How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 41- She’s So Beautiful

In the corridor, Su Xinyu was wearing a simple college uniform, walking gracefully under the gaze of onlookers. With light makeup on her face, it perfectly highlighted her pure and lovely appearance.

The college uniform was worn by every Spirit Master in the Training Academy, although very few people actually wore it, and many criticized its ugliness. However, when worn by Su Xinyu, it exuded an extraordinary temperament!

“So beautiful…”

“Oh my… this is a goddess. Even in such an ugly college uniform, she still looks so good!”

“She looks beautiful every day! Pleasing to the eye!”

Listening to these comments, Su Xinyu didn’t show any emotional fluctuations. She was accustomed to being the center of attention since she was young.

Meanwhile, Zero was rushing back, initially running along the way. But as she noticed the increasing number of people, she felt shy and slowed her pace, walking gently, hoping not to draw too much attention. After all, she was still wearing black stockings… and she felt a bit embarrassed about it.

The black stockings tightly wrapped around her fair and slender legs, extending just above the knees, with some distance from the skirt. A small portion of her snow-white legs was exposed. The contrast between the snow-white color and the black stockings created a striking visual difference that left a deep impression in people’s minds with just a single glance.

What was most astonishing was the makeup that Chen Xing had done for her, instantly capturing everyone’s attention.

Everyone froze, no exaggeration!

Seeing that all eyes were on her, Zero was startled and immediately averted her gaze from the front, looking down at the ground, while gradually increasing her pace.

Inner thoughts: “Hmm, Chen Xing… help me!”

However, Zero’s shy appearance made everyone mistakenly believe that she was an aloof and unapproachable beauty.

When Zero passed by, unlike Su Xinyu, she did not provoke any exclamations.

Instead, there was stunned silence.

Everyone was internally shocked: Who is she!? Damn, she’s so beautiful!

If Su Xinyu’s beauty was something that made people exclaim, then the original Zero also was a kind of adorable beauty that made people unable to help but exclaim. But now, with the appearance of the makeup, Zero became a stunning beauty that left people speechless!

It was only after she passed by that everyone reacted.

Then, discussions erupted:

“Who is that girl!? Her silver-white hair is amazing!”

“I’ve never seen her on the College Goddess Ranking!”

“Someone, get me all her information within three minutes!”

“The school flower has changed!”

“She’s bound to dominate the rankings! I’m telling you!”

Zero walked quickly, hoping to return to Chen Xing’s side as soon as possible.

Inside the classroom:

Several people had already arrived by now. There were both boys and girls, and when they entered, they would marvel at Chen Xing.

“That guy is so handsome…”

The girls would take a few more glances at Chen Xing. During their school days, a sunny and handsome boy would always be favored.

Chen Xing regretted a bit. If he had known, he wouldn’t have changed his debt face. With his debt face, it seemed like everyone owed him a million or two, making people not want to look at him for too long.

“Who is this guy? Is he in our class? Why is he sitting next to Su Xinyu’s seat?”

“Doesn’t he fear being wanted by the whole college tomorrow?”

The seating arrangement in the classroom was two people per table. But there was always an empty seat next to Su Xinyu. No guy dared to sit there unless they wanted to become the public enemy of all the male students in the college.

And no girl dared to sit there either, as it would mean being overshadowed… with no hope of standing out.

While they were discussing Chen Xing, someone shouted:

“Tsk! Su Xinyu is here!”

“Ohh~!! My goddess looks so beautiful today.”

Chen Xing heard the voice and looked up, seeing Su Xinyu.

However, he remained expressionless. It’s quite amusing when you think about it. With his sunny and outgoing appearance, one would expect him to be lively and cheerful.

But his emotionless gaze created a stark contrast.

It gave the impression that when he showed this expression, he was angry.

Su Xinyu also noticed Chen Xing with a bit of surprise, as it was the first time someone sat next to her. But when she saw Chen Xing’s gaze and facial expression, she became puzzled:

Why is this person looking at me with that expression?

After seeing Su Xinyu, Chen Xing thought to himself: She’s okay, but she’s only half as beautiful as my precious one.

After a brief glance, he looked back towards the entrance, waiting for Zero to return.

Su Xinyu felt somewhat astonished by his one glance and lack of expression. However, she thought to herself: Maybe this is just a way to attract her attention. Pretending not to care, creating a distinct contrast with others.

It’s a tactic many boys often use, but it had no effect on her.

Thinking this way, combined with Chen Xing sitting next to her, she assumed he was another guy trying to pursue her using reverse psychology. So she stopped paying attention to him. Let him sit wherever he wants, and whatever he says, Su Xinyu wouldn’t pay him any mind.

Initially, Chen Xing had been quietly watching the entrance.

But then Su Xinyu walked up to him and blocked his line of sight. He didn’t even bother to look up at her. When their eyes met, both of them remained expressionless.

At that moment, the noisy sounds from outside suddenly quieted down. This was quite unusual.

It was like in the classroom sometimes when classmates suddenly stopped talking altogether. The entire classroom fell into silence.

In scenes like these, there would be a sudden sound of footsteps, and that was exactly what happened. So everyone turned their gaze towards the entrance. Their eyes widened, and their hearts skipped a beat simultaneously!

Standing at the entrance was the extraordinary Zero. Such elegance could only be seen in anime.

Everyone couldn’t help but wonder if she had walked out of an anime as a beautiful girl! The entire room fell into silence for a few seconds.

Zero stood at the entrance, her face slightly blushing. From her perspective, she could see Chen Xing’s body but not his face. There was a girl standing in front of him, and from her back, she seemed quite beautiful!

Zero felt a twinge of jealousy in her heart…

She instinctively wanted to call out his name, but suddenly remembered that they both disguised themselves to hide their identities. If she called out Chen Xing’s name, wouldn’t it expose everything!

She didn’t know what to call him now. “Um…”

That was her catchphrase… Whenever she didn’t know what to do or felt a bit panicked, it would unconsciously slip out of her mouth. Just like the meow of a little kitten, it was a very soft voice.

Although the voice was small, in this silent environment, everyone heard it clearly!

The moment Chen Xing heard it, he knew Zero had returned. He immediately stopped looking at Su Xinyin. The expressionless face he had before now showed a smile.

He stood up immediately.

Su Xinyin was somewhat surprised to see him like this. Why did he suddenly smile? His gaze also changed.

Chen Xing’s eyes only radiated brilliance when looking at Zero!

When Chen Xing stood up, his height of 1.85 meters made his line of sight pass over Su Xinyin, who was 1.7 meters tall. He looked towards Zero at the door, and the smile on his face instantly froze!

It turned into shock…

His mouth slightly agape, “wth…”

Su Xinyin furrowed her eyebrows upon hearing that.

This was still the result of Chen Xing’s controlled behavior. He almost sprayed water from his mouth, speaking so eloquently!

Finally, the thousands of words in her heart condensed into one phrase:

“White hair is awesome!”

That was Chen Xing’s only thought at the moment!

Zero bit her lip, looking at the absent-minded Chen Xing with her beautiful eyes. Inner thoughts: Come on! Come on! Hurry up!

However, the expression of her biting her lip, in the eyes of the onlookers, was seen as bursting with a yandere aura!

Su Xinyin saw Chen Xing’s appearance and couldn’t help but turn her head to follow his line of sight.

Immediately, she discovered Zero with silver-white hair!

She also showed a surprised expression on her face. So beautiful!

At this moment, Chen Xing finally reacted and walked towards her with a smiling face. In the eyes of everyone in shock, he held Zero’s hand.

They then left this place.



After they left, the people in the classroom finally reacted and erupted into intense discussions.

“Who is that girl!?”

“Are they a couple!?”

“So heartbreakingly beautiful!”

Chen Xing walked quickly while holding Zero’s hand, leaving silence and silent shock in their wake.

Chen Xing was fine. He was just an ordinary sunny boy image, but he was liked by some people a little more.

On the other hand, Zero was a bit overwhelmed. Wherever she went, she attracted 100% of the attention.

She absolutely couldn’t have imagined that after becoming popular due to a sudden rise in fame, she would once again gain popularity in such a short time!

Photos were taken and quickly spread within the academy’s network. Faster than before, more people knew about it.

The previous rise to fame might have been limited to certain rankings. People who didn’t watch live streams, especially those below A-rank, might not have known her. But this time, the entire academy would know!

Not only that, when everyone started browsing the academy’s forum at night. It would become even livelier. People had already started launching polls: Academy Goddess Su Xinyin vs. Mysterious Beauty!

Who is more beautiful?

“Um… Chen Xing…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Stop rubbing my head…”

“Oh… sorry.” This guy has been rubbing Zero’s little head while walking.

Chen Xing reluctantly withdrew his hand.

He looked at Zero beside him, feeling like he couldn’t get enough of her. The silver hair suited her so well! The more he looked, the more he liked it. As he kept looking, he couldn’t help but want to rub it.

Once he started rubbing, he couldn’t stop!

Everyone looked at them with envy. They also wanted to rub it…

“Can we walk a little faster?”

“No problem.”

So, under everyone’s gaze, Chen Xing picked up Zero and started running. They headed straight for Xue Bufu’s office.

Inside the office, Xue Bufu was packing up his things, preparing to go to class. Suddenly, his hand trembled, and things fell to the ground. Helplessly, he muttered, “Strange, why do I feel so anxious today?”

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