How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 42 – Xue Bufu Who Is Not Convinced

Chen Xing carried Zero and quickly rushed to the entrance of Xue Bufu’s office following the map instructions. Just as he was about to carry Zero inside, she suddenly spoke up, “Chen… Chen Xing…”


Chen Xing looked down and almost had a nosebleed!

At this moment, Zero was in his arms, holding the front and back of her skirt tightly, trying her best to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. The dress Chen Xing bought for her was too short.

But it did look really nice…

Because she didn’t have hands to spare, and due to Chen Xing’s fast running, her top had ridden up a bit, revealing her snow-white little belly…

She blushed profusely while looking at Chen Xing.

Combined with the makeup Chen Xing had applied for her, she had an adorable and pitiful appearance.

His nosebleed was about to gush out!

“Let… me down…”

Chen Xing quickly put her down this time, afraid that his nosebleed would actually start…

He instinctively touched his nose and looked at his hand, fortunately, no blood had flowed.

“Um…” Zero quickly adjusted her top and pulled the front and back of her skirt.

She kept her head down, not daring to look at Chen Xing.

Chen Xing gently touched her head and whispered, “Let’s go…”


He had unintentionally given Zero a psychological trauma just now, so as they walked, she naturally placed her hands behind her back. She used her hands to press down on the back of her skirt, preventing any sudden gusts of wind…

She didn’t even give him a hand to hold.

Chen Xing couldn’t help but laugh and cry, “Should I cover you?”

“No way…”

Chen Xing smiled, took Zero’s hand, and walked into the office.

At that moment, Xue Bufu had just finished packing up and was carrying a bunch of things, ready to leave.

He saw Chen Xing and Zero approaching him. When he saw Zero, his eyes lit up, but he didn’t linger with his gaze. He moved to the side, intending to go around them.

He didn’t recognize the two of them!

“Old Xue… Oops! Teacher Xue,” Zero greeted him in a low voice next to Chen Xing.

“Teacher Xue…”

Xue Bufu looked at them somewhat surprised and asked, “Hmm? Are you looking for me?”

Seeing that he didn’t recognize them, Chen Xing stifled a laugh and wanted to tease him, “Hello, Teacher Xue. My name is Cheng Xin. The Dean asked me to find you.”

Xue Bufu looked at him, thinking to himself: Coincidence? This name… Is he serious?

Little Zero thought that Chen Xing intentionally didn’t use their real names when addressing Xue Bufu.

She began brainstorming…What should I call myself?

Xue Bufu nodded, “Newcomer? What rank?”

Inwardly, he couldn’t help but feel amazed. Why were all the new students coming in pairs lately? That dog food couple hasn’t even arrived yet, and now another couple!

“Rank B.”

“Alright, I happen to be going to the B-rank class for a lesson. Just come with me.”

As he glanced at Zero, she became flustered. She hadn’t decided on a name yet!

After looking at her for a moment, Xue Bufu felt a sense of familiarity. “Wait a minute, I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before…”

“Um…” Zero blurted out in panic…

Suddenly, Xue Bufu remembered! That shy girl who could only make “Um…” sounds and couldn’t speak.

“You are Zero?”

“I… I’m not!” Zero was completely panicked!

Oh no… Did I ruin Chen Xing’s plan!?

“I… I am Zero’s sister! I’m called… One!”

“Hahaha…” Chen Xing couldn’t hold it in anymore and burst into laughter.

Xue Bufu had a vein popping on his forehead! Believe it or not, not a chance! Why don’t you call yourself zero point five?

Knowing that the two were Chen Xing and Zero, Xue Bufu’s inner turmoil calmed down. Come on… let the storm be more intense, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’ll leave it up to fate!

Just as he had adjusted his mindset and was about to speak, facing these two, he saw Chen Xing burst into laughter and ruffle Zero’s cute little head, then bent down and kissed her on the head.

“Hahaha… You’re so adorable.”

“Um… Stop ruffling my head!”

Xue Bufu: ???

The mindset he had just adjusted instantly collapsed! My fate is not in my hands!

I, Xue Bufu, refuse to accept it!

He must deal with this unruly couple!

In an unfriendly tone, he asked, “How did you two end up like this?”

“Oh, there was a name that became popular this morning, so we wanted to be low-key. From now on, I’ll be called Cheng Xin, and she’ll be called Ling Ling.”

Xue Bufu nodded, “Let’s go.”

After saying that, he simply bypassed the two of them, carrying his things, and walked out of the door.

Once again, he recited the nine-word mantra: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!

The two of them walked behind, laughing as they went.

“Chen Xing… Stop ruffling my head!… Shouldn’t you help Teacher Xue? He’s carrying a lot of things!”

“Yeah, I forgot.”

Xue Bufu: …

“Teacher Xue…”

Chen Xing was about to speak, but Xue Bufu interrupted him directly. “No need!”

“Oh…” Chen Xing didn’t mind and looked at Zero instead.

“Then can I carry you?”

Xue Bufu: …

Zero was scared and quickly moved aside, holding the back of her skirt to cover her rear, keeping her distance from Chen Xing.

“No, no!”

Chen Xing smiled and asked, “Do you want to change into a longer skirt? This one is indeed too short.”

“Yes! Yes!”

After moving to a new home, Zero wanted to make the house more cozy, so she transferred all the clothes stored in the system into the wardrobe in her room. The entire wardrobe was filled.

Not a single piece left in the system. She regretted it now!

She should have kept a few items in the system. The outfit she wore today couldn’t be worn again. If she did, she would be easily recognized, and her makeup had faded. So she had no choice but to wear this short skirt, with no other options.

Actually, it wasn’t that short, but Zero was too shy. At first, she didn’t realize it, but after being carried by Chen Xing, it left a shadow on her.

Seeing her anxiousness, Chen Xing said to Xue Bufu, “Teacher Xue, where is the classroom? We’ll go there ourselves later.”

“B Zone, Building 3, 11th floor, Class B1.”


After Xue Bufu left the two of them, he was very speechless along the way.

But when he thought about it, once he reached the classroom, he would have his fellow classmates to share his agony. His heart immediately felt much better.

When Xue Bufu entered the classroom, the students immediately quieted down. There was still some authority that Teacher Xue had among the other students. No one dared to speak when they saw his gloomy face.

Then he spoke calmly: “Today, we will go to the combat arena for practical combat skills.”

The students underground immediately began to wail:

“Oh no! Again!?”

“Who upset Teacher Xue this time? Is he taking it out on us again?!”

“I just broke my bone a few days ago, and it hasn’t healed properly yet! I’m going to cry.”

Xue Bufu taught practical combat skills.

His fighting skills were formidable. He was well-known in the country for his martial arts!

Although he was a Rank A Spirit Master, but if we exclude his power and focus solely on martial arts skills, he could teach anyone in the academy. That’s why he was one of the few teachers in the academy who could teach all levels.

The students of the Training Academy were no weaklings when it came to close combat, and that was mainly due to his efforts. There were only a few people who weren’t beaten into shape by him.

His class was, in one word, brutal!

He would lecture while inflicting punishment. Today… he wanted to thoroughly teach Chen Xing a lesson!

So, he had to arrange a practical combat skills class. Xue Bufu had already thought of a hundred ways to torment Chen Xing in his heart.

As he imagined it, a sinister smile gradually appeared on his face.

Chen Xing…

If I don’t make you crawl on the ground today, then my name is not Xue!

To the students, this smile seemed scarier than a demon.

“Why is Teacher Xue smiling like that? It’s terrifying!”

“Oh my god… Can I take a leave? I suddenly have a bad feeling.”

“I’ll book a hospital bed. Does anyone want to join me? Discounted rates!”

“Me, me, me! Help me book one too.”

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