How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 174 – Loli Head Hammer Evolves Again



Both little elves responded simultaneously.

“Why don’t you two try the loli head hammer and see if it can still evolve.”

After hearing this, the two little elves exchanged glances. Tu’er spoke up directly: “Loli…”

Chen Xing shivered with a start! “Wait!”

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Husband?” Tu’er looked at him with a puzzled expression.

Chen Xing quickly put them down and said with a smile: “If you two release it while in my arms, you might become a widow!”

He still remembered the scene when Mo Li vomited blood after colliding with Zero that day. The memory was still vivid!

Tu’er laughed heartily: “Cowardly Husband~” (∩_∩)~

Even the relatively shy Yu’er covered her mouth. (^_^) She secretly giggled at him.

Chen Xing suddenly felt extremely awkward and threatened: “You dare to mock your husband! Be careful, I might spank both of you!”

Instead of getting scared, Tu’er not only remained fearless but also made a funny face at Chen Xing: “Hehe~ I won’t let you spank me~” She even turned around and playfully lifted her little bottom at him!


Could Chen Xing endure this!?

He charged over and hugged her in his arms!

“Smack! Smack!”


“Husband! Husband… I’m sorry! Sob…” Tu’er quickly begged for forgiveness, “Don’t… I’m really sorry…” She pleaded while struggling frantically.

Seeing her begging, Chen Xing chuckled and said: “Do you dare to do it again?”

“Mmm… I won’t dare… I’m sorry… (But I’ll still dare next time!)”

Chen Xing laughed lightly and put her back on the ground. Then, he turned to the obedient Yu’er beside her.

Seeing his gaze, Yu’er thought she was going to be punished too! She quickly covered her bottom in fear: “Mmm… don’t… don’t spank my butt… it hurts!”

“Chuckle~” Chen Xing didn’t expect to escape from the loli headbutt only to fall victim to an adorable strike!


Afterward, Chen Xing distanced himself from the two of them, afraid that he might be overwhelmed by cuteness!

Although that wasn’t really necessary. Zero could now accurately target and execute the loli head hammer, so there wouldn’t be any accidental hits on Chen Xing. The incident with Mo Li bending over was purely him being reckless and insisting on saying, “Charge at me…”

That truly couldn’t be blamed on Zero! What bad intentions could little Zero possibly have…

“Come on, Yu’er~” Tu’er extended her little hand and smiled at Yu’er.

Yu’er nodded, “Yeah!”

Then, the two little elves held hands. Simultaneously, in a childish voice, they shouted: “Loli head hammer!”

【 Ding! 】

【 Detected the release of the loli head hammer in the twin elf form! Evolution condition triggered. Skill evolving automatically! 】

【 Evolving… 】

【 Evolution complete! Skill acquired: Demon Rocket Twin Tornado Loli Hammer! 】


Chen Xing was extremely surprised: It can actually stack with Demon Rocket!?


Countless butterflies appeared around the two little elves again. With their transparent and black wings, the butterflies danced around them, creating a beautiful scene.

In the next moment, they converged into wings for the two of them again. One pair of jet-black translucent wings and one pair of semi-transparent wings. The two little elves held hands, appearing as if they had stepped out of a painting.

Chen Xing felt a sense of enchantment!

Just as he was lost in thought, the two little elves shot out with a “zoom!”

They rushed directly toward another distant mountain with incredible speed. Startlingly fast, like Demon Rockets!

When they were in the air, they suddenly started to spin.

To be precise, Tu’er, with her semi-transparent wings, rotated herself as the center, swiftly twirling Yu’er, who had the black wings. It looked like Tu’er was flying and spinning rapidly with Yu’er in tow.

The wings behind Yu’er, the one with the black wings, extended and grew larger, turning into a pair of huge wings! They tightly enveloped her, leaving only her two little hands visible, gripping onto Tu’er’s hand.

So, Yu’er transformed into a large black ball wrapped by the black wings, while Tu’er pulled the big black ball, spinning it frantically and getting faster and faster.

By the end, even Chen Xing’s dynamic vision couldn’t keep up!

The surrounding space seemed to distort. A strong wind emerged, forming a massive tornado. Sand, stones, leaves from plants and trees—all of it was swept up by the gigantic tornado!

It formed a colorful rainbow tornado that was both beautiful and terrifying. The rainbow tornado, moving at an incredibly high speed, collided with the lush green mountain!



A deafening roar echoed through the skies. Even the ground beneath Chen Xing’s feet started to tremble.

The entire mountain erupted, shattering into countless enormous fragments that flew in all directions. The sky was filled with flying earth and debris, immediately obstructing Chen Xing’s view!

Chen Xing: o_o…

San’er: 【 o_o 】

What on earth is this!?

But Chen Xing quickly snapped back to reality!

Just now, Tu’er was spinning with Yu’er, and Yu’er had wrapped herself in the seemingly fragile wings. If he wasn’t mistaken, the only one crashing into the mountain should have been Yu’er. The impact must have been massive to shatter an entire mountain like that!?

Chen Xing didn’t even dare to imagine! Both Tu’er and Yu’er were little elves, after all!

In his mind, he instantly conjured the image of a wounded little elf, bloodied and injured from the impact. His heart almost stopped from fear!


He stomped the ground, creating a large pit, and shot into the mist of flying sand and dirt. His speed was almost as fast as the Demon Rockets!


Chen Xing roared loudly. His brows furrowed, his face filled with concern.


However, the airborne sand and wind made it impossible for Chen Xing to see where Yu’er was. He immediately released all his murderous intent to search for her.

“Husband~ I’m here~”

Amidst the raging wind, Tu’er’s voice echoed!

Upon hearing that voice, Chen Xing landed and leaped again. At the fastest speed, he shot toward the direction where the sound had come from.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Tu’er and Yu’er!

“Uwaaah…!” Frightened, Yu’er closed her eyes and instinctively raised the large black ball in her hand.

Yes, it was Yu’er!

At this moment, her wings still enveloped her. Chen Xing looked and saw that the thin wings were completely undamaged.

Still extraordinarily beautiful!

However, the large black ball was descending. Since Chen Xing was currently in mid-air, he couldn’t dodge it by leveraging his strength.

And he didn’t dare to throw a punch, after all, his cherished darling was wrapped inside that big black ball!

“Yu’er! It’s me!”

But… it was too late!


Chen Xing felt as if he’d been hit by a massive hammer. His bones ached.

He was sent flying out of the sand and dust fog!


“… Chen Xing?” Tu’er cutely held onto the wrapped-up Little Yu’er. Her thin wings flapped lightly as they hovered in the air. A face filled with confusion… (⊙﹏⊙)…?


Quickly, she flew out of the sand and dust fog along with Yu’er.

“Husband! Wuuu…”┭┮﹏┭┮

The distant Chen Xing had already landed on the ground by now. Embarrassedly, he waved at her: “Over here!”

“Wuuu…” Tu’er, holding onto Yu’er, cried as she flew towards Chen Xing.

Chen Xing: ????

Why are you crying!?

When she flew to his side, she immediately dropped the big black ball (Yu’er) on the ground and pounced into Chen Xing’s embrace: “Wuuu… Husband, I’m sorry…”

Chen Xing quickly patted her head and whispered softly: “It’s alright, it doesn’t hurt at all.”

At the same time, he looked at the big black ball on the ground with Yu’er’s two cute little hands peeking out above it. Holding Tu’er in amazement, he walked over.

He gently poked the big black ball wrapped in the black hiared elf’s thin wings. A chilly sensation reached him, which surprised Chen Xing greatly.

It was actually hard, and really hard! The seemingly fragile elf wings had this kind of hardness!? Could it withstand smashing into a mountain without any damage!?

Chen Xing was truly astonished!

If it weren’t Yu’er inside, he’d definitely take out his big treasure…

Ugh! Big Treasure Knife, let’s see who’s harder!

“Yu’er?” Chen Xing asked tentatively, then poked again.

But he found…

Huh!? It’s soft again!

His finger sank into the elf wing as he poked it.

“Um… Husband! Stop poking me…” Yu’er’s voice suddenly came from inside the ball.

Then the black thin wings suddenly unfolded, turning into a pair of enormous black wings behind Yu’er. In the next moment, they transformed into a myriad of butterflies and disappeared!

Yu’er stood there unharmed. Her little face was blushing.

She always blushed; even when Chen Xing poked her just now, she felt a bit shy…

Chen Xing was startled for a moment, then quickly went over and lifted her up in his arms. “Are you okay, Zero?”

Anxious, he ended up calling her Zero again.

“Um… I’m fine, Husband…” Yu’er knew he was calling her and that he was worried about her. A smile appeared on her blushing face. She gently rubbed against him: “Nibble nibble~” (●‘‘‘‘?‘‘‘‘●)

Chen Xing finally breathed a sigh of relief. He was about to kiss the two little elves in his arms.

Suddenly, there was a flash of white light in front of him!

Both little elves disappeared at the same time.


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