How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 131 – Yun Xinghai Faints

In the crowd, there was a young boy who had been eating cake. Staring at the spot where Chen Xing and Zero had just entered the Forbidden Zone, he felt speechless inside.

Yes, it was the same food-loving young boy who had given Zero and Chen Xing a piece of cake that day. The one who couldn’t stop eating at that moment.

However, now he was unusually silent. The cake seemed to have lost its sweetness. His teeth even started to hurt a bit!

He was an A-ranked Spirit Master: Chi Sifang! (Nickname: “Four-Square Eater!”!)

He was 16 years old. Power level: 300,000.

Normally, this level of strength wouldn’t be enough to enter the Reserve Team. But because of his Spirit User’s special ability, the Academy Dean valued him and pulled him into the Reserve Team.

Standing next to him was another boy holding a cake. He was his twin brother, Chi Yijin (Nickname: “Billion Pounds Eater”).

That’s right, the two brothers were both abyssal gourmets. They could eat like crazy!

“Let’s go, brother. Don’t forget to buy some Liminghua back this time. Put some in the cake, it will definitely taste good!”


After saying that, the two of them jumped into the Forbidden Zone.

After Chen Xing left, Yun Xinghai finally ran to the rooftop with Gu Meow Meow. He had a stomachache earlier and went to the restroom.

“Huh!? Where are Big Brother and Sister-in-law!?”

The remaining members of the Reserve Team on the rooftop saw him coming and walked over.

Yun Xinghai often followed Chen Xing to class. So, everyone had gotten close since they were always together, even when they were beaten up.

Someone reminded him, “Yun Xinghai, why did you come so late? They just left. Hurry and catch up.”

“Okay! Come on, Meow Meow!”


With a flash of white light, cat ears, a cat tail, and cat paws reappeared on Yun Xinghai. When he was about to run towards the black hole, a nearby mentor suddenly spoke up, “You’re Yun Xinghai, the one who skips my class every day, aren’t you?”

“Uh…” Yun Xinghai suddenly felt embarrassed on the spot.

“I heard you attend all your other teachers’ classes, but you never attend mine?”

That’s right, he happened to be Yun Xinghai’s combat techniques instructor.

“Uh… Meow?” Scared Yun Xinghai into meowing!

The mentor smiled slightly, his face seemingly saying, Where are you trying to escape?

“Hurry, run, Yun Xinghai! Meow!”

Gu Meow Meow’s voice exploded in Yun Xinghai’s mind. He immediately rushed out!

“Shoo!” And successfully darted into the black hole!

Seeing that he had entered the Forbidden Zone channel, Yun Xinghai finally breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, a rope shot out and wrapped around his ankle!

“What the heck is this?” At this moment, two eyes and a mouth suddenly appeared on the rope, looking grotesque and terrifying.

Then, the mouth on the rope opened, and a shrill female voice came out from that huge mouth: “Come back!”

It was extremely creepy!

“Ah!!! Ghosts! Meow!!! Geese~” Gu Meow Meow let out and fainted on the spot.

The transformation canceled in an instant and they immediately reverted to their original forms. Yun Xinghai wasn’t afraid, but he felt a loss of connection with Gu Meow Meow. He immediately looked towards her!

Since she had turned back into human form while unconscious, she couldn’t use the Spirit system to put clothes on herself.


Yun Xinghai could never forget that one look…

“Splurt!” He coughed up old blood, along with a nosebleed that gushed out violently.

His consciousness blurred instantly, but before losing consciousness, he controlled the spirit system himself and dressed Gu Meow Meow. Only he could see what she was wearing!

With a thought, a loose T-shirt and a pair of boxers appeared on Gu Meow Meow. The ugly gorilla pattern on them was clearly Yun Xinghai’s style.

Because he didn’t have access to Gu Meow Meow’s storage space. For a Spirit Master to use a Spirit system, they needed the Spirit User to grant permission. Gu Meow Meow had only given Yun Xinghai access to a portion of her storage space for him to store his belongings. Her own space was triple-encrypted.

When they were eleven years old and bonded, Yun Xinghai saw the intimate clothing she had stored in the system space. He found that they were all covered in strawberry and bunny patterns. He didn’t find them cool at all!

As a powerful Spirit User, how could she wear such lousy stuff!? So, he changed them all to tigers, leopards, and gorillas… just like the ones he wore.

The result can be imagined, Yun Xinghai was beaten up pretty bad…

After that incident, Gu Meow Meow directly set a three-level password lock!

Meanwhile, Yun Xinghai had lost too much blood and fainted. He was pulled back by the rope-type Spirit User. Just like fishing, he suddenly flew out of the black hole and was pulled by the rope.


He fell heavily to the ground.

The mentor holding the long rope looked puzzled and asked, “Why is he the only one, still bleeding?”

“Whoosh!” A flash of white light.

The rope-type Spirit User returned to his original form. Looking at the unconscious Yun Xinghai, he couldn’t help but sigh with laughter, “I accidentally scared the girl into unconsciousness just now, and I didn’t catch her in time.”

“And then this kid saw her naked, had too much nosebleed, and fainted from blood loss.”

“…Do we need to rescue him?”

“No need, with his physical fitness, he’ll wake up soon.”


Inside the Forbidden Zone.

Chen Xing continued to descend while holding Zero, but miraculously, their speed didn’t increase. It remained constant, slowly progressing through this twisted space.

Chen Xing and Zero both gazed at the colorful and distorted space around them. It felt as if they were flying inside a hollow water vortex. It gave people the sensation of traversing through a space-time tunnel.

Zero’s small mouth was slightly agape, filled with astonishment. She was looking at the beautiful spatial tunnel, while Chen Xing was gazing at her beautiful eyes. The colorful and radiant colors were reflected in her deep blue pupils, creating an unparalleled beauty!

With her little mouth slightly agape, she looked like an angel descended to earth. Chen Xing, seeing her dumbfounded expression, was about to lower his head to kiss her again.

Suddenly, his vision flickered!

Chen Xing and Zero suddenly appeared in mid-air. They were about fifteen meters above the ground.

Below them was a small city.

It was tiny and quaint. It probably wouldn’t take 20 minutes to walk from one end to the other.

This was a small city built by the Spirit Masters who had stayed in the Forbidden Zone for a long time. Small as it was, it had everything one would need. In this small city, there were accommodations, restaurants, and various types of shops. Stores selling supplies, clothing, food, medicine, and more.

Chen Xing gently landed on the ground while holding Zero.

Many people were walking casually on the streets, and when they saw the two suddenly appear from the sky, they didn’t show much surprise. These were the people who lived in Minghua City all the time. They had become accustomed to people falling from the sky.

At this moment, there were still many people on the ground who hadn’t left since their descent. Most of them were from the Training Academy.

“Master Chen is here!”

“Finally arrived.”

As soon as they saw Chen Xing, they were delighted and greeted him.

After Chen Xing landed on the ground, he looked at them with confusion, “What are you guys doing?”

“Master Chen, we want to follow you!”


Ten people surrounded them, consisting of five pairs of Spirit Users and Spirit Masters. They all wanted to follow Chen Xing, to challenge the Forbidden Zone while learning his combat techniques.

“Go away… Don’t follow me.” Chen Xing didn’t want them to follow. He only wanted to wander around the so-called Forbidden Zone with Zero.

“This…” Those few hesitated.

Suddenly, San’er spoke again:

【 Chen Xing! The Demon Dimension is accessible now! 】

Chen Xing’s heart immediately rejoiced.

This meant he couldn’t let these people follow him! After strolling around in this Forbidden Zone, Chen Xing planned to take Zero into the Demon Dimension!

“Hurry up and leave!” Chen Xing suddenly became stern, and his tone allowed no refusal.

“Well then, Master Chen, take care!”

“Sure! Be careful.”

Those people left dejectedly.

Zero also looked up at him, “Chen Xing~ Put me down… I want to walk on my own.”

“Not letting go! Hehe…”

“Mmm… Please let me down…” Zero tugged at his collar, batting her beautiful big eyes, acting coquettishly.

“Ah…” Chen Xing couldn’t resist any longer; this little girl was getting better and better at acting cute!

If she kept acting cute to him every day… That would be fantastic!

As he thought about it, a wicked smile appeared on his face, “Plead with me again… hehe.”

“Mmm…” Zero saw his sly smile and blushed: Um… Why isn’t acting cute working anymore…

While she was contemplating, her eyes suddenly stared at the sky.

“Huh!?” Chen Xing’s eyes also narrowed as he instinctively looked up.

Something was falling!


When people came out of the Forbidden Zone passage, they would land on their feet. But this person was falling headfirst? Moreover, the trajectory seemed to be aiming directly at Zero, who was in Chen Xing’s arms.

Chen Xing leaned to the side, intending to let the person free fall and kiss the ground.

Wait a minute, those pink twin-tails seem familiar? And the clothes this person was wearing, aren’t they the same as Yun Xinghai’s?

Yun Xinghai’s clothes were easy to identify; they usually had various ugly and messy patterns all over them. However, he himself felt that they were cool!


Gu Meow Meow rapidly descended and landed in front of Chen Xing. In the blink of an eye, her little head was about to crash into the ground!

Chen Xing held Zero in one hand and swiftly reached out with the other hand. He quickly caught hold of the two twin-tails.

Then, he grabbed the twin-tails and drew a half-circle in the air. Directly adjusting her whole body, her head went up, and her feet went down. He held her by her twin-tails, suspending her in mid-air!

“Meow!?” Gu Meow Meow suddenly woke up with a start!

Chen Xing grabbed her twin-tails, pulling her scalp. It made her feel awake and refreshed in a very unusual way… It was indeed refreshing; everyone had their own strange points of refreshment, waiting for them to discover.

Chen Xing had only intended to help her wake up from her unconscious state, but unexpectedly… He triggered something peculiar…

“Meow umm! (So refreshing!)” … “Geese… Master!? Mistress!?”

Chen Xing: “…”

“Um…” Zero stared blankly at the current Gu Meow Meow: It really was Gu Meow Meow… Why was she wearing Yun Xinghai’s clothes? It made it seem more intimate…

As she thought about it, Zero blushed and secretly glanced at Chen Xing. She also wanted to try wearing his clothes… Using the top as a skirt, it would fit perfectly!

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