How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 50 – I Didn’t Know That Part Of You Was So…Weak

Chen Xing dumbfoundedly watched as the little figure kept snuggling into his embrace. “Mmm… want hugs…”

His instinctive hands embraced her.

“Huff huff~ nuzzle nuzzle…” Her small head rubbed against his chest, looking adorable.

Chen Xing lifted her up with one hand, stood up, and then opened several windows. The wind on the 52nd floor was strong, and as the convection formed, it quickly carried away all the mist. The room immediately became bright again.

Zero was still hanging onto him. Chen Xing gently patted her back and returned to the sofa.

After the mist dispersed, Zero clearly felt back to normal. The bullet comments floating above her head gradually decreased.

Seeing this, Chen Xing felt relieved and silently watched the little person lying in his arms. From the angle above her, Zero had long eyelashes and a high nose. A pleasant fragrance wafted from her body, making his heart flutter. He couldn’t help but have some wayward thoughts…

“Mmm…” After a while, Zero seemed to wake up and looked up at Chen Xing. Her face was full of confusion. “What happened just now?”

She still had some recollection of her demon form earlier, but this time she had no memory at all.

Chen Xing smiled and patted her back, whispering softly, “It’s nothing.”

“Mmm…” Zero squirmed in Chen Xing’s embrace and felt something strange.

“Mmm… what is this?” Subconsciously, she lifted her bottom and reached down with her hand.

Chen Xing didn’t react at first, but the next moment his eyes widened in shock, and he quickly exclaimed, “Wait… OH! No!…”

Before he could stop her, Zero had already grabbed it.

“Mmm… what is this?” She even twisted it as if changing gears.

“Cough cough… stop!”

“Hmm?” Zero immediately let go upon hearing that and, seeing his pained (excited) expression, she quickly slipped out of his embrace in fright. She rolled to the side and knelt on the sofa, looking at the spot she had just touched. Her face turned red in an instant! She stared blankly at that spot.


Chen Xing awkwardly blocked her line of sight with his hand. “Cough cough… Kid, don’t look.”

“Mmm… I… I wasn’t looking… And I’m not a kid!”

“Oh?” Chen Xing removed his hand that was blocking her and smirked as he looked at her. “Well, then take a look.”

“I…You!” Zero accidentally glanced for a moment, and her face turned even redder.

“You!… You pervert!” The hammer appeared out of nowhere.

“Bang!” A direct hit!

Critical strike! Damage: 100!

“OH!!!” Chen Xing was in pain and immediately slumped on the sofa, his facial expression twisted.

Seeing him like that, Little Zero was a bit at a loss, holding the hammer: “Mmm… Chen Xing…” She also wondered why his body… wasn’t he strong? Why today…

Then she understood, maybe everyone has that weaknes!

“Mmm… I’m sorry, Chen Xing… I didn’t know that part of you was so… weak…”


??? Chen Xing got up from the sofa in an instant, full of question marks on his head.

“What did you say!?”

“Mmm… I…”

【 Ding~ Congratulations, host! You have received a fair assessment from your wife~ You have obtained the title: Weak Chicken! 】

【 As a gesture of sympathy, here is an attribute boost: Endurance: +20% Stamina: +20%】

??? Chen Xing: “What the f***?”

Zero listened in complete confusion, having no idea what the system was saying.

Suddenly, Chen Xing spoke softly: “Come… come here for a moment.”

Zero suddenly had a bad feeling and shrank back in fear. “Mmm… no… I’m scared…”

“Come here!”

“Wow!” Chen Xing reached out and pulled Zero into his embrace. She was too scared to say anything while in his embrace.

Chen Xing couldn’t help but laugh at her reaction and stopped teasing her: “What are you afraid of? I’m not going to eat you.” He lowered his head and gently kissed her forehead.

Zero felt relieved seeing Chen Xing like this: “Huff… I love you!”

“Then give me a kiss?”



【 Ding~ Xue Bufu has sent a message. Would you like to view it? 】

Chen Xing had a thought, and then a panel appeared:

【Chen Xing: Class B1. Courses: No need to look, it’s full every day. Just come on time!】


【 Ding ~ Xue Bufu has invited you to join the Training Academy Class B1 group chat. Would you like to join?】

Chen Xing joined.

The system immediately started buzzing with notifications. Messages were flying everywhere! The panel in front of him was filled with intense discussions among classmates.

【Who is that person? He could even defeat Old Xue!】

【Is his name Cheng Xin!? It’s not on the B Ranking list! 】

【I saw quite a few Cheng Xins on the C Ranking! But there doesn’t seem to be my beautiful Goddess Ling Ling here.】

【Ling Ling is amazing!】

【Looks like a newcomer joined the group chat just now!】

【Oh? Wth, the big shot! Hello, big shot! Welcome, big shot!】

Chen Xing directly closed the group chat and blocked it.

【Ding~ Spirit User data updated, scanning complete.】

Before Chen Xing and Zero could react, a panel appeared in front of Chen Xing.

【Spirit User: Zero, Current Star Rating: 2 stars】

【 Weapon Form: Demon Zero! Can exist independently, inheriting 80% of the original power! 】

【 Skill: Embrace of the Demon! (Short-term possession, overload amplification, duration of 3 minutes, afterwards both parties will enter an extremely weakened state for 10 minutes.) 】

【 Attribute Boost: All attributes +500%! 】

【 Special Effect: Spirit User Count +1 】

【 System Bonus: 10% increase in the attribute boost effect brought by the Spirit User, totaling 550% for a 2-star boost!】

“Is this… for real!” Zero looked at the terrifying amplification and exclaimed happily!

Chen Xing smiled and said, “I told you that you’re amazing!”

“Mmm… That’s great… sniff…”

“Um, why are you crying again? No crying allowed!”

“Mmm… Hug…”

Chen Xing held Zero in his arms, both of them studying the system panel. The system spoke again:

【Ding~ Next star level upgrade data obtained: 3 stars: Spirit Form: Elf · Twin Spirits! Attribute Boost: None! Skill: Unknown. Special Effect: Can bind two additional Spirit Users (in total). Required Spirit Points for Upgrade: 5 billion!】


“What are Elf Twins!?” Chen Xing looked at Zero in his arms with surprise. Could it be… she would turn into two little Zeros? One in each hand?

Zero also raised her head in excitement and looked at Chen Xing, only to find him looking at her with a perverted expression on his face:

“Mmm…” She raised her little hand and lightly pulled at the corner of his mouth with her finger. “Why are you smiling so pervertedly again?”

“Cough… Am I? Is that so?”

“But why do 2 stars have attribute boosts while 3 stars don’t?”

“Mmm… I don’t know either…”

Chen Xing pinched her little face and said softly, “It’s okay, I’m just curious, not blaming you.”

“Yeah! Hehe…”

Chen Xing smiled bitterly.

This required 5 billion Spirit Points is too outrageous! It’s almost half of what I need to upgrade Super System!

Suddenly, he felt overwhelmed. Both Zero and the Super System require a huge amount of Spirit Points for their upgrades. At this stage, it seems impossible to balance both of them.

Chen Xing looked at Zero with a troubled expression and noticed that she was staring blankly at the system panel. “What’s wrong?”

“Mmm… Is this ‘bind two additional Spirit User’ effect real?”

Zero couldn’t believe it because this effect subverted the laws of the Spirit Continent!

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