How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 15 – One-Click Outfit Change

However, the Spirit System completely ignored it and continued speaking:

【 Binding successful! 】

Suddenly, a panel appeared in front of Chen Xing and Zero simultaneously.

【 Spirit Master: Chen Xing, Age: 18, Gender: Male
Rank: None. Please proceed to the Weapon Spirit Association for initial evaluation.
Combat Power: Unable to evaluate. Please proceed to the Weapon Spirit Association for initial evaluation.
Crystal Coin Balance: 107,000, Spirit Points Balance: 132,500 】

【Spirit User: Zero, Age: 18, Gender: Female, Spirit Rank: SSS
Crystal Coin Balance: 0, System Upgrade Count: …, Attribute Enhancement: 0, Strength Enhancement: 0, Defense Enhancement: 0, Speed Enhancement: 0, Reaction Enhancement: 0, Compatibility: 110%】

Looking at the abundance of zeros on the screen, Chen Xing was completely bewildered.

“Um…” Zero, on the other hand, looked at the familiar attribute panel and wasn’t too surprised.

Her Spirit System was like this, with all initial attribute enhancements at 0.

After the Spirit System had been upgraded, even if the contract was terminated, the system wouldn’t be downgraded. Subsequent Spirit Masters would directly enjoy the enhancements brought by the upgraded Spirit System.

It was a process where the predecessors planted the tree, and the successors enjoyed the shade.

However, despite Zero switching so many Spirit Masters, and everyone depleting their resources to contribute spirit points, not a single upgrade was given to her.

Even Zero herself didn’t know how much spirit points she needed to upgrade her system.

When she saw the 110% compatibility, she exclaimed in surprise: “System? Is this compatibility value incorrect?”

The voice of the Spirit System echoed simultaneously in their minds:

【 Checking compatibility error… 】

【 Check complete: Error Unknown, unable to fix…】

“This?” Zero looked at Chen Xing, feeling somewhat at a loss.

Chen Xing sighed helplessly and comforted her: “I’ll explain it to you later.”


Just as Chen Xing was about to call out to the system, his Super System suddenly spoke up:

【 Ding! Successfully bound SSS-grade Spirit User. 】

【 Task completed: Spirit Points: +1 million, Crystal Coins: +10 million 】

【 Ding! Congratulations, host! Achieved 110% compatibility achievement, activating hidden system! System is updating and merging, please wait…】

At the same time, the panel of the Spirit System appeared in front of Chen Xing and Zero.

【 Spirit Points Balance: 1 million + 132,500, Crystal Coin Balance: 10 million + 107,000 】

Zero looked at Chen Xing in astonishment. What exactly just happened? How did the spirit points suddenly increase by 1 million and crystal coins by 10 million?

“Chen Xing… you?”

“Cough, cough… I’ll explain it to you later.”


Chen Xing attempted to summon his own system.

【System is updating, please wait…】

【System is updating, please wait…】

“Spirit System!”

【 Hello, Spirit Master, how can I assist you? 】

With a single thought from Chen Xing, a comprehensive classification panel appeared in front of him in the next moment.

【 Attribute Inquiry 】

【 Data Inquiry 】

【 Skill Inquiry 】

【 System Upgrade 】

【 Skill Upgrade 】

【 Storage Locker 】


Chen Xing glanced at Zero mischievously and smirked: “I want to see what’s inside your storage locker…”

Zero paused for a moment, then proudly replied: “You can’t see it without my permission, hmph.”

“Oh? Is that so? Let me try.”

“Go ahead~” Zero appeared very confident. After all, this was the privacy feature of the Spirit System. No one could crack it.

Chen Xing casually said: “Open the storage locker.”

【 Beep~ Reporting to the host, the Spirit Master is attempting to open the privacy feature. 】

【 Advanced access permissions detected in the Spirit Master, granting access. 】


Zero exclaimed in disbelief: “No! Forbidden!”

The panel appeared, displaying all of Zero’s belongings in front of them.


“Mmm! You’re not allowed to look!”

She immediately jumped onto Chen Xing and gave him a big bear hug. Instinctively, Chen Xing used his hand to hold onto her bottom.

“No peeking!” Zero’s two little hands covered Chen Xing’s eyes.

“Okay, okay, I won’t look.” Chen Xing chuckled lightly and didn’t resist.

Because, with his eyes closed, he could see even clearer!

“Hmm? One-click outfit change? Changing clothes?”

“Hmph! That feature is only for me to use! Give up, you big pervert!”

【 Beep~ Detecting Spirit Master using one-click outfit change. 】

【Outfit change successful.】


Zero looked at Chen Xing in disbelief.

“Shoo~” She only felt a cool sensation in her body. Her bunny pajamas disappeared, and immediately after, A thin floral long dress was draped over her.

Chen Xing also widened his eyes, looking at Zero in disbelief. He only felt a momentary flash of something white in front of his eyes! And then the clothes were changed. In fact, it was too fast, and he couldn’t see anything clearly.

“Wuwu… You… you…” Zero blushed all over while in Chen Xing’s embrace.

Her pretty face turned as red as a ripe tomato, as if it could start dripping water the next moment. “I-I-I…”

“Cough, what’s wrong? I didn’t see anything.” Chen Xing acted as if nothing had happened.

“Why can you break into the storage locker!” Zero was at a loss for words…

“Maybe because I’m handsome? Hey.”

“…You shouldn’t use this function!”

“Oh. By the way, this floral dress looks good on you, very suitable.” Chen Xing admiringly looked at Zero in his arms.

“Indeed, you look cute. Anything suits you well.”

“This outfit… It was given to me by a high-ranking Spirit Master. It does look good.”

“…” Chen Xing suddenly fell silent.

Zero looked up at him and noticed that he was staring expressionlessly at the clothes she was wearing.

“What’s wrong, Chen Xing?”

Chen Xing remained emotionless and with a thought, the system panel appeared again, opening the “Storage Locker” and accessing the “Clothing Category.”

“One-click outfit change!”

“Shoo~” Once again, Zero felt a cool sensation, and her clothes changed.

“What are you doing!”

Chen Xing looked up and asked, “Who bought you this one?”

“Um… a high-ranking Spirit Master.”

Chen Xing’s expression changed, and he said calmly, “One-click outfit change!”


“Chen Xing! Please stop changing!” Zero’s embarrassed and angry voice kept echoing in the room.

The flash that appeared before Chen Xing’s eyes was no longer a white light. It was a blushing red light. Zero’s entire body had turned red.

“That’s enough! The rest of the clothes are ones I bought myself! And some were gifts from Su Su!”

“Who is Su Su?”

“My good friend!”

“Is she a guy or a girl?”

“She’s a girl!”

Chen Xing nodded and leaned closer to Zero’s flushed face, saying calmly: “My dear Zero, can I burn all the clothes those people gave you?”

“Huh? Why?”

“Because you should only wear clothes that I buy for you!”


“Shoo~” As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xing had a thought and used the Sprit System to destroy all those items!

The once slowly scrolling “Storage Locker” page now only had a few pieces of clothing left.

Satisfied, Chen Xing nodded and said, “Later, I’ll take you shopping and buy you clothes at the mall.”

However, Zero remained silent…

Inner thoughts: This boyfriend is so fierce!

Suddenly, Chen Xing noticed another intriguing option.

【 Intimate Apparel 】


“Cough… (??????)??”

Suddenly, the voice of the Spirit System rang in both their minds:

【 Alert! The Spirit Master is attempting to access the high-level privacy module! 】

“Uh…” Zero blushed and suddenly struggled in his arms. She shouted, “Chen Xing!” ( ≧□≦ )

In the next moment, Zero had a soft hammer in her hand.

“Bang!” She forcefully hit Chen Xing on the head with it!

Zero’s attack caused 0 damage…

“You big pervert!”




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