How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 175 – Business Technology Module

And little Zero’s body reappeared in Chen Xing’s embrace.

“Um!? Chen… Chen Xing!?” Zero was bewildered; how did she suddenly revert back!?

Chen Xing was also taken aback for a moment. But he quickly realized what had happened. He lightly patted her behind: “Call me husband!”

“Um…” Zero squirmed in his embrace, her face blushing: “You’re not allowed to spank my butt!”

Chen Xing chuckled lightly and playfully kissed her on the face.

“Um…” Zero wiped the saliva from her face with her little hand and asked in confusion: “Why did I change back?”

Chen Xing shook his head: “I don’t know.”

Just when both of them were puzzled…

【Ding~ The time for the Elf Twin Form has reached its limit! After exceeding 4 hours, it will forcibly revert. The Twin Form transformation can be used again after 12 hours.】

“Oh, I see…” Zero suddenly realized.

Seeing her adorable appearance, Chen Xing couldn’t resist pinching her cheek: “Call me husband.”

Blushing, Zero smiled: “I don’t want to! I was calling you the whole time earlier~”

She was referring to when she had split into two Zeros earlier. She had been aware of it.

Chen Xing pretended to be puzzled: “What were you calling me?”

“Huh?” Zero instinctively said: “Husband!”

Chen Xing burst into laughter, happily responding: “Oh! Hahaha.”

“Um…” Only now did Little Zero realize that she had been tricked by him again! “Hmph!… You scoundrel!… Naughty Husband!”

Chen Xing chuckled lightly and carried her back.

On the way, he kept pondering: When Little Zero released the Loli head hammer in the Twin Form, the effects actually stacked. The power was incredibly frightening. The whole mountain exploded!

What was the concept of a mountain exploding? It’s hard to describe, but it’s definitely extremely exaggerated.

It could almost rival Chen Xing’s full-strength attack!

So he was thinking about the next upgrade for Zero. Under the Fallen Angel form, the effects of the Loli head hammer would surely stack as well. The power would probably be even more terrifying!

If all forms could stack…

Chen Xing even suspected that the final Loli head hammer might be able to blow up this planet with a single hit!

However, what was a Fallen Angel?

Chen Xing didn’t quite understand, so he asked San’er: “What does ‘Fallen Angel’ mean? Is there any information about that dimension? Can I take a look?”

He wanted to take an early look at what the people in the Fallen Angel dimension looked like. Then he could imagine what little Zero would look like in that transformation. To appreciate it in advance… hehe…

【There is no such dimension.】


“What do you mean? How could there be no concept of a Fallen Angel?”

【On Earth, the term ‘Fallen Angel’ might refer to Lucifer or maybe Morgana.】

【But those are the Earthlings’ imagination! Among the countless dimensions in the universe, there’s no dimension that matches this description.】


It seemed that he would only be able to see it when the time came. Curiosity had also been piqued, and he couldn’t wait to upgrade all of Zero’s forms!

However, just the next form alone required 50 billion Spirit Points….

A heavy responsibility and a long journey lay ahead…

It’s worth mentioning that each form exists independently. Upgrading to the Twin Sprite form wouldn’t cause the Demon form to disappear; it could still be summoned at any time. In the end, Little Zero would possess all these forms together.

Facing different opponents and using different forms, how to effectively utilize them depended on Chen Xing.

By this time, the two of them had returned home.

After sitting on the sofa while holding little Zero, Chen Xing started thinking about another matter – the third Spirit User.

“San’er, what do you think the form of the third Spirit User will look like?”

“Abyssal Ink Stain is a demonic blade, a weapon from the Demon dimension. So, the third Spirit User should be a weapon from the Elf dimension. Combined with Zero’s Twin Form, I’m wondering if it might be something like dual swords.”

【Em… I can’t see those things, weapons from the Elf dimension should be good, but as for dual swords, it’s uncertain. It might be dual pistols, or even nunchaku!】

“Want to make a bet? I bet on dual swords.”

Chen Xing preferred dual swords. Swords and blades were his favorite weapons. For guns, although he was a perfect shot, they lacked the satisfying impact he craved!

【Then I’ll bet on dual pistols! But let’s make it clear in advance – a single pistol still counts as a gun! That counts as my win too!】

“Okay! Then a single sword counts as my win!”

【How about we guess a few more? There are so many types of Spirit Users, in case neither of us get it right, this bet would be in vain!】

Chen Xing nodded, “Sure, I’ll go with sword, staff, rod, whip, dagger, broadaxe, blood droplet, disc blade, saw sword!”

All of which were his favorites!

San’er smiled, 【Wow, you even mentioned ‘blood droplet’. Since you’re all melee weapons, I’ll go with ranged!】

【Spear, bow, shuriken! Cannon, missile, grenade! Energy cannon, photosynthesis cannon, electromagnetic pulse cannon, hahaha…】

The more they talked, the more absurd it got, and they both started to enjoy themselves.

Chen Xing was amused, “You’re going too far, do they have these things in the Elf dimension?”

What he didn’t expect was that the third weapon he would eventually acquire was even more absurd than an electromagnetic pulse cannon!

【Hahaha… just kidding. But speaking of the Elf dimension… In reality, elves don’t rely on weapons for combat; they rely on elven magic. It’s a magical dimension.】

“Magic~!?” Little Zero’s eyes instantly lit up with excitement! (☆▽☆)!

Magic really exists in the world!?

Chen Xing was quite excited too! Magic was something he had never seen before!

As they continued to talk, they completely forgot about their bet. Instead, they started playing around.

Little Zero extended her tiny hand and lightly touched Chen Xing’s nose with her index finger. “Ha~! Turn you into a pig!” O(∩_∩)O!

Chen Xing chuckled lightly and immediately put on a pig-like expression: (* ̄(oo) ̄)^

“Giggling… so silly~ My piggy hubby~” Little Zero laughed so much that tears almost came out!

Seeing her laughing like that, Chen Xing also chuckled. He took the opportunity to pat her on the butt.

Hey hey! She didn’t notice!

Not giving up! One more time!

“Hmm…? No patting allowed! I’ll bonk you with my hammer!” Her little fist lightly bonked him a couple of times.

Was that even considered bonking? It wasn’t really bonking; it was more like teasing…

Chen Xing was about to counterattack when the system suddenly spoke up:

【Ding~ Congratulations to the host, the Business Technology Module has been upgraded!】

In the next moment, the panel changed.

The entire Business Technology Module appeared in front of Chen Xing. It was divided into several categories:

【Development of Daily Commodities】

【Development of Combat Equipment】

【Development of Medical Supplies】

【Development of Weapons】

【Development of Talents】

【Development of Transportation Equipment】

All sorts of categories were fully covered! There was everything you could think of.

But none of that was important!

What caught Chen Xing’s attention was a peculiar category…

【Development of Couple-Specific Items!】

Chen Xing narrowed his eyes…

Various strange thoughts appeared in his mind…

He pondered: Is this thing serious!?

Can I show it to little Zero?

In Chen Xing’s mind, various questionable items he had encountered before, like the eerie gift packages, immediately surfaced.

He was quite certain in his heart: With the quirks of Sanjiu Zero, there definitely wouldn’t be anything good in this category!

Maybe he shouldn’t show it to Little Zero. He could sneak a look at night…

Sanjiu Zero was truly wronged; he was a respectable individual!

Little Zero also noticed that category. She didn’t think much of it; she just wanted to see what kind of specialized items were available for couples!

“I want to see the couple-specific items~”


Chen Xing: ???


Before he could finish his sentence, the panel appeared in front of both of them!

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