How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 43 – Group Crit

While everyone was wailing, Chen Xing and Zero arrived at the entrance.

“Teacher Xue, we’re here.”

As soon as Chen Xing spoke, he caught everyone’s attention.

“Wow! They’re back!”

“My goddess is back!”

“Why did she change her skirt? She looks so beautiful in the new one!”

“Oh no, they’re holding hands! Are they really a couple!?”

Su Xinyin was still surprised to see Zero. She didn’t get a clear look last time, but this time she carefully observed.

She couldn’t help but marvel in her heart—Zero was truly beautiful!

“Let’s go! Everyone, follow me to the combat arena!”

As his words fell, everyone recalled their fear of Xue Bufu once again. That fear was so overwhelming that even the beauty of Zero couldn’t suppress it!

“OH NO!”

Everyone followed Xue Bufu with an exaggerated expression of fear. Walking slowly, they wailed behind him.

Su Xinyin usually walked at the back. Now, the ones at the back were Zero and Chen Xing.

Out of humanitarianism, they chose not to walk in front. Instead, they held hands and walked at the back.

However, unable to resist looking back, the people in front still ended up eating dog food. Every time they turned around, they saw them either patting each other’s heads or Zero blushed and looked at Chen Xing with a shy, seductive gaze.

Every time the crowd saw Zero like this, they couldn’t help but feel emotional: This guy must have saved the world in his past life!

Zero and Chen Xing spoke in low voices, so the others couldn’t hear what they were saying. Otherwise, they would surely draw their swords.

And not far ahead, Su Xinyin’s face was already red!

She had never heard such lewd words (sweet nothings)! It was simply unbearable to hear (her face flushed, heart racing)! She wished she were deaf right now (rubbing the back of her head)!

Oh my… What on earth are they talking about! What black stockings? What white stockings? What sleeping together?

Suddenly, Zero lowered her voice and said angrily: “Hey!… Stop patting! Mmm…”

“Haha! Just a little pat!”

“Sniff… You’re bullying me!”

“Don’t cry, don’t cry!”

Zero: “Then don’t pat anymore!”

“Okay, I won’t pat until bedtime!”

“No! I hate you! Hmph!”

They were speaking in very low voices! No one else could hear them. But Su Xinyin perked up her ears to listen.

People are strange, aren’t they? They say they don’t want to listen, but their ears stand taller than anyone else’s.

Su Xinyin: What are they patting?! What are they doing? Oh my, they can’t be patting…

Then Su Xinyin glanced down at herself…

“Whoosh!” And she had the same blushing face as Zero. Her face turned red from head to neck!

She couldn’t focus on what Zero and Chen Xing were saying anymore.

Finally, everyone arrived at the combat arena. Su Xinyin positioned herself far away from Chen Xing and Zero this time. After all, it was almost time for lunch after this class.

She was already feeling a bit full even before eating!

Chen Xing and Zero found a spot at the back as usual. Then Xue Bufu’s loud voice rang out:

“Next, I’ll choose two people to demonstrate the action techniques as I instruct.”

“Then I’ll practice one-on-one with each of you!”

After he finished speaking, everyone silently prayed in their hearts: Don’t pick me! Don’t call my name! Please!

After scanning everyone with a fake expression, Xue Bufu said: “We have two new students today, as you all can see.”

“Come, let’s invite the two new students to step forward.”

As he spoke, everyone took a step sideways, creating a path. All eyes were fixed on the two people at the back.

Due to the path in the middle, Xue Bufu immediately spotted Chen Xing and Zero. He became so enraged that his face turned green on the spot!

“Umm… Umm… Stop… stop patting!” Zero grabbed Chen Xing’s arm with both hands and frantically tried to avoid it. But no matter how she dodged, she couldn’t escape.

With Zero’s appearance and her charming and delicate makeup, it gave people a strange itch and a feeling of irresistible attraction.

While feeling that strange itch, the boys present all showed eyes filled with resentment. In their hearts, they silently cursed: How dare he treat my goddess like this!

Ah! But the goddess is still so adorable, I’m dying…

“Cough, cough!” Xue Bufu suddenly coughed loudly.

That brought the two back from their own world. Chen Xing still had his hand on top of Zero’s head, but he turned his head and looked at everyone with a puzzled expression.

Everyone’s thoughts: ???

What are you confused about!?

“Umm… Let go quickly!” Zero exerted force and quickly separated from Chen Xing while he was distracted. Blushing, she stood to the side and pretended to be angry as she looked at him.

But then, she suddenly noticed…

Everyone was looking at her. Instantly, she became nervous!

Um… Chen Xing… help…

So she blushed and returned to Chen Xing’s side, hugging his arm and placing it in front of her to block herself from view. She didn’t want anyone to see her.

Her appearance was just too adorable! Everyone present, including Chen Xing, was overwhelmed by her cuteness!


【 Ding~ Congratulations, Host! Due to your wife being too adorable, you have caused a group critical hit damage to a total of 1.2 million people! (Including the previous match broadcast) 】

【 Obtained title: ‘Moe Lord!’ . When the Moe Lord is present, all attributes are increased by 20%! 】

【 Rewards: Spirit Points: 1 million, Crystal Coins: 1 million, Gift: Moe Lord Exclusive Gift Pack. The title can be upgraded. Next level: Moe King! 】

Chen Xing looked at Zero, who was hugging his arm, and couldn’t help but feel emotional: This little girl, no matter how heavy her makeup or her charming appearance, she’s still so adorable!

“You two!” Xue Bufu had a helpless expression. “Come here! Demonstrate some combat moves!”

Chen Xing furrowed his brows and thought to himself: What’s this? A demonstration of combat moves?

You want my adorable wife to demonstrate combat moves?

This is simply outrageous!

Seeing that Chen Xing didn’t move, Xue Bufu raised an eyebrow: “Come on!”

“Let’s go, Chen… Cheng Xin!”

Chen Xing reluctantly led Zero forward. She held onto Chen Xing’s arm, her face slightly blushing. Under the gaze of everyone, the two slowly walked forward.

These two, with their outstanding looks and talents, exuded an aura that made the glass floor they walked on feel like a red carpet!

According to the descriptions of the victims at the time:

I was in class, but it felt like I was attending a wedding for a new couple.

Chen Xing didn’t think too much about it, but he found it somewhat strange: What’s up with this Xue Bufu? This guy, is he intentionally messing with me? I don’t remember doing anything to him…

After the two reached the front, Xue Bufu casually said: “Let me introduce, this is Cheng Xin!”

“And this is Zero… um… Zero’s sister! Ling Ling.”

Everyone: “Zero’s sister! The sister of that SSS-grade Spirit!?”

“Zero is the cute girl from the morning livestream! Oh my goodness, both sisters are so beautiful!”

“What kind of genetic lineage is this!?”

Xue Bufu coughed a few times, stopping everyone from continuing the discussion, and calmly said: “You two, stand facing each other!”

“Oh.” Chen Xing helplessly faced Zero, and Zero was also somewhat confused.

Chen Xing’s confusion was: What’s up with Xue Bufu?

Zero’s confusion was: How do I do the demonstration? I don’t know!

Xue Bufu walked to the middle of the two of them. He placed his hand behind his back and calmly said: “Stand closer, a distance of ten centimeters.”

“Oh!” So Chen Xing took a step forward and stood directly in front of Zero, ten centimeters away. Chen Xing was more than a head taller than Zero. He stood in front of her, and she reached just to his chest, unable to see anything.

Ten centimeters, just the distance of a punch. If Zero’s petite nose leaned forward a bit, it would touch Chen Xing’s chest.!

Subconsciously, Zero lifted her little head and looked at him. But with such a close distance, Zero’s small head had to tilt back quite high.

Chen Xing looked at her with a smile on his face. He really wanted to hug her in his arms. But he didn’t, after all, they were doing a demonstration!

Meanwhile, Zero, because she had been tilting her head up for a long time, lost her balance a bit. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew~

“Whoosh~” It blew from behind Zero.

With that blow, she lost her balance! She fell forward.

“Um…” Her delicate pointed chin landed on Chen Xing’s chest.

Chen Xing let out a muffled chuckle, his lips holding back a smile. He thought to himself: So this is… the feeling of being struck in the heart?

Everyone: ???

Zero quickly realized what happened and blushed when she thought about everyone watching. She quickly pushed Chen Xing away and stood properly, not daring to look up this time. Keeping her head tilted up for so long indeed made it easy to lose balance.

Xue Bufu spoke coldly: “Next, I will explain how to defend against an opponent’s knee strike targeting a vulnerable spot on a male.”

Chen Xing: ???

Then, Xue Bufu looked at Zero: “Ling Ling.”

“Huh?” Both Zero and Chen Xing turned to look at him.

“Can you do a knee strike?”

“Um… I can’t.”

“Heh… it’s okay, I’ll teach you! Come on! Follow my lead!”


“Raise your right leg like me, lift your knee with all your strength! Lift it up!”

As he said that, he demonstrated a fierce knee strike. If that strike hit a vulnerable spot, the person hit would definitely become a fearless hero without courage!

Chen Xing watched with a puzzled expression. What was Xue Bufu doing?

Suddenly, he thought of Zero. She was standing just ten centimeters away from him, and if she followed along…

Sure enough, little Zero, because she was completely focused on following his lead, imitated Xue Bufu’s posture and raised her knee forcefully.

It aimed straight for Chen Xing’s vulnerable spot!

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