How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 52 – Thanks From Everyone

After hanging up the phone, little Zero immediately started surfing the internet.

【 Shocking Encounter in the Combat Competition: B-Rank First Place Overpowers Xue Bufu’s Disciple Ning Xinyan Barehanded, Kicks Over Goddess Xia Zhiqiu! 】

【 B-Rank First Place, Chen Xing’s Terrifying Strength! Likely to Surpass Mu Ziyi, Xing Huiyaoyu, Ban Shan, Jiang Liying, and Other S-Rank Rising Stars, Becoming the Leader of the Young Generation! 】

【 Chen Xing, B-Rank First Place, Breaks the World Record for Reaction Speed! Extraordinary Talent! Predicted that this record will remain unbroken for the next hundred years! 】

【 Newly Emerged Spirit Master Chen Xing! Soars to the Top of B-Rank! Age 18!! 】

【 Chen Xing’s New Girlfriend Turns Out to Be Her! Rare SSS-Rank Spirit User! 】

【 Chen Xing and His Adorable Wife’s Precious Love Video! Watch now!… 】

【 Chen Xing Dominantly Spends 30 Million to Buy a House for His Adorable Wife! Lavish and Generous! 】

【 Chen Xing’s First Evaluation Video: A Punch Blows Up the Evaluation Machine! 】

【 Shocking! He is Admitted to the Training Academy Exempted from the Entrance Exam for the First Time! 】

【 Unveiling the Tragic Past of Chen Xing, B-Rank First Place’s Spirit Master! 】

【 Exposed! The Front Desk of a Certain Safe Zone Reveals Chen Xing’s Severe Hair Loss at a Young Age! 】

【 Exposed! Chen Xing Suspected of Renting a Room with an Underage Loli! 】

【 Exposed! Chen Xing Suspected of Human Trafficking, Wanted by the Public Security Brigade! 】

Looking at the increasingly outrageous news, Chen Xing had a helpless expression. “What the hell is this!?”

The internet in this world was too developed!

After all, every Spirit System had a recording function. Moreover, the average combat strength of individuals was extremely strong. In order to prevent trouble, the entire world had surveillance cameras in every public place!

Chen Xing had basically become a topic of discussion for everyone. Everyone knew about him, no one was unaware.

There were even people who had established fan clubs for him, of course, that comes hand in hand with those those who led the way in criticizing him.

Due to this wave of exposure, little Zero also attracted a large number of fans! No one cared about her strength, as long as she looked pretty. A few years ago, only a few people knew about her because of her appearance in the Ultimate Court. But this time, she became incredibly popular. That cute little face instantly captured the hearts of many men in the country.

Now, who would dare to call her useless? A single provocation could drown anyone who did!

“Giggle…” Little Zero laughed non-stop in his embrace and then clicked on the news article with the highest number of views.

“Chen Xing and His Adorable Wife’s Precious Love Video…” This information had the highest number of views, as expected, everyone loved gossip…

But her smile froze when she saw herself in the video.

What kind of experience was it to watch herself while eating the food she spilled? It was really hard to swallow a single bite!

Zero glanced at the view count: 50 million!

“Um… Waaah… It’s over… This is so embarrassing!”

Chen Xing, on the other hand, watched with great interest, a smile on his face. “Truly my wife, so photogenic!”

“Waaah… No! Close it!”

“Whoosh!” The screen disappeared.

“It’s over… I can’t show my face anymore.”

Chen Xing sighed with a mix of laughter and tears. “Don’t worry, everyone really likes you.”

“Um… Really?”

“Really, don’t believe me? Open that video again and read the comments below.”

“Okay…” So Zero opened it again and scrolled to the comment section:

“I thank you two, no need to eat lunch now.”

“I thank you two, Damn!”

“Thank you, same here!”

“Already full! Thanks, Damn it!”

“Where do you two live? As a token of gratitude, I want to send you some local specialties!”

“Same here, I have a box of local products!”

“This is so satisfying. In my entire life, I’ve never been this full! Thank you!”

“You see, it’s all gratitude and people offering to send local specialties. How harmonious! It shows how much they like you. They like you to the point of swearing…” Chen Xing earnestly babbled nonsense.

“Um… Is that really true?”

“Of course.” (It’s not true)

“Well, okay… but I’m a bit scared.”

No need to be afraid, I’m here.”

【 Ding~ Message from Spirit Master Xue Bufu. 】

“Open it.”

【 Where are you?! Skipping class on the first day of school?! Hurry up and come to me!!! 】


“Oh no! Are we late?”

They glanced at the time and realized it was already 2 o’clock! They hadn’t even had lunch yet.

To be honest, Chen Xing didn’t feel like going anymore. He didn’t have to attend that class!

“Are you hungry?”

“Not hungry. Are you?”

“I’m not hungry either.”

“Then let’s go to the academy quickly! Skipping class isn’t good!”

“Well, I don’t want to go!”

“Why not?”

“I want to stay at home with you… hehe…”

“Um… No, you can’t! We can’t skip class!”

“Oh, I really don’t want to go!”

“Come on~”

Helpless, Chen Xing quickly changed his appearance but didn’t do any makeup for Zero. She had already tried it in the morning, and wearing a mask in the afternoon would be sufficient. Chen Xing was afraid that cosmetics would have an impact on her delicate little face.

It had to be said that Zero’s face was really small. Adult-sized masks were loose on her. He had to order a children’s mask online, which had a cute panda pattern, although it was a bit childish.

But Zero loved it! And it looked good on her when she wore it.

“Ah! Why do we have to go to school? Sigh.” Chen Xing held Zero in his arms, unable to muster any joy, his face filled with pain.

It was the fear of being controlled by the school!

Following Xue Bufu’s instructions, Chen Xing arrived at a new place. A training ground specifically for Spirit Users.

Zero became fearful as soon as she saw the name! “Um… Is it my turn in the afternoon?”

Chen Xing smiled and said, “Don’t be afraid! I’m here.”


There were many people in the training ground at this time. It wasn’t just Class B1, but many classes were having their lessons here. The training ground was very large, it was as big as two football fields.

Inside, there were various zones and functional areas that provided different training effects. Most of the training was aimed at Spirit Users. To become a powerful Spirit User, it wasn’t just about innate advantages or having a strong system. Hard work and training after birth were also crucial.

For example, the reaction speed of Spirit Users, the speed of transformation, and the attack speed after weaponization for individual spirits could be trained. Hand-to-hand combat ability and physical fitness training were also necessary for Spirit Users. However, when it came to physical fitness, Spirit Users didn’t have the attribute bonuses and didn’t undergo training as extreme as Spirit Masters. Most of their training was similar to that of normal humans.

Not only that, but a good Spirit User also needed to know how to fight.

Ultimately, Spirit Users understood Spirit Masters the best. A powerful Spirit User, after a battle, could tell their Spirit Masters where the opponent’s advantages, disadvantages, and weaknesses lay. They could determine how to break through and formulate tactics.

Therefore, whether it was a Spirit User or a Spirit Master, during the process of fighting, they must cooperate, be intimately connected, and have a high degree of understanding to defeat their opponents. Otherwise, even if they possessed powerful strength, they might still be unable to defeat an opponent of the same level.

Chen Xing held Zero’s hand and walked slowly.

They didn’t even need to look for Xue Bufu. They could hear his scolding from afar:

“What are you doing? Didn’t you have lunch?”

“I think you’re an old lady… Forget it, I won’t say it. Even an old lady is better than you!”

“Hurry up!”

“With your speed, your Spirit Master would have been dead a long time ago!”

“Hahaha… Old Xue is so witty!” Chen Xing couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

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