How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 55.1 – Su Su Arrives

At this moment, Chen Xing was squatting in the restroom…

Lin Yuexi quickly arrived at the restroom with Su Su. After setting her down, Su Su immediately went into the women’s restroom. Before entering, she didn’t forget to remind Lin Yuexi, “Sister Yuexi, you go find her first! I’ll join you in a moment! Take care of her for me!”


With that, she entered the restroom.

Her voice was loud enough for Chen Xing to hear even from his squatting position. “This voice… Why does it sound so familiar?”

“Click…” Su Su went straight to the first door, but it was locked.

“Someone’s in here…”

“Uh… Sorry.” Then she quickly walked to the second door, this time not as impulsive.

She gently knocked on it. “Is someone in here?”

“Yes…” She glanced at the doors adjacent and suddenly had a bad feeling. Because all the doors were closed!

“No way… I hope they’re just in the habit of closing doors in this academy!”


“Knock knock… Is someone in here?”


“Knock knock… Is someone in here too?”



Only one door remained! Su Su clenched her teeth. This was her last chance.

However, before she could make a move, a coughing sound came from behind the last door. “Cough cough… Yes.”

Her heart was on the verge of collapse!

“Ah!!!” There was no other choice but to wait.

She didn’t know how long had passed until she reached the point of using Zero’s voice package: “Um… I… can’t hold it anymore…”

“Sigh! Sister, when will you be done?”

“Just wait a bit longer… Just wait…”

“Um…” Suddenly, her eyes narrowed as if she had made a major decision. She rushed out of the door. She turned and entered the men’s restroom!

Except for the first one (Chen Xing’s squatting spot), all the doors in the men’s restroom were open. Su Su directly ran into the last room.

“Bang!” She closed the door heavily!

Chen Xing was startled, thinking to himself: “This guy must have been holding it in for a long time….”

Meanwhile, Su Su, who had finally achieved her goal, found herself in another state of despair. She… didn’t bring any toilet paper. Usually, daily necessities were stored in the Spirit System, but she happened to have used them all up!

She hadn’t had a chance to buy new ones, Although she could order through the spirit system, it was a normal online purchase. The delivery wouldn’t arrive until tomorrow! And she would have to go out to pick up the package.

“Spirit system! Contact Sister Yuexi for me!”

【 Connecting…】

Once a spirit system is bound to a spirit master, they can connect anytime, anywhere, regardless of location. Similarly, even if the two were thousands of miles apart, the spirit system’s amplification for the spirit master was always present.


“Sister Yuexi! I didn’t bring any toilet paper, sob…”

On the other end of the call, Lin Yuexi’s voice immediately rang out with a gleeful laugh.

【 Hahaha! Hiccup~ hehehe… 】 It was clear that she was truly delighted!

“Sob, please help me!”

【 Alright, just wait! 】

During the conversation, Su Su didn’t utter a sound, which could be understood as a form of telepathic communication.

There was a convenience store inside the venue. So Lin Yuexi bought a pack of toilet paper and headed back. By this time, Chen Xing had already finished and walked out.

He noticed a row of chairs near the entrance of the women’s restroom. Since girls tend to take longer in the restroom, it easily led to the need for queues. So, considerately, the designer placed a row of benches underneath the wall beside the entrance of the women’s restroom…

Chen Xing thought to himself that he had nowhere else to go, and there was still no news from Xue Bufu. So he decided to just sit down.

“By the way, System! Why can’t I see their virtual clothes?”

【 Because with me around, of course, you can’t see them! Just kidding, it’s a small trick. You thought such a thing as ‘virtual’ could fool my sharp, discerning eyes!? 】

“Can I cancel that effect? Then I can go back.”

【Oh… you can, but if you go back now, do you think they’ll believe you?】

“…You’re right.”

【So, should I cancel it?】

“Let’s cancel it, it’s meaningless.”


【Ding~ Spirit User: Xue Bufu has sent a message. Would you like to view it?】

“Oh? It’s here! View it!”

【Xue Bufu: Cough cough… Chen Xing, how did you block the virtual clothes effect?】

Chen Xing: “…”

“Old Xue… something’s not right with you…”

【 Xue Bufu: Cough cough… You’ve misunderstood. My girlfriend is a spirit user! I asked you that because I wanted her to be cautious and vigilant when wearing virtual clothes in the future. 】

“I don’t believe you!”

【Xue Bufu: If you don’t believe it, forget it. It’s time for class.】

Chen Xing couldn’t help but chuckle and shook his head helplessly.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him, bringing a gentle breeze. A pleasant fragrance filled the air. Chen Xing looked up and saw her surprised expression.

Why was this guy sitting at the entrance of the women’s restroom?

She thought maybe he was waiting for his girlfriend, so she didn’t pay much attention and went straight into the women’s restroom. And at that moment, all the doors in the women’s restroom were wide open. No one was inside! Just a stroke of luck.

“Call Su Su.”


【Sister Yuexi, are you there?】

“I didn’t see you! All the restroom doors were wide open!”


Hearing that all the doors were open, Su Su was speechless for a moment…

“Hello? Su Su?”

【I’m… in the men’s restroom.】

“What?! How did you…”

【Wu wu… don’t ask, just save me!】

“…How do I go in? It’s the men’s restroom!”

【Just sneak in…】

“…Fine, I have an idea.”

【Okay! I’ll wait for you!】


The call ended.

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