How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 20- Only Zero

Feeling the small hand on the top of his head, Chen Xing’s mind was instantly purified, frozen in place. Looking out at the boundless world, countless dimensions, among countless people, only Zero can stop Chen Xing!

“Chen Xing?” Zero called out softly, but he still didn’t react.

Chen Xing suddenly smiled. Holding Zero’s hand, he gently lifted her up. Then he lowered his head and kissed her cherry lips again.

“Mmm…” A few seconds later, they separated.

Xue Bufu beside them couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

Chen Xing held Zero and turned slowly to look at Xue Bufu. “So, what level am I?”

Xue Bufu, relieved to see this young killing god return to normal, let out a breath and said: “This machine can only measure up to C-rank and below. Your power is at least B-rank, so it can’t measure it.”

“Come with me, I’ll get you a B-rank machine.” Afterwards, under the astonished gazes of the crowd, Chen Xing followed Xue Bufu to a nearby machine.

“Let’s try again.”

“Okay.” Chen Xing stood in front of the machine once again. He gathered his strength and threw a punch!


The numbers skyrocketed: 1000…5000…10000!

When it climbed to ten thousand, the people who had mocked him before widened their eyes. And the numbers kept climbing:




Finally, the numbers stopped. They settled at fifty-five thousand!

Xue Bufu nodded approvingly.

The old man, upon seeing the numbers, nodded with a smile, feeling highly impressed.

“Fifty-five thousand? How is that possible? How do I remember that his Spirit User couldn’t level up and didn’t have attribute amplification?”

“Only relying on his own strength, he reached fifty-five thousand?! This is impossible!”

“Could it be that his Spirit User has leveled up? Does he have attribute amplification now?”

Chen Xing ignored them and looked at Zero in his arms. He rubbed her little head. “Am I impressive?”

Zero immediately smiled happily. “So impressive!!!”

At that moment, the system’s voice resounded in their minds:

【 Ding~ Congratulations, host, for unlocking the daily task: Kiss Zero. Rewards: Spirit Points: 200,000, Crystal Coins: 200,000, Task can be repeated: Three times per day! Remaining: 1 time. 】

Chen Xing thought it was over, but the system’s voice continued:

【 Ding~ Congratulations, host, for completing the task: Patting Zero’s head! Rewards: Spirit Points: 100,000, Crystal Coins: 100,000! Task type: Non-repeatable 】

【 Ding~ Congratulations, host, for completing the task: Letting go of the obsession to kill for Zero. Achievement unlocked: Only Zero! Rewards: Spirit Points: 5,000,000, Crystal Coins: 10,000,000. Attribute bonus: All attributes: +20%, Task type: Achievement 】


The system suddenly rewarded them with so much money, leaving Zero and Chen Xing caught off guard. Especially the last task.

There was even an attribute bonus!

Zero listened to the system’s announcements, and her smile became brighter and brighter. Especially the last task. She loved the name of that achievement! “Only Zero!”

Chen Xing smiled and rubbed her little head. He said in admiration: “You’re amazing.”


Xue Bufu, seeing the two of them starting again, turned his head helplessly. He cast a cold glance at the astonished newcomers.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you coming over to test?” He didn’t have a good impression of these people either. They were just a group of petty people who kicked someone when they were down!

Although the C-rank machine couldn’t measure B-rank powers, the B-rank machine could measure lower-level powers. It was just a bit of a waste to use them for this purpose.

After Chen Xing tested his strength, he had to wait for these people to finish testing before moving on to the next test.

“Bang!” A person threw a punch, and the number stopped at 1500.

Xue Bufu raised an eyebrow and scolded: “Haven’t you eaten?”


“Bang!” Another person threw a punch: the number stopped at 800.

Xue Bufu: “Are you kidding me? The middle-aged women in our village who dance in the square have more strength in a slap than you!”

Another person, number: 3000

Confidently, he glanced at Xue Bufu. He currently had the highest number besides Chen Xing! To have this kind of power on the first attempt, he was already considered quite good. He thought he could escape Xue Bufu’s sharp tongue.

Xue Bufu: “What are you looking at? Proud of 3000? A 13-year-old child in our village, named Xinghai, could kick you to death with one foot.”


These people were all here for their first ranking assessment.

The first assessment was basically to obtain a professional certificate and then take on tasks. To earn Spirit Points and upgrade their Spirit Users. Most of them had just bound their Spirit Users and didn’t have enough spirit points to upgrade them.

So there were hardly any significant attribute bonuses. These numbers were what a normal person would have. Chen Xing’s fifty-five thousand was just outrageous.

The new Spirit Masters, one by one, went through the strength test and Xue Bufu’s scolding never ceased. Chen Xing held Zero on the side, waiting and listening to Old Xue’s scolding, finding it quite interesting. This guy scolds people in an unparalleled manner!

“By the way, system.”

【 What can I do for you? 】

“Why is the reward for this mission taking longer to be given compared to previous times? Usually, once a mission is completed, you immediately receive the reward. Why the delay this time?”

【 I was waiting for both of you to calm down. Do you think I can effortlessly deliver the rewards one by one as voice broadcasts? 】


Chen Xing was speechless. Little Zero, of course, blushed again after listening.

Soon, everyone’s strength tests were completed.

“The next test is the speed test.”

“Run back and forth 100 meters, 10 times!”

“33 people, 5 people in a group, divided into 7 groups, line up. The last group has 3 people.”

Naturally, Chen Xing was in the first group. So he held Zero and stood on the starting line.

Everyone looked confused. Even Zero was confused.

Xue Bufu raised an eyebrow and said, “What are you up to now?”

Chen Xing looked at him strangely and asked, “It’s a test, right?”

“How can you do the test while holding her?”

“Can’t I test while holding her?”

“…” Xue Bufu, who was usually defiant towards everyone, was truly speechless today.

“Chen Xing… put me down quickly!”


“How can you run while holding me like this?”

“Well, you’re right. It might not be stable to hold with just one hand.” Then, he switched to a princess carry with both hands…

Zero couldn’t laugh or cry and struggled in his arms. “Put me down!”

Chen Xing jokingly threatened, “We’re about to start! Hold on tight or I might accidentally throw you off!”

“Um…” Zero was scared and quickly held onto Chen Xing tightly.

“Well, then… Good luck…”

The white-haired old man smiled silently and shook his head, feeling nostalgic in his heart: Ah, youth is so good!

Suddenly, he frowned. Covering his mouth with his hand, his eyes widened, showing an expression of disbelief. At his age, it was rare for him to display such an expression. When he removed his hand, there was a tooth lying on it!

In his mind: “Damn it, how did my tooth fall out?”

Xue Bufu let out a deep sigh. It seemed impossible to make Chen Xing put down Zero. Helplessly, he raised an air gun and shouted, “Get ready…”

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