How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 12 – Do You Want To Be My Girlfriend

“Chen Xing!” Zero saw him return, and her tear-stained face instantly lighted up with a smile.

When Chen Xing saw her smile, he felt relieved. It seemed like she hadn’t paid too much attention to it.

He quickly said, “I bought breakfast for you, come and eat.” Saying that, he walked towards Zero.

Zero looked at the bag in Chen Xing’s hand, feeling a warmth in her heart. So he went to buy breakfast, and she had misunderstood him.

She became even more delighted and completely forgot about the photobook incident.

“Eat while it’s hot.” Chen Xing placed the items on the table, opened the bag, and even pulled out a chair for her.

“Quick, eat. Kids should eat more. Give me your things first, I’ll hold them for you.” Chen Xing smoothly executed his plan, subtly trying to trick her into handing over what she was holding in her arms!


Chen Xing suddenly left, then quickly returned, and the joy of having something lost and regained made Zero momentarily forget about the photobook. She obediently handed over the photobook in her arms.

“Well, go ahead and eat.” Chen Xing pretended as if nothing had happened and calmly reached out to take it.

Unexpectedly, Zero suddenly spoke up. “Wait a minute.”

Chen Xing’s heart skipped a beat, wanting to take the two photobooks from Zero’s hands. However, Zero quickly pulled them back and held the photobooks to her chest, her face slightly flushed.

“Um… listen, let me explain.”

“Why do you have my photobook!?”

“I found it!”

“You’re lying!”


Blushing, Zero stared at the awkward Chen Xing with her big eyes.

“You’ve seen it, haven’t you?”

“I haven’t!”

Zero immediately said, “You’re lying!”


“You really saw it!? You…forget about it in your mind!”

Chen Xing couldn’t help but cry and laugh. How could he forget something like that?

“Why should I forget?”

“Because… it’s too ugly!”

“It’s not ugly, it’s beautiful, really.”

Zero’s face grew even redder. “I don’t care! Forget about it!”

Seeing her cute appearance, Chen Xing couldn’t help but want to tease her a bit. “How can I forget unless I die?”

Chen Xing said this, leaving Zero unsure of how to respond: “Don’t…”

Chen Xing chuckled lightly, carefully observing her face. That’s when he noticed the tear stains on her face.

“You’ve been crying?” Chen Xing was somewhat surprised. Why was she crying?

Could it be because she saw her own photobooks? It wasn’t impossible, as some girls are more concerned about their privacy.

In a panic, Zero wiped her face with one hand and stubbornly said: “No!”

Seeing her reaction, Chen Xing felt a twinge of heartache and self-blame. He should have known better than to look.

“Is it because I looked at your photobooks? I swear I won’t look again! And I’ll forget it immediately!”

Zero shook her head. “No, it’s not that.”

Chen Xing’s gaze became intense, and a surge of killing intent filled the room. “Then who bullied you?”

Intense killing intent permeated the entire room! Who dared to bully Zero?

This killing intent startled Zero. She had never experienced this feeling before!

It felt as if she had a gun pointed at her. As if the trigger would be pulled the next second, and she would die! Fear of death suddenly welled up from within her.

“No, please don’t be so fierce…”

“Um, I’m sorry.” As soon as he spoke, the killing intent vanished instantly.

In a gentle tone, he asked, “Then why were you crying?”

Seeing how concerned he was for her, Zero felt both warmed and delighted in her heart. “I thought… you didn’t want me anymore.”

Chen Xing was taken aback by her words.

After Zero finished speaking, she realized there was something wrong with what she said. It was a significant problem!

Hastily, she tried to explain: “No! That’s not what I meant. I thought you had left!”

Chen Xing smiled and couldn’t help but reach out his hand to gently pat her head.

In that instant when Chen Xing made contact with her, Zero felt as if she was frozen in place, stiff and motionless.

“Why would I not want you?” He spoke softly as he gently wiped away the tears on her face.

“Go ahead and eat. It won’t taste good if it gets cold.” Chen Xing withdrew his hand.

Zero, like a robot, nodded blankly.

She turned around, afraid to look at Chen Xing anymore. Picking up a youtiao (fried dough stick), she lightly opened her lips, and took a small bite. She chewed it like a little rabbit munching on a carrot, taking small bites.

Chen Xing, on the side, supported his cheek with his hand, looking at Zero with a doting smile.

In his heart: Tsk… even her eating is so adorable!

Zero caught a glimpse of Chen Xing staring at her the whole time. Her face blushed once again.

To ease the awkwardness, she pushed the bag in front of her toward Chen Xing. “You should eat too…”

“Oh, sure.” Chen Xing picked up a youtiao and stuffed it into his mouth, chewing it vigorously. He then took a sip of soy milk, a perfect combination! He ate while watching Zero eat.

She took a long time to finish just one youtiao. Then, she reached out her hand to grab another one.

Suddenly, an idea popped into Chen Xing’s mind. He preemptively picked up a youtiao and offered it to Zero’s mouth.

Upon seeing this, Zero instinctively reached out to accept it.

“Thank you~”

As Zero’s hand reached out, Chen Xing immediately moved it away, a mischievous smile on his face.

??? Zero was full of question marks in her mind.

Then, Chen Xing placed the youtiao back near her mouth. Only then did Zero realize that he was teasing her!

“Ah-woo!” She took a bite of the youtiao from his hand.

Chen Xing’s heart almost burst with adoration. She was just too cute.

Zero took a big bite, tilted her head, and broke it apart, looking triumphantly at Chen Xing. She thought she had won and puffed her cheeks, slowly chewing.

Chen Xing chuckled and, after she swallowed, he offered the youtiao to her mouth again, speaking gently: “Open your mouth.”

“Num-num…” Zero obediently took another bite. Suddenly, she felt something was not quite right.

Chen Xing wasn’t teasing her; he was clearly feeding her!

Seeing her stop eating, Chen Xing asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Mmm…” After breaking it apart again, Zero quickly chewed and swallowed. Then she reached out her hand and said, “I’ll do it myself.”

Chen Xing quickly moved the youtiao aside, preventing her from touching it. “No, you can’t!” He still had a mischievous smile on his face.

Zero thought to herself when she saw this: He really enjoys teasing me, doesn’t he!

“Hmph! I’ll do it myself.” Saying that, she quickly picked up a youtiao from the bag and angrily started eating it…

Chen Xing smiled and didn’t say anything. It didn’t matter; she couldn’t escape, and he could feed her later. Then he took the remaining piece that Zero had left and put it into his own mouth.

Wide-eyed, Zero shouted, “You!”

“Oops!” Startled, she scared Chen Xing, and the youtiao got stuck in his throat, making it difficult to swallow.

“Thump, thump, thump.” Chen Xing pounded on his chest, trying to force the youtiao down.

“Chen Xing, are you choking?”

Chen Xing looked distressed as he searched for the bag. Where was the soy milk he just bought? “Cough… water!”

“Oh!” Zero quickly found the cup belonging to Chen Xing, which hadn’t been opened yet. She grabbed the straw and anxiously poked at it, over and over again.

But she just couldn’t poke it open.

“Snap…” The straw broke!

“This…” Zero was baffled too. Her own cup had opened instantly when she poked it, so why couldn’t she open this cup?

Chen Xing was on the verge of tears: Well done! My Zero!

“Drink… mine…” Blushing, Zero handed over her own cup.

Chen Xing quickly took it and started drinking “gulp, gulp, gulp…”

Zero pursed her lips and looked at Chen Xing, her face almost burning. Being with Chen Xing all the time, her face was constantly red.

‘Does this… count as an indirect kiss?’ She thought to herself and subtly licked her lips.

“Hoo~ I almost choked!” Little did Zero know, she had almost choked the former Assassin God.

“I’m… I’m sorry!”

“Hoo, it’s okay, cough, cough.” Chen Xing waved his hand dismissively, still coughing a bit from drinking too fast.

Zero reached out her hand, intending to pat his back, but halfway through she pulled it back.

After coughing for a while, Chen Xing noticed that his soy milk was gone. He then took out the straw and took the one Zero had been unsuccessfully poking earlier. He easily inserted it and handed it to her.

Zero stared at the straw that Chen Xing had bitten on and nervously waved her hand. “No, I’m full! You can have it.”

Chen Xing glanced at the remaining soy milk in the bag. “You only ate so little? Eat more, kids need to eat more to grow.”

“I’m not a kid!”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Then finish what you didn’t eat earlier.”

Zero pouted at Chen Xing’s perfunctory response. “Fine…”

Chen Xing continued to watch her eat, just like before.

“Is it delicious?”


“Will you eat it again tomorrow?”

Upon hearing this, Zero felt happy. It meant they could be together again tomorrow! She happily nodded.


“Then tomorrow I’ll buy breakfast from this place again.”


“Did you sleep well last night?”


“Do you want to be my girlfriend?”



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