How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 39 – Zero’s Makeover

Chen Xing also realized that she had misunderstood.

“Cough cough… Darling, stop hitting…”


“What I meant was, if you want to look fat, I can make you look fat!”

“Ah?” Zero was taken aback for a moment and finally understood that she had misunderstood!

“Um… I…” She pursed her little lips, her face seemingly even redder than before.

Chen Xing suddenly realized that it would be better not to say anything. He quickly changed the topic and said, “Cough cough, let me show you the facial disguise technique first. We can demonstrate the full-body disguise later when we have the chance.”

“Okay… sure…”

Seeing her adorable expression, Chen Xing couldn’t help but rub her head. Then he took out a mirror and placed it on the table.

“Pay attention!”

His tools were somewhat similar to those on Earth, but also different. Different tools produced different effects, and Chen Xing knew both the disguise techniques from Assassin Star and the makeup techniques from Earth. He used them as needed.

For himself, he planned to “change his appearance” to be unrecognizable.

As for Zero, Chen Xing intended to give her a makeover and change her style.

He picked up a piece of special clay, lightly took a portion with his fingers, and applied it to his face to reshape his facial structure. Chen Xing’s original appearance was delicate, and he wanted to appear more resolute.

So he decided to slightly fill and expand his face, giving his facial features a more defined and resolute look.

Zero’s small mouth slightly opened as she quietly watched Chen Xing work.

After applying the clay to expand his face, Chen Xing began powdering and pressing it to set. Then, facing the mirror, he started applying makeup on his face. His hand speed was extremely fast, so fast that Zero’s eyes couldn’t keep up.

Her mouth could only form an “O” shape as she stared blankly at the increasingly different Chen Xing in front of her!


“Done!?” Zero looked at the Chen Xing in front of her, unable to find the words to express her astonishment!

At this moment, Chen Xing had transformed from a cold and slim young boy into the appearance of a sunny and outgoing boy. He looked approachable and lively. His face had changed completely, like a different person compared to before.

It took less than three minutes from start to finish. It felt like he had changed his whole appearance!

Chen Xing looked at the astonished Zero and smiled. “What’s wrong? Don’t recognize your husband anymore?” As he spoke, he waved his hand in front of her.

Zero finally reacted. “You’re amazing! Are you really Chen Xing?”

“I’m not, but I’m your husband.”

“Um… you’re not…”

“Then Chen Xing is?”


“Um?” Zero suddenly felt something was off. She bit her lip and realized she had fallen into her own trap! How frustrating!

“No! Hmph!”

“Hahaha…” Chen Xing laughed heartily.

Seeing him laugh so happily, Zero pouted. “I’m ignoring you!”

“Cough…” Seeing her reaction, Chen Xing quickly withdrew his smile and said seriously, “Let me help you with your makeup. What kind of look do you like?”

As soon as Zero heard that Chen Xing wanted to do her makeup, she instantly forgot about what had just happened. Chen Xing’s disguise technique was so magical that she wanted to give it a try too!

A smile bloomed on her face. “I want to change…”


“Well… I don’t know…” She had never thought about these things.

Even if others praised her for being beautiful or cute, she never cared about those things. Appearance had no meaning to her. If her face could prevent those people from abandoning her, maybe she would care. But unfortunately, it can’t! So she doesn’t care about her own looks at all!

That’s why she never wears makeup and always maintains a natural appearance.

Chen Xing nodded and looked at her face, saying: “Let me take a look and see which style suits you.”

“Mmm! Huhu…” Zero couldn’t help but laugh before he even started.

Seeing her silly smile, Chen Xing really wanted to hug her and give her a big kiss! Thinking about it, he quickly leaned in and kissed her on the lips.


Chen Xing smiled and said, “Do you have toiletries?”

“Yes, they’re all in the Spirit System.”

“What do you have? Tell me.”

“Toothpaste… toothbrush… face wash…”

“That’s it?”


Chen Xing was somewhat surprised and asked, “What about skincare products? Moisturizer, essence, face cream?”

“I don’t have any…”

“You don’t take care of your skin?”


Chen Xing was shocked. Why did her skin look so good without any maintenance!

There are so many girls who take care of their skin every day, but their skin is a mess. However, Zero’s skin is flawless and without any imperfections. Is this what an 18-year-old girl looks like…

“Well, go wash your face in the bathroom.”


After Zero left, Chen Xing immediately summoned the system.

“Open the online shopping function.”

【 Ding~ The online shopping module is not activated. Please pay one million spirit points to add the module. 】

“Robbery!? Wasn’t it included before?”

【 Ding~ The online shopping module has been upgraded to allow interdimensional shopping with immediate delivery, hence the charge for its use. 】

“One million spirit points…” If he spends it, he will have less than three million left until Zero’s upgrade.

But three million is still easy for Chen Xing to earn. At worst, he’ll just have to feed his classmates some dog food in the afternoon. Tonight, Zero should be able to level up!

Chen Xing’s mind had already started to fantasize about what Zero’s weapon form would look like.

【 Hey! Brother! Are you going to level up or not? What are you daydreaming about? 】

The voice of the system immediately brought Chen Xing back to reality, and he helplessly replied, “Level up!”

【 Ding-dong~ Payment completed, opening now. 】

After a while, the online shopping panel appeared before him. Chen Xing, who was familiar with it, skillfully searched through the options. This system allows interdimensional shopping, but it only displays the dimensions he has visited.

In other words, he currently has three dimensions to choose from: Earth, Assassin Star, and Spirit Continent.

Chen Xing first opened the cosmetics section for the Spirit Continent. He discovered that the cosmetics in this world had very safe ingredients.

After all, he had studied medicine, so he knew very well what would be most suitable for Zero. With just a glance, he could determine Zero’s skin type and which skincare and makeup products would be suitable for her.

He quickly bought a complete set of cosmetics and also added some skincare products for Zero. Such a cute little face must not be ravaged by time.


Just as Zero had finished washing up, she came back, stepping with her self-made sound effects.

“Huhu… I’m here!” She eagerly sat down in front of him.

Chen Xing smiled and said, “Let’s begin!”

Before applying makeup on Zero, he first applied a layer of skincare product, starting from light to thin. Then, he looked at Zero’s face and fell into contemplation…

Her face was too tender, resembling that of a child. It could be lifted and tightened a bit with some tools to give her a “Internet celebrity” face. But he didn’t plan to do that, as prolonged face lifting would cause wrinkles.

Suddenly, Chen Xing had an idea!

Gently, he started applying various cosmetics on Zero’s face. At the same time, he reopened the online shopping page on the system. Multitasking, he applied foundation on Zero while browsing through the online shopping page.

The online shopping page caught Zero’s attention.

“Chen Xing… What are you buying this for?”

“Cough, cough…” Chen Xing awkwardly coughed twice. He had forgotten to hide the permissions!

Zero shouldn’t have seen this page because he was browsing… for black stockings.

“You’ll find out soon enough, hehe!”

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