How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 134 – Drunk Little Zero

Miss Chi Zi’s appearance was famous in Minghua City. Many people came to Two Liang Liquor tavern to drink, all for the sake of her beauty. Enjoying fine wine while admiring a beautiful woman! What a delight!

Chen Xing’s words in this tavern immediately sparked the anger of everyone present. They were quite displeased. The attitude of the tavern owner was still acceptable, but theirs was not:

“Young man, don’t speak so arrogantly. This wine is something you’ll never be able to brew in your lifetime!”

“Hmph, what does this little kid know?”

“I’ve drunk more alcohol than he has eaten rice. He knows nothing.”

Chen Xing sneered and didn’t bother to pay attention to them.

At this moment, Miss Chi Zi gracefully walked over to Chen Xing’s table. She didn’t wear the mocking expression like the others.

Her face still held a faint smile: “Young man, I’m very interested in your wine. I wonder if you could let me have a taste?”

Chen Xing shook his head, “I don’t have it now. If you’re really interested, I can send it to you once it’s ready.”

Miss Chi Zi nodded, “Alright, I’ll wait for you. How long will it take?”

“About a month.”

Miss Chi Zi nodded again. For her, a month was too short. She had been waiting for a person in Minghua City for five years. Chen Xing’s wine brought her some amusement in her boredom.

“I hope you won’t deceive me…” Miss Chi Zi smiled lightly. When she stood beside Chen Xing and Little Zero, she didn’t take a puff of her cigarette. This made Chen Xing view her with a slightly different light. He had noticed this woman before, taking a puff of her cigarette every three seconds, almost never stopping. But now, two minutes had passed, and she hadn’t taken a single puff.

Not bad.

Before Chen Xing could say anything, someone else spoke, “Miss Chi Zi, do you really believe him? This little brat is just bragging and fooling people.”

“That’s right, at such a young age, how could he brew any decent wine?”

“Mm… He’s not a liar!” Zero held onto Chen Xing’s arm with an unhappy expression. They actually said that Chen Xing was a liar!

Behind Zero, one of the people who were forced to eat the dog food rolled his eyes. He was very unhappy about being forced to eat a mouthful of food earlier. Finally, he saw a chance to strike back, “Heh… This little girl knows nothing. Do you know…”


Chen Xing didn’t let him finish his words and directly smashed him into the ceiling. His entire head sank in.

Everyone was shocked! This person was quite strong!

“Mm…?” Little Zero held the empty space with a confused look. Where’s my Chen Xing? Didn’t he just hold me a moment ago?

She turned her head after hearing the loud noise. Only then did she realize that Chen Xing had already moved behind her, coldly looking at the people around.

Damn it! They dare to insult my wife?

Meanwhile, little Zero’s thoughts shifted: Mm… Chen Xing is not around, can I sneak a sip? It should be okay… it smells really good…

No, I promised Chen Xing not to drink! Mm…

Actually, she was already a bit drunk. She was the kind of person who would get drunk from just a drop of alcohol. In this alcohol-filled room, her mind was already hazy.

So… I’ll just have a taste… hehe…

While watching Chen Xing, Gu Meow Meow suddenly caught a glimpse of Zero’s action. She was holding a small cup of the two-liang wine, preparing to take a sip.


“Mistress, you can’t drink!”

“Mm! Gurgle!”

Originally, Zero just wanted to take a small sip… But when Gu Meow Meow spoke, she got scared and ended up taking a big gulp!

Chen Xing immediately ran to Zero’s side. He found her holding the cup, with only half of the wine left. Her face was a bit flushed. The alcohol quickly started to take effect in her body.

“Mm… Chen Xing…” Her face was all red, and her head was swaying back and forth. She couldn’t control herself at all!

Chen Xing frowned slightly, looking at Zero.

But soon, his eyes softened again. She’s so cute, how could he blame her? She already drank it, so be it.

He gently picked her up and said to Miss Chi Zi, “If the Forbidden Zone opens just right after a month, I’ll come find you.”

“If not, I’ll wait.”

Miss Chi Zi nodded, “Alright, I’ll wait for you.”

“Let’s go, Meow Meow.”


With that, the three of them left the place.

“Mm… I feel terrible… sob…” Zero mumbled in Chen Xing’s arms, feeling dizzy.

Seeing her like this, Chen Xing felt a bit sorry for her and said in a gentle voice, “You’re such a little glutton…”

Little Zero blinked dizzily, showing a silly smile on her face, “Mm…? Hehe… Meow~” Even her small tiger teeth showed.

“Pfft~” Chen Xing couldn’t help but burst out laughing. It’s unfair to be this adorable!

Gu Meow Meow: So cute, meow!

Chen Xing couldn’t resist pinching her smiling little face.

“Wuwa… Don’t pinch.” Zero closed her eyes and stretched out her hand, randomly swatting around. “Wu… I’ll bite you!” Then she muddledly buried her little head into Chen Xing’s embrace.


As she said that, Chen Xing suddenly widened his eyes.



“I’ll bite you! Awoo!”

“Hissss…!” In Chen Xing’s arms, little Zero lightly bit him.

In a proper place.

Gu Meow Meow: ???

“What’s wrong, Master? You seem to be feeling uneasy (pleasured)?”

“Cough, cough, cough… It’s nothing!”

From Gu Meow Meow’s perspective, she couldn’t see anything except for Zero snuggling in Chen Xing’s arms.

“San’er! Is there a place to stay nearby?”

Walking on the main road, how could they do this kind of thing!? It’s against the rules! Of course, they were going back to the room… Tch! Actually, he was thinking that Little Zero was drunk and needed to rest. Yes, that’s it.

【Go forward, a little over 200 meters, there’s a hotel with good soundproofing. Hehe…】

“Oh, reliable!” Then, Chen Xing quickened his pace.

Because Zero kept biting him through his clothes!

Gu Meow Meow followed with a puzzled look. She was shorter with shorter legs. As Chen Xing walked fast, she had to run.

Soon, Chen Xing arrived at the hotel with Gu Meow Meow. This kind of small hotel was not in the safe zone, so the safety was not that high, but it was suitable for temporary stay.

Thus, Chen Xing put Gu Meow Meow in a room alone, while he took Zero to another room.

“Hehe… Chen Xing~” Zero had a silly smile on her face, swaying her little head, closing her eyes, and mumbling Chen Xing’s name. At this point, she had already loosened her bite on him.

Chen Xing smiled helplessly and placed her on the bed. Then he took off his clothes and looked at his chest. Damn, there were red marks from her little bite. It was pretty cute…

At this moment, in the shadows, there was a black creature with two black eyeballs as big as watermelon seeds. It was secretly watching Chen Xing.

Not even Chen Xing, let alone San’er, noticed its presence!

Chen Xing didn’t do anything special. He just sat beside Zero and gently patted her back. “Go to sleep, little glutton…”

On the bed, Zero heard his voice, closed her eyes, and grinned. “Hehe…”

Chen Xing smiled, kissed her little face softly, and said tenderly, “Sleep now.”

“Mm… No!”

Suddenly, Zero reached out with both hands and hugged Chen Xing’s neck. Hanging onto him.

Chen Xing smiled helplessly, “Aren’t you sleepy?”

“Not sleepy… want a hug~”

Hearing this, Chen Xing gently embraced her.

“Chen Xing… I like you the most… mm…” Little Zero was drowsy, lying in Chen Xing’s arms.

“Mm… I want a hug…” She was saying drunk words because Chen Xing was already hugging her.

“Chen Xing… I really like you…”

“It’s good to have met you…”

“Thank you, um… no, I love you~”

Chen Xing quietly listened to Zero’s words.

They say that drunk words are true feelings, although Chen Xing had heard these words from her before. But still, his heart felt warm.

“Do you really like me… sob…?”

Chen Xing stroked her little head and softly said, “Of course, I like you, silly.”

“Promise me… don’t leave me… okay… um…”


However, Zero couldn’t hear his response at all. She just closed her eyes, snuggled in Chen Xing’s arms, and murmured to herself. “If… you promise me… I’ll give you… lots and lots… lots of babies, okay?”


Then she raised her little hand and made a hazy gesture of the number eight. Saying, “Nine babies!”

Chen Xing chuckled softly, agreeing to her repeatedly.

“Um… I really, really like you… Hubby~…”


Chen Xing raised an eyebrow suddenly, and the corners of his mouth curved up madly. “San’er, did you record it?”

【Of course!】

“Great job!”

“Um… Hubby… I want to be able to hug you every day… and sleep together~”


“Hmm?” Chen Xing was delighted with the affectionate term.

“Um… I want to have… lots and lots of babies with you…” Her voice became softer and softer, and Chen Xing couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Suppressing his laughter to avoid waking her up, he lowered his voice, “Okay!”

“Um… our babies… will definitely be very cute…”

Chen Xing smiled, “Definitely, you are so adorable, no matter who you have babies with, they will be cute.”

“Um… no, I only want to be with you…”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Hu~” Zero’s breathing gradually became steady.

In the darkness, a certain unidentified creature turned its two big eyeballs and felt very disappointed!

Inner thoughts: Is that it!? Is that all!?

The treasures from the Imperial Minghua were brought out, ready to enjoy a show while eating, but this is all? Trash! I’m outta here! Going to find a wife!

It remained still, which was fine. But the moment it moved, Chen Xing and San’er instantly sensed its presence.

Chen Xing immediately turned his head to look at the dark corner under the wardrobe.

The unidentified creature was startled and froze in place. Afraid to move!

Inner thoughts: WTF! I’m invisible, why can he still see me?

Of course, Chen Xing couldn’t see it, but the moment it moved, he sensed its presence. The moment it stopped, its aura disappeared again!

However, Chen Xing had already locked onto its position.

“Shoo, swoosh!”

Two silver needles shot out from Chen Xing’s hand!

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