How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 49- Who Can Resist This!

Chen Xing stared at Zero in disbelief. She still had her silver-white hair and delicate little face. But there was something off about that face, no matter how you looked at it!

The previous Zero had a slightly chubby face, which made her look cute. But now, that chubby feeling was gone from her face. In its place were well-defined lines, a very delicate and beautiful face. Adding a touch of maturity.

Zero’s original clothes had also disappeared. In their place was a suit of armor-like attire made of an unknown material. The crimson armor only covered the necessary areas. The rest of her body was completely exposed, with snow-white skin. But on that snow-white skin were several crimson lines forming strange symbols and patterns. And on her head, there were two black demon horns, also covered in red lines!

She twisted her slender waist like a water snake, step by step approaching Chen Xing. Perhaps any normal man, seeing this appearance, would be unable to control himself.

Chen Xing was even more shocked beyond words! “You… You’re Zero!?”

Zero suddenly smiled. “Yes… Do you like it?” Her tone was very seductive, and she didn’t stop moving forward.

Chen Xing’s heart and soul trembled upon hearing her words! “No! It’s impossible…”

“Zero can’t be this big!” Chen Xing stared at her, wrapped in armor…

Although she was wrapped in armor, one could still catch a glimpse of her breathtaking appearance!

“Well, do you like it?”

“Like… Tsk! Who are you exactly?” Chen Xing frowned, immediately regaining control of his mind and discarding his distractions. Something was definitely amiss.

He must have been deceived by something, clouding his judgment!

【 Host, these mists have an impact on the mind. 】

Chen Xing instantly understood. He tensed his mental strength, squinted his eyes, and asked, “Who are you exactly? Where is Zero?”

“I am Zero…” A smile appeared on Zero’s face as she took a few more steps forward, approaching Chen Xing. She stood in front of him. The two of them locked eyes at close range.

Chen Xing could see that her eyes were still that beautiful deep blue. However, there was no trace of innocence left. Her seductive gaze revealed an irresistible charm. He absolutely couldn’t believe that the person in front of him was Zero!

“Who are you…” Before Chen Xing could finish his sentence, the Zero in front of him suddenly leaned forward. With her cherry-like little mouth, she gently sealed his thin lips.

Chen Xing’s body stiffened, frozen in place. With wide eyes, he looked at Zero in front of him, as if struck by lightning, unable to move.

While he was still stunned, Zero lightly pushed, and the two of them fell heavily onto the sofa. During the fall, their lips finally separated.

The moment their lips parted, Chen Xing regained his clarity. “Who are you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Zero kissed him again!

Once again, Chen Xing was stunned on the sofa.


Suddenly, he felt something tapping against his teeth and entering his mouth. Chen Xing was dumbfounded on the spot!

I… I was forcibly kissed!?

Something’s not right… This Zero is very strange!

Suddenly, he remembered something. With a thought, Chen Xing summoned the system: “Cancel Zero’s demonic form.”

【 Ding~ Forcing execution of command. 】


A strong light flashed, making it difficult for Chen Xing to open his eyes. But the sensation of lips against his didn’t disappear, still soft.

“Umm…?” It was that familiar catchphrase again. Zero finally returned to her original state!

However, at this moment, their lips were still tightly connected. Zero’s consciousness also instantly returned to normal.

She looked at Chen Xing, who was within arm’s reach, in disbelief. Suddenly, she pushed him away and sat up, covering her little mouth with one hand. A blush instantly spread across her face. Her watery, deep blue eyes were like a lake surface stirred by the spring breeze, rippling with layers of spring water.

Chen Xing also opened his eyes. He felt like his vision was momentarily dazzled by a pure white light. He could see everything clearly!

“Ah!” Zero suddenly screamed.

“Swoosh!” Her clothes reappeared on her body.

Two streams of blood flowed out of Chen Xing’s nostrils without warning…

“Chen Xing! You’re bleeding!”

Chen Xing finally reacted, and cute little Zero was back. He quickly sat up, and the blood dripping from his nose fell onto the sofa. After only two drops, Chen Xing immediately grabbed a tissue from the table. He quickly plugged his still bleeding nostrils.


“Ah… um!” Zero’s face was flushed, seeming a bit timid, her gaze evasive and flickering.

“Are you okay?” Chen Xing looked around Zero from all angles, afraid that there might be some problem. If the system upgrade caused issues with Zero, it would be too much of a loss.

After careful observation, there were no demonic horns on her head, everything was normal. Her face regained its chubby feeling, there were no more bloody patterns on her snow-white skin, everything was normal.

It was still the familiar airport! Everything was normal! [1]Airport = Flat chest

“Thank goodness, everything is fine!” Then he quickly hugged her tightly in his arms.

“Thank goodness! I was scared to death by your previous appearance. I thought something was wrong!” As good as Zero’s demonic form was, the original adorable Zero was even more delightful!

“Mmm…” Zero murmured softly in Chen Xing’s embrace, and she became somewhat puzzled. “What’s wrong? Can you get scared too?”

“No… no…”

“By the way, do you remember what just happened?”

“I… I do… no, no, no!” Zero suddenly pushed Chen Xing away and quickly shook her head, waving her hands.

Chen Xing could tell she was lying at a glance. This little silly girl always gets flustered when she lies. It’s easy to see.

“System, activate mind-reading.”

【 Ding~ Mind-reading ability activated.】

Several bullet comments appeared inside Zero’s head:

  • [ Oh my goodness! What happened to me just now? ]
  • [ Why did I become like that… so… proactive…]
  • [ No, that’s not me! It definitely wasn’t me…]
  • [ Mmm, I just felt dizzy in my head, and those thoughts… I just did it. ]
  • [ Why did I become like that! It wasn’t me! ]
  • [ Although… I wanted to, but I just wanted to think about it! It couldn’t have been me! ]
  • [ Um… that’s right… absolutely not me! I must have been possessed by something! ]
  • [ I absolutely can’t let Chen Xing know! If he finds out that I even thought about…]
  • [ Hmm… no, I didn’t want to! That wasn’t me! It wasn’t me! Ahhh!!! ]

Zero’s face became increasingly red, leaving Chen Xing both amused and at a loss. He just wanted to know what she had been thinking just now.

“System, what happened with Zero just now?”

【 I scanned her body, and in that instant, she transformed into a demon! 】

“No kidding, I already knew that!”

【 No… what I mean is, that kind of form doesn’t belong to this plane at all! 】

“Well… other spirit users can transform into spheres, fans, blades, guns, even animals. Isn’t it normal for her to transform into a demon?”

【 Demons don’t exist in this world! Demons belong to other planes! Do you still think it’s normal? 】


Suddenly, Chen Xing understood! “I know…”

【 You better take a look at your wife first! 】

Hearing the system’s words, Chen Xing panicked. He quickly looked at Zero and saw her with her small mouth wide open, blushing and looking at him.

The barrage of bullet comments above her head almost flooded his vision.

  • [ Want a kiss… ] *100
  • [ Want a hug… ] *100

Among these countless bullet comments, Chen Xing picked out one that stood out from the rest. It was hidden among the flood of comments, deeply concealed:

  • [ Want to push down… ]

Just this one!


Chen Xing was utterly dumbfounded: At this moment, Zero was not in her demonic form! She was the adorable little Zero as before! How did she suddenly become like this!?

“Is she being influenced by that demon!?” Before the system could reply, Chen Xing realized it. It was the lingering red and black mist in the room that was causing trouble. It could indeed affect people’s minds!

Even Chen Xing, with his nearly immune body developed through the training in the Assassin Star, was somewhat distracted just now, let alone Zero!

Just as he was about to disperse the mist, Zero suddenly pounced into Chen Xing’s arms. “Mmm… hugs!”


Chen Xing: ????

Who can resist this!


1 Airport = Flat chest

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