How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 55.2 – Su Su Arrives

Lin Yuexi reluctantly walked out of the women’s restroom. The boy was still sitting at the entrance of the restroom. “Hello, little brother.” She said to him.

Little brother? Chen Xing looked up at her but didn’t say anything.

Lin Yuexi was quite attractive in terms of appearance, but for Chen Xing, who was used to Zero’s stunning looks, it didn’t stir any waves in his heart. In terms of cuteness, he had Zero. In terms of sexiness, he had Zero’s demonic form. There was no comparison!

Lin Yuexi was somewhat surprised to see his deadpan expression: This young man looks quite sunny, but why is his gaze so cold…

“Can you do me a favor?”


“My boyfriend is inside the restroom, but he didn’t bring any toilet paper. Can you help me deliver it to him?”


With that, he reached out and took the paper from Lin Yuexi’s hand. Then he stood up and went straight into the men’s restroom.

Lin Yuexi watched his back and thought to herself: He’s so aloof? Wait, there’s no one in the women’s restroom! What is he doing sitting outside the women’s restroom? Could he be a pervert?

When she thought till there, Chen Xing had already entered the restroom.

All the doors in the men’s restroom were open. Only the last door was closed. So Chen Xing walked straight over and knocked on the door.

Su Su’s voice immediately came through: “Wu wu… Sister Yuexi, you finally came!”

Chen Xing: ?????

Boyfriend?! Why is it a female voice!?

Suddenly, Chen Xing remembered something. The familiar cries he heard in the restroom earlier belonged to this person. Wow, how did she end up in the men’s restroom?

But Chen Xing remained silent. Sometimes silence speaks louder than words!

He directly handed the paper to her through the gap at the bottom of the restroom door.


“Sister Yuexi, you’ve lost weight recently. You don’t have any flesh on your hands, and your knuckles are so prominent.”

Chen Xing was startled and quickly pulled his hand back, then silently walked out of the restroom.

When Lin Yuexi saw him coming out, she softly said, “Thank you.”

Chen Xing nodded without saying a word and walked away.

Lin Yuexi became even more puzzled. Why did this boy sit here for a long time as if waiting for someone, then go inside and come out after delivering the paper?

But it’s good that he left, so Su Su wouldn’t feel embarrassed to come out. Maybe he was sent by the heavens to deliver toilet paper!

Chen Xing left directly because Xue Bufu had sent a message.

Xue Bufu: 【The next one is Zero. She’s the last one. Once she’s done, we can move on to other training.】

Chen Xing rushed over.

When he arrived, the previous person had just finished training and was walking back. Seeing him return, everyone looked at him.

“Um… Chen Xing, why did you come back?” Zero asked.

“The next one is you.”

“Is that so… Well, you didn’t have to come back, I can manage on my own!”

Just as Chen Xing was about to speak, Xue Bufu approached. He asked, “Can you do a partial spiritization?”

Zero widened her eyes and felt somewhat guilty. “I should be able to…”

Xue Bufu frowned. “But aren’t you unable to transform into a weaponized form?”


Chen Xing directly patted her little head and asked, “Are you sure you can do it? Don’t be brave.”

“Well… I should be able to… I don’t know…” Zero had just risen in rank and could already switch between human and weapon forms. As long as she could switch, she qualified for partial spiritization. But she hadn’t tried it yet. She just felt… it seemed quite simple!

Chen Xing didn’t know how difficult it was, so he told Xue Bufu, “She can switch forms now.”

Xue Bufu’s face immediately showed a look of astonishment, and he lowered his voice and said, “Did you upgrade her?”


Xue Bufu was so surprised that his eyes almost popped out!

“!!! How is it? The effect of SSS-grade Spirit User?”

“I’m not telling you.”

“Damn!” Saying that, Xue Bufu flipped him off.

The people around didn’t know that she was the rare SSS-grade spirit user in history, so they looked confused. What’s the big deal about being able to switch forms? Why make it so mysterious?

Then Xue Bufu said helplessly, “Since she can switch forms, she can achieve partial spiritization. However, she may have to start learning from the beginning.”

“She definitely can’t reach the level of the others right now. They’ve been practicing for several months to achieve the current level of control.”

“I’ll start her with an introductory level of difficulty, specifically for beginners practicing partial spiritization.”

Chen Xing found it reliable after hearing this, but he still felt a bit worried. “Is it not dangerous?”

“No! I said she’s a beginner.”


Zero listened obediently and said, “Um… Thank you, Teacher Xue.”

“You’re welcome. Let’s go.”

“Yeah!” Afterward, Zero followed Xue Bufu to the machine.

She looked at Chen Xing, her face slightly red.

Chen Xing noticed and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Um… Turn around.”

“Oh… I can’t see now! Trust me!”

“I don’t believe you…” Chen Xing was speechless and immediately summoned the system.

【Ding~ Little Zero, he indeed can’t see now. That function has been disabled. 】

“Well then…” Saying that, Zero nervously looked at the machine in front of her.

People around started discussing: “How did he manage to see through virtual clothes?”

“Who’s going to ask him?”

“Who dares to? I’ll offer 10,000 spirit points!”

“Tch! Having money but no life to spend it on…”

Just then, Chen Xing summoned the system again: “Cough cough, buddy! Enable that function again.”

【??? 】

【What happened to ‘it’s meaningless?!’ 】

[1]Author’s side note: San’er (Super System) is a mature system, so he knows what Zero should and shouldn’t hear. He has the understanding to control the permissions without Chen Xing … Continue reading)

Xue Bufu said calmly, “Beginner’s tutorial difficulty, time: 10 minutes.”

“Phew~” Zero took a deep breath and nervously looked at the machine in front of her.

At this moment, Chen Xing was highly focused. If there was any danger, he would smash the machine.

“Wait!” Suddenly, a tender female voice drew everyone’s attention.

Xue Bufu furrowed his brow and pressed the pause button, looking at the newcomer. Zero turned her head and stared blankly, frozen in place.

Chen Xing also turned his head and saw the woman who was in the restroom earlier, accompanied by a young girl.

This should be the “boyfriend” that the woman mentioned.

What a coincidence.


1 Author’s side note: San’er (Super System) is a mature system, so he knows what Zero should and shouldn’t hear. He has the understanding to control the permissions without Chen Xing having to say it.

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