounded exactly the same, and Zero’s face instantly turned as red as an apple.

“Play it again!”

“Do you want to…”


“Do you want to…”

“Um… Loop it!”

【 Okay! 】

Then she listened to Chen Xing’s voice and drifted off to sleep. With a sweet smile on her face, she began to talk in her sleep:

“I do… Zzz…”

In a place by the roadside, unnoticed in the shadows.

Chen Xing crouched, patiently waiting for his prey to arrive. In front of him floated a panel that only he could see. It was the most familiar panel to Chen Xing from his previous life. The system’s map panel.

It contained information about all the facilities within the area. Including surveillance, sensors, alarms, and more. It also recorded how many people were around, what animals were present, everything.

With this panel, no one could escape Chen Xing’s pursuit!

Unless that person also had a Super System.

On the map, there was a red cross, which indicated He Yu. Next to him was a green dot, representing his Spirit User. Seeing that they were still a bit far away, Chen Xing calmly said:

“Expand the information.”

【 He Yu: Age 31, Identity: Spirit Master 】

【 Rank: D-rank, 2006th 】

【 Power Level: 24,561 】

“Hm, power level? What is my power level?”

【 Unable to evaluate, as the host does not yet have a Spirit User. Power level assessment requires the presence of a Spirit User. 】

“Just based on myself alone, can’t it be calculated?”

【 Based on the host’s current strength alone, it is approximately equivalent to a B-rank Spirit User. 】

【 Power level of a B-rank Spirit User: 50,000+ 】

“Only twice as much as him?” Chen Xing felt greatly disappointed.

He could only blame his current body, which had minimal enhancements.

But he forgot one thing—other Spirit Masters achieved such high power levels because of the enhancements provided by their Spirit Users. Someone like Chen Xing, who can reach the power level of a B-rank with almost no enhancements, could only be compared to the talents that ranked SS and above.

“Let me see the ranking divisions of the overall Spirit Master power levels.”

【 The ranking divisions of the overall Spirit Masters are as follows: 】

【 D-rank: Unknown number of individuals. Power Level: [1000+]
C-rank: Unknown number of individuals. Power Level: [10,000+]
B-rank: Unknown number of individuals. Power Level: [50,000+]
A-rank: Unknown number of individuals. Power Level: [100,000+]
A+: Unknown number of individuals. Power Level: [500,000+]
S-rank: 1024 known individuals. Power Level: [1,000,000+]
SS-rank: 390 known individuals. Power Level: [5,000,000+]
SSS-rank: 12 known individuals. Power Level: [10,000,000+]
SSS+: 1 individual, Name: Unknown, Age: Unclear, Power Level: Unmeasurable. 】

Upon hearing the last part, Chen Xing was left feeling confused. “What rank would my previous self in the other dimension be equivalent to?”

【 Currently evaluating… 】

【 Evaluation complete. The previous host in the other dimension would be equivalent to an S-rank Spirit Master. 】


Chen Xing gasped, realizing the strength of his previous self in the other dimension. He was well aware of it. In his peak state, a single kick could shatter a mountain!

In this world, there were still three whole ranks above the power level of 1,000,000+ . It was evident that the power system in this world was extremely abnormal!

“What does a power level of 10,000,000 mean?” Chen Xing couldn’t even fathom it.

【 Known power level of Saitama: 10,000,000 】

“Saitama? That bald guy?” With that mention, Chen Xing had a reference point in mind.

He couldn’t help but feel excited. The bald guy Saitama was incredibly strong, to say the least. And even the lowest-ranked SSS individuals had a power level of 10,000,000.

It seemed that the attributes enhanced by the Spirit System were quite outrageous!

However, what Chen Xing was even more curious about was the attributes his own system would provide in this world. The Super System provides attributes based on the circumstances of the dimension.

And this particular dimension was already quite extraordinary. So his inherent system would likely be even more extraordinary!

“Wouldn’t an SSS Spirit Master be capable of obliterating this dimension with a single punch? Isn’t this a parallel dimension to Earth?”

【 Although it is a parallel dimension, this dimension is one of the most powerful among many, among the top ten in which even Earth is not included. 】

“Interesting. This world has potential.”

“Hmph, speaking of which, if I kill He Yu, Zero shouldn’t be upset or angry, right?”

【 According to data analysis, the probability of her being upset or angry is 0! 】

“Well, after all, I am her husband… What’s He Yu anyway?” With that, the image of that photo album resurfaced in Chen Xing’s mind…


“System, where’s the photo album? Let me take another look. It’s too boring to wait, it’s definitely not because I want to see it.”

【 Dear host, you didn’t bring it with you! 】

“Where did I put it?”

【 On the bed! 】

“Why didn’t you put it away? What if Zero sees it?”

“What if she thinks I’m a pervert!?”

I can’t let my acquired wife slip away!

【 But aren’t you a pervert!? 】


“Why isn’t this He Yu here yet?”

Chen Xing brought up the map panel, and finally, the red cross was getting closer!

“He’s finally here.”

“I should quickly finish up and go back to hide that photo album.”

The smile on Chen Xing’s face instantly disappeared, replaced by a coldness like an iceberg. His eyes revealed a murderous intent!

He pondered how to kill this piece of trash.

“Damn it! Don’t let me encounter that kid again! Otherwise, I’ll definitely cripple him!” He Yu cursed.

His new Spirit User beside him subtly rolled her eyes. “That boy seems to be not ordinary!”

“Huh, even if he’s powerful, he’s just a useless person without a Spirit User. This is how his life will be.”

“Even if he binds with Zero, two useless people together only make it even more useless.”

“I don’t believe that with you around, he can defeat me! The previous time was just my carelessness, that’s why he succeeded in ambushing me!”

“Well, be careful. If you see him again, I’ll transform directly and won’t let him ambush you again.”

Chen Xing sneered, suddenly appearing in front of them. “Very well, let me see how you transform.”

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