How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 211 – Eight-Forked Serpent


Nearly a hundred million Succubi ran towards Chen Xing’s side simultaneously.

In terms of sheer momentum, they should have been much stronger than Chen Xing’s fifty million demons.


Strangely, the aura and momentum of Chen Xing’s fifty million demons charging forward were far stronger than the near hundred million Succubi!

Chen Xing observed those Succubi and felt that there was something inexplicably abnormal about them.

According to reason, when a Demon King appeared, they should have been terrified or angry. After all, their dynasty might come to an end, and they should be fighting desperately to protect their status.

But these Succubi seemed hesitant. Chen Xing couldn’t sense their fighting spirit at all. On the contrary, his own side was filled with heightened combat intent.


“Mind Reading Skill! Activate!”

As the Succubi approached from a distance, Chen Xing directly activated his Mind Reading Skill. This was the first time he used this skill on someone other than little Zero.


To prevent it from overwhelming him, Chen Xing intended to view the thoughts of only those he wanted to know about.

At this moment, he saw that a barrage of text appeared above the heads of the demons in the front row.

•[The Succubus Queen is a fake… She’s actually a monster beast!]

•[We’ve been treating a monster beast as our queen all this time!?]

•[Why does the world have such a demon-looking monster beast!?]


Chen Xing was a bit surprised. Did the Succubus Queen being a monster beast mean they weren’t loyal?

Actually, this was related to the previous strike Chen Xing made. The previous strike not only severed Thousand Moonflower Queen’s head, but it also severed the medium through which she controlled all the Succubi.

This was one of Thousand Moonflower Queen’s abilities. With her head intact, she could manipulate other Succubi’s minds like a Succubus Queen. But once her head was lost, these Succubi returned to normal.

When they found out that their revered queen was actually an ugly, repulsive monster beast, the contrast was too great, and they couldn’t accept it for a moment.

Before Chen Xing arrived, they had actually considered rebellion! Since the Succubus Queen wasn’t a real succubi, why not declare themselves as queens?!

However, Thousand Moonflower Queen was too powerful; they were no match for her at all!

The rebellion was suppressed almost immediately. And now, they were in this situation.

These people didn’t actually want to fight! In their hearts, they were even hoping that the Demon King would quickly take action to exterminate Thousand Moonflower Queen!

Chen Xing carried little Zero and ran at the forefront, with fifty million demons following behind.


Lord Dian’er, now enlarged, once again emitted a roaring blast and lunged at Thousand Moonflower Queen.

Thousand Moonflower Queen had no idea what was going on with this large black mouse! She was leading a group of Succubi on the march, and suddenly, this big black mouse appeared out of nowhere and attacked her like crazy.

Thousand Moonflower Queen thought it resembled a pet she had at home, so she didn’t want to kill it. But after a brief skirmish, Chen Xing had brought his troops over!

Now, this big black mouse had become a bit of a nuisance. So, she could only deal with it first!



A piercing scream resounded!

In the next moment, a flash of green light illuminated the scene. A terrifying giant figure appeared in the midst of it all.

Even larger than Lord Dian’er!

“What the hell!?”

“This is the Succubus Queen!?”

Not only the male demons but even the Succubi on Thousand Moonflower Queen’s side were running while looking back. Seeing the Queen’s true form, their hearts grew colder.

It was incredibly ugly!

It was an eight-headed serpent. Eight necks danced wildly in the air, yet there were only seven heads.

【Eight-Forked Serpent!?】 After San’er scanned it, it finally recognized its true identity!

“Eight-Forked Serpent? Is it very powerful…?”

【Right! Combat Power: 6.3 million!】

【However, there’s something different; its eight heads possess eight different abilities. It can inherit the abilities of the strong individuals it devours.】

【The reason it could become a Succubus is probably because it devoured the real Succubus Queen! But you severed that head earlier, so it lost the abilities of the Succubus Queen!】

Chen Xing nodded, it made sense now, “Since it’s like this… then it deserves to die even more. What are the other seven abilities?”

【I’m not sure, I can’t scan them!】

“Oh… then I’ll just chop all of them with one strike.”


Suddenly, one of the heads of the Eight-Forked Serpent opened its mouth and fired a beam of light. That gray energy beam enveloped Lord Dian’er directly!

As Chen Xing blasted towards it while carrying little Zero, he couldn’t help but wonder what this was. And in his hand, the Demon Sword trembled intensely.

“This is…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a surprising scene unfolded!

The previously agitated Lord Dian’er suddenly seemed to wilt. It lay prostrate on the ground.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” (Unintelligible…)

In the next moment, tears welled up in its eyes. Tears cascaded like waterfalls, falling straight from the sky and crashing onto the ground!

Chen Xing: ???

Why is it crying?


Just as Chen Xing was puzzled, Demon King Moran, the Demon Sword in his hand, suddenly vibrated intensely and emitted a continuous buzz.



Demon King Moran emitted an angry roar and a despairing cry.

It seemed like Chen Xing understood… That gray energy beam ability the Eight-Forked Serpent had just used might be the same ability as Demon King Moran’s wife.

In other words… his wife was killed by this Eight-Forked Serpent!

The beam of light was called the “Joyful Wave”…

A name given by Moran’s dear wife. It was a kind of light wave that could control and amplify emotions.

Sadness, anger, fear, joy… any emotion can be magnified, overshadowing all others.

However, the kind-hearted Qiqi only used it to bring happiness to others. So, it was named the Joyful Wave.

She used to be a little angel in this world. Until one day, she was deceived by the shapeshifted Eight-Forked Serpent… perished without a complete body…

Demon King Moran retreated for a hundred years, searching for the culprit, but never found them. Unexpectedly, when the culprit was right in front of him, he couldn’t personally end its life!

Shortly after, the head of the Eight-Forked Serpent that had just shot out the light beam released another light wave. It struck the hundred million-strong succubi army charging ahead.

The army, whose morale was wavering and eyes filled with hesitation, suddenly became incredibly angry, each one becoming invigorated. With fierce expressions and crimson pupils, they gleamed with terrifying red light!


A hundred million voices roared in unison, their momentum instantly suppressing the energy on Chen Xing’s side!

Seeing this, Chen Xing felt that the situation wasn’t good.

Originally, this large-scale battle might have been scaled down, transformed into a one-on-one showdown between him and Thousand Moonflower Queen. But now, it seemed that both sides wouldn’t stop until they had eliminated the other.

Therefore, he needed to quickly deal with the Eight-Forked Serpent!

All of these were his free labor force. Would it be alright if they all died?

And at this moment, Lord Dian’er was crying on the side, rendered useless.

The Abyssal Eye on the demon sword was always fixated on Thousand Moonflower Queen. Seeing the ability that his wife had most frequently used to bring goodness to the world now being used for battle, he couldn’t help but feel anger rising within.

Just for this ability, this monster killed Qiqi!

“Chen Xing…” Demon King Moran, a generation’s Demon King, and yet his voice was trembling at this moment.

Chen Xing, holding him in his hand, could naturally feel the emotions of sorrow and anger. He softly responded, “Yes?”

“Help me kill it.” His voice was filled with sadness, anger, and determination.

Chen Xing lightly nodded and said calmly, “That’s for sure.”

He not only had to kill it but also had to resolve the battle in one strike. He had swung the sword twice before and still hadn’t killed it. It was a disgrace to the name of the Assassin God!

So what if it’s a monster with a combat power of just over six million?!


Chen Xing stomped fiercely!

Holding little Zero, he arrived above the Eight-Forked Serpent in a single step. His gaze was ice-cold as he looked at the terrifying monster before him.

Then, a cascade of feathers drifted down from the sky!

It was the number one artifact in the history of the Assassin Star: Thousand Feather Kill!

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