How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 45- Make Them Fall

Xue Bufu’s gaze hardened.


“Alright!” As soon as the words fell, Chen Xing shot forward explosively. The two of them were not far apart and he instantly arrived in front of Xue Bufu.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Two punches and a kick clashed three times.

Xue Bufu felt as if the ground beneath his feet disappeared. The world began to spin, and a heavy impact struck his back. Facing the blue sky, he fell down.

Everyone was stunned!

Their jaws almost dropped to the ground in astonishment. The combat master of the Training Academy actually fell!

Even Zero couldn’t believe it as she looked at Chen Xing.

Xue Bufu didn’t fall heavily, but he didn’t get up either. Looking at the blue sky above, he began to doubt his life. Were the combat techniques I learned in the past all fake? Under this kid’s hands, I couldn’t even withstand three moves?

After a while, he sighed. He was tired and didn’t feel like getting up.

Chen Xing helplessly smiled when he saw this and turned to walk towards Zero. She stared blankly as he approached, without any reaction.

Chen Xing chuckled and immediately took the opportunity to pick her up again! “Um!… You… um… there are so many people!”

Looking at her shy appearance, Chen Xing leaned close to her ear and said, “It’s okay, you’re the only one in my eyes.”


At that moment, Yun Xinghai finally confirmed that the person in front of him was indeed Chen Xing!

This scent, identifying the true identity based on the smell of dog food!

“Master!” Yun Xinghai suddenly shouted towards Chen Xing.

Chen Xing didn’t react, but Zero did. She poked her head out from Chen Xing’s embrace and looked at Yun Xinghai. She realized that he was the young man who had been hit on the head earlier in the morning.

“Oh? It’s you?” Yun Xinghai was momentarily surprised when he saw Zero, as she looked different from the morning.

After realizing it, he suddenly exclaimed, “Greetings, Master’s wife!”

“Ah!? Master… Master’s wife?! Um… I’m not…”

The people present looked at Yun Xinghai with a puzzled expression.

“This Cheng Xin is actually Yun Xinghai’s master?”

“Yun Xinghai? The genius youth who jumped from rank 13 to rank B? 64,000 battle power at 14 years old!”

“With such an amazing master, no wonder!”

Even Xue Bufu on the ground couldn’t help but turn his head and look at Yun Xinghai in surprise.

Chen Xing looked at Yun Xinghai with a strange expression. “What do you mean?”


“Who is your master?”

“You are!” Yun Xinghai looked at Chen Xing with determination.

It made Chen Xing start to doubt himself, but he understood in the next moment. This young man must have been subdued by him and wanted to become his disciple.

Take on a disciple? That’s impossible. Chen Xing didn’t have that kind of time.

He glanced at Yun Xinghai coldly. “Don’t bother me.”

“Yes, Master!” Having said that, Yun Xinghai turned and left.

Gu Meow Meow next to him was filled with question marks, not understanding what Yun Xinghai was doing.

After walking a dozen meters, Yun Xinghai turned around again and stared at Chen Xing intently.

Chen Xing frowned slightly, not knowing what he was up to.

“What are you doing? Meow?”

“Master told me to go away and learn on my own, not to bother him!”


Everyone: ???

Chen Xing: I didn’t say that. Get lost!

Then Yun Xinghai stretched out his hands, imitating the way Chen Xing performed princess carry on Zero, and looked at Gu Meow Meow.

“Meow Meow, come here!”

“Meow?” Gu Meow Meow was first shocked, then a flush quickly climbed onto her face. “What are you trying to do…”

“We need to be like Master and Master’s wife! Only then can we become stronger!”

“Master always carries his wife. I guess this must be a cultivation method!”

“Come on!”

“Meow…” Gu Meow Meow bit her lip, blushing and feeling a bit at a loss.

“Come on! Don’t you want to become stronger and save your sister?”

“I… Fine!” With a blush on her face, she jumped into Yun Xinghai’s arms on her own.

Gu Meow Meow blushed and asked, “Is it heavy?”

“It’s… heavy.”


“Cough cough… heavy my foot!”

Everyone: …

Chen Xing looked helpless, rolled his eyes, and stopped paying attention to him.

Turning around with Zero in his arms, he looked at Xue Bufu on the ground and said, “Old Xue… cough, Teacher Xue, can we leave now?” Implicit meaning: Is there nothing left for me to do? I want to go home!

“No! You can’t leave. I have a broken bone.”

Chen Xing: ???

“What a guy! Trying to deceive me, huh? No more face left for me!?” Of course, he didn’t have a broken bone. He just felt tired and didn’t want to get up. “You take over the remaining classes for me. Help me continue, and make each person fall ten times!”

“After the falls, class is over!”

The students immediately began to wail after hearing this!

Are you kidding? Old Xue can’t even defeat this person, and now he wants this guy to make them fall ten times? Their bones would be shattered!


“No, Teacher Xue! Please get up quickly!”

“Teacher Xue! Come on, you can do it! Get up!”

Xue Bufu closed his eyes and said calmly, “Stop the nonsense and get on with it.”

“Su Xinyu, you go first.”

“Ah?” Su Xinyu was puzzled. Why was she the first?

She absolutely couldn’t imagine that Xue Bufu didn’t know the names of the other students.

The students present all looked at Su Xinyu. After seeing Zero, looking at Su Xinyu no longer gave them the same feeling as before. The once-campus beauty seemed to have become ordinary.

“Hurry up!” Xue Bufu lay on the ground, urging without even lifting his eyelids.

Su Xinyu gritted her teeth and slowly walked up to Chen Xing and Zero.

“Um…” As Zero watched Su Xinyu approach and saw her face clearly, her inner voice exclaimed: she’s really beautiful!

The next moment, she raised her head to see how Chen Xing would react to such a beautiful girl.

Chen Xing furrowed his brow, looking helpless as he stared at Su Xinyu. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Zero looking up at him.

He lowered his head, and his furrowed brow instantly relaxed, revealing a bright and clear expression. It was only when he looked at Zero that he would fully display his tenderness!

He smiled and asked, “What’s wrong?” Then he quickly kissed her on the forehead.

Zero opened her beautiful eyes, a soft light shining within them, feeling both happy and shy. She shook her head. “It’s nothing!”

Then she simply buried herself in Chen Xing’s arms, enjoying his warm embrace. Her heart was already blooming with joy: Yayy~!

The corners of Chen Xing’s mouth gently lifted as he looked up at Su Xinyu again.

Just like a Sichuan opera face-changing act, the smile on his face disappeared completely! Chen Xing’s lips gently curled upwards as he looked up at Su Xinyu.

Su Xinyu lightly bit her lip, her heart racing!

It was the first time in her life that she had encountered such a man! In his eyes, she felt as if she wasn’t even a person.

Chen Xing just glanced at her and then looked at Xue Bufu on the ground. “Are you serious?”

“Of course! Make them fall hard! It’s better for them to learn some techniques.”

“Fine…” Then he turned to Su Xinyu and said calmly, “Come on, I’m in a hurry.”

“Chen… Cheng Xin!”

Zero in his arms suddenly spoke up. “I’ll go down first…”

“It’s okay, you can rest for a while. It will be fine soon.”

Everyone’s thoughts: Why does that line sound so familiar?

They all watched the live broadcast in the morning, where there was a couple. In front of over a million viewers, in the same posture, with the same tone, they said the same words!

“Um… can you put me down…” Zero blinked her azure blue eyes and suddenly started to act spoiled and cute!

“Cough…” Zero thought that by acting spoiled, Chen Xing would give in and put her down. But instead, Chen Xing coughed twice and looked up without even looking at her.

Facing Su Xinyu, he said lightly, “Come on, I’m in a hurry!”

In Chen Xing’s arms, Zero felt disappointed that her act of spoiling didn’t work, and she pouted her lips. Hmm… why doesn’t acting spoiled work anymore!

Could it be that he no longer feels anything when I act spoiled… No, I’ll have to try again tonight!

As for Su Xinyu, she had never experienced such humiliation in her life!

Chen Xing’s attitude towards her made her increasingly angry. Just after sweetly talking to Zero, he turned around and did a complete 180-degree change in attitude, looking at her coldly.

It felt like being fed dog food on one side and slapped in the face on the other! Who could bear that?

The other people nearby looked at her and felt a bit sorry for her. At this moment, her slender hands were tightly clenched into fists out of anger. She bit her lip and didn’t say a word.

She directly launched a full-force attack against Chen Xing, who was holding Zero!

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