How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 38 – Makeup

A large number of medical personnel arrived on the battlefield, carrying various stretchers and transporting the people lying on the ground to the underground area.

Every competition incurred significant medical expenses.

However, this was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the total resources needed to cultivate a high-level Spirit Master!

A medical staff member stood beside Yun Xinghai and the pink-haired girl, shouting, “Bring the stretcher over! Another concussion!”

Suddenly, Yun Xinghai sat up abruptly.

The girl, overjoyed to see him awake, exclaimed, “Xinghai!”

He got up suddenly, startling the medical staff member who crouched down, “What the hell! Weren’t you concussed?”

Yun Xinghai furrowed his slightly immature eyebrows and calmly said, “Who has a concussion? You’re the one with a concussion! Your whole family has concussions!”

The medical staff member, infuriated, glared at him, “What kind of language is that from a child?”

Yun Xinghai ignored him and looked directly at the girl beside him. “Meow Meow, where is that person?”

“He left, meow~”

“Where did he go?”

“It seems like he went back down, meow~”

“Let’s go find him!” With that, Yun Xinghai stood up and ran off.

The medical staff member, seeing that he was fine and running surprisingly fast, was completely bewildered. Damn, a medical miracle!

Meow Meow hurriedly followed, anxiously calling out, “What are you going to do, meow?”

“We can’t defeat him, meow!”

“He even sliced the thousand chain lock, meow! Xia Zhiqiu’s head almost got kicked in, meow!”

Yun Xinghai, seemingly unsurprised by this information, simply said, “I want to become his disciple!”


【 B-Rank Spirit Master: Yun Xinghai, Age: 14 years old (just had a birthday), Power level: 64,000, Spirit User: Gu Meow Meow, Spirit Weapon Form: Beast-type Possession Spirit, Name: Meowxing (Meow Meow and Xinghai) Spirit User Rank: A 】

In the underground space, Chen Xing held Zero’s hand and strolled through this massive underground area.

The educational zone of the Training Academy was no different from an underground city.

The ground was covered in glass emitting a faint blue light, the walls were made of sturdy metal, and the walls were embedded with countless lights resembling stars. The entire underground space was illuminated!

There were various peculiar buildings, each with its own functions. It felt as if they had stepped into the future.

This was the top Spirit Master Academy in the country.

At this moment, many people on the streets of this underground city were discussing.

“Did you watch the competition just now!?”

“I did! Chen Xing was incredibly powerful!”

“He seems to be a freshman of our academy! A-ranking freshman! A newly promoted Spirit Master topping the rankings!”

“He’s so cool! If he could come to my class, I’d chase after him!”

“Wake up, he already has a girlfriend.”

“Speaking of which, his girlfriend is so cute! So adorable! She’s my goddess!”

“Yeah! She’s so cute!”

As they spoke, everyone started discussing Zero.

In this world, going to school didn’t necessarily require reaching a certain age. As long as you had the ability, you could attend any school you wanted.

The Training Academy had many young geniuses. The people here were not very old. When they are still teenagers, they are pure and innocent. They simply liked beautiful things and didn’t have the scheming and deceit of adults.

So when they saw something good and beautiful, they genuinely praised it from the bottom of their hearts.

Not many people cared about whether Zero was worthy of being SSS-ranked.

Of course, there would always be people who liked to argue and couldn’t stand others being praised. But those were the minority.

Just like some people would say: “This person is only at the top of the B-rank, they’ll definitely be bloodied when they enter the A-rank.”

However, those who made such comments probably couldn’t even make it into the top 1,000 of the B-rank.

Some would also say, “That Zero, she’s average at best. Once Chen Xing realizes she’s useless, he’ll definitely dump her.”

Such people don’t even have the qualifications to enter the competition. Even if they do, they won’t win, I’m telling you!

So wherever the two of them go, it’s mostly admiration and praise.

The overwhelming praise makes Zero feel a bit uncomfortable.

“Um…” She fearfully held onto Chen Xing’s uninjured arm and leaned against him.

“Oh! That person seems to be Chen Xing!”

“Really! Is the one next to him Zero?”

“Wow! She’s even cuter in person than in photos! AWSL!”

Young Spirit Masters stopped and watched, discussing among themselves. Of course, the advanced Spirit Masters (A-rank and above) had no reaction to this. As A-rank Spirit Masters, they had no time to watch the B-rank competition.

“I hope my goddess is in the same class as me!”

“I hope my idol can sit next to me!”

Chen Xing listened to these people talking and suddenly felt a headache coming on. Although he had decided not to be a professional killer in this world anymore, being exposed to everyone’s view wasn’t a problem.


The feeling of being discussed wherever he went was indeed uncomfortable. Mainly because Zero would feel troubled and embarrassed.

“Let’s go.” After Chen Xing finished speaking, he directly lifted up Zero.

“Ah!” Zero was startled. “Chen Xing… your arm!”

“Cough… What use is this arm if I can’t hold you?”

Before Zero could react, Chen Xing’s system suddenly popped up.

【Too cheesy!】

“Shut up.”

This remark still made Zero’s heart sweet, she blushed and no longer spoke.

Chen Xing smiled and dashed out.

As he ran, he realized that the glass floor must have been specially treated. It was extremely hard and had excellent anti-slip properties. More slip-resistant than the ground itself!

No matter how he accelerated, decelerated, or changed direction, he could control his body perfectly. Using the system map, Chen Xing found a building with fewer people. He climbed up to the 11th floor where there was no one around.

Finding a room that resembled a classroom, he walked in while holding Zero.

“Chen Xing, why are we here?”

“Cough, aren’t you afraid of being recognized by them? Let me do your makeup!”

“Makeup? You can do makeup? That’s amazing!” Zero realized that Chen Xing seemed to be capable of everything, and she admired him even more each day.

Certainly, Chen Xing could do makeup!

However, his makeup skills were more accurately described as disguise techniques. In the past, in the Assassin Star, sometimes he had to disguise his identity to infiltrate special locations. So he learned flawless makeup techniques from the system. His makeup effects were comparable to complete transformations.

PS: Makeup, plastic surgery—except for gender transformation, he excelled at the other three!

Chen Xing raised an eyebrow and placed her on the ground, proudly saying, “Your husband knows everything!”

“Um… You’re not my…” As Zero spoke, she fell silent, her face already turning slightly red.

Chen Xing chuckled. “Not your what?”


“Huh! Haha.”

“You! Um… teasing me…”

Chen Xing laughed heartily and held her small hand, finding a table for the two of them to sit side by side. Then he took out a table full of makeup tools from the system.

Zero was dumbfounded. She didn’t recognize any of these things!

“So many!”

“These are just the makeup and disguise tools for the face. If it’s a full-body disguise, we would need even more things.”

Full-body disguise involved using various items to change height, weight, and body shape.

Not understanding this, Zero asked, “Full-body disguise? What does that mean?”

“It means that if you’re willing, I can even make you look like a pregnant woman! Flawlessly, without a trace!”

Zero was stunned upon hearing this, and her face instantly turned red. Her lips trembled slightly.

She… had misunderstood…

The hammer of misinterpretation appeared once again!




Chen Xing was left with question marks all over his mind: ???

Weren’t we talking about the art of full-body disguise?

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