How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 40- Scheming Yandere Loli Queen

Chen Xing quickly picked a few items and closed the panel.

Why only a few? Buy more, it’s convenient to have different options to wear in the future!

“Chen Xing… I want to see myself, huhu~”

Chen Xing smiled and handed her the mirror.

“Wow…” Even though her makeup wasn’t complete yet, Zero already felt like the person in front of her wasn’t herself!

Seeing her surprised expression, Chen Xing’s lips gently curved upward as he tousled her head of light purple hair. “Alright, we’ll look again later. It won’t take long.”

“Okay!” She obediently placed the mirror on the table.

Then she closed her eyes, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but rise. Makeup was something entirely new and fascinating to her…

Zero’s eyebrows were slightly curved, which made her look very adorable. Chen Xing lightly added a few strokes with an eyebrow pencil, giving her a touch of charisma. Her small nose was delicate, so he added some shading to enhance her cool temperament.

Zero’s eyes were the most beautiful feature, with captivating deep blue pupils! Therefore, he didn’t plan to make major changes to her eye makeup. He gently blended a layer of pink eyeshadow, creating a stunning interplay of blue and pink.

At this point, it was almost done.

Zero’s facial features were almost perfect, with high plasticity. A slight modification could completely change her appearance. At this moment, she no longer looked like a twelve or thirteen-year-old.

She resembled a senior sister with a slightly cold demeanor on the surface, yet her heart was warm and gentle.

Ah, the essence of youth! The goddess of the campus, full of youthful vitality, was truly beautiful.

However, as he looked at Zero’s appearance, Chen Xing furrowed his brow… for some reason, he felt somewhat dissatisfied.

Seeing his expression, Zero’s constantly upturned mouth finally drooped. “What’s wrong? Is it not good-looking…?” she asked, feeling a bit scared.

She had never cared about her appearance before, but now she was afraid that Chen Xing would find her unattractive. Because deep down, she felt that she couldn’t measure up to Chen Xing in any way.

Before, Chen Xing found her beautiful and they were together. She was afraid that in the future, if Chen Xing no longer finds her attractive or meets someone even more beautiful, he won’t like her anymore. Whenever she thinks about these things, she becomes anxious and scared.

As she contemplated, her mouth involuntarily turned downward, and she felt uncomfortable.

Chen Xing quickly tried to reassure her, “You’re beautiful! You’re just too beautiful! I’m afraid others will snatch you away from me!”

Zero half-believed him, “Really?”


“In that case… make me look a little less attractive.”

Chen Xing was at a loss, laughing and crying, shaking his head. “Watch me.”

Then he selected a few makeup products with slightly darker shades and quickly applied them. He added the final touch.

The warm and gentle temperament completely disappeared, replaced by a dark and scheming aura. Her face seems to say, “Don’t come near me, don’t provoke me.”

It has to be said that if you didn’t know Zero’s personality, you could easily be deceived by her appearance!

Chen Xing nodded in satisfaction and smiled. “You’re really unapproachable!”

Given his own personality, if someone’s face says “Don’t come near me,” he definitely won’t disturb them. He subconsciously assumed that other guys are the same. However, that’s not the case. There are plenty of peopke who like this kind of aloof and scheming lady.

When Zero picked up the mirror and saw herself, her face lighted up with a radiant smile and her eyes were full of surprise.

But Chen Xing was taken aback, staring at her and finding it even more bewildering. Countless tsundere classic quotes flash through his mind.

How did her smile become a bit yandere?

Chen Xing was also surprised! He didn’t expect this makeup to bring out such a rich expression on Zero’s face. Now, she embodies a combination of yandere loli and scheming queen!

If there’s one word to describe her, it would be a yandere, scheming, and cute queen.

Zero happily made various facial expressions in front of the mirror, “Heehee~ Hehehe! Huhu! Hiahiahia~ Jiejie jiejie~ Aba aba.” She wanted to see what she looked like in different states.

Chen Xing laughed as he watched this “facial expression” master, and his smile grew wider.

The more Zero looked, the more amazed she became, and she couldn’t bear to put the mirror down. The reflection in the mirror completely subverted her perception!

Just then, “Swish~”

A set of clothes appeared in Chen Xing’s hand. “Darling, put this on! Mission accomplished!”

Zero’s gaze finally moved away from the mirror and looked at the clothes in Chen Xing’s hand. She immediately noticed the black stockings on top and her face turned red.

“Do I have to wear this too?”

“Of course!”

Chen Xing’s face revealed a “pure” smile. Black stockings will make her like a mature lady, irresistible!

Zero looked at his “pure” smile, tilted her head in confusion, and looked at Chen Xing.

“Um… Do you like black stockings?”

“Cough, how could I? I just think you look good in them!”

“Well, okay then. Just wait a moment…” After saying that, Zero quickly ran to the bathroom, blushing, holding a pair of stockings.

First, she put on the black stockings and then wore the fresh and scholarly style skirt and blouse that Chen Xing specifically picked for her. And black Mary Jane shoes. They perfectly matched her current style!

Zero looked at her completely transformed self in the mirror and murmured, “Does Chen Xing like this kind of girl?”

As she continued to look, she became lost in thought.

She misunderstood. Chen Xing didn’t like this kind of girl, he liked her in any appearance.

While she was lost in thought, the bathroom door opened, and two girls with decent looks walked in. There was a class in one of the classrooms on this floor, and everyone had already arrived.

The two girls were surprised when they saw Zero’s outfit. In their minds, they thought, “Such clean and beautiful clothes!”

Zero heard the sound and turned her head to look at the two girls.

The two girls were instantly stunned!

They couldn’t find the words to describe the beauty of the girl in front of them. They never imagined that one day, they would be left speechless by another girl’s beauty.

Zero felt a bit scared as she saw them staring at her in a daze. “They could recognize me like this? No way!”

Soon, one of the two girls snapped out of her trance and realized that they were being inappropriate. She quickly shook her companion next to her, saying, “Let’s go… Let’s go! Sorry!”

The two of them left the restroom, not even bothering to use the toilet. From the hallway, the astonished voices of the two girls could be heard:

“Wow! Who was that girl just now!? How come I’ve never seen her before?”

“Oh my goodness, she was so beautiful, absolutely stunning!”

“She’s even more beautiful than our college flower!”


After they left, Zero looked at herself in the mirror again. Suddenly, an idea struck her. She wanted to change the color of her hair!

“Spirit System, I want hair color like Chen Xing’s!”

【 Preparing, please wait… 】

【 Permanent hair dye (meaning the regrown hair will also be silver, doesn’t fade, and can be changed. However, Zero’s light purple hair is natural.) requires gene sequence addition. Would you like to proceed with gene sequence addition? 】


After saying that, Zero opened her small mouth and excitedly licked her little fangs. She waited for her hair to change.

Starting from the top of her head, her light purple hair slowly faded from the roots to the tips. Then, like Chen Xing’s, silver hair emerged from the roots and in a matter of seconds, her entire head of hair was dyed silver-white!

Looking at herself in the mirror with a head full of silver strands cascading down her shoulders like a galaxy, Zero couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment:

“As expected! Chen Xing’s hair color… looks so good! Hoo hoo!”

With a joyful heart, she ran towards the classroom, eager to hear Chen Xing compliment her white hair.

Meanwhile, inside the classroom, Chen Xing had already noticed the increasing commotion outside. He quickly retrieved everything from the system on his desk.

At that moment, voices of astonishment came from outside: “Wow! The campus beauty!”

“She looks exceptionally beautiful today! Unbelievable!”

“Oh… why is there such a stunning woman? Even as a woman myself, my heart is moved!”

Upon hearing this, Chen Xing raised his head and glanced toward the door. The campus beauty? He wondered if she could be half as beautiful as Zero.

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