How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 133 – Two Liang Liquor Tavern

While Gu Meow Meow was sending the message, Chen Xing was carrying Zero and calling out from ahead, “Gu Meow Meow, hurry up.”

“Meow~ I’m coming, Master!”

Then she quickly caught up with them. She had no choice but to follow them. With Yun Xinghai absent, her fighting power was not enough to protect herself; she could easily be attacked by others.

Although Minghua City seemed harmonious, there were quite a few desperados walking the streets. Madmen were definitely not in short supply!

This small tavern was named “Two Liang Liquor,” with a homonym for “two liang.” It meant that each person could only drink two liang, and anything more would get them drunk!

“Cr-e-a-k…” Chen Xing pushed open the dilapidated little door while still holding Zero.

Inside, each person had a small wine cup on their table. They ate their appetizers, then took a sip from the small cup of wine. Afterward, they swallowed it with a long sigh, saying, “Good wine!”

Then they continued eating, taking small sips of wine. Everyone behaved like this, sipping little by little.

Seeing this, Chen Xing shook his head. Just from smelling the wine, he felt that it didn’t have a high alcohol content; at most, it was around 20 degrees. These people were so cautious about drinking, which he found somewhat amusing.

He led Zero to a seat and sat down. At that moment, a waiter approached them, “Hello, what would you like to order?”

“Just bring a jug of wine.”

Upon hearing him, the waiter knew they were newcomers, “Sure, what kind of wine would you like? We have our signature Two Liang Liquor. Would you like to try it?”

After listening, Chen Xing replied calmly, “Two Liang Liquor? Alright, bring a jug of it.”

His words caused the whole place to fall silent. Everyone turned to look at him with pity, as if he were an ignorant newcomer. Two Liang Liquor was a drink you could only have two liang (approximately 30 ml) of, hence the homonym. If you drank even a little bit more, you’d be drunk!

Chen Xing dared to order a whole jug of it? He probably wouldn’t be able to walk back home today.

Someone chuckled, “Young man, don’t underestimate the Two Liang Liquor. It’s the most famous drink in Minghua City!”

“Although it has a low alcohol content, even those with the highest alcohol tolerance will get drunk after two liang!”

“Oh?” Chen Xing raised an eyebrow, suddenly becoming interested, “Bring a jug of it. If I can’t finish it, I’ll take it home.”

“Alright, please wait a moment.” The person walked away to get the wine from the bar.

“Hehe…” Little Zero sniffed the fragrant air and felt her head getting a little dizzy. But Chen Xing didn’t notice; he thought she was just excited. Would she even be able to handle the alcohol if she got drunk from just smelling it?

However, Chen Xing hadn’t realized the truth of the matter yet!

Soon, the person came back with a jug of wine, which weighed about three jin.

The person also placed a cup on the table, assuming that both Little Zero and Gu Meow Meow were not of legal drinking age, so he only gave Chen Xing a cup. Chen Xing didn’t say anything about it since Gu Meow Meow was indeed underage. One cup would be enough for Zero and him.

“Enjoy your meal!” The person said before leaving Chen Xing’s table.

Some people around the tavern continued to savor the Two Liang Liquor, while others waited, expecting to see Chen Xing make a fool of himself.

The jug of wine was now on the table, and the strong fruity aroma was reminiscent of sweet fruit juice. Little Zero’s eyes sparkled, and she said, “Hehe… Chen Xing, I want to drink~”

Chen Xing smiled and replied, “Wait a moment; let me try this so-called Two Liang Liquor first.”


With that, Chen Xing picked up the jug and poured a full small wine cup. Exactly two liang.

Under everyone’s gaze, he raised the wine cup to his nose and sniffed it lightly. He squinted his eyes, thinking, This wine is indeed somewhat unusual; it seems to have some special ingredients.

【It has added Li Minghua.】

“What is Li Minghua?”

【You’ll know once you drink it.】

Chen Xing nodded and drank it all in one go!

The people around couldn’t help but raise their eyebrows, “Wtf! Did he just gulp it down? He won’t wake up for a few days now.”

“Um…” Hearing people’s comments, Zero became worried and looked at Chen Xing with concern.

Chen Xing closed his eyes and quietly savored the explosion of flavors on his taste buds caused by the fruity wine. The feeling made his scalp tingle!

After a dozen seconds or so, he recovered. He calmly said, “It does have its tricks.”

Everyone: ????

Is that all?

Nothing else happened? So plain!? How come he didn’t pass out!?

They looked at Chen Xing in disbelief, thinking he must have drunk fake liquor!

“How is that possible!?”

“Um… Chen Xing, are you alright?” Little Zero was still very concerned.

Chen Xing smiled and shook his head, “I’m fine. This isn’t enough to get me drunk.”

His constitution was virtually impervious to poisons and immune to intoxication. This small Two Liang Liquor could not defeat him.

“Hehe… amazing~ I want to drink too!”

But Chen Xing shook his head, “You can’t drink this; there’s something addictive in it.”

After taking a sip, Chen Xing confirmed that this Li Minghua could definitely cause addiction. Little Zero shouldn’t touch it!

“Um…” Zero pouted, feeling unhappy.

Seeing her reaction, Chen Xing lightly laughed, “Do you really want to try it?”


Chen Xing nodded, “Then let me show you the taste.”

“Okay~ hehe!” Zero looked at him expectantly.

However, Chen Xing looked at Gu Meow Meow instead, “Close your eyes.”

Gu Meow Meow: ???

Zero: ???


“Close your eyes!”

“Meow…” Then Gu Meow Meow obediently covered her eyes with her hands.

Little Zero was completely confused, “Um… Should I close my eyes too?”

Chen Xing smiled, “You can.”

“Okay~” She closed her beautiful eyes. Her long eyelashes trembled slightly, filled with anticipation.

Chen Xing smiled and kissed her directly.


Everyone: ?? What the heck!?

Suddenly, the taste of the Two Liang Liquor in their cups seemed to have vanished! Damn it!

In that moment, she tasted the flavor of the wine, it was the faint sweetness lingering on Chen Xing’s tongue. Slightly sweet and a little sour.

“Mm-mm-mm!” (Chen Xing!)

Gu Meow Meow couldn’t help but open hee eyes slightly, trying to steal a peek… Meow… What…

The people around had already turned their heads, not wanting to see anymore.

After a while, Zero pushed Chen Xing away abruptly.

Gu Meow Meow got scared and quickly covered her eyes tightly again, not wanting to be caught peeking…

“Huff… huff…” With a red face, she breathed heavily, almost suffocating!

“Um… Chen Xing… you!” Zero was so scared that she quickly turned her head to look at the people around.

She was a bit puzzled in her heart: Huh? No one is looking!? Luckily! Whew~ scared me!

“Is it sweet?” Chen Xing asked with a smiling face.

“Sweet… Mm! Not sweet…” Her head shook like a rattle drum.

This made Chen Xing burst into laughter. “Haha, if you want to drink, I’ll personally brew it for you later. It will taste better than this, trust me.”

“Okay! I want to drink the one you brew!” Little Zero looked clueless and noticed the gazes of the people around her. “Hmm…?”

Why are they all suddenly looking over?

Then, someone suddenly spoke, “You’re saying the wine you brew tastes better than mine?”

The voice was a bit husky but very sexy, with a female voice tone!

Chen Xing: ????

He looked in the direction of the voice and saw a woman speaking. She had light makeup on her face and her hair was neatly tied up with two silver hairpins. A red line was drawn at the corners of her eyes, and there was a red dot on her forehead.

She looked like a fox spirit in human form. She held a cigarette holder in her hand. As she spoke, a few wisps of smoke surrounded her, giving her an air of mystery and charm.

She was none other than the owner of this renowned tavern: Miss Chi Zi!

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