How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 54 – I Want To Protect You Too

“I didn’t see anything! Really!” When everyone heard him say that, it was clear that he had seen everything!

Everyone turned their gaze toward the girl lying on the ground and blinked their eyes vigorously. Strange, why can’t I see anything at all! They must seek advice from this guy on how he saw through the virtual clothes.

“Hmph!!!” Zero glanced at him angrily and ignored him. Chen Xing didn’t know what to say and felt a bit helpless.


Upon hearing their conversation, the girl immediately put on her real clothes. Blushing, she stood up from the ground. She obediently looked towards Xue Bufu.

“You should go back to the team first.”

“Okay…” With a flushed face, the girl quickly walked back to the team, stealing a few glances at Chen Xing along the way. Her heart raced with a “thump thump.”

Just the thought of him seeing her made her heart beat faster…

She had also seen Chen Xing’s heroic appearance during the morning class! She couldn’t help but become his little fan.

As for Chen Xing, he didn’t blush or feel his heart race, but he felt a bit awkward!

Because Zero was angry…

This was the first time, and he had no idea how to appease a girl!


Another girl stepped forward.

Now that everyone knew that Chen Xing could see through virtual clothes, how were they going to proceed with the training that required wearing them?

“You stay aside and don’t cause any trouble. I’ll message you later about the other training.”

“That won’t do!”

Everyone: ???

Come on, dude! Seeing one is enough! Do you want to look at all the girls in the class?

“I have to stay here with her. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll bully her.” He said it seriously and confidently. The classmates looked at his determined expression and almost believed him!

“Tsk! What a lousy excuse!”

“Sigh~ So fake!”

Chen Xing knew what they were thinking, but he couldn’t be bothered to explain.

Zero was still pouting, unhappy. Chen Xing peeked at other girls! Angry!

Xue Bufu looked helpless: “Why would I bully her?”

Chen Xing looked at him and pouted: “I don’t trust you.”


Xue Bufu was speechless: “So, how are we going to have this class?”

“We’ll leave. I’ll take her with me.”

“Fine…” Xue Bufu had no other choice.

“Well, let’s go, Zero.” Chen Xing bent down and looked at her angry little face. Softly, he said: “Don’t be angry anymore, okay? I didn’t mean to… I won’t come here again, okay?”

“Um…” Upon hearing his words, Zero’s anger instantly dissipated. Her personality was such that as long as you coax her, she would calm down!

“No, Chen Xing, I want to train too…”

After listening, Chen Xing asked in confusion: “What do you need to train for? You don’t need to train. I’m here, and I’ll protect you.”

“Um…” Zero shook her little head and said seriously: “No… I… I want to… too.”

As she spoke, her face turned red, “I want to protect you too!”

With a blush on her face and her lips pursed, she looked at him with determination in her beautiful eyes.

Chen Xing looked at Zero with surprise. It was the first time someone had said they wanted to protect him. And it was this cute little person in front of him. He couldn’t help but let out a light laugh.

“Um… You’re mocking me! I… I’m serious! Hmph!”

Chen Xing didn’t know what to say. He opened his mouth but remained speechless. He was somewhat touched. During his time as an assassin, he had become numb to people. He was no longer the nervous teenager with trembling hands in the middle school entrance exam. Now, Zero had once again awakened the softness deep in his heart, making him somewhat unaccustomed.

Not knowing what to say, he leaned forward slowly and lightly kissed her lips, even though there was a mask between them.

Classmates: ???

Su Xinyu looked at Chen Xing and Zero, subconsciously pursing her lips, her face slightly blushing. It was unclear what she was thinking.

【 Ding~ Congratulations, host! You successfully appeased your wife and unlocked the mission: Make your wife happy 】

【 Rewards: Spirit Points: 100,000, Crystal Coins: 100,000, Task can be repeated: Unlimited times 】

Upon hearing the notification of Spirit Points earned, Zero happily laughed inside her mask. “Hoo hoo~”

The airflow blew onto the mask, gently moving her silver-white hair. She looked extremely adorable.

Chen Xing smiled and gently touched her little head, saying softly, “Then I’ll be going.”


“If anyone dares to bully you, let me know.” As he spoke, he glanced coldly at the surrounding classmates, his expression as cold as frost. The meaning was clear, no need for words.

The classmates were scared and moved back.

Their thoughts: Do I have to endure jealousy even when they’re showing affection? Rest assured, bro! Who dares to bully her?

Finally, his gaze stopped on Xue Bufu: “Take care of her for me.”

Xue Bufu couldn’t help but roll his eyes internally, thinking: You’re not going to battle, it’s not a life or death farewell! What’s the big deal? I just asked you to stay aside and not cause trouble!

But on his face, he remained calm and said, “Okay, got it. You should go.”

“Okay, by the way, where’s the restroom?”

“Go to the end of the east side, there are signs.”

“Got it.” With that, Chen Xing stood up.

“I’m leaving.” Then he turned around and walked away.

Just a couple of steps away, Zero couldn’t bear to let him go!

“Um… Chen Xing…” She watched Chen Xing’s retreating figure, fidgeting with her slender fingers, feeling a bit lost, and murmured softly.

Chen Xing’s back resembled the back of those Spirit Masters who had abandoned her in the past. In an instant, countless nightmares from the past haunted her mind again!

Chen Xing… Don’t go…

That’s what she thought in her heart, but she didn’t say it out loud. She believed in Chen Xing, he would definitely come back. Right now, it was just instinctual fear.

The onlookers: Damn, finally gone! He’s just leaving for a while, no need to be so dramatic! Burp Ate too much for lunch! Should’ve eaten less! Burp Damn!

Suddenly, Chen Xing turned around, wearing a smile on his face, and looked at Zero.

“Go for it, baby~!” His voice was loud, and half of the people in the Spirit Masters’ training hall looked over in confusion.

His dear classmates, on the other hand, all shivered at the same time, their scalps tingling! Each and every one of them started rubbing their arms like crazy, feeling extremely cringy.

But Zero’s beautiful eyes curved into a lovely arc! “Go for it! Hoo hoo~…”

Seeing her like this, the classmates’ attitudes instantly did a 180-degree turn! Damn! My goddess is so adorable! So healing! I love her so much!

Xue Bufu shook his head, his scalp tingling, and looked at Chen Xing helplessly. “Aren’t you leaving?”

“Uh… Then I’m off, baby!”

Xue Bufu rolled his eyes: “Just go!”

Chen Xing glared: “I didn’t ask for your opinion!”

“I know, I know, now get lost!”

“Hehehe…” Zero’s laughter rang like silver bells. Seeing her like that, Chen Xing’s mood also improved. He waved at her and turned to walk towards the east.

“Sister Yuexi, hurry up! Hurry up!”

Su Su ran to the signboard of the Spirit Masters’ training hall, jumping and waving her hands, looking very anxious.

Lin Yuexi smiled helplessly. “I’m coming!”

The two quickly entered the training field. Lin Yuexi looked at the magnificent building and couldn’t help but admire. “No wonder it’s the national Training Academy! They really go big!”

Lin Yuexi graduated from the Linlang Spirit Masters’ Academy, but compared to the Training Academy, her academy was far behind!

Suddenly, Su Su, who was walking briskly ahead, stopped in her tracks, crouched down, and tightly held her stomach. “Uh… My stomach suddenly hurts!”

“The signboard said there’s a restroom in the east, let’s go.”

“Ugh… Damn it! Why does it hurt now of all times! Sob…”

Lin Yuexi was at a loss, so she simply picked her up and used her speed enhancement to quickly run. They headed straight to the restroom in the east.

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