I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In Cold Palace Chapter 3

Chapter 3 : 皇上那方面不行

His Majesty is not good in that aspect

She has bright eyes and white teeth. Her arched eyebrows were like smoke. Her eyes were as clear and bright as autumn water. Her black nightclothes are loose and plain, but they cannot hide the woman’s earthy temperament. 

In the faint light, she was holding a glass of wine and smiling shallowly, as if her every smile and every frown, she could easily remove the world’s beauty and elegance!

He really did not know that there was such an extraordinary woman in his palace.

He could not move his eyes after just one look.

This one glance was so stunning that it was like a lifetime ago.

“Not bad, I brewed it myself and sealed it for a whole month!” Lu Yunluo smiled smugly, because of the angle, she did not noticing the unusual of the man in the darkness.

Ji Wu Jue laughed softly, since he had ascended to the throne, there had never been a moment when he was as relaxed as he was now.

The night was silent and the breeze was cool, until noises came from the direction of the main hall of Li Xia Palace.

It was only then that Lu Yunluo suddenly realized that the two of them were still on the roof, the person underneath the house was the current emperor, if someone found out, a big political assassin would come down and their small lives would be gone.

She got up and hurriedly said goodbye, “It’s already late, I’ll see you again later!”

With a pause in her step, she suddenly thought of something else and turned to remind him kindly: “From now on, if you have nothing to do, don’t climb on the roof to watch the Emperor and his concubine making out. I’ve seen it when you weren’t here. His Majesty is not good at that aspect.”

“Pfft…” Ji Wu Jue spewed out all the wine that had just reached his mouth.

When he raised his head up, could he still see Lu Yunluo’s figure? 

After a split second, a black figure flashed out behind Ji Wu Jue in the darkness of the night, “Your Majesty!”

“Go after her and find out what exactly her identity is!”

“Yes!” The black shadow disappeared with it.

Ji Wu Jue’s face was dark and sullen, this woman dared to say that he is not good?

Even though he knew that the emperor she was talking about was not him, he still found it incomparably harsh.

Ji Wu Jue tapped his foot and flew from the roof to the ground, his ink-like eyes sweeping towards the room in front of him with a surprisingly cold intent.

“Come here!”

As soon as the words fell, a team of men neatly appeared in the dark corners, these were all the Emperor’s personal guards.

“The palace maids and guards in the side halls of Li Xia Palace are sexually promiscuous and disorderly in the harem, arrest them and deal with them according to the palace rules!”


After Ji Wu Jue had finished dealing with them, Cao Zhong Quan, the head eunuch, came running over with an anxious face.

“Ai yo, Your Majesty, this old eunuch has finally found you. You better quickly go to the main hall of Li Xia Palace in front of you and take a look, the two concubines are about to fight.”

Today is the day when the emperor accepts a concubine. The two niang niang (imperial concubines) were waiting for the emperor to turn over their cards in his Qin Gong (sleeping quarters of the emperor and empress), but it was already midnight and the emperor still had not appeared.

Concubine Lan had waited for a long time but she didn’t meet with His Majesty in the end. But she heard someone say that they had seen the Emperor coming to Consort Yao’s bedchamber, only then she came here with her people to intercept him.

Consort Yao is not somebody that is easy to deal with. Consort Lan was stopped outside the palace by her but Consort Lan was not willing to give up without seeing the Emperor, so she made a scene at the palace gate.

Consort Yao felt wronged, when His Majesty came to her? She did not even see His Majesty’s shadow, and now, the two sides are already fighting in front.

“So soon there’s a ruckus?” Ji Wu Jue’s voice was as cold as frost, and his deep eyes were obscure and unclear. May as well, he better take advantage of this day to beat those hands of people who were trying to stir up the harem.

“Set up the main hall!”


When Lu Yunluo returned to the Cold Palace, Yin Shuang was looking with a worried look on her face at the front door. 

“What’s wrong? You look so worried.” Lu Yunluo entered the courtyard, sat down and poured a cup of water. She is extremely in a good mood.


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