How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 53 – You Can’t See Virtual Clothes?!

But Zero couldn’t laugh, her face filled with fear: “Uwu… Teacher Xue is so scary…”

“It’s okay, if he dares to scold you, I’ll punch him!”

Chen Xing led Zero over.

As soon as they appeared within the sight of the crowd, they attracted the attention of most people.

“Oh! My little Ling Ling is here!”

“Why is she wearing a mask? We can’t see her peerless beauty now!”

Upon hearing the voices, Xue Bufu also looked over, feeling quite helpless. They were late on the first day of school. What were they doing at home?

Meanwhile, Su Xinyin’s eyes were fixed on Chen Xing, her face expressionless, making it unclear what she was thinking.

Seeing everyone looking at them, Zero moved closer to Chen Xing, tightly holding his big hand, feeling a little more relaxed in her heart. With Chen Xing by her side, everything would be fine!

“Enough! Get lost, you waste!” Xue Bufu shouted loudly.

The Spirit User in the field was panting heavily, drenched in sweat. The afternoon classes clearly had more people than in the morning.

The morning practical class was mainly for Spirit Masters, and Spirit Users didn’t have to attend, so most of them didn’t show up. But the afternoon training was for Spirit Users, and Spirit Masters also needed to participate. After all, many exercises required the cooperation of both.

“Next! Go!”

This particular exercise required the Spirit User to complete it alone. A girl, also a Spirit User, stepped up to a machine that was covered in holes. Each hole had a halo surrounding it. At this moment, all the halos were lit up.

Chen Xing arrived late and didn’t know what this training was about.

The girl looked at Xue Bufu, seemingly waiting for him to announce the start.

“Difficulty level B, 10 minutes.”

Upon hearing this, the girl’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, but she didn’t dare to say anything. B-level difficulty for 10 minutes was a bit challenging for her.


Suddenly, all the circles on the machine went out. Then, the outer halo surrounding one of the holes in front of the girl lit up. She quickly tilted her head to the side.

After a second…

“Bang!” A pillar suddenly shot out, narrowly grazing her neck as it passed by. If it had hit her, she would have been knocked over.

Chen Xing quietly whispered to Zero, “It looks quite simple. The reaction time is so long.”

Zero gained confidence upon seeing this and nodded, “Yeah!” Is that it? Then she could dodge it!

Just as she thought that, four lights suddenly lit up simultaneously.

Chen Xing raised an eyebrow involuntarily.

“Um…” Zero’s inner confidence instantly wavered. How could she dodge this?

Chen Xing looked at the girl, contemplating how she could evade the attack. The fact that all four lights lit up at the same time indicated that four pillars would burst out together! How could she dodge that? The four pillars were very close, unless she moved away. But the yellow line drawn beneath her feet clearly restricted her movement. In that case, she couldn’t dodge at all.

Chen Xing had a solution, but she definitely couldn’t do it. Thinking about it, he imagined the scene of the girl being knocked away.


The machine made another sound.

Chen Xing only saw a flash of white light before him. Once his vision cleared, he was instantly dazzled. So that’s how it could be done!

Zero couldn’t help but exclaim in amazement, her azure eyes filled with astonishment. “Wow! Amazing!”

The four pillars had seemingly penetrated the girl’s body! But it was as if they struck empty space. At that moment, the girl’s body appeared to be in a spiritual state, unable to be touched.

In reality, only the areas where the pillars passed through had that ethereal state. The rest of her body was solid. This is a skill that all Spirit Users possess, called partial spiritization.

As the name suggests, it only partially tranforms the body. Partial spiritization can also be divided into two states. One is a ghost-like appearance, just like this girl. It transforms a part of the body into an ethereal state, rendering attacks ineffective. At critical moments, it allows for evading lethal attacks! Of course, most Spirit Users need training to achieve precise control over their ethereal state.

The second state is more difficult. It requires a Spirit User of at least A-Grade or above. And it requires extensive training. It’s called partial weaponization.

It can transform a part of the body into a part of a weapon. For example, for firearm-type Spirit Users, their fingers can transform into gun barrels and fire bullets. For sword-type Spirit Users, their arms can become blades. For staff-type users, you can imagine what their body part can transform into.

For instance, in the previous match, there was a Spirit User who could transform their head into a ball. So Zero’s loli-style headbutt would be ineffective against them. Another example is the Spirit User who could transform any part of their body into a small fan, like an electric fan. It was quite refreshing for their Spirit Master to have a constant natural breeze.

However, the power of partial weaponization is certainly not as strong as full weaponization. Because Spirit Masters don’t benefit from the attribute enhancements of the Spirit System in that case. But it allows for quick transformations, and Spirit Users can still fight on their own at critical moments.

Full weaponization has one limitation: it requires the Spirit Master to be conscious. If the bonded Spirit Master is unconscious, weaponization cannot be completed.

However, partial weaponization perfectly solves this problem. If the bonded Spirit Master loses consciousness, the Spirit User can still partially weaponize and protect their master, fighting on their own. It should be noted that partial weaponization can only transform up to 50% of the body into a partial weaponized state. It cannot exceed 50%.


Multiple pillars pierced through the girl’s body simultaneously.

The machine gives one second of reaction time for the Spirit User to initiate partial spiritization in advance. The goal is to use the minimum amount of partial spiritization to evade this round of attacks.

After about 5 minutes, it was clear that the girl was starting to panic. More and more pillars appeared, and the girl was struggling to partially weaponize in time. In the previous round, a pillar had lightly touched her body!

Fortunately, she managed to catch up and successfully achieved the corresponding ethereal state. But the next round was uncertain.

Just as everyone was focused on watching her, Chen Xing asked Zero aloud, “By the way, do we have to take off our clothes for this training?”


Everyone suddenly looked at him. Xue Bufu frowned with confusion all over his face!

Zero opened her mouth in shock, looking at Chen Xing.

Everyone showed a mix of confusion and envy: What did you see!?

At the same time, the girl also turned her head in astonishment to look at Chen Xing. In her momentary distraction, “Boom!”

Ten pillars erupted simultaneously! They struck her firmly, sending her flying several meters away.

“Oh…” Chen Xing was scared and quickly covered his eyes with his hand. He didn’t dare to look at her. Zero was still by his side, so how could he look at another woman!

What others saw was her dressed appearance. But in Chen Xing’s eyes, she was completely naked.

When she had her back turned to everyone, he thought this world was quite open-minded. Indeed, he couldn’t see anything from the back, so he didn’t think it was a big deal. But now, she suddenly flew backward completely naked, and Chen Xing saw everything in an instant!

In reality, the Spirit User girl wore virtual clothes for convenience during training. Virtual clothes are created by the Spirit System through special refraction and reflection of light, resulting in visual illusions. To a normal person’s eyes, the girl appeared to be wearing clothes. But in reality, she wasn’t wearing anything. It was a type of clothing that you could see but not touch.

However, for some reason, Chen Xing didn’t experience the visual illusion! He saw her completely naked!

Just as everyone was curious about what Chen Xing had seen, Xue Bufu spoke up, “You can’t see the virtual clothes!?”

Upon hearing this, Chen Xing looked at Zero next to him and asked, “What are virtual clothes?”

Zero looked at Chen Xing in astonishment and said, “Then… What did you see!? Um…”

“I…” Before he could finish his sentence, Chen Xing saw Zero pouting her little mouth. Her pretty face instantly fell. Her cheeks puffed up like a little pufferfish. It was quite cute!

But it was clear that she was angry. “You… Um…”

Seeing her reaction, Chen Xing immediately panicked. I’m innocent! I really didn’t want to see her like that!

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