How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 11 – What A Complete Idiot I Am

Chen Xing’s sudden appearance startled the two of them, and He Yu’s heart skipped a beat!

Chen Xing was clearly not a Spirit Master, but a sense of fear rose from the depths of He Yu’s heart.

“He Yu!” The woman next to him shouted, and then a burst of light erupted from her body. The radiance was so blinding that Chen Xing couldn’t open his eyes.

Suddenly, He Yu let out a roar: “Die!”

“Whoosh~” The sound of breaking wind echoed.

Although Chen Xing couldn’t open his eyes, based on the sound, he guessed it might be a flying sword. After all, he was an expert in cold weapons. He knew exactly what kind of weapon would make what sound in what situation!

With his eyes closed, he confidently turned to the side, waiting for the sword to pass by. Then, in the instant he opened his eyes, an expression of astonishment appeared on his face.

Indeed, He Yu was holding a sword in his hand.


That sword, like rubber, rapidly extended and suddenly stabbed toward Chen Xing. Meanwhile, He Yu stood in place, coldly smiling at Chen Xing.

“Quite interesting…” Chen Xing quickly pushed off the ground and moved away from his original position.

The sword, however, made a sharp turn. Continuing to rapidly stab towards Chen Xing!

Chen Xing calmly watched the sword: “Infinite extension plus automatic tracking, huh?”

Seeing Chen Xing constantly evading, He Yu became smug: “It’s useless! Wherever you run, it will follow!”

“A worthless piece of trash who isn’t even a Spirit Master dares to boast in front of me!?”

“Heh…” A cold laugh echoed as Chen Xing stood still.

“Kill him!” He Yu suddenly shouted, and the speed at which the sword extended increased once again.

In the blink of an eye, it was in front of Chen Xing!

“Die! You piece of trash!”

Chen Xing coldly smiled and swiftly moved to the side of the sword. The sword quickly reacted and made a 180-degree turn, directly thrusting towards him.

However, Chen Xing lifted his left hand and delivered a powerful punch towards the sword.

“Crack!” The sword that could infinitely extend broke with a sound!

“What?” Chen Xing’s movements were so fast that He Yu couldn’t even see what he had done. The sword was broken!

While He Yu was still stunned, Chen Xing had already appeared in front of him.

With an expressionless face, he said: “In your next life, don’t be a human. If I encounter you again, I’ll kill you!”

“You!” He Yu looked at him in horror, unable to even finish his sentence.

“Bang!” Another powerful punch struck, piercing through his chest and reaching his heart. It directly shattered He Yu’s heart.

【 Ding~ Congratulations, host, for defeating D-rank Spirit Master He Yu barehanded! 】

Then the reward panel appeared:

【 Rewards: 1000 Crystal Coins, 500 Spirit Points. 】

【 Inheriting from He Yu: 6000 Crystal Coins, 2000 Spirit Points. 】

【 Total: 7000 Crystal Coins, 2500 Spirit Points. 】

“That’s it?”

【 That’s it. 】

“Why is it so little!!!”

【 Because he was a useless person. 】


At this moment, the Spirit User lady had already transformed back into a human form.

Although Chen Xing had just destroyed the Spirit User’s sword form, thanks to the protection of the Spirit System, when the Spirit User form is damaged, it will be converted into a minor injury. Even if it was shattered into pieces, the Spirit User wouldn’t suffer significant harm.

If a Spirit User was injured, with enough spirit points, the Spirit System provides healing capabilities. With sufficient spirit points, even a severed arm can be reattached. However, when a Spirit User is injured in a non-weapon form, the injuries are fully sustained. If they die, they’re dead.

The woman sat on the ground, clutching her broken arm, looking at Chen Xing in terror. Without a Spirit Master, she could no longer transform into a weapon.

In other words, if Chen Xing attacked her, she would be done for!

“Who are you?” She couldn’t believe that someone could break her hardened sword form without a Spirit User, using only bare hands.

Chen Xing ignored her and asked the system: “Regarding Spirit Users, if I remember correctly, we can’t just kill them, right?”

【That’s correct. Spirit Users possess the Spirit System system and cannot be killed casually, otherwise you will be wanted!】

Chen Xing nodded, sighing in his heart. Why couldn’t Spirit Users be killed easily?

Because every Spirit User comes with a Spirit System. What’s valuable is not human life, but that system!

“Now get lost, and don’t let me see you again.”

Upon hearing this, the woman scrambled to her feet and quickly fled.

Chen Xing didn’t have the desire to kill her. If he wanted to kill her, would a wanted notice stop him? He never feared trouble; he feared trouble not coming to him!

Chen Xing looked at He Yu on the ground, searched through his belongings, but found nothing. He was broke.

“What time is it now?”

【 It’s 6:30 in the early morning.】

“I have to hurry back! If Zero wakes up and enters my room, it’s over!”

Because the photo album was still on the bed!

In the safe zone…

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Mmm… I already said I’m willing, hmph!”


The system finished speaking and stopped the loop playback.

“Huh…?” Zero suddenly woke up, staring blankly with wide eyes for a moment, then a blush quickly spread across her pretty face.

“Phew… luckily no one heard me talking in my sleep!” She patted her face, now fully awake.

Good child, sleeping early and waking up early.

After a simple wash-up, she murmured to herself: “Chen Xing hasn’t woken up yet? Where is he planning to go today?”

“Should I follow him… It’s normal for friends to go together, right?”

“But, what should I say in response to his confession last night?”

Suddenly, the Spirit System spoke up:

【Weren’t you willing?】

“Huh? When did I say I was willing?”

【In your dream!】

“No, I didn’t! Don’t make things up!” Zero’s emotions were quite complicated at the moment.

She liked Chen Xing, but they still didn’t know each other well enough. She was afraid that if she hastily agreed and then realized it wasn’t suitable… they would break up, and that would be too painful!

But she also feared that after rejecting Chen Xing, he would be upset.

She didn’t want Chen Xing to be upset, and most importantly, she was afraid that he would go find someone else!

While she was contemplating, the Spirit System poured a bucket of cold water on her:

【 Host, there’s no need to think about it. He has already left. 】

“What? Where did he go?”


“How is that possible!?” Zero’s voice trembled.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak…” She quickly ran to Chen Xing’s door.

“Chen Xing! Are you awake?”

No response.

“Knock, knock…”

“Chen Xing?”

“Knock, knock…”

“Sob, sob… Chen Xing?” Zero bit her lip tightly, tears welling up in her eyes. She tentatively turned the doorknob.

Subconsciously, she thought that Chen Xing, thinking she had rejected him and made him upset, had left.

“Click…” The door opened.

The room was empty.

Zero stared blankly at the empty room, as if struck by lightning, frozen in place.

“Drip… drip…” Tears fell to the ground.

“Did he really leave?”

“Was that line from last night just a joke?”

“Did I get fooled again?”

Zero suddenly understood.

How could someone fall in love with each other after just a few hours of knowing each other?The one who fell in love at first sight was only her!

And Chen Xing, who was so outstanding, how could he possibly be interested in her?

As she thought about it, she crouched down and hugged herself tightly, unable to stop sobbing.

The story ended before it even began. It was too sudden, and she couldn’t accept it.

“Sob, sob…”

“Susu is right… sob, sob.”

Meanwhile, Chen Xing was running at full speed.

“Huh, a breakfast vendor?” He suddenly stopped in his tracks upon seeing saw a breakfast stall. That familiar scent, Chen Xing hadn’t smelled it in over three years!

“Soy milk and deep-fried doughsticks?” He slowly walked towards the breakfast stall, murmuring to himself, “It’s a good opportunity to buy some breakfast for Zero. Kids should eat more.”

He also wanted to taste the long-lost flavor.

After buying the breakfast, Chen Xing quickly ran towards the safe zone.

After a while, Zero sat on the ground, hugging her knees.

Her body was still trembling.

She wiped away her tears and forced herself to suppress the sobbing as she walked into the room.

In her heart, she silently prayed that Chen Xing had left something behind. Even if they couldn’t be together, she wanted something to remember him by.

After all, Chen Xing was the first person she ever liked, the person she fell in love with at first sight.

However, as Chen Xing had just crossed over, there was nothing in the room for him to leave behind.

Except for a photobook on the bed…

Zero immediately noticed it!

With tears still in her eyes, a look of horror appeared on her face.

“My photobook! How could it be here!?”

“System! Where is my photobook?”


Another photobook suddenly appeared in Zero’s hands. She walked over in disbelief and compared it with the original.

They were exactly the same!

“How is this possible!?”

This photobook was unique to Susu and her. There was absolutely no third copy in the world.

Could it be that Susu gave it to him? No, she would definitely have told her if she did!

But she didn’t care why there was a third copy. What she cared about was that Chen Xing had already seen it!

The photos inside… were too embarrassing. This photobook had clearly been flipped through, and not just once.

It couldn’t even be completely closed anymore!

The thought of Chen Xing seeing these photos made Zero’s face burn as if it were on fire. She held both photobooks to her chest, lost in her thoughts.

At that moment, Chen Xing quietly arrived at the door of the room. He saw Zero holding the two photobooks in her arms.

His heart sank: “What a complete idiot I am!”

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