How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 48- She Has Arrived

Zero stared at Chen Xing, unable to speak for a while. Seeing this, he rubbed her little head.

“Are you telling the truth?” Zero subconsciously brought up the panel of her own Spirit System.

She looked at the section displaying the required spirit point for the upgrade.

【 Spirit points required for the next star level: Unknown! (1 star upgrade, 2 star upgrade…)】

Seeing the word ‘unknown’, a hint of desolation flashed across Zero’s face. How many people had abandoned her because of that word? In all the Spirit Systems in the world, only hers had the word “unknown” written there. And after comparing her Spirit System with Su Su’s, she didn’t know why.

When Chen Xing said he could upgrade her system, Zero instinctively chose to believe him. But when she saw those two words, she instantly sobered up.

If it could be upgraded… Why would it be “unknown”?

Seeing her desolate expression, Chen Xing pinched her little face.

“Um… Don’t… pinch…”

“You don’t believe me, huh?”

“Um… I…”

Chen Xing smiled and didn’t blame her.

“System, bring up the panel.”

【Current spirit point: 130,002,500. Upgrade the Spirit System?】

After seeing the panel, Zero’s small mouth slightly opened, revealing an expression of disbelief. “Is this… real?”

Chen Xing chuckled softly: “Is it real or fake? You’ll know if you try.”

“System, proceed…”

“Wait!” Zero suddenly interrupted him.

Chen Xing was momentarily stunned: “What’s wrong?”

“Um… I… I’m scared…”

“What’s wrong? What are you scared of?”

“I’m scared… What if…?” Zero spoke softly, stuttering.

But Chen Xing wasn’t in a hurry. He gently supported her back with his hands.

“What if… After the upgrade… I’m still useless…” Zero’s voice trembled.

Chen Xing lowered his head and saw the tears welling up in the little girl’s eyes again. It pained him to see that, so he lifted her up from his embrace with both hands. He held her tightly.

With warm hands gently supporting her small head, he softly said: “It won’t happen. After you upgrade, you’ll be super amazing. Trust me.”

“Sniff… What if I waste so much spirit point… What will I do…”

“I… I don’t want to burden you…”

Chen Xing gently pushed her away and tenderly wiped away her tears. “I’m not lying to you. Stop crying, and see for yourself.”

“System, bring up the upgrade data.”

Then, a panel appeared in front of the two of them.

【 Spirit User: Zero, Current level: 1 star 】
【 Current enhancement: All attributes 0】
【 Weapon form: Locked, unable to unlock. 】
【 Awakening skill: Loli Head Hammer 】
【 2-star effect: All attributes +500%! Unlocked weapon form: Demonic Zero, Weapon category: Universal, Spirit User Count: +1, Skills: Unknown, 3-star effect: Unknown… 4-star effect: Unknown…..】

Zero looked at this panel, shocked beyond words. “Is this real? Am I… dreaming?”

Chen Xing smiled and lightly flicked her delicate little nose.

“Ouch!… That hurts… Sniff… This is amazing…”

“Is it real? Is it real?” Zero looked at the panel, her expression reminiscent of a child after shedding tears and laughing.

“It’s real, I’m not lying to you.”

“I… I…” She was so excited that she couldn’t find the right words to say!

After stuttering for a while, she finally managed to organize her thoughts and shouted happily: “I want to upgrade!”

Chen Xing smiled: “No problem!”

“By the way, what is the Loli Head Hammer?”

“Um… well… just forget about it!” Zero suddenly blushed.

“Oh? Now I’m even more curious!”

“No! No! Um…” Zero kept shaking her head and waving her hands in front of Chen Xing, looking extremely flustered.

Chen Xing had a thought: “Activate the Loli Head Hammer skill.”

Suddenly, Zero’s little head jerked forward and collided forcefully with Chen Xing’s forehead.


“Ah!!!” Both of them screamed in agony at the same time.

Chen Xing held his head in pain and howled: “Why does it hurt so much!?”

A normal headbutt would never cause him this much pain! Even hitting his head with a brick wouldn’t hurt as much!

“Um… Chen Xing… are you okay?” Zero looked at him with some concern. She seemed fine.

“Ah… I’m fine! (It hurts so much)”

Chen Xing put down his hand that was supporting his forehead. His forehead was visibly swollen!

His facial expression, distorted due to the pain, looked at Zero: “Why does it hurt so much!? Are you okay?”

“Um… I’m fine! When I activate the skill, my body becomes hardened.”

Chen Xing couldn’t help but laugh and cry at the same time. Was this skill designed to punish him? Who else could be hit by this move besides him?

In fact, when He Yu discovered that Zero had awakened this skill, he tried it once. Zero was standing in front of him, and he activated the Loli Head Hammer. She immediately jumped up and gave him a headbutt!

With his D-level physical fitness, the result was being smashed into the hospital by the Loli Head Hammer. After that, Zero was abandoned…

“It hurts…” Zero looked at the swelling on Chen Xing’s forehead with some concern. She wanted to reach out and touch it but was afraid of causing him more pain.

“Cough.. It’s fine!”

“Come on, let’s upgrade. Be careful!”

Chen Xing teased with a smile: “What should I be careful about during the upgrade? You’re not going to give me another hit, are you?”

Zero blushed, “No, I won’t… But I also don’t know… I’ve never upgraded before.”

“Oh, that’s fine. Once we’re done, let’s have a child.”


“Huh?” Zero’s face slowly turned red, and a harmonious image appeared in her mind.

“You!… You!…”

“Phew, hahaha…” Chen Xing couldn’t hold back his laughter and rubbed her little head, saying, “Come on, let’s upgrade.”

“Yeah!” Then Zero stepped away from Chen Xing and stood on the ground. Her face showed a determined expression as if she was about to do something significant. “Hoo hoo! Let’s do this!”

Chen Xing chuckled lightly, “System, initiate the upgrade!”

【 Ding! Spirit upgrade requires the payment of 100 million spirit points. Proceed with the payment? 】


【 Ding! Payment in progress, deducting 100 million spirit points! Remaining: 3,002,500 】

【 Spirit system upgrade in progress! 】

Zero opened her deep blue eyes and nervously watched Chen Xing in front of her.

Chen Xing also widened his eyes, eagerly watching Zero.

They stared at each other across the space. Quietly waiting for the miracle to happen!


Suddenly, a strong light burst forth from Zero’s body. It was so dazzling that Chen Xing and Zero instinctively squinted their eyes.

Zero looked at the radiant light shining from her own body in astonishment. “Um…” She opened her mouth in surprise. Did it really succeed? She then looked up at Chen Xing with excitement!


“Swoosh!” Suddenly!

She disappeared!

The light suddenly vanished. Chen Xing was stunned for a moment, then immediately reacted: “Zero!”

He was immediately scared and broke out in a cold sweat. He stood up, turned around in circles, looked around, but there was no sign of her!

“Zero! Where are you!?” He started to panic!


“Boom!” The room where Chen Xing was in shook violently!

Not only this room. The entire Hua Country suddenly trembled.

Within the borders of Hua Country, everyone was startled and stopped what they were doing, looking at each other in astonishment. Everyone felt the intense tremors. People inside buildings even thought it was an earthquake!

They ran out in a frenzy, and as soon as one person ran out, others followed. While running, they shouted: “Earthquake! Run!”

So more people ran out of the buildings. They were shocked as they witnessed the world shaking continuously in front of them. Some even suspected that the end of the world had come!

The tremors continued, growing stronger and stronger. Even some older buildings collapsed under the shaking. Fortunately, no one was killed.

At the Hua Country Seismological Bureau, all the experts stared in disbelief at the almost completely red screens displaying the seismic activity across the country. The red color indicated earthquakes. The entire Hua Country was experiencing an earthquake. Neighboring countries were also affected to some extent.

Someone trembled as they looked at the screen filled with red: “Is Heaven going to destroy our Hua Country?”

No, Heaven blesses Hua Country! Someone immediately cursed: “What nonsense are you talking about!?”

Just as this statement was made, the earthquake in Hua Country suddenly stopped! Everything returned to normal, and the red marks on the screens disappeared, returning to their original state. It was as if nothing had happened.

All the experts at the Seismological Bureau were once again dumbfounded: How is this possible!? This is unscientific!

I must be dreaming!

Meanwhile, inside the room, Chen Xing stared blankly at the black barrier on the ground, radiating a crimson light. Two thick mists permeated from within the black barrier. One was black, the other was blood-red. The black and blood-red mists instantly filled the entire room.

An emotion of fear rose within Chen Xing’s heart, a feeling he had never experienced since becoming the Assassin God. Encountering these two mists now, he felt genuine fear from the depths of his being!

“System! What is happening!?”

【 She has arrived! 】


Zero’s voice suddenly resounded. “Chen Xing…”

But this voice had a slight difference compared to Zero’s voice. Her voice was more childish, while this voice had a touch of maturity. As if possessing a magical quality that made one’s heart itch uncontrollably!

Chen Xing focused his gaze in the direction of the voice. However, the dense red and black fog made it impossible to see anything.

“Step, step, step…” The sound of Zero’s footsteps rang out, approaching Chen Xing step by step. A figure emerged from the mist.

As Chen Xing looked at the figure, his eyes narrowed. Although he could only see the silhouette, it was clear that the person before him was not Zero!

The height of this figure was at least 175 centimeters. The curves of the figure were exaggerated, as if not wearing any clothes! It was definitely a level that would be restricted and result in a three-day ban if described.

There were even two black shadows on top of the head. Chen Xing had seen this appearance in anime before. Those were demon horns!

Chen Xing suddenly had a chuuni moment, thinking, “Could it be that Zero… has been possessed by a demon?” Immediately, he shook his head. How could it be so outrageous?

However, reality proved to be even more outrageous. Finally, the figure emerged from the fog. Chen Xing could see her clearly.

Incredibly, he exclaimed in shock and shouted: “Zero!!?!”

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