How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 173 – When You Gaze Long Into An Abyss

Chen Xing narrowed his eyes, and after hearing his words, the murderous intent in his gaze dissipated somewhat. He continued to ask, “How can you find her?”

Demon King Moran sighed: “Back then, my wife Qiqi was killed by evildoers and tragically died.”

“Chu Jiu told me that Qiqi was reincarnated into another dimension!”

“A magical dimension!”

“She said that as long as I listened to her and became her familiar, I could shatter the void and find her again!”

While Demon King Moran was speaking, Chen Xing kept his gaze fixed on him, observing his expressions and demeanor. Even though his face was covered in armor, his expressions could be inferred from his movements!

It felt like he wasn’t lying. Whenever he mentioned that Qiqi, his eyes were filled with sadness and a trace of tenderness. Those unsettling crimson pupils could even reveal a gentle gaze. This was something Chen Xing hadn’t expected.

That tenderness resembled the gentleness he showed towards Zero.

Of course, Chen Xing’s tenderness was even greater. After all, Zero was incredibly adorable. Since being with her, Chen Xing’s aura of killing intent had become less and less prominent. Every day, he was happy and carefree, and as long as Zero was there, a smile adorned his face.

Against all odds, Zero had transformed a cold-blooded assassin into a radiant young man. Of course, that radiance was only directed towards her.

The two little ones in his embrace became less frightened after listening to Moran’s words. They lay on Chen Xing’s chest and looked up at him.

After saying all this, Demon King Moran didn’t speak anymore. There wasn’t much more to say; a few sentences summed up everything.

Chen Xing nodded and gently released the two little darlings in his embrace. He softly said: “I’ll try this sword.”

Then he stood up and extended his hand.


A flash of white light, and the demon sword appeared in his hand.

Chen Xing’s expression was immediately taken aback. The quality of a weapon, whether it’s good or bad, is apparent at the touch. This sword, just in terms of its inherent nature, was undoubtedly of divine-grade level.

Not to mention the added skills and the intertwining of Chen Xing’s killing intent. With his killing intent entwined, this sword might be the hardest object in the world!

What a surprise! Holding the demon sword in his hand, he was eager to try it out!

He turned to the two little darlings and said: “Wanna come outside and play with me?”


With a joyful bounce, Little Tu’er leaped from the couch into Chen Xing’s arms. Little Yu’er, on the other hand, cautiously walked to Chen Xing’s side and delicately grabbed a corner of his clothing.

Chen Xing chuckled softly and led the two of them out of the shabby room. He was ready to test the skill!

At the same time, he spent 100,000 crystal coins to repair the mess he had made of the house earlier. It must be said that San’er was truly skilled at work; the repaired house was nearly indistinguishable from its original state.

To prevent them from destroying their “little” villa again, Chen Xing took Tu’er and Yu’er to a distant forest. Temporarily putting away the demon sword, he ran with one little darling on each side.

“Yay~” o( ̄▽ ̄)ブ

“Husband~ Faster… even faster!”

With a small hand raised, Tu’er sat in Chen Xing’s arms, her face full of excitement. However, Yu’er, a bit fearful, clung to Chen Xing: “Um… Hus.. band, slower… slower… whimper…”

San’er: ???

Is there something wrong with me?

Hearing this, Chen Xing immediately accelerated his pace. Running faster and faster!

Could he go slow? No~

Soon, they arrived at a deserted wilderness.

It was a valley nestled between the mountains. A small river flowed through the lush green valley. The scenery was splendid!

After setting down the two little darlings, Chen Xing summoned the demon sword once again. Tu’er and Yu’er stood on the side.

Holding the demon sword, Chen Xing carefully examined it.

The blade of this demon sword was entirely red, covered with intricate dark patterns. The edge of the blade looked incredibly sharp. The overall shape of the sword appeared somewhat slender, but considering Chen Xing’s height, it was a perfect fit for him. It matched his cold demeanor perfectly!

From a distance, Chen Xing looked like a wandering swordsman. The red blade added a touch of mystery to him.

At the end of the hilt, there was that demonic eye, representing Abyss·Ink Stain’s eye (Ink Stain is Demon King Moran’s weapon form). While Chen Xing was inspecting the blade, the demonic eye was also observing him.

Having tested it before, the eye knew that this youth was quite powerful. It was curious, how could someone so young possess such strength!

Chen Xing also noticed the gaze of the demonic eye and looked at it. After staring for a moment, he murmured, “The Abyss gazes back into you…”

The voice of the demonic eye resonated in Chen Xing’s mind, “What’s wrong?”

Chen Xing shook his head, “Nothing, just remembered a saying.”

Abyss·Ink Stain asked, “What saying?”

Chen Xing smiled and said, “When you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.”

Tu’er and Yu’er, standing on the side, looked bewildered. They didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence. But it didn’t stop their admiration for Chen Xing!

Tu’er’s inner thoughts: Even though I don’t understand… Husband is so handsome~

Yu’er’s inner thoughts: Nao… Gong…(●ˇ?ˇ●)

The blood eye of Abyss·Ink Stain narrowed slightly, “This saying of yours is quite interesting…”

Chen Xing smiled without saying anything.

San’er muttered in the system: This guy’s trying to act cool.

Subsequently, Chen Xing’s gaze changed, and he tightly gripped the sword hilt. Even his knuckles turned white. With a twist of his wrist, he suddenly thrust upward!


A vast expanse of black qi burst forth from the demon sword. It surged towards the mountain in front of him!

After the black qi passed by, it didn’t dissipate. Instead, it formed a black barrier standing on the ground, dividing the world in front of them into two halves. This is: Ink Stained Heaven and Earth.

Where the blade energy passed, it seemed to dye the space with ink, which lingered and wouldn’t dissipate for a long time!


Because Chen Xing had thrust upwards, he directly split the ground in front of him. A terrifying chasm emerged. And the black barrier stood above the chasm. It was as if it had grown out of the crack in the ground, extending infinitely.

Chen Xing seemed to have split a black barrier, and the world appeared to darken!

【 Wow! 】

San’er exclaimed. The black qi was incredibly cool!

Just this attack effect could make it legendary!

Both Tu’er and Yu’er wore the same astonished expressions, utterly dumbfounded. (⊙o⊙)!

Soon, the black barrier extended to the mountain in front. It encountered no resistance and went straight through!

The black barrier was like a black blade, and the mountain was like a piece of pudding. It was directly cleaved in half like a knife through butter!


A massive mountain cracked with a “snap”.

This strike had surpassed Chen Xing’s peak strength. It had reached the pinnacle of the S-ranking strength. This was the power of 2.91 million battle points!

The hardness and sharpness of the demon sword, combined with Chen Xing’s top-tier swordsmanship and entwined killing intent, were a perfect match. Even the black blade energy, after splitting thousands of meters of ground, didn’t lose its might.

A single strike had split a mountain in half!

Both Tu’er and Yu’er were stunned. Their little mouths were agape. They were so shocked that they couldn’t even utter a word!

Immediately afterward, Chen Xing continued by slashing the air with a series of strikes. The black blade energy quickly dispersed.

Several black barriers formed in the sky. Those barriers extended far, far away. They formed enormous black barriers in succession. A mass of darkness covered overhead.

The surroundings suddenly dimmed!

【 This attack effect… unbeatable! 】

The two little elves beside him were both left dumbfounded…

Chen Xing, on the other hand, merely nodded calmly. “Good blade!”

The demon eye on the magic sword deeply regarded Chen Xing.

Admiringly, it said: “Excellent sword technique! The blade energy is condensed, overwhelming everything in its path, and it leaves a lingering resonance! I’m afraid even I wouldn’t be able to wield such blade energy!”

Chen Xing chuckled softly, didn’t say anything, and instead looked at the two astonished little elves. He sheathed the magic sword, opened his arms, and walked towards the two of them with a smile on his face.

Inner thoughts: Am I handsome or not? Come give me a hug!

Tu’er was the first to react! ( ゜▽゜) !!!

“Husband~!!!” She dashed forward with two small steps and leaped into Chen Xing’s embrace. Crazy affection!

“Husband is so amazing!” (ω)!

Chen Xing caught her with a smile, holding her in his left arm.

Yu’er, on the other hand, stood still, blushing: “Hus…band…”

As she spoke, she hopped and slowly approached Chen Xing. Shyly, she held his hand: “So impressive…” (●ˇ?ˇ●)

Chen Xing bent over with a smile and lifted her up.

“Nibble nibble~”

The two little elves clung to him like affectionate little kittens. They kissed and rubbed against him.

Pure happiness! Absolutely incredible!

What kind of familial joy was this? How satisfying was this?

“Hehe~ Husband is so handsome. I also want such a cool skill!”

Tu’er, nestled in his arms, kept showing affection.

Hearing this, Chen Xing suddenly remembered. Previously, when little Zero used the demon form to unleash the loli head hammer, the skill directly evolved into the demon rocket demon loli head hammer.

This time, using the form of the elf twins, he wondered if it would still evolve!

He then turned to the two little Zeroes: “Little treasures?”

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