How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 14 – How Are You Speaking

【 No, the legal marriage age in this dimension requires a minimum of 20 years old. 】


【 However, if you can become a god, no one can stop you. 】


Chen Xing didn’t say anything further. In the Assassin Star Dimension, he spent two years to reach the peak of that plane. In this world, it should take another two years.



“Do you want to marry me?”

“Huh?” Zero doubted if she heard it right: “Marriage?”


Zero immediately pushed herself out of Chen Xing’s embrace and panicked: “Th-this… This is too fast!”

“We… Just met!”

Chen Xing smiled and ruffled her head: “I know. It’s not that you’re not old enough yet. I’m just making a reservation in advance, afraid that you might run away.”

Only then did Zero remember that she couldn’t get married before turning 20.

“Okay… I forgot, there’s an age restriction.”

Seeing her sudden disappointment, Chen Xing chuckled softly: “What’s wrong? Are you also impatient?”

Zero blushed and buried her face in Chen Xing’s embrace again: “No! Not at all! I don’t want to marry you…” Her voice became quieter…

Although she said she didn’t want to, deep down she was thinking, ‘When will I grow up? Time passes so slowly…’

Chen Xing gently kissed her forehead and took a deep breath. This feeling was simply magical!

Yesterday, he was still a lonely assassin, the number one assassin in the Assassin Star. Today, he gained such a lovely wife.

This must be fate…

Looking at the little person in his arms, Chen Xing secretly made a firm determination: ‘In two years, I will stand at the pinnacle of this world and hold the grandest wedding for you.’

‘Let the whole world bless you!’

While Chen Xing was contemplating, the system suddenly spoke up:

【 Stop daydreaming and quickly bind the Spirit System! It’s been a day since you crossed over, and you haven’t even completed the first mission! Don’t you have a clue about what’s important? 】

“…” Chen Xing didn’t want to comment on it. The system really knew how to ruin the atmosphere!



“Do you want to become my Spirit User?”


Zero crawled out of his embrace again, her eyes wide open, as if tears were already welling up in them.

Chen Xing was startled by her reaction: “What’s wrong? Don’t cry!”

Zero spoke slowly: “If I don’t agree, will you reject me?”

“How could that be! Don’t worry, I won’t leave you. Even if you don’t become my Spirit User, it doesn’t matter.”

“Well, I’m sorry, Chen Xing, but I really can’t become your Spirit User.”


“Because… I am…” Zero bit her lip, unable to say those words.

Chen Xing guessed what she probably wanted to say and smiled: “You’re my precious baby~”

“Um…” Zero blushed and tried to suppress her laughter, not wanting to show it too obviously.

Chen Xing found her effort to hold back laughter amusing and couldn’t help but reach out and pinch her adorable little face.

“Hey! What are you doing! Don’t pinch… Ah!”

Chen Xing simply used both hands and gently held onto her small face. At this moment, Chen Xing laughed like the village fool from the neighboring village.

“Tsk tsk… You’re just too cute.”

“Let go quickly!…”

“Let me pinch you one more time!”

“It hurts!”

Chen Xing was startled and immediately released his grip on Zero’s face. His heart was in a panic: I didn’t exert much force!

Zero gently rubbed her face and then covered her cheeks with both hands.

Proudly, she said: “Hehe, I tricked you! No more pinching for you!”

Chen Xing smiled and embraced her again. “Be my Spirit User.”

“It really won’t work. You’re so powerful, there must be more other suitable partners for you!”

“There’s no one in this world more suitable for me than you.”

“There are many, and they are true SSS-grade Spirit Users!”

“I only want you.”

While Zero listened to these words and felt happy in her heart, she didn’t want to burden Chen Xing. “I’m sorry, Chen Xing, I…”

“It’s okay. I’ll wait for you, until you agree.”


“I’ll keep my word!”


“But… I really am a good-for-nothing… Mmm!” Zero widened her eyes, unable to say that last word!

Because her small mouth was tightly sealed by Chen Xing’s lips.

“Mmmph?” (What are you doing!)

After a while, Chen Xing let go of her, and she seemed to lose strength. She lay in Chen Xing’s arms, her face flushed, gasping for breath.

Chen Xing lightly scraped her delicate little nose with his finger. “Don’t say such things about yourself.”

Zero covered her small nose with her hand. “It hurts! I want to scrape yours too!”

After saying that, she raised her hand, and Chen Xing smiled without dodging. He let Zero gently rub his face.

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“No, it doesn’t hurt.”

“Um… Consider this a warning! Next time, I’ll do it harder!” As she said this, she waved her finger in front of Chen Xing and even made a fierce expression.

Threatening him!

Chen Xing looked at Zero’s slender and cute little hand and couldn’t resist…

He sucked her index finger into his mouth.

“You!… Dirty! Don’t eat my hand!”

Chen Xing hummed a couple of times, refusing to let go.

“Chen Xing!”

“Unless you become my Spirit User, I won’t let go.”

Suddenly, Zero’s expression turned to surprise, and the blush on her face receded from the shock.

“How… How are you speaking?”

Chen Xing’s mouth didn’t open, yet he could speak!


As mentioned before, in the previous plane, Chen Xing was bored, so he learned all kinds of practical and useless skills.

So, there was basically nothing he couldn’t do.

“Wow… That’s amazing!”

“Since I’m so amazing, would you consider becoming my Spirit User?”

“No! Let go of me already.”

“I won’t let go.”

“Your saliva is dripping!”

“I don’t care!”

After ten minutes of standoff.

“I agree to it…”

“Do you promise?”


Finally, Chen Xing released her finger. He smacked his lips, still wanting more.

“Come on.”

“Wait a moment… I’ll wash my hands…”

Chen Xing pretended to be heartbroken.

“Oh, really! You’re rejecting me, and it hurts me deeply!” He even covered his heart, looking distressed!

His performance was worthy of an Oscar-winning actor. Zero actually believed it and hurriedly explained.

“No, no! That’s not it! I’m just afraid that you’ll… but my hands are dirty!”

After hearing this, Chen Xing suddenly changed his expression, with a smile all over his face. “Oh, hurry up and come back quickly.”

“You’re tricking me again! Hmph!” Zero turned around in anger and walked quickly to the bathroom, stomping her feet.

Chen Xing smiled as he watched her figure. He dared to say that once she washed her hands and came back, Zero would forget about this matter.


Sure enough, Zero, while shaking off the water from her hands, quickly rushed back into Chen Xing’s embrace.

“Shall we start?”


“How should we do it?”

“Well…” Zero moved in Chen Xing’s embrace, climbed onto his lap, and knelt on his thighs. She hugged his neck with both hands.

Leaning forward slightly, she gently kissed his lips. In that moment of their contact…

【 Ding~ Binding Spirit System in progress. 】

Chen Xing’s eyes were filled with confusion. Is this how spirits are bound?!

Did Zero bind other Spirit Masters like this before? A wave of jealousy surged within him, making him feel murderous.

But of course it wasn’t like this. This was a special treatment that Zero gave to Chen Xing.

For regular binding of Spirit Users, Zero only needed to operate within the system. There was no need for any physical contact!

However, Chen Xing was new to this and unaware of the process. Just as his murderous intent grew, a voice he had never heard before resonated in his mind.

Spirit System: 【 Binding Spirit Master in progress! 】

Chen Xing was secretly surprised, thinking that this must be Zero’s Spirit System. The voice belonged to a woman and was quite pleasant to listen to.

Suddenly, Chen Xing’s built-in Super System chimed in:

【 Hey there! Little sister? 】

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