How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 16 – I Really, Really Like You

“Cough cough… Don’t look, don’t look! Really, don’t look!”

Chen Xing was hammered by Zero, feeling both amused and helpless. Even though there was no damage or pain, he still decided not to look for now. Using this method to look has no meaning.

Someday… hehe~

“Hmph!!!” Zero stopped when he saw that Chen Xing wasn’t planning to look.

“Put me down…” At this moment, Zero was hanging on Chen Xing like a koala, and Chen Xing was holding her bottom with his hands. Those hands were too warm. Just as Zero calmed down, her face blushed again.

“Mwah…” Chen Xing couldn’t resist pinching her a bit…

“Bang!” The hammer struck again!

“You! You pervert!”

“You want to hit me again!?” Chen Xing suddenly turned fierce.

Zero was scared and froze on top of him. The next moment, her face was full of grievance. “You’re being mean to me…”

Chen Xing couldn’t hold his expression anymore and burst into laughter. He gently kissed her cheek and said softly: “Just teasing you, silly.”

Zero still hadn’t recovered. Chen Xing was indeed terrifying when he turned fierce. After all, that expression was forged from killing countless people.

Chen Xing realized that he might have genuinely scared her, so he kissed her again: “I’m sorry, I won’t scare you anymore, okay?”

Zero pouted in grievance: “Mm…”

Seeing that she still looked upset, Chen Xing asked: “What’s wrong?”

“Well, what if we argue in the future? When you get angry, it’s really scary…”

“We won’t argue. Absolutely not, I swear!” As he spoke, Chen Xing held her with one hand and used the other hand to make a promise.

“Then can you put me down first?”


“Aren’t you tired?”

“Not tired!”


【 Ding~ System update complete. Congratulations, host, on unlocking the Super Romance System!! 】


Chen Xing’s heart instinctively panicked! The perfectly fine battle system turned into a love system? Isn’t that ridiculous!

“I’m in a relationship. What’s it to you!? Can you cancel the update!?”

【 Cannot! 】

【 Rest assured, host. The romance system has not changed the original combat module but has added a love module on top of it. 】

【 As long as the host actively completes love tasks, you can receive attribute bonuses, crystal coins, spirit coins, special items, and other rewards. 】

“Um… That’s not bad.”

【 However, all love tasks are hidden tasks. 】

All of them are hidden tasks?

Chen Xing felt deeply troubled. Hidden tasks were the kind where the conditions were unclear, the rewards were unclear, and you knew nothing, purely relying on luck to stumble upon the tasks.

Chen Xing had been engaged in a conversation with the system and had ignored Zero. She thought something was wrong with him and called out softly: “Chen Xing?”

Chen Xing immediately snapped out of it. “Hmm?”

“Can you put me down…”

Chen Xing chuckled lightly and set her down on the ground. After landing, Zero quickly ran away and made a face at him.

Chen Xing laughed and sat down on a chair, patting his leg, gesturing for her to come and sit.

“No… thanks~” Zero made another face.

Just as Chen Xing was about to go over and grab her, the system’s voice sounded again:

【 Ding~ Main mission for Spirit Master: First upgrade for Spirit User. 】

【 Rewards: Crystal Coins: 100,000 】

【 Detected SSS-grade Spirit User – Zero, upgrade progress is 50%! Remaining required Spirit Points: 100 million.] 】

“What did you say!?”

“A hundred million spirit points!?”

The system ignored him and continued:

【 Scanning Spirit User upgrade data: Spirit User: Zero, Current level: 1 star, Current attribute boost: 0 for all attributes 】

【 Weapon form: Locked, unable to unlock. 】

【 Awakening skill: Loli Hammer 】

【 2-star effect: All attributes boosted by 500%, Unlock weapon form: Demonic Zero, Weapon category: Universal, Special ability: Bindable Spirit User count: +1, Skills: Unknown. 】

【 3-star effect: Unknown…】

【 4-star effect: Unknown…】

Chen Xing was dumbfounded. A 500% boost to all attributes at 2 stars. A total of six times the strength!

What’s even more terrifying is the ability to bind one more Spirit User. In other words, if Zero is upgraded to 2 stars, he could bind another Spirit User.

The combined boost of two Spirit Users, along with Chen Xing’s inherent system boost.

Chen Xing mind was blown away. Is this the power of an SSS-grade Spirit User!?

“Why doesn’t anyone want someone as strong as Zero?” This was Chen Xing’s biggest question!

【 Host, there is an issue with Zero’s Spirit System . 】

“What do you mean?”

【 Her system has been tampered with by someone. 】

“What? There are actually people in this world who can modify systems?”

【 It’s possible that it’s another Super System! 】

【 What is currently known is that all upgrade data for Zero’s system has been lost. Even the Spirit System itself doesn’t know how many spiritual points are needed for an upgrade or what effects the upgrade will bring. 】

Chen Xing finally understood why Zero had been abandoned before.

Just for a basic upgrade, a hundred million spiritual points are required! Who would dare to spend a hundred million without knowing how many spirit points are needed for an upgrade?

Moreover, how many people in this world would have a hundred million spirit points!?

Zero’s previous Spirit Masters bankrupted their family and spent sky-high prices to hire her, but in the end, they borrowed money and gradually spent more on Zero, without seeing any results. That’s when the court case began.

For others, Zero was an endless pit with no bottom in sight. So they gave up.

Indeed, an ordinary person couldn’t afford it!

“Can you restore her system?” Chen Xing was most worried about the potential serious issues with Zero’s system that could harm her!

【 I’m sorry. 】

“…” Chen Xing felt a chill in their heart upon hearing the response.

【 You might have forgotten my identity. 】


“What identity?”

【 I am the 10th-ranked entity in the overall rankings of the First System Technology Dimension: Transcendence System Leaderboard. 】

“Oh?” Chen Xing suddenly remembered that San’er had mentioned this before. He had thought it was just the system’s usual bragging, but it turned out to be true?

“So, can you restore it?”

【 Of course, not only can I restore it, but I can also make it even more powerful! 】

“Then, hurry up and help her!”

【 The system needs to be upgraded first. Estimated spirit points required: 10 billion. 】


“Borrow 10 billion spirit points!”

【 Ding~ Insufficient credit limit. Failed to borrow spirit points. 】

Chen Xing took a deep breath, “How can I increase the limit?”

【 Based on the host’s own strength and financial conditions, the system will automatically evaluate the limit. Current limit: 200,000 spirit points. 】


Chen Xing was momentarily speechless. His brain was working rapidly, thinking about how to earn spirit points. Right now, the most urgent matter was to help Zero restore her system.

A system that had been tampered with by someone. Who knows what might happen!

At this moment, Zero, seeing Chen Xing patted his own leg, but there was no follow-up, she curiously looked at him.

In her heart, she muttered: “What… is he thinking?”

“Squeak…” Zero walked gently over and called out softly: “Chen Xing.”

But Chen Xing was engaged in a conversation with the system and didn’t notice her. Zero felt a bit upset seeing that he ignored her. She thought it was because she didn’t listen and he was angry!

So she climbed onto Chen Xing’s leg by herself.

“Hup!” After sitting on it, she hugged him tightly.

Chen Xing instantly snapped out of it and looked at Zero in his arms, dumbfounded.

Zero had a woeful expression on her face: “I’m here… Don’t be angry anymore…”

Chen Xing’s heart softened, and they gently stroked her head: “I’m not angry, just wait for me, be good.”

“Mhm!” As they spoke, Zero hugged Chen Xing again, and he caressed her back, asking the system: “Which task has the highest reward in spirit points?”

【 The love task. 】

“But isn’t that a hidden task?”

The system didn’t respond but directly brought up a panel:

【 Task 1: Unknown, Reward: Spirit points – 500,000, Crystal Coins – 1,000,000. 】

【 Task 2: Unknown, Reward: Spirit points – 6,000,000, Crystals Coins – 11,100,000. 】

【 Task 3: Unknown, Reward: spirit points – 100,000,000, Crystals Coins – 10,000,000,000. 】

There are countless tasks like these!

The rewards in terms of spirit points and crystal coins are much higher compared to the tasks provided by the system itself.

“How do I trigger these tasks exactly!?”

【 Do I really need to teach you? 】

“…Yes, please teach me!”

【 Just pamper her, that’s all. 】

“Do I even need you to tell me that?”

Suddenly, Chen Xing understood. He regained his senses and looked at Zero in their arms.



“I’ll tell you a secret!”

“What secret?” Zero looked at him curiously.

“I really, really like you!”

【 Ding~ Congratulations, host. Hidden task unlocked: Sweet Confession. Reward: Spirit Points – 100,000, Crystal Coins – 100,000. Task can be repeated: only once. 】

“I… I…” Chen Xing suddenly confessed, catching Zero off guard, and her face blushed.

【 Ding~ Congratulations, host. Hidden daily task unlocked: Blushing Heartbeat! Rewards: Spirit Points: 10,000, Crystal Coins: 10,000. Task can be repeated: 10 times per day.】

“I… I also really like you!!!” Zero, with a flushed face, blurted out those words.

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