How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 146 – Sweet Love

“Chen Xing, so many stars!” Little Zero looked up, pointing at the sky full of stars.

But Chen Xing didn’t look at the stars; he was looking at Zero’s beautiful eyes.

“Do you like them?” He asked softly.

“I like them because the stars are Chen Xing, hehe!” Zero replied. She turned her gaze back to him and noticed that he was looking at her too. [1]Xing=Star

She pursed her lips, her eyes forming two cute dimples on her little face. Moonlight spilled on her face, giving her already fair skin a faint halo.

Chen Xing was stunned by her beauty! Was she an earthly angel!?

A beauty like a painting.

The demons behind them inadvertently caught this scene and couldn’t help but wonder: Is she really a familiar and not an angel!?

Seeing Chen Xing still staring at her in a daze, Zero grinned, revealing two adorable little tiger teeth. Then she extended her hand and pinched his face!

“Hehe! Surprise attack successful! Pinch, pinch, pinch~” Zero’s little hand gently pinched Chen Xing’s face, and he couldn’t help but burst into laughter!

His face was so stiff from laughing that Zero felt her fingers slightly tensing. Inner thoughts: Why is he so ticklish!? Is being face-pinched that enjoyable!?

“Why are you ambushing me like this?” Chen Xing asked with a smile.

Zero continued to pinch his face while laughing but didn’t answer his question. Instead, she asked: “Hehe… Do you like being face-pinched?”

Seeing Chen Xing laughing so happily, Zero thought, from now on, she would pinch him every day, so they could both be happy every day!

“Of course, I like it!” Chen Xing replied with a smile, his eyes narrowed in delight. “So…”

He grinned mischievously, one hand still holding her while the other was already pinching her little face. “I like pinching faces, your face!”

“Um… um… gently… be gentle…”

Chen Xing lightly pinched her soft and bouncy little face, laughing heartily.

Seeing him even happier than when she pinched him, Zero let go of his face and playfully tapped him with her small fist: “Hmph… you just like teasing me…”

However, she didn’t resist because Chen Xing looked genuinely happy, and she thought to herself: He looks so happy… well, let him pinch me a bit longer! Just a bit… hmph…

Chen Xing wasn’t just randomly pinching; he was giving her a proper facial massage! Many years later, during an interview, the host asked Zero: “How do you maintain eternal youthfulness?”

Zero: “Um… first, you need a husband.”

Host: “And then?”

Zero: “Um… I don’t know! Ask my husband~”

National audience: What did she say? It’s like she said nothing!?

Well, she’s so adorable, we’ll forgive her…

After pinching her for a while, Chen Xing stopped. The massage session for today was over! He couldn’t pinch her anymore; it would become counterproductive.

Zero, seeing that he was satisfied, gently leaned on his shoulder. After a moment, she asked softly, “Why do stars twinkle?”

She suddenly asked this question, but it didn’t stump him. Chen Xing knew the answer to this kind of knowledge. Just as he was about to answer, Zero continued, “It’s like you, flickering on and off…” Her voice already carried a hint of a sob!


Chen Xing looked at her in confusion, wondering what was going on.

Then she spoke again, “Chen Xing… please don’t leave me again, okay… sniff (┯_┯)…”

Hearing her cry, Chen Xing’s heart skipped a beat! This little girl’s emotions are so unpredictable.

He quickly comforted her, “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have done that today.”

“Sniff… don’t apologize… sniff… I know… you wanted to save me… but… I feel so sad… sniff… don’t leave me, please!”

“Sob… we promised to be together forever…”

Listening to her sobbing, Chen Xing’s heart felt twisted. He even regretted the decision he made today. He gently patted her back, feeling distressed, “I understand, I promise I won’t do it again.”

“Sniff… okay!”

【Ding~ Congratulations, host! Your sweet love has moved the demons to tears! Rewards: Spirit Points: 50 million, Crystal Coins: 100 million】


Chen Xing turned his head in confusion and saw some demons wiping their tears. He was filled with question marks: “Why are you guys crying!?”

One of the demons said, “Sniff, Lord Demon King, Lady Zero is so pitiful. Please don’t abandon her again…”

“Yes, yes!” The surrounding demons echoed in agreement.

Chen Xing rolled his eyes helplessly, “Would she cry if it weren’t for you guys!?”

The demons hesitated for a moment, realizing that might be the case… They quickly tried to appease him, “Um… indeed, Lord Demon King makes sense!”

Chen Xing sighed, “I really want to slap you all.”


The demons were startled and quickly slowed down, keeping their distance from Chen Xing.

“Strange, San’er, I was clearly speaking in human language to Zero just now, not demon language. How did they understand?”

【How could I keep this dog food to myself!? Of course, I translated it for them!】

Chen Xing was about to praise him when suddenly a black, unidentified creature emerged from the ground in front of him!

It jumped into the air.

Without even looking, Chen Xing instinctively kicked out the moment he sensed the presence.


The unknown black object vanished into the night sky.

Then, the silent night was filled with its wails: “WTF! You idiot!”

The voice sounded familiar to Chen Xing… It was that big black mouse!

Accidentally, he kicked it away.

“Um… kicking it felt quite good. It could really be used as a ball to kick!”

【Don’t forget to stab it!】

The big black mouse flew far away in the air… then it fell to the ground.

“Duangduangduang~” It bounced on the ground several times!

The big black mouse cursed and looked towards the direction it came from: “Damn good thing I’m tough!” Then it rolled back, this time deciding to behave and appear honestly.

Meanwhile, Zero was still crying softly…

Chen Xing had been comforting her, usually, a little comfort would make her feel better. But today, she didn’t seem to get better even after being coaxed for a long time. He realized that he had touched her deepest wound.

Previously, she was just a high-ranking spirit user but not recognized. Now she only wanted to be with Chen Xing, not as a spirit user, but as his lover, his partner. Yet, she almost got left behind by him today. It caused her immense pain…

Chen Xing didn’t know how to console her.

“Sigh…” He deeply sighed, in the end, it was all because of his insufficient strength.

If he were strong enough, when Vol the demon appeared today, he could have just chopped that guy down with a single strike, and there wouldn’t have been so much trouble.

“Um…” Hearing his sigh, Zero quickly got up from his shoulder. “Sniff… Don’t sigh, don’t bother comforting me… sniff…”

She thought Chen Xing sighed because he was tired of coaxing her for so long. While whimpering, tears kept flowing, and she hurriedly wiped them away.

Looking at her like this, Chen Xing’s nose also felt a bit sour. After meeting Zero, every time he saw this little girl crying, he felt an urge to cry too. He, who wouldn’t even groan in pain with a broken arm, couldn’t bear the tears of this little angel. That cold heart, he didn’t know when, had been melted by her.

He didn’t know what to say. So he could only kiss her, pouring all his emotions into this kiss.

“Mm…” Zero gently closed her eyes and blinked away a few tears.

As the sobbing hadn’t stopped, she unintentionally hummed a few times while being kissed. Then, she wrapped her arms around Chen Xing’s neck.

All the demons behind them widened their eyes. Wow, this was not something they had seen in the Demon Dimension!


1 Xing=Star

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