How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 19 – You Can’t Do This

Chen Xing approached the machine.

The machine resembled the punching machines in arcade centers, where you strike with your fist to test your strength. Chen Xing’s eyes narrowed slightly. His fist was already lightly clenched.

Everyone was eagerly waiting to see what kind of punch this unconventional young man would deliver.

Before the punch was thrown, the old man’s eyes had already squinted. Everyone could sense an invisible aura spreading out!

Xue Bufu was also surprised, his mouth slightly agape.

Among everyone present, the most nervous person was Zero! Her heart was pounding at a speed comparable to when Chen Xing teased her.

“Go for it, Chen Xing!” She silently prayed in her heart.

Under everyone’s gaze, Chen Xing finally unleashed his punch. “Bang!!!”

The fist collided with the machine, producing a tremendous sound!

That sound startled everyone’s hearts. “Beep! Beep! Beep!” The values on the machine skyrocketed rapidly!

100… 200… 250…

“Beep~” After the sound of the machine stopped, the numbers settled at 250.

“Hahaha! You scared me!” Everyone present burst into laughter.

Xue Bufu and the old man were somewhat surprised when they saw the number.

“Wow, such a powerful aura! I thought it would be at least a thousand! Didn’t expect it to be just 250! Hahaha!”

“This is hilarious, an F-rank! Terrifying. The most terrifying F-rank in history!”

Zero looked somewhat bewildered at the number on the machine.

To be honest, Chen Xing was also a bit bewildered. 250 was too eye-catching. Chen Xing instinctively looked at Zero.

At this moment, the people around Zero were shamelessly mocking her and Chen Xing. Zero stood in front of them, her face turning red. Tears were welling up in her eyes!

Seeing her distressed expression, Chen Xing felt a pang of pain in his heart. Just as he was about to do something, Zero suddenly shouted loudly: “No laughing allowed!”

Everyone was stunned. They all turned to look at Zero.

She tightly bit her lip as tears streamed down her face.

She knew firsthand how painful it felt to be laughed at! Faced with mockery, she had almost become numb.


She didn’t want Chen Xing to experience that feeling!

So, with all her strength, she shouted again: “I won’t allow you to laugh at him! Wuwu…”

Chen Xing looked at Zero in a daze, feeling a pang of sadness. He quickly walked over and gently embraced her, comforting her softly: “It’s okay, don’t cry, don’t cry.”

“I won’t let them mock you… Wuwu… It’s all my fault… I’m such a useless person! You’re clearly stronger than all of them…”

“Why would it be your fault? Fool, stop crying.”

As the people in the surroundings regained their senses, they looked at the two of them and their faces filled with mockery and ridicule!

Someone burst into laughter:

“Oh? Did you hear that? This little girl says he’s stronger than all of us?”

“Do you believe her?”

“Not at all.”

Their voices were filled with sarcasm and irony. With that, someone walked up to the machine and casually threw a punch.



The values kept climbing: 200… 300… 500… 1000.

Finally, it stopped at 1000!

“Wow! You’re so amazing! You actually hit 1000!”

“That’s four times the useless 250!”


Upon hearing that, Zero cried even more fiercely. She only blamed herself for not enhancing Chen Xing’s strength, which led to this outcome.

As Chen Xing listened to their mockery, he lifted Zero with one hand. Then, he turned slowly. His face expressionless.

“What’s wrong? Are you going to run away with your little girlfriend? Haha.”

“Bang!” Chen Xing suddenly pushed off the ground, shooting towards the machine with Zero. While in mid-air, he clenched his fist tightly once again. A more powerful punch than before, fiercely unleashed!

With this punch, he didn’t rely solely on strength, he employed technique. The technique of a killer.

His position as the top assassin of the Assassin Star Dimension was not achieved through sheer strength and overwhelming speed alone. It was also his unrivaled technique.

At the moment his fist made contact with the machine, all his energy was released at a single point! “Boom!”

A tremendous sound that made everyone present feel their scalp tingling! And in the next second…

The sound of scattered parts resounded, like the tinkling of broken pieces. The laughter came to an abrupt halt.

Everyone stared at Chen Xing in disbelief!

At this moment, his fist had pierced through the machine. With a single punch, he shattered the so-called strength-testing device.

Xue Bufu and the old man exclaimed simultaneously: “As expected!”

In Chen Xing’s arms, Zero had also stopped crying. She was stunned! She looked at Chen Xing’s profile in shock, unable to find the words to say.

Expressionless, Chen Xing pulled his arm out of the machine. The metal sheets and metal parts cut through his arm’s skin, but he remained expressionless throughout the process.

When he completely withdrew his arm, the entire limb was covered in scars, blood dripping, presenting a gruesome sight to everyone.

Zero exclaimed in astonishment, “Chen Xing! Your arm!”

“It’s fine,” he replied. After speaking, Chen Xing turned around slowly, his arm naturally hanging down as blood continued to flow.

He coldly stared at the people present, his gaze making them feel as if they were looking at lifeless corpses. Instinctively, the crowd took a step back under his intense gaze.

A group of people, scared off by a single person!

“Zero.” It was the first time Chen Xing called her name, and his tone was icy.

Zero felt a pang in her heart and asked, “Yes…?”

“Close your eyes.” As soon as he spoke, a murderous intent began to rise.

It instantly filled the surroundings! Once again, everyone was scared and took a step back.

Zero felt a sense of panic and quickly spoke up, “Chen Xing… What are you planning to do?”

Xue Bufu hurriedly took two steps forward, standing in front of Chen Xing. “What are you trying to do?”

As Xue Bufu stood right in front of Chen Xing, Chen Xing’s eyes stared straight at him, but Xue Bufu felt as if Chen Xing’s gaze penetrated through him, extending far beyond his own body.

Zero guessed what Chen Xing intended to do. He wanted to kill someone!

This was the Spirit Continent, causing trouble here would be suicidal. So she quickly hugged Chen Xing tightly, pressing her little face against his chest.

In a soft voice, she said, “Chen Xing… You can’t do this!”

However, Chen Xing continued to ignore her, still wearing an expressionless face as he stared straight ahead. Since the day he became an assassin, there was not a single person he wanted to kill who had survived! No one could change him. The moment he decided to kill, it was a matter of life and death!

“Chen Xing!” Zero grew anxious and shook him forcefully.

Xue Bufu’s gaze became sharp as he looked at Chen Xing, and the frightened crowd hid behind him.

Some people were already trembling. The overwhelming killing intent was suffocating!

The elderly man with white hair also became tense. If Chen Xing made a move, he would undoubtedly retaliate. However, if he acted, the situation would escalate.

There were surveillance cameras here, and even if he spared Chen Xing due to his talent, Chen Xing would still be listed as a wanted criminal. Similarly, Xue Bufu was someone who cherished talent.

That’s why he didn’t take the initiative to suppress the situation. But his bad premonition grew stronger and stronger. Because that killing intent became more and more condensed!

It became so powerful that even an A-ranked Spirit Master like Xue Bufu felt a trace of fear in his heart. Just as the two of them were at a standstill, suddenly!

Xue Bufu sensed that Chen Xing was about to make a move. It could happen in the next second!

This was the intuition he had developed through countless struggles on the edge of life and death. Just as he predicted the moment when Chen Xing would act and prepared to make his move first…

Zero, in Chen Xing’s arms, suddenly raised her arms and hooked them around Chen Xing’s neck. With a gentle pull, she tilted her little head up and lightly kissed his thin lips.

“Swoosh!” That suffocating killing intent that permeated the space instantly vanished.

The murderous intent in Chen Xing’s eyes also disappeared at the same time. He widened his eyes and looked at Zero, who was so close to him.

Feeling the dissipation of the killing intent, Zero moved away from Chen Xing’s lips. In her blue kaleidoscope-like eyes, tears glistened. With a flushed face, she raised her little hand and gently placed it on Chen Xing’s head.

She slowly stroked his silver hair.In a soft voice, she said, “I’ll pat your head… Don’t be angry anymore… Okay?”

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