How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 47- Million Streamer Gift Pack

Chen Xing held Zero’s small hand, with a smile on his face.

“Chen Xing… What are you smiling about?”

Zero’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts: “Oh, it’s nothing.”

Suddenly, he noticed someone following him. With a quick glance, he recognized two familiar figures. He looked slightly surprised: “Why is it these two again…”

Indeed, it was Yun Xinghai and Gu Meow Meow. The two were currently following not far behind Chen Xing.

Yun Xinghai and Gu Meow Meow got scared and instinctively stopped walking when they saw Chen Xing turn his head to look at them.

Chen Xing shook his head helplessly, not wanting to get too involved with them. He just wanted to go home now!

“Umm…” Zero suddenly felt her body lifted into the air and the next moment, she was already in Chen Xing’s arms. Drawing envious gazes from the surroundings!

“Tsk! Holding such an adorable sickly young loli, I wonder how it feels.”

“Aren’t they the two who suddenly became popular on the campus forum earlier?”

Chen Xing didn’t linger and quickly dashed off while holding Zero.

“Meow Meow!” Yun Xinghai called out, and Gu Meow Meow understood! She immediately transformed into the spirit cat, attaching herself to Yun Xinghai.

Yun Xinghai transformed into a cat-like form and swiftly chased after them. Otherwise, there was no way he could catch up!

In the cat form, Yun Xinghai’s speed was extremely fast, after all, the spirit cat amplified his speed significantly. Surprisingly, even then he was able to barely keep up with Chen Xing!

However, suddenly Chen Xing changed direction. He turned into a building. Yun Xinghai quickly followed but lost sight of the target. “So fast?”

“How could you possibly keep up with him, meow~”

“…” Yun Xinghai fell silent for a moment, sighed, and left the area.

He didn’t realize that Chen Xing was currently standing on a window on the fourth floor above him, holding Zero in his arms. The people in the classroom all turned their heads to look at the sudden appearance of these two. Their faces were filled with expressions of shock, mouths agape.

“Umm…” Zero, feeling embarrassed, squirmed in Chen Xing’s arms. She turned her head and buried her small face in his embrace. The back of her tiny head faced everyone.

Onlookers: Bro, where did you pick her up from!?

The girl closest to Chen Xing by the window was completely stunned! She was in the middle of a class when suddenly two people appeared on the fourth-floor window. Her heart almost stopped!

“Ahem… Sorry! Goodbye.” Afterward, Chen Xing let go of the window and free-fell with Zero.

Zero in Chen Xing’s arms felt like riding a bungee jump, experiencing ups and downs. She held onto his clothes tightly, feeling frightened.

“Bang!” They landed on the ground, and even the solid glass floor made a dull sound.

He ditched Yun Xinghai mainly because he was afraid of revealing his home address. When he was an assassin, Chen Xing was always cautious whenever he went home. If someone was tracking him, his life might be in danger during the night!

Even in this world, he continued with this good habit. Therefore, his actions along the way were quite complicated.

Zero felt dizzy and muddled, thinking to himself: Was it this troublesome when we went to the academy?

After such a detour, if Zero had a chance to walk back, she would definitely get lost.

“Tsk! Finally home, hehe!”

“Why are you smiling so sinisterly?” Seeing him smile like that, Zero couldn’t help but laugh.

Chen Xing playfully bit her little face.

“Um…” Zero used her small hands to push his face, urging him to stop. Although she pushed him, she still had a smile on her face…

The first thing they did when they arrived home was to help Zero remove her makeup. Cosmetics shouldn’t stay on the face for too long.

Chen Xing sat on the sofa, holding her in his arms. Zero quietly lay in his embrace, like a lazy little kitten, enjoying this blissful moment.

Home is really nice! That’s what she thought in her heart.

Chen Xing looked at Zero lying in his arms and kept thinking about how to surprise her.

“Let’s start with the Gift Packages!”

“Open the gift package panel!”

The next moment, a panel appeared in front of the two.

【 Moe Lord Exclusive Gift Pack: Unopened 】

【 One Million Streamer Gift Pack: Unopened 】

“Open the One Million Streamer Gift Pack!”

【 Ding~ Congratulations, host, for receiving the One Million Streamer Gift Pack: 】

【 1: Worth 5 million crystal coins, Light Breeze Racing Car *1 】

【 2: Two sets of cross-dressing outfits: Cheongsam *1 + wig + shoes Hanfu *1 + wig + shoes 】

“Um!” Little Zero’s eyes immediately lit up! She pursed her lips and smiled at Chen Xing. “Hehe…”

Chen Xing: ???

【 3: Live streaming with built-in high-definition audio input program *1 (Never worry about not being able to hear clearly while watching live streams again.) 】

【 4: Live streaming with built-in high-definition screen recording program *1 (No matter how fast the screen moves, it won’t be blurry! Providing the best experience for viewers!) 】

【 5: Additional plug-in live streaming program that can be attached to any live room or used independently. Viewers can recharge spirit point or crystal coins to give gifts to the host. All profits belong to the host! 】

“What is this weird stuff?” He guessed that the things in this strange gift package would never be useful in his lifetime!

“Um! I want to see the cheongsam! I want to see the Hanfu! I want to see cross-dressing!”

Chen Xing sneered: “That’s impossible.”

“System! Destroy it for me!”

【 Ding~ Destroying… 】

“Wait a minute!” Zero suddenly called out to the system.

The system actually stopped!

“What’s wrong?”

“I want to take a look… Just one look! I absolutely ask you to wear it!”

“Just take a look…” She blinked her big eyes in his embrace, with her small hands grabbing his arm.

Chen Xing couldn’t help but smile bitterly. How did this little girl become so good at acting cute? “Fine, just one look!”

Zero nodded happily: “Okay! Hoo hoo~”

Helpless, Chen Xing had a thought, and two sets of women’s clothing appeared on the table in front of them.

“Wow!” Zero climbed up from his embrace, picked up the two sets of clothes on the table, and started looking at them. Then she looked at Chen Xing and couldn’t help but giggle. So stylish.

Chen Xing’s face instantly turned dark when he saw those two sets of clothes. What kind of stuff was this!? The size was clearly tailored for him!

“Whoosh~” Those two sets of clothes suddenly disappeared.

Chen Xing: ??? “Where are the clothes?”

Zero stood in front of Chen Xing, proudly placing her hands on her waist: “Hehe~ I put them away. I’ll keep them for you. When you want to wear them in the future, I’ll take them out.”

Chen Xing sneered: “Spirit System.”

【 Hello, esteemed Spirit Master. 】

“Open the storage!” Chen Xing planned to directly enter the Spirit System and destroy it!

“Um! No!” Zero immediately pounced on Chen Xing. Her little head kept rubbing against him in his embrace: “Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! Wuuu…”

Chen Xing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “I can’t wear it.”

“Then can’t I keep it in my collection? I’m not forcing you to wear it… Hmph!”



“Yay~ Love you!”

Inner thoughts: Hoo hoo~ One day I’ll make you wear it…

Chen Xing touched her little head, and with a thought, he opened the Moe Lord Exclusive Gift Pack.

【 Ding! Moe Lord Exclusive Gift Pack, rewards are as follows: Exclusive adorable body pillow *1 】

【 Exclusive adorable cosplay outfits *2 】

【 Rem costume *1 】

【 Rikka Takanashi costume *1 】

【 Adorable skill: Irresistible Pouting! Once per day, Cooldown: 24 hours. 】

【 Adorable badge, effect: Increases spirit point and crystal coin rewards for all tasks by 10%. 】

Chen Xing: !!!

Zero, however, was full of question marks: “What are Rem and Rikka Takanashi?”

“Cough… You’ll know in the future!” This gift package was quite good, and Chen Xing nodded in satisfaction.

Zero also nodded in satisfaction. Irresistible pouting… She won’t stop using it!

Chen Xing smiled and looked at the little person in his embrace.

Zero felt a chill all over her body from his smile. “Why are you… Why do you keep smiling so mischievously today?”

The smile on Chen Xing’s face grew wider: “I’ll tell you a secret.”

“What secret?”

“I can upgrade your Spirit System!”

“What?!” Zero’s little mouth involuntarily opened slightly, staring at Chen Xing in a daze.

Upgrade the system?! How is that possible! That’s something she has always dreamed of!

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