How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 44- Are You Sure?

Chen Xing suddenly looked down.

He saw Zero’s slender leg, dressed in black stockings, already lifted up and about to strike his vulnerable spot in the next moment. Instead of using his hands to block, he lightly shifted his stance and sidestepped, easily evading the attack.

At such a close distance, if Xue Bufu suddenly made a move, he might not have enough time to react. After all, Xue Bufu, as an A-ranked Spirit Master, surpassed him in speed and strength.

Although Chen Xing had quick reflexes, he wouldn’t have time to dodge. But in the case of Zero, if she could still land a hit despite early warning… then is he still worthy of having the world’s fastest reaction speed?

“Um…” After Chen Xing dodged Zero’s knee strike, her leg was still ascending and about to descend.

Chen Xing smiled and reached out his hand, placing it under her leg, gently catching her slender leg, and pulling her into his arms. The intriguing sensation of her black stockings against his hand made him involuntarily give it a gentle squeeze, leaving no trace.

Zero’s leg tickled, and she couldn’t help but let out a muffled moan. “Mm-hmm…”

Chen Xing’s heart trembled upon hearing that!

Everyone: ???

Did I just hear something!

“Um…” Zero also realized that she couldn’t hold back the strange sound she made earlier. Her face turned as red as if blood were about to drip.

Seeing this, Chen Xing gently released her leg, fearing that this little girl might faint any moment.

“Um…” Zero stood beside Chen Xing, feeling a bit at a loss. She was about to slip away again.

Chen Xing smiled and patted her head, softly comforting her, “It’s okay, don’t be afraid.”

Zero nodded silently without saying a word.

Xue Bufu sighed repeatedly in his heart. He actually missed! What a pity!

Chen Xing furrowed his brows and looked at Xue Bufu with a strange expression on his face.

He was already quite certain that Xue Bufu definitely wanted to mess with him. Although he didn’t know how he had offended him, but if he wanted to play, then Chen Xing would definitely accompany him!

With a smile on his face, he looked at Xue Bufu and said, “Teacher Xue, how about we practice together?”

The crowd was shocked in their hearts and immediately started discussing:

“Is he seeking death!?”

“He actually dares to practice alone with Teacher Xue?”

“Shouldn’t we take care of the newcomer and book a hospital bed for him first?”

“Teacher Xue! Beat him up and restore our reputation!”

“That’s right!”

Xue Bufu felt delighted in his heart and raised an eyebrow, saying, “Alright, how do you want to practice?”

He didn’t expect that Chen Xing would take the initiative to offer himself.

At this moment, two familiar figures appeared in the combat arena.

Yun Xinghai and his Spirit User, Gu Meow Meow. The two of them were searching for Chen Xing.

“Weird! Where did he run off, meow~”

Yun Xinghai looked around but didn’t see Chen Xing among the group led by Xue Bufu. Feeling a bit disappointed, he was ready to leave.

At this moment, Chen Xing said to Xue Bufu, “Since it’s a combat skills class, let’s practice combat skills! Pure technique, no use of strength, just scoring hits.”

Chen Xing certainly wouldn’t be foolish enough to compete in strength with Xue Bufu. With his battle power of several hundred thousand, a single punch could send him flying.

“Oh? Sure, come.” Saying that, Xue Bufu extended his hand.

Upon hearing Chen Xing’s voice, Yun Xinghai’s figure abruptly halted. He turned around and looked at Cheng Xin (Chen Xing) in disbelief, unable to help but rub his eyes and take a closer look.

Who was this person? Why did his voice sound so much like Chen Xing’s?

“Meow Meow… let’s go over and take a look.”

“Xinghai? Why are you here?” Xue Bufu looked at him with some surprise.

“Brother Xue! I came to find someone, you can continue.”

“Oh, who are you looking for? Someone from our class?”

Yun Xinghai nodded, then looked at Chen Xing, who had changed his appearance with disguising magic.

“I’m looking for Chen Xing!”

“Chen Xing?” Xue Bufu discreetly glanced at Chen Xing. Yun Xinghai had been staring at him all along.

But Chen Xing’s expression remained unchanged, as if this matter had nothing to do with him. Yun Xinghai couldn’t help but feel puzzled in his heart:

Yun Xinghai felt somewhat puzzled: Could it be that I misheard? That shouldn’t be! I’m certain that I wouldn’t mistake his voice.

Chen Xing, on the other hand, felt speechless in his heart: Why are you looking for me? Go play somewhere else!

How did he wake up so quickly? If I had known, I would have gone all out from the start! I was careless!

Seeing that Chen Xing didn’t reveal his true identity, Xue Bufu didn’t mention it either. He calmly said to Chen Xing, “Come!”

Saying that, one hand behind his back extended forward.

Chen Xing narrowed his eyes upon seeing this. He understood exactly what Xue Bufu’s gesture meant. It meant that he would use only one hand!

The training would be focused on pure technique, with no powerful strikes involved. It would be a training based on reaction speed, speed, and proficiency in technique.

And Xue Bufu daring to have Chen Xing use only one hand was enough to prove his confidence!

Chen Xing smiled and said nothing.

He assumed the same posture.

Upon seeing this, the people present furrowed their brows simultaneously.

“How can this person be so ignorant?”

“Teacher Xue used one hand, and he also used one hand? What does that mean?”

“He’s really arrogant! I remember his name is Cheng Xin, right? He’s not even on the rankings!”

“He’s probably one of those ranked beyond tens of thousands!”

Yun Xinghai heard this but still looked at Chen Xing and thought, “He’s called Cheng Xin? Cheng Xin… Chen Xing?”

Immediately, he shook his head. It must be a coincidence! The two of them look completely different. But since he’s here, let’s see how Teacher Xue educates this arrogant student!


The hands of the two collided, producing a crisp sound. The hits were limited to light touches, ending as soon as they made contact.

Chen Xing’s first move was just a probe, not very fast. Then, it was like the beat of an accelerating drum. The sounds of the collision between the two became increasingly intense.

The combat arena resounded with a series of intense strikes.

The mouths of the onlookers gradually widened as they stared in astonishment at Chen Xing and Xue Bufu! The speed of their movements had become so fast that it was difficult for everyone to see clearly!

Combat skills encompassed a wide range, including leg techniques, fist techniques, body techniques, and technical skills. All the techniques used for close-quarters combat could be called combat skills.

Chen Xing and Xue Bufu crazily changed their techniques and skillfully countered each other’s moves. All their actions seemed to be instinctive responses of the body, flowing naturally and smoothly!

At this moment, Chen Xing still had a smile on his face. Compare combat skills with him?

He had been practicing various combat skills in the virtual simulations within the system space every day. Was he afraid of a Xue Bufu?

Although he couldn’t match Xue Bufu in terms of strength and speed, when it came to technique, no one could surpass him. Those techniques were ingrained in his instincts!

A master of combat skills, in the later stages, mostly relied on the instinctive reactions of the body in battle. It was like touching a needle with your finger and instinctively retracting it.

Xue Bufu became more and more shocked as the fight went on!

The reason he was so confident before the fight was because he believed that Chen Xing, at such a young age, couldn’t have developed those techniques into instinctive reactions.

To turn learned techniques into instinctive reactions, it required extensive practice and combat sparring! For someone as young as Chen Xing, it was almost impossible to achieve.

It wasn’t just Chen Xing’s age; even Xue Bufu in his thirties found it rare to develop instinctive reactions. Among his peers, very few could achieve such instinctive reactions.

And it was because he was the first among the countless combat skills geniuses of his age to develop instinctive reactions that he had such high achievements in the field of combat skills.

But what he didn’t expect was that this 18-year-old teenager in front of him could also do it!

At this moment, Xue Bufu felt as if he was sparring with a grandmaster of combat skills.

He had a strange feeling that it wasn’t him teaching Chen Xing, but Chen Xing teaching him!

Although the two of them were constantly exchanging attacks, countering each other’s moves, but at some point, he realized that he was already being led around by Chen Xing.

Every move and technique seemed to be within Chen Xing’s calculations!

To the point that before he could even make a move, Chen Xing was already blocking his intended path.

So the more Xue Bufu fought, the more frustrated he became. He suddenly realized that when it came to combat skills and techniques, he couldn’t actually defeat the young man in front of him!

Xue Bufu exclaimed in disbelief, “How is this possible!?”

Chen Xing smiled and said, “Nothing is impossible. Do you want to try with both hands?”


Suddenly, both of them retreated at the same time, creating some distance between them. Xue Bufu frowned and looked at him with seriousness, while Chen Xing had a smile on his face.

After a while, Xue Bufu’s expression turned grave as he said, “Show me your full strength.”

He even doubted now that Chen Xing, out of consideration for his own face, hadn’t used his full power. Otherwise, he would have been defeated countless times by Chen Xing using various techniques and in various positions.

The people present were all astonished!

Wasn’t what he displayed just now his full strength?

Chen Xing suddenly smiled and asked, “Are you sure?”

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