How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 46- Capture The Ringleader

Zero looked at Su Xinyu’s fast approaching fist, although the target was not her, she still closed her eyes in fright.

However, Chen Xing didn’t dodge or evade. His shoulder shook as he directly met the punch!

“Bang!” Su Xinyu’s fist hit Chen Xing’s broad shoulder. She felt a numbness in her hand and lost focus…

Her fist remained in front of his shoulder as Chen Xing pushed forward. This caused her body to momentarily lose balance, followed by her legs being swept away.

“Ah!” Su Xinyu fell down and cried out in pain.

“Wow… such a powerful blow… he didn’t show any mercy to the campus belle!”

“Tsk tsk… I have to say, I feel like he went a bit easier compared to Teacher Xue!”

“I feel the same! That’s great, no need to go to the hospital.”

“She’s the campus belle, that’s why it’s light. Once it’s your turn, he’ll break all of you!”


Indeed, Chen Xing went a bit easier on her because she was a girl.

When Su Xinyu heard these words, she didn’t feel honored. She only felt humiliated! Gritting her teeth, she stood up and said, “Come again!”

Her originally pleasant voice had become low and deep.




… This repeated several times.

The tenth time was the last time.

Those around couldn’t bear to watch anymore and turned their heads away. Some even recorded it with their Spirit Systems.

Su Xinyu’s previously clean school uniform was now wrinkled and covered in dust. Her hair was disheveled and there was no time to tidy it up. She looked as if she had been doing heavy labor all day and had just returned.

When everyone thought she would get up again, she kept her head down and didn’t stand up even after a long time.

Chen Xing looked at her helplessly, thinking to himself: Don’t blame me, blame Xue Bufu if you have to.

Suddenly, the voice of the system sounded:

【 Ding ~ Congratulations, host, achievement unlocked: “Flower Destroyer!” Unlock conditions: Make a school-level beauty with at least 1 million followers cry from being beaten up. 】

【 Rewards: Spirit Points: 5 million. Crystal Coins: 10 million 】

“She’s crying?” Chen Xing looked at Su Xinyu, who was bowing her head, in surprise.

“Um…” Zero, in Chen Xing’s arms, looked at her with some concern and said, “Are you okay?”

“Drip…” Tears fell on the glass floor, creating splashes.

Everyone present fell silent.

“Drip… drip…”

“…” Xue Bufu was also speechless, wondering why she was crying.

Su Xinyu herself didn’t know why!

She wasn’t crying because she was in pain from being thrown.

She just felt humiliated. The guy in front of her had a sunny boy’s face but was doing all these dark deeds! Holding a beautiful girl in his arms, feeding her dog food, and then throwing her. It was a dual oppression and torment, both physically and mentally!

She had never felt so ashamed in her life! (She had never eaten such dog food!)

“Put me down…” Suddenly, Zero spoke up. She felt the need to comfort Su Xinyu.

Upon hearing this, Su Xinyu looked up and stared at Chen Xing intently.

Chen Xing was taken aback by her gaze and felt that he might have gone too far with the throwing.

Suddenly, the voice of the system sounded: 【Ding ~ Detected current spirit points: 130,025,000. Upgrade the Spirit System?】

The troubled expression on Chen Xing’s face disappeared, instantly replaced by a delighted smile!

He looked at Zero, but she still had a worried expression as she looked at Su Xinyu on the ground. Chen Xing found it strange that she had no reaction.

【 You wanted to surprise her, right? I temporarily blocked her from hearing the notification. 】

“Well done, bro!”

Su Xinyu saw Chen Xing’s smile and was momentarily stunned.

And it wasn’t just Su Xinyu who was stunned. All the boys in the room were stunned.

Su Xinyu was crying… Look at how happy he’s smiling?

“Um… you…” Zero suddenly raised her little hand and in front of everyone’s eyes, she lightly tapped Chen Xing’s head.

“Tap!” Chen Xing was suddenly tapped on the head, immediately snapping out of his joyful mood, and stared at Zero in a daze.

At this moment, Zero lifted her head, her pretty face showing some anger. “You made a girl cry! How can you smile!”

Her expression of sickly sweet anger sent a chill down everyone’s spines.

Sickly sweet yandere Zero is amazing!

Only then did Chen Xing realize that he had forgotten about Su Xinyu in his excitement about the upgrade. He awkwardly looked at her on the ground.

Su Xinyu was already so angry that she bit her lip, causing a trace of blood to seep out. Tears shimmered in her beautiful eyes as she quickly stood up. She threw another punch, aiming for Chen Xing’s face. She just wanted to punch his nose crooked!

Chen Xing easily tilted his head to dodge the attack, but he didn’t throw her down again.

Su Xinyu didn’t continue her assault either. After throwing that punch, although it didn’t hit, she let it go. She realized that she was no match for him and gracefully accepted her defeat. Her crying was her own business and had nothing to do with him.

At this moment, there was only a short distance between her and Chen Xing.

He could clearly see the tears on her face, which had already stopped flowing. She deeply looked at Chen Xing and then withdrew her fist. Without saying a word, she returned to the team.

Everyone remained silent, afraid to speak. They watched her quietly wipe away the traces of tears.

Chen Xing helplessly looked at Xue Bufu. “Should we continue?”

“Continue!” They were all boys behind, what was there to fear!

As he said that, he stood up and pointed at someone casually. “You, hurry up!”

Chen Xing reminded, “Aren’t you injured?”

“Just a minor injury!”

The boy trembled as he walked up to Chen Xing.

Chen Xing had no expression on his face and said, “Come on, I’m in a hurry.”

“Um… put me down…” Zero felt uneasy and wanted to go down.

Chen Xing looked at her and was about to say something when the guy in front suddenly moved.

He had no sense of honor! He wanted to launch a surprise attack while Chen Xing wasn’t paying attention!

He rushed forward, aiming for Zero in Chen Xing’s arms.

Capture the ringleader first!

“Ah!!!” Zero suddenly screamed. In order to prevent the guy from touching Zero, Chen Xing lifted her high above his head. She felt like she was flying!

“Bang!” Chen Xing kicked him away!

“Ah…” The guy lay on the ground, writhing in pain and howling. At least three ribs were fractured.

Xue Bufu raised an eyebrow when he saw this, “Ahem… be gentle!”

Chen Xing ignored him and held Zero high, casting a cold glance at the remaining people. As his gaze swept over them, everyone’s backs suddenly felt a chill. His meaning was clear: Who dares to touch her! Don’t blame me for being impolite!

Zero was still being held high by Chen Xing at this moment. Fortunately, she was wearing a long skirt, otherwise, everything would be exposed. Although she didn’t expose anything, she was still trembling in fear.

“Um… I’m scared… sob…” Chen Xing quickly put her back in his arms.

“Sob… I want to go down…” Helpless, he could only laugh as he set Zero aside.

With his hands free, Chen Xing coldly looked at everyone. Suddenly, everyone had a bad premonition.

Chen Xing said, “Teacher Xue, hurry up, I have things to do!”

“Okay, next one!”

In order to hurry home, Chen Xing suddenly became serious! As a result, every student was thrown around and felt dizzy and disoriented.

“Ah!” Pained cries echoed throughout the arena.

“Teacher Xue , please stand up! I’m begging you.”

“This isn’t a class! It’s just getting beaten up!”


Xue Bufu looked at the suffering students and had a satisfied smile on his face.

Soon, Chen Xing had the whole class lying on the ground.

Su Xinyu looked at the classmates rolling on the ground, howling in agony. Suddenly, she felt grateful that she was a girl.

“Can I leave now?” Chen Xing had already taken Zero’s hand.

Thinking that he was in a hurry to go home and spend time with Zero, Xue Bufu resentfully said, “Go ahead, I’ll send you the class schedule later.”

“Alright!” Chen Xing held Zero’s small hand and couldn’t help but smile. He was going home to level up with Zero!

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