How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 210 – Lost His Wife Again?

Even though little Zero didn’t open her mouth, Chen Xing knew she wasn’t really angry.

This little girl doesn’t have that much anger to spare. But she’s definitely good at acting angry.

He gave her a gentle kiss on her face and said: “Alright, husband was wrong, let’s eat.”

“Hmph…” Little Zero wasn’t actually angry anymore; in her heart, she thought: If you coax me a little more~ I won’t be mad anymore…

Hmph… sly husband!

Seeing she still wasn’t eating, Chen Xing chuckled and asked: “You’re not eating?”


And then…

Chen Xing actually stuffed the meat into his own mouth!


Little Zero looked at him with a puzzled expression.


He didn’t give me any! He ate it himself!?

He’s definitely doing this on purpose to annoy me! Definitely!

While stifling his laughter, Chen Xing watched the wonderful expression on little Zero’s face. Eating and chuckling, he said, “It’s really delicious.”

“Uh…” Little Zero was so frustrated that her small mouth pouted again.

Seeing this, Chen Xing quickly reached out his hand. Ber~

He flicked her little lips again!

“Chen Xing!”

“Wuwa! I’m going to bite you.”

As her mouth opened, she was about to bite Chen Xing’s finger!



She bit into thin air! Her teeth just lightly touched each other.

“Hahaha…” Chen Xing seemed to have found the source of his happiness, laughing continuously. Occasionally, the surrounding demons glanced over due to the laughter.

But little Zero wasn’t happy! Chen Xing had been teasing her all day and didn’t comfort her even once…

Unhappy… (〃>皿<)!

“Um…” Little Zero didn’t know how to be angry anymore. Chen Xing was completely ignoring her… What could she do…

She could only slump into Chen Xing’s arms in a pitiable manner. No longer making a sound.

Feeling wronged…


Chen Xing finally sensed little Zero’s downcast mood. He realized he had gone too far.

Quickly suppressing his smile, he gently patted her back, “I’m sorry, my treasure, I won’t tease you anymore.”

“Let’s eat, let’s eat.”

“Uh… I don’t want to eat…”

Seeing her like this, Chen Xing gently lifted her body. He made her face him, looking into her beautiful eyes, and said softly: “I truly am sorry. How about you hit me to let off some steam?”

“I’m not going to hit you…” Little Zero still had a face full of distress.

Chen Xing gently pecked her on her small lips.

Suddenly being kissed made little Zero feel a lot better. But she still “hmphed” unhappily.

Seeing her like this, Chen Xing gently kissed her again.


Another kiss.


Repeatedly like this, after a few kisses, Chen Xing clearly felt that little Zero wasn’t upset anymore! After all, all of her emotions are written on her face. So he gave her a deep, passionate kiss.


While kissing, little Zero playfully hummed out a sigh through her cute little nose, “Mmm…” (Sly husband…)

The other demons continued to eat, watching this scene. Envy filled their hearts! What kind of fairy-tale love is this?

At the same time, they looked forward: Once Lord Demon King conquers that group of succubi, will we have this kind of love in the future too!?

【Ding~ Congratulations, host, for purifying 100,000 demons. Rewards: Spirit Points: 1.5 billion! Crystal coins: 1.5 billion!】

“Uh…” Suddenly, little Zero realized there were still hundreds of thousands of demons around!

She quickly pushed Chen Xing away.

He smiled and let go of her. Looking at the rosy-cheeked little Zero in front of him: “Eating or not?”

Little Zero lightly licked the corner of her mouth where he kissed, blushing and nodded. She was too embarrassed to speak.

Chen Xing chuckled lightly and said to the demons around: “Notify everyone to gather after they finish eating.”


Then, using the bus as a foothold, he flew directly into the sky.

He planned to take little Zero up to eat. Otherwise, after these demons finished eating, they would start burping and farting. That would really ruin their appetites.

“Awoo!” Little Zero happily enjoyed her exclusive feeding in Chen Xing’s arms.

Suddenly, Chen Xing’s brows furrowed. Because he smelled a strange scent. Though the sounds of those demons burping and farting didn’t reach them.

However, that scent drifted up from beneath the abyss!

Chen Xing furrowed his brows and immediately hugged little Zero back into the bus. Damn it!

Thump thump thump…

Suddenly, the bus started shaking.

And little Zero was bouncing in Chen Xing’s arms.


“Uh…” Due to the violent shaking of the bus, little Zero’s voice was trembling. The word “uh” was dragged out into several syllables, “Uh wu wu wu…?”

At the same time, intense and hurried footsteps echoed. Thump thump thump…

Startled, Zero quickly looked out the window. In the distance, she saw a black mass of demons rushing towards them.

Nearly five million demons were coming! As they all ran together, the ground trembled beneath their feet.

“So~ many~ people” Little Zero dragged out each word, with each syllable bouncing. She suddenly found it quite amusing and looked at Chen Xing with joy, “Hehe~ hehe~ so much fun~!”

It was like she was having a conversation with her face in front of an electric fan.

Soon, those demons arrived in front of the bus.

Chen Xing went out symbolically, spent one billion Crystal coins, and fed them again.

He also realized. This was the simplest, most effective, and most direct way to conquer these demons. Things that can be solved with money aren’t really problems.

Then Chen Xing continued to hold little Zero in the bus, waiting. When everyone gathered, they would set off to suppress the main city and subdue the great monster!

At this moment, the first group of demons that finished eating had climbed up.

Ten million demons were waiting outside the bus, surrounding it. No one dared to disturb Chen Xing and little Zero.

Gathering fifty million demons, the total combat forces, took half a day! Feeding all of them took a total of 10.2 billion Crystal coins!

When the accumulated crystal coins count reached 10 billion, the system once again rewarded him with a benefit – the “Foodie Medal” leveled up. Chen Xing became the universe’s number one gourmet!

All food would now be discounted by 90 percent.

It had to be said, spending ten billion was so worth it. From now on, he only needed to spend one billion to feed fifty million demons. And these demons would save him several hundred billion, or even trillions.

The capitalists would cry when they saw this!

Chen Xing not only fed them, but also distributed an ordinary sword from the Assassin Star to each person.

The ordinary sword from Assassin Star was already considered top-tier on this plane!

These ordinary swords were really cheap on Assassin Star. They cost only 10 Assassin Star currency for each sword. In the Spirit Continent, they were also 10 Crystal coins.

These things were considered rubbish on Assassin Star. Blacksmiths could easily make them into ordinary swords. They were even difficult to sell. Most of the time, they were used for recasting, repeatedly refining them into higher-tiered treasures. Equivalent to scrap iron.

So, Chen Xing equipped these fifty million demons with new weapons, which cost a total of 500 million Crystal coins.

Each demon now held an ordinary sword, and they were once again shocked by Chen Xing. After all, that torrential rain of swords falling from the sky nearly skewered them to death…

After that, Chen Xing and little Zero flew slowly in the sky, enjoying their private world.

And the demons, after eating their fill, ran on the ground while farting, as if it could accelerate their speed.

With fifty million demons, they charged towards the main city with great momentum! As they moved, even the arrogant demonic beasts chose to avoid their path!

In order to reach the main city as quickly as possible and seize the advantage, Chen Xing and his fifty million elite soldiers didn’t rest for even a moment. They traveled all night!

On the second morning, they successfully arrived a few hundred kilometers away from the main city. Even though they were hundreds of kilometers apart, they could still see the main city that reached into the sky.

What surprised Chen Xing was that his previous two sword strikes hadn’t brought down the main city!

This was mainly because Chen Xing had sliced it layer by layer. He directly severed one layer. Then the upper part of the main city fell straight down. Stably, the 40th floor landed on the 39th floor.

Later, to commemorate Chen Xing’s two strikes, the 39th floor was abolished. The 38th floor jumped directly to the 40th.

The demons’ speed was extremely fast, and they covered the distance of several hundred kilometers quickly.

Suddenly, when they were only a dozen kilometers away from the main city.


A furious roar echoed.

Chen Xing felt that this sound was somewhat familiar!


A powerful sound wave rang out again!

Upon hearing this roar again, Chen Xing knew who it was!

Little Zero also recognized it. Looking toward the source of the sound, she lightly patted Chen Xing’s chest: “Husband, Husband… It seems like the big black mouse is here!”

Chen Xing nodded. That was right, it was Lord Dian’er!

But why was he making such a commotion?

As they continued forward for a while, Chen Xing saw the enormous body of Lord Dian’er, stretching a hundred meters in length. It stood on the ground, constantly roaring.

Chen Xing grew increasingly puzzled. This guy usually reverted to its original form and could speak human language. Why was it making such a chaotic noise today?

Just as he was advancing quickly while contemplating, suddenly, the enormous body of Lord Dian’er flipped over abruptly! Its massive body, hundreds of meters long, soared into the sky and even performed a somersault in midair!

Chen Xing frowned. Can this mouse also fly? Why didn’t I know?

However, he quickly noticed something. Underneath the soaring body of Lord Dian’er was a tiny figure, standing in midair.

Lord Dian’er wasn’t flying, he was thrown into the air!

And that figure was Thousand Moonflower Queen!

Behind Thousand Moonflower Queen stood nearly a hundred million Succubi.

Chen Xing had assembled his forces, preparing to attack the main city. Thousand Moonflower Queen had also assembled her forces, preparing to attack the abyss where male demons lived. She intended to directly slay Chen Xing, the newly arrived Demon King!

Both sides were set on it! That meant they had to kill each other as soon as possible!

With both sides’ forces growing so vast, they quickly became aware of each other’s presence.

After throwing Lord Dian’er into the air, Thousand Moonflower Queen also noticed Chen Xing’s forces.

Upon seeing Chen Xing, her expression turned cold.

In a chilling voice, she declared, “A reward awaits those who capture the Demon King alive!”

Her voice wasn’t loud, but strangely, Chen Xing felt as if she was whispering directly into his ear.

Before he could say anything, Lord Dian’er, who had just been thrown onto the ground, had already stood up. Once again, he charged madly towards Thousand Moonflower Queen! It displayed a stance that seemed like he was determined to die together with her.

Chen Xing furrowed his brows in confusion. Was this still the cowardly Lord Dian’er? What on earth had happened to make him act so recklessly?

Could it be… that he had lost his wife again?

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