How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 145 – Future Factory?

Chen Xing immediately recognized one of the young boys on the bed.

Chi Sifang!

He was the young boy who had given Zero one piece of cake before. What is he doing here?

The person next to him is his younger brother, Chi Yijin.

These two are big foodies; they’ve heard that the wine in the forbidden zone is famous. How could they miss the chance to taste fine wine? So, both of them had two liang of wine and drank it all in one go.

The demons came, but they didn’t wake up. Fortunately, they managed to survive…

Seeing that they were sleeping so soundly, Chen Xing decided not to wake them up; he would talk to them after they woke up. These two, along with Miss Chi, should be sent away; it’s better not to hinder his work.

Now, in the entire Minghua City, only Zero, Miss Chi, and these two brothers are left. And there are still more than seven hundred demons.

The whole city, no, the whole forbidden zone belongs to him. He wouldn’t give up!

Although it was daytime outside, the sky in the forbidden zone was already darkening. Chen Xing held Zero’s hand as they walked on the empty streets of Minghua City.

“Mmm… It smells so good…”

Beside them was a bakery, leaning sideways but never collapsed. The smell of bread wafted from inside.

“Are you hungry?”

Zero licked his lips and smiled. “Hehe… A little…”

Chen Xing chuckled lightly, took her hand, and stepped over the chasm that was severed by sword energy, a depth of ten meters.

Then they entered the bakery.

As soon as they opened the door, it fell down with a “crash.”

“Um…” Zero hugged Chen Xing’s arm in fear.

To be honest, it was a miracle that the room didn’t collapse. The bread in the display window was still intact. Both in appearance and aroma, it made one’s appetite soar.

“It smells great… but… it seems like the owner is gone…” Zero looked around, and the owner must have fled. Bread was not worth risking one’s life for.

Chen Xing smiled, “From now on, this shop will be named ‘Chen’s.’ Help yourself to anything.”

San’er couldn’t help but laugh, 【 Although it’s a bit shameless to say so, it’s true. 】


Chen Xing saw that she was still hesitating, so he said, “The crystal coin vending machine up ahead should still work. You can buy the bread and then pay the owner according to the price.”

“Um! Chen Xing, you’re so clever! Hehe~ I love you!” Little Zero happily ran inside and started picking bread at the display window.

Chen Xing smiled and followed her, but his mind was thinking about other things.

The connection between Minghua City and the Spirit Continent has been cut off now. However, Chen Xing’s private passage is under construction and will take a few more days to complete. Once it’s done, he can enter Minghua City anytime and anywhere from any location and in any posture.

As his first stronghold, Chen Xing was still considering how to develop this city.

“Oh, by the way, how long will it take to complete the private passage?”

【 Probably a week, to ensure a stable connection. 】

“Will we miss the auction then?”

【 Don’t worry, I can conduct a live broadcast here as well. 】

“That’s good. I wonder how many crystal coins the Lightwind sports car will sell for.”

【 Do you want to build this city into a future factory? 】

“Oh? A future factory? That’s a great idea!”

In the future, he would definitely upgrade the system’s business technology module. It would require a large piece of land for massive-scale production. However, setting up factories in the Spirit Continent could be troublesome, mainly due to the large number of people and prying eyes.

【 Then, let those demons flatten this place; after all, you are the Demon King. 】

“You’re right. These seven hundred demons will be my exclusive workers from now on, and I don’t even have to pay them; just feed them. It’s perfect.”

【 Haha, you are something else. But for a future factory, what do you need workers for when everything will be automated? 】

“Then, let them be bodyguards.”

【 There are still many spirit beasts in this forbidden zone, but with the strength of those demons, they should be able to clear them all. 】


As they were discussing, little Zero came over with a few pieces of bread, happily saying, “Hehe, Chen Xing, I’m done buying!”

Chen Xing nodded, “Let’s go to the front and pay.”


However, after trying for a while, they found that the card reader couldn’t be used because Minghua City had lost its connection to the Spirit Continent! The signal couldn’t go through.

This was awkward.

“Um…” Zero already had the bread in her mouth…

“It’s okay, even if we can’t pay with the card, I can transfer money directly to him.”

“Um! That’s great!”

Chen Xing gently touched her adorable little head and asked, “Is it delicious?”

“Delicious! Hehe~”

Chen Xing glanced at the food in the bakery. It would be a shame to waste it. He thought it would be better to take it all away, feed the demons, so they wouldn’t eat things randomly when they get hungry…

“Pack all of these and calculate the amount to transfer to him.”

【 Sure, all the food in the shop amounts to 8000 crystal coins. I’ll transfer it directly. 】


【 You really changed, Chen Xing… In the past, you had money in the Assassin Star but refused to spend it, and now you’re following the rules and laws… 】

As soon as the inglorious past was mentioned, Chen Xing coughed awkwardly.

Little Zero chuckled, “No need to pretend. I’ve already seen it all! You were a little troublemaker!”

She had spent several nights watching all the precious videos of Chen Xing from his time on Assassin Star. She knew his past like the back of her hand.

Chen Xing smiled and gently touched her head, “You little fool.”

Zero didn’t like being called that and picked up a piece of bread, trying to stuff it into his mouth, “Um! You’re the little fool…”

Chen Xing laughed, took a bite of the bread, and then gently carried her and walked out.

All the food in the bakery had been taken away by Chen Xing.

Meanwhile, San’er completed the money transfer.

At this time.

In the Spirit Continent…

An uncle who was tending to a grave raised his wine cup in front of the tomb and let out a deep sigh, “Father, business has been tough lately. I can’t afford the two liang wine anymore. I can only bring you something ordinary. I hope you won’t mind.”

“Today, Minghua City Forbidden Zone even collapsed! My shop is gone, it’s over! Sigh!” After a long sigh, he drank the wine in one go.

“Ding dong~” The device in his pocket suddenly rang.

He took it out and checked:

【Received 8000 crystal coins.Sender: Unknown.】

The man, who had just drunk a few sips of wine, suddenly sobered up!

“What the heck!!! Father! Are you revealing yourself!? What the heck! Father! How come you are here in broad daylight!?” He was frightened and quickly knelt in front of his father’s grave.

“Thump, thump, thump!” He kowtowed three times loudly!

Then he raised his head with a grin, “Father? Want some more?”

Spirit Continent…

Yun Xinghai sat on the 390th level, staring intently at the city below his feet. Gu Meow Meow stood beside him, biting her lips, looking somewhat sad.

Yun Xinghai had sent numerous messages to Chen Xing, but there was still no response.

He wanted to send messages to him through Zero’s Spirit System, which would then be transferred to Chen Xing. However, after the disconnection of Minghua City, he couldn’t get in touch anymore.

So, Chen Xing never received any of the messages.

If he sent them directly to San’er, he would receive them.

Chen Xing’s silence had been worrying Yun Xinghai all this time. He felt quite uneasy.

【Ding dong~ Your friend Xue Bufu is requesting a call connection.】


“Yun Xinghai, where are you?”

“At the entrance of Minghua forbidden zone, 390th floor of the Sanjiu Building.”

“Wait for me!”


The call ended.

Inside the Serene Haven City… 52nd floor

“Thump, thump, thump!”

“Zero! I know you’re in there… sob… Please, open the door!” Su Su frantically knocked on Chen Xing’s door. “Zer… sob…”

“Thump!” Her head suddenly hit the door, and tears couldn’t stop flowing.


“Su Su…” Lin Yuexi’s eyes were also filled with tears, but she couldn’t bear to see Su Su in such a state.

“Sob… Zero, why…”

She had been knocking for a while now, and she knew there was no one inside. But she just wanted to knock because it gave her hope in her heart. Once she stopped, it would be when hope collapsed.

Now, she stopped knocking, feeling completely weak, and sat down on the doorstep of Chen Xing’s house. She kept sobbing uncontrollably.

Lin Yuexi, with tears in her eyes, squatted down and gently hugged her.


Her crying echoed on the 52nd floor for a long time until she cried herself hoarse and fell into a deep sleep.

Inside the forbidden zone…

Chen Xing bought… no, let’s say he enjoyed the entire Minghua City shops.

That’s right, only the initial bakery got paid. He didn’t pay a single cent for the rest. He spent money only when buying things for Zero.

He had San’er empty the entire Minghua City!

The system was filled with items, everything one could imagine, and then everything useless was sold to the system’s recycling station. Not only did he not spend a penny, but he also made a profit of 150,000 crystal coins.

Afterward, Chen Xing took the demons and headed deeper into the forbidden zone. He wanted to find the spirit beasts in the depths of the forbidden zone. Time to make some more money and gain Spirit Points!

Once the interdimensional passage was built, he would send the two gluttonous brothers and Chi Zi away and start building his future factory! He didn’t plan to return to the Spirit Continent for now. Wouldn’t it be great to build a two-story small villa here and live peacefully?

They were completely unaware that they had already been declared dead in the Spirit Continent.

Late at night, Chen Xing decided to clear out the spirit beasts in the forbidden zone. After all, this was his territory now.

With Zero in his arms and followed by 750 demons, he marched boldly into the depths of the forbidden zone!

The two of them were chatting and laughing along the way, leaving the demons behind in blissful envy.

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