How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 17 – Strong Condemnation From The Innermost Heart

【 Ding~ Congratulations, host! You have unlocked a sweet confession from Zero and obtained: Spirit Points: 100,000, Crystal Coins: 100,000, Task can be repeated: only once.】

At the same time, the panel of the Spirit System suddenly popped up:

【 Spirit Points: +210,000 Balance: 1,342,500!, Crystal Coins: +210,000 Balance: 10,317,000! 】

Zero looked at the panel in shock. What’s going on? How did I gain another 210,000!

At that moment, the Super System of Chen Xing suddenly spoke:

【 Ahem, girl! Wait a moment! Let’s have a chat! 】

【 … 】

However, there was no response.

Chen Xing’s system became a bit anxious:

【What’s going on! Host, please help me ask!】

Chen Xing helplessly said:

“Spirit System.”

【 Respected Spirit Master, I’m here. 】

“My system wants to know why you’re not responding to him.”

【 Mom said not to talk to weirdos. 】

“Hahaha.” Chen Xing suddenly burst into laughter.

Chen Xing’s system:

【 I’m only 18 too! 】

However, as soon as he spoke, the Spirit System ignored him.

【…Host! What are you still doing here?】

Chen Xing looked puzzled: “What’s wrong?”

【 Hurry up and earn Spirit Points to level me up! 】


【 I must teach this girl a lesson! 】

Since the Spirit System and Chen Xing’s system communicate directly in Chen Xing’s mind, Zero has no idea what they’re talking about and could only hear her own Spirit System speaking continuously. She had no knowledge of what Chen Xing said or the fact that Chen Xing also had a system.

“Chen Xing? What are you and your system talking about…”

Zero felt a bit annoyed. Chen Xing was whispering to her system! And to make matters worse, the system was also a female system!

“Um… Can’t you hear me talking?”

“I can’t hear you!”

After thinking for a moment, Chen Xing decided to tell Zero. So he explained to her that he also had a system.

Zero looked shocked after hearing it!

“Are you also a Spirit User?” In her understanding, anyone with a system was a Spirit User.

Chen Xing shook his head and said: “No, but you can think of me as a Spirit Master with a system.”

“Oh! Can I talk to your system?”

“Let me ask…”

Chen Xing was about to speak. But his system spoke directly:

【 Hey there, little sis! 】

Chen Xing: “…”

Zero blushed: “Li… Little sis!?”

Unfortunately, blushing this time didn’t trigger any task rewards. Chen Xing couldn’t help but flip his middle finger at nothing.

Afterward, he opened up the permissions between the Spirit System and his own system. Zero, Chen Xing, and the Spirit System became a trio in initialization. Two systems, two individuals, like entering a chat group. Everyone could hear whoever was speaking!

“Chen Xing, how did you earn Spirit Points and Crystal Coins? You’re amazing…”

Chen Xing smiled and said: “Give me a kiss, and I’ll tell you.”

“Um…” Zero hesitated for a moment and quickly gave Chen Xing a kiss on the face.

【 Ding~ Congratulations, host! You have unlocked a kiss from Zero, reward: Spirit Points: 50,000, Crystal Coins: 50,000, Task can be repeated: only once 】

Spirit System panel:

【 Spirit Points: +50,000 Balance: 1,392,500, Crystal Coins: +50,000 Balance: 10,367,000 】

“This!?” Zero looked at Chen Xing in disbelief.

Chen Xing had a big smile on his face.

“Your system is amazing!”

【 Haha, it’s nothing special! 】

Chen Xing reached out and ruffled her hair: “It’s not the system thats’ amazing, it’s you! This system exists for you.”

“No, that’s not…”

As Chen Xing said that, he suddenly leaned closer to Zero and whispered softly: “I exist for you.”

“Whoosh!” Zero’s face instantly turned red! Another 10,000 Spirit Points and 10,000 Crystal Coins were added to her account.

“Beep beep beep~ beep beep beep~” Suddenly, the phone in the room rang.


A gentle female voice came through the phone: “Hello, may I ask if you would like to extend your stay?”

Chen Xing thought for a moment: “No, we won’t extend our stay.”


After hanging up the phone, Chen Xing came back and hugged Zero. Curious, she asked: “Where are we going?”

Chen Xing : “System, won’t you provide a suite? Other people’s systems give them mansions and luxury cars. What did you give?”

【A photo album.】

“Cough cough…”

As soon as Zero heard that, her eyes widened: “A photo album!?”

Seeing her reaction, Chen Xing quickly changed the subject: “Let’s go, Zero. We’ll go buy a house.”

Chen Xing thought to himself that with over 10 million Crystal Coins in his pocket, he could definitely buy a house.

“Um… Can I also live there…” Zero said, tears welling up in her eyes again. She had grown up in an orphanage and later became a Spirit User.

Although she was staying with a Spirit Master’s family, those people couldn’t afford to buy a house either, they all rented. And she was like a tenant of a tenant, feeling like a burden.

Only those who have experienced it know!

“Of course, we’ll buy a decent place to live in first. And in the future, when we have more money, we’ll buy a big house for our wedding.”

“A wed… wedding house?” Zero blushed and became excited.

Another 10,000 Spirit Points and 10,000 Crystal Coins were added to the account. Chen Xing couldn’t help but laugh and cry. Zero was really good at making money…

With her around, getting rich was just a matter of time!

He had already made up his mind that the house would definitely not be big. A one-bedroom apartment would be best… He only wanted one bedroom.

Those who understand, understand! ( ●ˇ?ˇ● )

“Let’s go.” Chen Xing directly hugged Zero.

“Ah! Wait! I’ll go back to the room to get something.”

“Okay,” As Chen Xing was about to carry Zero into her room, she quickly struggled in his arms.

“No! I’ll go by myself!” She absolutely wouldn’t let Chen Xing enter her room. Her washed panties from last night was still hanging in the room to dry!

After Zero finished tidying up, the two of them held hands and left the safe zone.

Standing at the entrance of the safe zone, under the scorching sun, Chen Xing finally saw the surroundings clearly.

There were many people in this area. They were all Spirit Masters!

It was because there was a D-grade hunting area nearby. And the safe zone was designed to provide a resting place for Spirit Masters and Spirit Users who hunted Spirit Beasts. So the safe zone was quite expensive.

One could choose not to stay there unless they were willing to take the risk of sleeping on the roadside and getting eaten by a Spirit Beast while they were asleep.

Hunting areas were generally remote and far from the city center.

Zero used her Spirit System to call a car.

It’s worth mentioning that the cars in this world were different from Earth. The cars in this world had omnidirectional wheels!

You could drive forward, backward, left, right, diagonally, sideways, spirally, clockwise, counterclockwise—however you wanted to drive. It was very convenient, but getting a driver’s license was difficult.

Super difficult! It once drove our little Zero to the point of collapse.

“Zoom!” The car sped up quickly, causing a gust of wind as it stopped in front of Chen Xing and Zero.

“Hello, where to?”

Chen Xing had already looked up the information and chose a place he thought was good.

“The sales office of East River City.”

East River City was a developed city located on the eastern side of the Celestial River. It was considered a second-tier city in Hua Country.

However, even as a second-tier city, it was more developed than the bustling first-tier cities on Earth! The housing prices here were also outrageously high.

Zero suddenly spoke up. “Wait a moment~”

“Chen Xing… Shouldn’t we go to the Weapon Spirit Association first?”

“Why do we need to go there?”

“Well… Professional Spirit Masters get discounts on buying houses, you know!”

“Oh~” Chen Xing suddenly realized and immediately pulled her into his arms, giving her a smooch.

“My wife is truly amazing! You know how to make the most of things.”

Blushing, Zero murmured softly, “I’m… not your wife…”

【 Ding~ Congratulations, host! Unlocking daily task: Strong condemnation from the innermost hearts of strangers, rewards: Spirit Points: 50,000, Crystal Coins: 50,000, Task can be repeated: 5 times a day 】

“Hmm?” Chen Xing and Zero subconsciously glanced at the driver.

The driver was rolling his eyes…

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