How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 18 – Evaluation

Not sure if it’s because the road conditions were good or because the driver couldn’t stand the affectionate behavior of the two passengers in the back seat, but this driver was driving incredibly fast!

The transportation in this world was indeed advanced. The road design was very well-planned. The areas where people walk and the areas where vehicles drive were clearly separated. Therefore, the cars on the streets were speeding by.

When driving on the highway, the speed reached up to 390 mph at one point. Even on the fast lanes within the city, it was going at 95 mph.

The driver held the steering wheel expressionlessly. At this moment, he seemed more like an assassin than Chen Xing—devoid of any emotions. Occasionally, he glanced at the two people in the rearview mirror. He had never felt so speechless in his life.

“Chen Xing! Stop messing around… I’m not talking to you anymore!”

Chen Xing continued to pinch Zero’s cheeks with both hands. The more he pinched, the more addicted he became, refusing to let go.

In the instant when the car stopped, the driver exclaimed, “We’ve arrived!” Then he rapidly pressed several buttons—unfastening the seatbelt and opening the rear door. He had never pressed these buttons so urgently before.

Click… The door opened. Following that, the automated scanning system in the car sounded, “Deducting 200 crystals coins from your account. Deduction successful. Thank you for riding with us!”

The driver wiped his forehead and said, “Thank you for riding with us! Please exit the vehicle!” Must say, this driver has excellent professionalism.

After Chen Xing and Zero got off the car, a ‘beep’ sound suddenly came from the vehicle.

The driver answered a call and a female voice came from the other end, “Lao Wang! Are you coming home for lunch?”

“Forget it, I’m full! Not hungry!”

“What are you eating that’s so delicious?”

“Dog food! Damn it!”
(TL: In China, the term “dogfood” is often used as internet slang to refer to public displays of affection (PDA) between couples. )

Chen Xing held Zero’s hand and stood in front of the entrance of the Weapon Spirit Association.

There were large characters on the door: “Weapon Spirit Association, East River Branch.”

“Let’s go.”

“Chen Xing, I… I’m a little scared.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I…” Zero was no stranger to this place. Every time she bound with a new Spirit Master, she would come here for evaluation. Every time she came here, she would be ridiculed.

Because she was too famous. Famous for being a waste!

Even her new Spirit Master would be ridiculed!

If it weren’t for Chen Xing, she would never want to come here again. Zero couldn’t say it out loud, but the Spirit System spoke for her and explained to Chen Xing.

Chen Xing understood Zero’s discomfort and couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. He gently patted her head and said, “Don’t worry, with me here, no one will ever mock you again!”

“Okay!” After taking a deep breath, Zero slowly exhaled and said, “Let’s go!”

Then, Chen Xing took Zero’s hand and entered the Weapon Spirit Association. The place was bustling with people, some coming to pick up missions, some coming to submit missions, some coming for evaluation, and others registering information. It was a mixed crowd.

Zero led Chen Xing familiarly to the area for evaluations.

“Oh! Isn’t this Little Zero? Why are you here again?”

“Oh, a regular customer, huh?”

The ones speaking were two women, old staff members of this place, so they were naturally familiar with Zero. Every time Zero came, they would make snide remarks. As soon as Zero appeared, the familiar faces greeted her with “warm” greetings.

Feeling uncomfortable, she tightened her grip on Chen Xing’s hand.

Chen Xing looked at the two women with a cold gaze, emitting a chilling aura!

The unsettling feeling caused everyone around to be shocked and stop their actions, turning their gaze towards Chen Xing.

“Who is this young man?”

“What is this feeling? Why am I getting goosebumps all over?”

The people around were amazed.

Suddenly, someone noticed Zero!.

“Huh? The person next to him, isn’t that the SSS…” Before the person could finish their sentence, he dared not say anymore. He trembled, looking at Chen Xing in disbelief. A large amount of killing intent enveloped him.

Chen Xing wasn’t even looking at him. Yet he felt as if Chen Xing had eyes on the back of his head, coldly staring at him!

“Oh?” The drastic change in the atmosphere caught the attention of an elderly man with white hair.

The white-haired old man smiled as he watched Chen Xing’s figure and thought to himself, ‘So young, yet possessing such condensed killing intent? Not simple!’

Zero tugged at Chen Xing’s hand. “Chen Xing… I’m okay! You don’t have to do this…”

Chen Xing initially had no expression, but upon hearing Zero’s voice, his expression immediately softened. He gently patted her head. “Alright.”

Only then did the white-haired old man clearly see Zero beside Chen Xing. He showed a surprised expression.

After experiencing Chen Xing’s killing intent, the two individuals who were speaking earlier no longer dared to provoke Zero. Previously, they ridiculed her because her Spirit Masters weren’t formidable.

But Chen Xing would never tolerate such behavior. As a result, their attitude towards Zero improved.

“Um… Hello! May I ask if there’s anything you need assistance with?” Their voices were trembling.


“Is this your first time?”


“Alright, please fill out this initial evaluation form and wait over there. You are the 16th group today. Please listen to the announcer’s reminder to proceed to the ranking hall for evaluation.”

Although Chen Xing had retracted his killing intent, the people around him still remained focused on him. They all wanted to see the strength of this intimidating young man.

Upon hearing that it was his first ranking, they were surprised. Without even being a Spirit Master, they couldn’t fathom how he could be so powerful!

However, there was still a slight hint of disdain in their hearts.

Considering Chen Xing’s age and the fact that he was undergoing an initial evaluation, at best, he would be ranked as a D-level. They shifted their gazes away and focused on their own tasks.

Meanwhile, the white-haired old man kept smiling as he watched Chen Xing. No one knew what he was thinking.

The initial evaluation form consisted of basic information such as name, age, information about the bound Spirit Master, and a few options to choose from. There were also a few other options.

“Relationship with the Spirit Master?”

Chen Xing glanced at Zero and smiled, “How should we fill that in?”

Blushing, Zero whispered, “Friends!”

Chen Xing smiled and disregarded her answer. In that section, he wrote with big characters: Unmarried couple!

The two women at the front desk were somewhat surprised when they saw the writing on the form.

Zero tightly held Chen Xing’s hand, feeling embarrassed but happy inside. After completing the form, they also paid a fee of 10,000 crystal coins.

Chen Xing held Zero’s hand and found a relatively empty seat. “Sit on my lap.”


“Tsk, come on!”

“No… I don’t want to!” With so many people around, Zero couldn’t muster the courage to display affection in public. Chen Xing kept coaxing her, but Zero adamantly refused.

If it weren’t for Chen Xing firmly holding her hand, she wouldn’t even let him hold it. She was too shy!

Suddenly, the voice of the announcement system sounded: “Members of the 16th group undergoing initial evaluation, please proceed to Ranking Hall 2-2. Accompanying Spirit Users can go together or wait in the hall.”


“Members of the 16th group undergoing initial evaluation, please proceed to Ranking Hall 2-2. Accompanying Spirit Users can go together or wait in the hall.”


As the words fell, many people started to move.

“So many people?” There were at least 30 people in the area, all heading in one direction. Chen Xing and Zero followed the crowd and arrived at Ranking Hall 2-2.

Inside the hall, there were various equipment, all used to evaluate different bodily indicators.

“Is that Xue Bufu? Why is he the chief examiner!?”

“He’s the notorious devilish ranking official of the East River Branch! An A-ranked Spirit Master!”

Xue Bufu, known as devilish ranking official, someone whom nobody dares to challenge!

“Oh no, I was planning to achieve a C-rank, but now it seems I’ll only get a D-rank!”

“Maybe it will even be an F-rank!”

“It’s over! I wasted 10,000 crystal coins for nothing!”

Xue Bufu coldly listened to the discussions in front of him, showing no expression on his face.

On the other hand, Chen Xing was quite interested in observing Xue Bufu. He was curious about just how devilish this ranking official could be.

Suddenly, Xue Bufu shouted loudly, startling everyone except Chen Xing. “Is everyone here?!”

An assistant examiner counted and shouted, “There are a total of 33 people, all here!”

“Close the doors!”

At this moment, an old man with white hair walked up to the entrance. The two people guarding the door quickly stopped him. “Old man, I’m sorry, but we are currently conducting Spirit Master evaluations. Entry is prohibited.”

Xue Bufu, who never bowed down to anyone, turned his head upon hearing the voice and saw the old man. In an instant, his face changed drastically.

“Wait a moment!” He quickly ran towards the old man.

“Hush!” The old man made a gesture to silence him, and Xue Bufu immediately closed his mouth.

“Go back and continue with the evaluations. I’m just here to observe.”


After saying that, Xue Bufu returned to the crowd. “Follow me!”

People in their hearts were speculating about the identity of this old man, who could make even Xue Bufu submit to him? The crowd followed Xue Bufu to a machine.

Someone next to it handed him a form, and after taking it in his hand, Xue Bufu spoke up. “First, we will conduct a strength test. Use every ounce of your strength and strike the machine with all your might.”

Since the list was arranged alphabetically by surname, Chen Xing was at the top. “Chen Xing, come forward.”

Upon hearing that, Chen Xing pulled Zero’s hand and walked forward. The old man squinted his eyes, eager to see what kind of strength this young man possessed.

As the crowd watched the two of them holding hands, they all showed strange expressions. Xue Bufu frowned.

“I called for Chen Xing, which one of you is Chen Xing?”

“I am.”

“Then what about her?”

“Oh… she’s my girlfriend.”

The crowd: ???

Xue Bufu raised an eyebrow.

“What do you mean? Are you showing off to me that you have a girlfriend?”


Zero’s face turned red in an instant. She was so happy being with Chen Xing that she forgot…

The initial evaluation of Spirit Masters had nothing to do with Spirit Users!

Previously, she would have waited outside, but this time she happened to come in with the Spirit Master for the evaluation, and she momentarily forgot about it.

Xue Bufu looked at Zero with a hint of surprise in his heart, but he didn’t show any outward reaction. He didn’t make any sarcastic remarks like some others might have.

Of course, he recognized Zero. After all, she was so famous!

Chen Xing helplessly released Zero’s hand and gently touched her head. He whispered, “Zero, wait for me here.”

He even pinched her adorable little face. “Eek! Don’t!”

“Mmm… Hmph!” Zero forcefully pulled Chen Xing’s hand away and quickly ran off.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak…” With her cute steps accompanied by sound effects, she stood on the side.

Chen Xing watched her adorable figure and couldn’t help but reveal a silly smile. He had forgotten about the strength testing they were about to do.

Suddenly, the voice of the system rang out.

【 Ding! Friendly reminder: Daily task: Strong condemnation from the innermost hearts of strangers. Today’s completion count has reached 5 times, reaching the daily limit. Unable to obtain further task rewards! 】

Chen Xing looked up and noticed that the people around him had unhealthy expressions on their faces.

Everyone’s thoughts: Are they not treating us as humans?

Especially Xue Bufu, his eyebrows were jumping in anger!

These people helped him complete the task in an instant. Including the previous driver, he now had 250,000 spirit points and crystals in his hands.

Xue Bufu could no longer bear it. If it weren’t for the presence of the white-haired old man, he would have directly given Chen Xing an F rank!

“Hurry up! Come over and test your strength!”

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