How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 21- Record Breaking

“Bang!” The gunshot rang out, and with a ‘swoosh’ Chen Xing dashed out with Zero in his arms.

“Ah!…” Zero’s immature cries echoed repeatedly in the ranking hall. Every time Chen Xing reached the finish line and suddenly changed direction, she would scream in fright.

Back and forth, 10 rounds with a total of 19 changes in direction!

Chen Xing was incredibly fast, completing the entire course while the beginners had only started their fourth round. So he stood at the finish line, waiting again.

Meanwhile, Zero lay flat in Chen Xing’s arms, not saying a word. “What’s wrong, Zero?”


Chen Xing couldn’t help but laugh.

Zero hummed and protested discontentedly, “And you’re laughing at me…!”

“Next: Reaction test. Within the range of the machine, dodge the balls coming at high speed.”

Chen Xing was still the first one.

Considering his extraordinary physique, Xue Bufu directly set the difficulty to the initial 800 points, to save time and not waste it. The higher the difficulty, the faster the ball speed! The machine would increase the difficulty based on the individual’s dodging performance, calculating the reaction time.

Seeing Chen Xing still holding onto Zero, Xue Bufu reminded him, “You’re still carrying her?”

“Don’t blame me if I didn’t remind you. This machine will get faster and faster. If you accidentally get hit and drop the person in your arms, don’t get angry and smash my machine again!”

“That machine is really expensive. I won’t ask you to compensate for the previous one.”

Chen Xing nodded after hearing that and said, “Thank you.”

He lowered his head and whispered softly to Zero in his arms, “Would you like to go down first?”

Zero’s face turned red, and she pouted. “I’ve been saying that I want to go down for a long time! It was clearly you… who kept me from going down…”

Chen Xing smiled and bent down, placing her on the ground.

As soon as Zero’s feet touched the ground, she let out a sigh of relief. Oh my goodness, it feels so good to stand on solid ground! Chen Xing almost made her feel dizzy with his sudden change in direction earlier.

Seeing her happy smile, Chen Xing couldn’t help but smile too. “I’ll be back soon.” The meaning was clear: I’ll pick you up again when I come back.


“I’m leaving… Good luck!” After saying that, she happily ran to the side with a cheerful pace.

Xue Bufu had been waiting the whole time, looking at the data sheet in his hand, frowning, shaking his leg, clearly annoyed.

Since then, there was a rule for any test administered by Xue Bufu during the Spirit Master’s assessment. No Spirit User was allowed to accompany the participants. They all had to wait in the outer hall!

When Chen Xing stood inside the enclosed court surrounded by a net, Xue Bufu announced, “The test begins!”

“Tap, tap, tap…” Suddenly, a sound like drumbeats echoed in the arena. Countless small balls sprayed out from the machine, one after another. They came at Chen Xing from all directions with incredible speed.

The eyes of ordinary people couldn’t keep up with the speed of the balls. They could only see streaks of trajectories. But within a few seconds, Chen Xing’s figure changed multiple times!

He tilted his head and dodged one ball. He leaned to the side and dodged another. Suddenly, he jumped.

Suddenly, he bent down.

There was almost no pause between each movement, seamless transitions. It looked like he was dancing!

The new Spirit Masters widened their eyes, watching Chen Xing’s performance.

“How did he react to that?”

“Can a person really react to this ball speed?”

“I can’t even see the balls, where are they?”

“This is insane…”

Zero looked at Chen Xing, who was moving gracefully and at ease in the arena, and she happily pursed her lips with a slight upward curve.

“He’s so handsome…” She suddenly exclaimed, causing the people next to her to subconsciously glance at her. Only then did Zero realize that she had accidentally spoken her mind out loud. And someone heard it!

“Um…” Startled, she quickly covered her mouth with her hand, even though her small face couldn’t be seen, it was evident that her ears had turned red. Just as she felt embarrassed,

“Ding~” It was the sound indicating an increase in difficulty level.

“Tap, tap, tap!” The ball speed was noticeably faster than before!

However, not a single ball hit Chen Xing.



“Ding~” The sound of increasing difficulty continued to ring out.

Xue Bufu furrowed his brow, watching Chen Xing constantly evade the balls, with his movements even leaving afterimages!

Now, not only could the group of newcomers not see the balls clearly, they couldn’t even make out Chen Xing’s movements. Xue Bufu deeply glanced at the information sheet of Chen Xing in his hand, imprinting every word in his mind.

He had only one thought in his mind: “This young man is a genius!”

Meanwhile, the white-haired old man’s expression became serious, and the smile on his face disappeared. At this moment, he only wanted to know one thing: where did this young man come from and who was he?

Speaking solely of strength and speed, there were indeed many people in the Spirit Continent with innate extraordinary abilities. However, when it came to reaction speed, the brain was not a computer after all. Reaction speed had its limits!

Moreover, unlike Chen Xing’s Super System, the Spirit Systems did not enhance reaction speed as an attribute. So the reaction speed of Spirit Users could only be improved through training in later stages.

And currently, the record holder for reaction speed in the world was a renowned figure on the SSS ranking of Hua Country.

Spirit Master on the SSS ranking: Tian Zong. Alias: Thunder God. Reaction speed: 1333 points!

However, that Tian Zong was born into a prominent Spirit Master family. It was because he received training from a young age that he possessed such reaction speed. So the white-haired old man speculated that Chen Xing must also be a descendant of one of those top Spirit Master families!

While he pondered over which top-tier Spirit Master family Chen Xing could be from, Chen Xing had already finished the test and walked out of the arena. The screen of the machine displayed his final rating:

【 Reaction speed record refreshed. Previous record: Tian Zong – 1333 points. Current record: Unknown Name – 1600 points! 】

Since Chen Xing’s name hadn’t been entered into the system yet, the system didn’t know who it was.

“WTF! The record has been refreshed!?”

“1600 points!? Is the machine broken?”

Upon seeing this result, Zero couldn’t help but exclaim in excitement.

“Haha!…” She wanted to jump up in joy! As if she had achieved the rating herself.

However, Chen Xing himself had no reaction, as if all of this was expected and deserved. Who was Chen Xing? The Assassin God on Assassin Star Dimension!

In just two years, he reached the pinnacle of Assassin Star at the age of 17, relying not only on the system but also on his own terrifying talent. Even without the immense augmentation of the Super System, how slow could the reaction speed of the Assassin God be?

During his peak, his power might not be on par with the terrifying combat power of this plane. But when it came to reaction speed alone, in this world, he was temporarily invincible.

【 Ding~ Congratulations, host, for refreshing the Spirit Continent’s reaction speed record! Achievement unlocked: Godlike Reaction. Rewards: Spirit Points: 30 million, Crystal Coins: 50 million. Achievement Attribute Bonus: Reaction Speed Amplification: 20%! 】

When Chen Xing heard that he had refreshed the record from the system, he didn’t show much surprise. But when he heard the amount of spirit points awarded, his eyes widened involuntarily.

30 million spirit points!

It was a significant step towards Zero’s upgrade. Truly deserving of a world record!

He immediately looked at Zero with joy, and at this moment, Zero also heard the voice of the system. She was already so excited that she didn’t know what expression to use.

And the gaze of the onlookers towards Chen Xing turned into one of looking at a monster.

“How was it?” Chen Xing walked up to Zero and pinched her silly and happy little face.

“Chen Xing!” Zero suddenly exclaimed.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

In the next moment, Zero jumped up and hugged him. “You’re amazing!”

“Haha…” Seeing her like this, Chen Xing was genuinely happy from the bottom of his heart. Originally, he didn’t take this test seriously…

The score of 1600 on the screen made everyone overlook the fact that these two were displaying affection in public. The reaction speed world record that had been maintained for decades was refreshed.

Everyone was too preoccupied to mind their displays of affection and quickly summoned their bound Spirit Systems to record this historic moment!

In this highly developed world of information, this news quickly spread throughout the entire world. Domestic and international spirit participant forums… All erupted in excitement.

“Did you hear? The reaction speed record of Tian Zong has been broken!”

“I saw it! I heard that the person who broke the record is only 17 years old! What a genius!”

“What’s their name?”

“I don’t know, the system didn’t say. I couldn’t find it with my Spirit System either!”

Foreign forums: The foreigners were shocked: “The world record for reaction speed has been broken again!”

“Oh my, it’s another person from Hua country! And they’re only a 17-year-old teenager!”

“Calm down, the reaction speed of Spirit Masters from Hua country have always been extraordinary.”

In a forbidden area in the far distance.

A Spirit Beast several hundred meters tall slammed its fist heavily onto a mountain.

“Boom!” The mountain was instantly crushed by the punch.

And suddenly, a figure leaped into the air. It was a man in his thirties, his gaze calm like water as he looked down at the giant Spirit Beast below him. He held a pitch-black blade that shone brightly in his hand.

He swung it lightly.

The blade rose, the blade fell!

“Boom!” A heavenly thunder descended, causing the entire forbidden area to tremble.

“BOOM!” The heavenly thunder instantly turned the several-hundred-meter-tall Spirit Beast below into bloody pieces. In this area, a rain of blood began to fall!

Then, he free-fell from the sky several kilometers high.

“Thud!” He landed heavily on the ground, creating a large crater in the process. But he stood upright as if nothing had happened.

At that moment, his bound Spirit System panel popped up.

【 SS-rank Spirit Master: Xin Yi. Requesting connection for a call. Accept? 】

“Accept.” As the words fell, the call connected.

A young voice came through: [Hey! Old Zong! Did you hear?]


[You don’t know yet? Your reaction speed record has been broken! It was done by an 18-year-old teenager!]


[Why are you so calm about it?]


[I’ve got something to do, bye.]


Beep~ Call ended.

At this moment, the people in the ranking hall were filled with gratitude towards Zero.

Because in their eyes, Chen Xing had undoubtedly risen to the level of a monster.

They finally realized that if it weren’t for Zero stopping Chen Xing, even if they didn’t die today, if they encountered Chen Xing tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or in the future, they would undoubtedly die!

After the reaction speed test, the remaining tasks were direct scans of various aspects. For example, the body’s ability to withstand impacts, whether all physical indicators were normal in a state of extreme physical exertion, and other similar examination-like items. Chen Xing quickly completed all the tests.

They still needed to wait for the system to integrate all the data and provide the final power rating.

For the first rating or when changing Spirit Users, the power rating had to be obtained personally at the Weapon Spirit Association. In the future, when ascending the rankings or increasing their strength, there would be no need to visit the Association again. The data of the Spirit System and the Weapon Spirit Association would be synchronized for updates.

While Chen Xing was sitting and waiting, holding Zero in his arms, Zero was feeling very nervous, her hand holding Chen Xing’s was even sweating. “Chen Xing… What level do you think you’ll be rated?”

Chen Xing chuckled and pinched her cheek, saying, “Any level is fine. As long as I have you, I’ll quickly rise up!”

“Well… But I still hope your rating can be higher!”


“Um… I just want you to have a higher rating.”

At this moment, the white-haired old man and Xue Bufu walked over together.

Xue Bufu was holding a card, which was Chen Xing’s identification card in this world, his ID card.

The rating results were out!

The white-haired old man had a smile on his face as he squinted at Chen Xing and Zero in his arms.

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