How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 130 – Why Does This Sweetness Feel So Familiar?

“What are you doing? Come back!” The mentor still wanted to call Chen Xing back and defuse the situation.

But sometimes, even defusing the situation doesn’t work!

The mentor wasn’t from the Reserve Team, just an ordinary A-rank mentor. All the mentors leading the teams were A-list Spirit Users and Spirit Masters. The S-listers had all gone to the S-rank forbidden areas. So these mentors didn’t know Chen Xing’s true strength, only that he belonged to the Reserve Team.

But even the Reserve Team had to listen to them! The academy’s reputation in the outside world had been declining year after year, and they couldn’t afford to stir up trouble! Otherwise, the academy’s headmaster would surely blame them.

Chen Xing completely ignored the person and walked slowly toward the A-list Spirit Master who had spoken earlier. The other members of the Reserve Team looked on with expressions of anticipation.

“Master Chen Xing! Teach him a lesson!”

Lin Weilai finally noticed Chen Xing and was puzzled by the other Reserve Team members’ words. “Master Chen Xing? Him? When did this happen? I’ve only been away for a few days, and how come a young master like him has emerged?”

He walked over to Yu Sijin and asked, “Who is this?”

Yu Sijin smiled gently, “Your teacher.”

“Huh? Are you kidding me?”

Yu Sijin smiled again, “You’ll see.”

Indeed, she wasn’t wrong. As the mentor for all the weapon divisions in the Training Academy, Chen Xing would undoubtedly earn a good amount of Spirit Points from Lin Weilai in the future. He was stronger than Xue Bufu, so he would surely provide a considerable amount of Spirit Points. Chen Xing might not care, but…

San’er had his eyes on him! Spirit Points? Hand them over!

The A-list Spirit Master, seeing Chen Xing approaching, showed no fear. He had researched the top one hundred rankings on the list, and there was no one named Chen Xing on it!

“What are you going to do? Huh? A lolicon spirit master? Hahaha.” He laughed arrogantly.

Then Chen Xing stood before him.

The guy’s face was full of mockery and disdain!

Chen Xing remained expressionless, not even a trace of killing intent leaked out.

“Hmph… What…” The guy’s disdainful expression was interrupted as he suddenly saw a black moon before him.

The morning sun shone brightly, but they felt like they had just seen a black moon!






Five loud noises echoed.

Everyone was shocked and speechless!

On the 390th floor rooftop, only the sound of the whistling wind remained.

The A-list Spirit Master who had spoken earlier had been sent flying down to the bottom five floors by Chen Xing’s kick. Those five loud noises were the sounds of him smashing through the floors!

The Spirit User standing next to him was dumbfounded. He and his partner were both ranked in the top 30 of the A-list, but they were taken out without even reacting!

What just happened?

“Heavenly Moon Hook!”

“Wow, this is the Heavenly Moon Hook! So cool!”

In the Reserve Team, Chen Xing’s disciples immediately recognized the move. The black moon he just performed was very familiar to them.

“What was that? So powerful!” Lin Weilai was astonished, his mouth agape. He had never seen such a cool and powerful leg technique before.

All the A-list mentors were too shocked to speak!

“Wait, the Heavenly Moon Hook seems to be performed in reverse.” At that moment, another Spirit User spoke up.

Chen Xing turned around, holding little Zero in his arms, and smiled at the Spirit User. “Yes, but the principle is the same. In actual combat, you have to consider the situation and use the kicking method that works best.”

The members of the Reserve Team suddenly understood.

“I see! Thank you, Master Chen!”

Chen Xing nodded, returned to the group with little Zero in his arms, and this time, no one dared to question his title as Master Chen!

“Hehe~ Chen Xing…” Little Zero giggled happily in his arms.

Chen Xing looked at her curiously, “What’s so funny, little girl? Why are you laughing so happily?”

“You’re so amazing~”

Chen Xing chuckled lightly, understanding that she wanted to be kissed.

“Smooch~” he said and kissed her on the cheek.

“Mmm…” Zero blushed and quickly buried herself in his arms, “Mmm… no more kisses!”

Everyone else: ???

Why does this sweetness feel so familiar?

Suddenly, someone remembered…

Damn it! It’s them!

At that moment, someone finally remembered the fear of being overwhelmed by dog food while watching their livestream! They were in shock.

“Chen Xing! He’s Chen Xing!”

“Chen Xing!?”

Chen Xing’s fame was currently only relatively high below the A-list. After all, he was still a B-list Spirit Master, and although his strength could match the A-list, he had not ascended yet. So, some A-listers didn’t recognize him.

“Chen Xing? Isn’t he the one they said had the potential to surpass all the Supernova geniuses?”


The scene immediately became lively.

Chen Xing’s inner thoughts: When did I become the one with potential?

The previous mentor finally reacted and immediately scolded him, “What are you doing? Go back and wait for your punishment!”

Chen Xing: ???

Although he wanted to scold back, he restrained himself and simply said, “Okay.”

The mentor felt his face lost as Chen Xing didn’t show him any respect. Lin Weilai had embarrassed him earlier, and now Chen Xing was doing the same, leaving him feeling thoroughly humiliated.

But he dared not say anything, as Chen Xing’s strength might be above his own. If he were to make a move, he would lose face even more!

While everyone was discussing Chen Xing, there was a low muffled sound.


The surrounding air trembled, and an invisible energy formed ripples, spreading in circles, making everyone’s scalp tingle!

The rooftop seemed to distort, giving an unreal feeling, as if it had been manipulated and deformed by photo-editing software. In the next moment, a twisted black hole appeared, surrounding the edge of the rooftop.

“The entrance is here!” Someone shouted in a low voice.

“It’s quite early today!”

The energy testing machines could only estimate the approximate time of the opening with some margin of error. So sometimes it opened early, and other times it opened late. Today, the Forbidden Zone entrance opened half an hour early.

“Let’s go!”

With that, a white light flashed, and the Spirit Master’s Spirit User by his side turned into a small whip in his hand. Then he jumped down.


The whole rooftop was filled with a bright white light as thousands of people transformed their Spirit Users, causing a strong light to shine. Soon, people started jumping down from the rooftop, leaping from the 390th floor.

They jumped into the black holes surrounding the rooftop’s edge, suspended in the air. It was like a collective suicide jump!

Soon, the non-academy Spirit Masters and Spirit Users had jumped into the black holes and entered the Forbidden Zone.

But on the rooftop, only the Reserve Team members remained. Also, the Spirit User of the Spirit Master who had been knocked down to the bottom five floors was still there.

Everyone looked at the ten mentors in the middle.

Five Spirit Masters and their corresponding Spirit Users.

Then one of the mentors spoke, “All A-list Spirit Masters are free to move, and the B-listers should go to their assigned groups and find their respective mentors after entering the Forbidden Zone.” As soon as he finished speaking, white lights appeared around the rooftop.

The Reserve Team’s Spirit Users had all completed their transformations. The B-list Spirit Masters and Spirit Users all looked at Zero and Chen Xing. They were curious about the form of Chen Xing’s Spirit User held in his arms. This was something they were all eager to find out!

Zero noticed that all the Reserve Team members had transformed, and she raised her little head, asking, “Um… should I transform too?”

Chen Xing shook his head and gently patted her little head, “You can stay in my arms!”

“Um… Mm… Hehehe…”

Everyone: …What was I expecting?

Lin Weilai had been curiously observing Chen Xing. Who exactly is this person? He decided to secretly observe him in the Forbidden Zone.

Time was running out, and the other Reserve Team members were already heading towards the rooftop edge. As they passed by, they politely greeted Chen Xing, “Master Chen, we’re going now. See you in the Forbidden Zone!”

Chen Xing nodded and then walked towards the rooftop edge, holding Zero in his arms. She looked at the black hole with some fear and shrank back. “Wu…”

Seeing her scared, Chen Xing held her tighter and reassured her softly, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”


Before Zero could respond, Chen Xing had already kissed her lips.

With his eyes closed, he kissed her while carrying her. Walking towards the edge of the building. He didn’t even look at the black hole.

Everyone: ???

What’s going on? She was scared, and is kissing her the solution?

Of course, it worked! Zero had completely forgotten about the terrifying black hole at this moment. All she could think of was the feeling on her lips.

“Um… Um…” (Chen…xing…)

It’s worth noting that there was still more than ten meters between the black hole and the middle of the building. Jumping into it would be like jumping off the building! From the 390th floor, it would undoubtedly lead to Chen Xing’s brain splattering.

With his eyes closed, Chen Xing seemed to have them open. When he reached the edge, only about twenty centimeters from falling, he lightly leaped and entered the black hole, carrying Zero with him!

Leaving the Reserve Team members in disarray in the wind.

Lin Weilai sneered, “Tsk tsk… he sure knows how to show off.”

Yun Sijin who transformed into silkworm ice thread, coiled around Lin Weilai’s body and chuckled softly, “Indeed… when will you be able to show off like that?”

“Uh… I can too!” As he said that, he grabbed a floating strand of Silkworm Ice Thread and fiercely kissed it.

Yun Sijin chuckled gently, “That’s my foot, you know!”

Lin Weilai also laughed, “It’s okay; that’s the taste.”


Yun Sijin’s bell-like laughter was delightful. The silkworm thread seemed to tremble slightly as she playfully scolded, “Go to hell… you’re so annoying…”

Lin Weilai chuckled. He loved it when Yun Sijin scolded him like this. It wasn’t really scolding; it was rather enticing!

“By the way… why does it feel a bit oily?”

“Huh?” Lin Weilai was momentarily stunned but then suddenly remembered, “I just had breakfast and forgot to wipe my mouth…”

“Lin Weilai! You’re dead!!!” As she said that, the silkworm thread had already wrapped around his neck.

“Cough, cough! Yunyun, I’m sorry! Cough, cough… Hey, uh…” Lin Weilai almost passed out.

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