How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 209 – My Silly Wife Suddenly Became Clever

【Ding~ Congratulations to the host for accumulating food purchases within the system exceeding 1 billion!】

【Achievement unlocked: “Number One Foodie in the World”! Reward: Foodie Medal: With this medal, you can get a 50% discount on any food purchases!】


Great stuff!

Chen Xing felt delighted. This way, the cost of supporting demons was reduced again. The demon workforce became relatively cheaper.

This was really something!


The already dim abyss turned pitch-black in the sky, covering all five million demons. The entire abyss abruptly grew darker.

All the demons instinctively raised their heads in fear!

“What’s happening?”

“Protect the Demon King!”

“Protect the Demon King!”

They subconsciously drew their large swords, thinking something was falling from the sky!

They rushed toward Chen Xing and little Zero.

The once spacious abyss suddenly became crowded. People were pushed over and trampled. People in the back paid no attention and charged straight toward Chen Xing!


“It’s meat!”

“What the heck!”

Finally, someone reacted.

“So much meat!”

Everyone was unbelievably staring at the sky as meat rained down from it, covering everything. A seemingly endless amount of meat.

They all stood still in astonishment!

Meat falling from the sky?

They watched in disbelief as the enormous amount of meat plummeted.

It came crashing down on top of them!


All the demons were directly crushed by the meat mountain.

Can you imagine the volume of physical food enough for five million demons to eat? More than a mountain’s worth!

The food crashed down heavily, pressing everyone beneath it.

The ground beneath the abyss trembled violently!


The bus under Chen Xing’s feet was directly bounced up from the impact.

“Ugh…” Little Zero in his arms was also jolted!

“How fun! Hehe…”

However, when she looked around, she was equally amazed. The entire abyss was covered with greasy, meaty delights. All the demons were trapped beneath it.

The aroma of barbecue instantly filled the entire abyss!

“Ugh… they won’t get crushed to death, right?” Little Zero looked around with some concern. But she didn’t see anything.

Chen Xing smiled faintly; although there was a lot of food, its distribution was fairly even. It was certain that they wouldn’t get crushed by it.

As he had expected.

Soon, a sword aura flashed, and several demons emerged from it. They looked in disbelief at this abyss of barbecue.

Then they gazed at Chen Xing in confusion.

Their hearts were full of questions: How was this possible!? How did he manage this!? From where did so much food come!?

How did this appear!

Quickly, many demons crawled out of the meat pile. They were equally astonished as they looked at Chen Xing.

Some even gave punches to the demons next to them.


The demon was knocked down by a sudden punch from his compatriot! Then angrily said: “Brother! Why the hell did you hit me!?”

The older brother’s expression was even more puzzled than his younger brother’s: “Does it hurt!?”

The younger brother rubbed his shoulder resentfully: “Of course, it hurts, dumb question!”

The older brother nodded thoughtfully and looked at the meat beneath their feet again: “If it hurts, then it seems I’m not dreaming!”

His younger brother: ???

Then, the older brother squatted down. He picked up a piece of meat and started gnawing on it!

After taking a big bite, he excitedly exclaimed: “What! This is real meat!”

Soon, five million demons reappeared beneath the abyss, on top of the meat heap. They stared at Chen Xing in bewilderment.

They were almost dumbfounded!

Though, they were a bit silly to begin with.

Some couldn’t resist and began eating.

Seeing this, Chen Xing used San’er’s amplification ability to say: “Eat up, this is my gift to you.”


It was really made by Chen Xing! How on earth did he do this?

Many demons were so excited that they began trembling all over!

This reigning Demon King was truly too powerful! Their almost century-long wait hadn’t been in vain!


With him around, they would never go hungry again!

“Long live the Demon King!!!”

Many demons shouted at the top of their lungs!

“Long live the Demon King!!!”

With each shout, more demons joined in!

Soon, the voices of five million people synchronized!

They collectively roared with excitement, even abandoning the meat beneath their feet. They swung their arms in near frenzy. Waving their arms high and shouting!

Embracing each other passionately! Crying tears of happiness!

Seeing this, Chen Xing remained calm: “Alright, stop making a fuss. Hurry up and eat, then we’ll return to the Thousand Moonflower City.”

“Yes!” All the demons shouted in unison.

While their voices were still echoing within the abyss, one by one, they had all knelt down, relishing in devouring the heavenly feast that had descended upon them. Without caring about the grease, they lay directly on top of it, crazily gnawing and relishing every bite!

Eating meat with gusto!

It was so satisfying to watch!

“Gurgle, gurgle…” The tummy of little Zero in Chen Xing’s arms suddenly made gurgling sounds, “Oops!”

These demons had even made her hungry!

Chen Xing looked at her with a smile, and the blushing girl shook her head: “It’s not me… it’s not me… my stomach didn’t make any noise!”

Chen Xing laughed, gently patted her little head, and softly said: “It’s my stomach making noise. I want to eat; do you want to eat?”

“Of course~! Hehe…”

Saying so, she held Chen Xing tighter, her little head nestled against his stomach. Her mouth making “gurgle, gurgle~” sounds.

Then she raised her head, smiled brightly, and happily said: “Yours stomach is hungry~” (^?^)~

Chen Xing chuckled and patted her head, then playfully kissed her cheek, “What do you want to eat?”

“I want to eat meat too!”

Little Zero nestled in his arms, her chin resting on Chen Xing’s chest. With her adorable small mouth and pink tongue, she even licked her small canine tooth. Her appearance was just too cute. Seeing this, Chen Xing couldn’t help but slip his hand inside.


Little Zero had Chen Xing’s… finger in her mouth. Her cute little brows gently furrowed.

She puffed up her cheek, and lightly bit him in annoyance. Then she released him: “Hmph… not biting you! You didn’t wash your hands! Hmph…”

Chen Xing chuckled lightly: “I had San’er clean them for me.”

“Oh… alright~”

“Come on, open your mouth~”

His his finger gently tapped her lips.

Hearing those familiar words, little Zero subconsciously opened her mouth. Usually, Chen Xing fed her during meals, so it had become almost instinctive!

Just as she was about to open her mouth to say “Ah~”

She immediately she had been tricked again!

“Hmph… tricked me again… you scheming husband…”

“Hahaha…” Chen Xing burst into laughter.

Seeing him teasing her, little Zero frowned with a hint of irritation: “Sly Chen Xing! I won’t call you Husband anymore!”

Saying that, she pouted and turned her head away. Although she was still in his embrace.

Chen Xing laughed heartily: “What won’t you call me anymore?”

“Uh… I won’t fall for that!”


Chen Xing was a bit surprised; my silly wife suddenly became clever! What to do?

It’s the same old trick again. Little Zero has fallen for it so many times before. This time, she finally, finally didn’t fall for it!

Poke, poke… Chen Xing extended his finger and lightly poked her puffed-up cheek. With a poke to her puffy little face, air immediately escaped from her mouth, “Pfft~”

Chen Xing was instantly amused by her, bursting into laughter.

“Hahaha… you even let out air?”

“Uh… you’re the one who let out air!”

In her annoyance, little Zero sucked in her puffy face. Sucking in her lips so much that they puckered up high. Chen Xing laughed and placed his finger on her lower lip. With a gentle flick~

Those plump lips made a “ber~” sound and bounced up.

Chen Xing’s eyes lit up instantly!

Oh, wow! It’s fun!

Little Zero, on the other hand, was completely puzzled, “Huh?”

Just as she hadn’t yet reacted, Chen Xing went “berberber~” again. He flicked her lips several times in a row, leaving little Zero utterly bewildered.

How could he find a way to play with anything! And play so enthusiastically!?

“Uh! Stop playing!”

Chen Xing took advantage of the moment and flicked her plump lips a few more times, “berberber~”


Annoyed, little Zero pressed her lips together, Her tiny front teeth gently biting her lip, she glared at Chen Xing with a mockingly stern look: “Sly Husband!”

“Don’t even know how to comfort me!”

“All you know is to play!”

“Hmph!” ₍ ˃ ⤙ ˂ ₎ა

Her face was clearly saying: Come and comfort me! Stop playing!

Chen Xing didn’t get enough playtime at all.

Little Zero had already retracted her lips, while Chen Xing’s face was filled with a lingering expression of unfulfilled playfulness.

However, soon enough, a gentle smile reappeared on his face, and he produced a piece of meat in his hand.

He lightly held it near little Zero’s mouth, “Open up~”

“Hmph… no!”

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