I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 7

Chapter 7:  悠哉的冷宫生活

A Leisurely and carefree Life in the Cold Palace


Lu Yunluo suddenly stood up, is this really nitre (saltpeter)!? 

“Yin Shuang, quick, clean up all this side!” Lu Yunluo suddenly became enthusiastic. 

This is saltpeter ah! 

Not only can this stuff make gunpowder, it can also make ice cubes ah!

It signifies that on this scorching summer day, in this cold palace where no one is interested in it, she can also live in the luxury of using ice to relieve the summer heat!

Just thinking about all the flavors of the ice fruit juices, and a room full of ice cubes with a slight chill, just thinking about it made Lu Yunluo feel fully motivated by that image.

It didn’t take long for the weeds to be cleared by the two of them.

There weren’t many rocks out in the open, and if she was right, there was probably a saltpeter mine underneath.

“Niang Niang, aren’t these just a few rocks?” Yin Shuang was a little puzzled as to why Niang Niang looks so excited? 

“You will find out later!” Lu Yunluo smiled mysteriously, carried the two stones and headed to her bedroom.

After returning to the bedchamber, Lu Yunluo asked Yin Shuang to prepare two different sizes of buckets, and then kept adding water to adjust the components during testing the ratio.

After many failures, finally, under Yin Shuang’s shocked gaze, she succeeded in making a bucket of ice cubes.

When she saw the ice cubes in the bucket emitting a slight chill in the air, Yin Shuang’s eyes were wide open. Is her family’s Niang Niang a goddess?

How could she even make ice cubes in the summer?

Lu Yunluo’s status in her heart has now risen to that of a god-like being or an omnipotent existence who can do anything.

At night, when the two of them were lying in a room that emitted a gust of coldness, Yin Shuang felt as if she was dreaming.

Lu Yunluo’s life in the cold palace has been extremely relaxed and comfortable these past few days. She was unaware that the people outside had turned the palace upside down in order to find her.

Inside Shu Xin Hall, the gloomy pressure is awful!

The eunuchs and palace maids were kneeling all over the place, and even Cao Zhong Quan who was standing by the side, trembling in fear as he waited upon. 

The Emperor’s face had never looked better since the day he called all the palace maids over for questioning.

“Why don’t you hurry up and clean up the floor?” Cao Zhong Quan gestured to the palace maid, and only then did a palace maid carefully clean up the broken pieces on the floor.

This was already the fifth wine jug that the Emperor had dropped! Cao Zhong Quan felt a bit of a headache just thinking about it.

The emperor had somehow become obsessed with lotus wine in the past few days.

But the lotus wine made in the Imperial Kitchen was not to His Majesty’s liking, he always said it didn’t taste right. He wants to drink lotus wine that has been brewed for more than a month but no one has ever made lotus wine in the palace, let alone one that has been brewed for a month.

Even if it was made now, he still had to wait at least for a month!

There were waves of people changing in the Imperial Dining Room, none of them could produce the taste that the Emperor wanted.

“All of you, get out of here!” Ji Wu Jue’s gloomy black eyes swept a circle of people underneath, somehow annoyed.

In the past few days, the glittering starry eyes had been appearing in front of his eyes from time to time. It had been seven days, and he had searched the palace to the bottom, but there was no news of her.

It was as if she had vanished from the face of the earth, and if he hadn’t still had the pornographic picture book she had sold to him that day, he would have thought he had imagined things that night.

He thought of the erotic picture that night. Perhaps, he should start with the picture and find out where it came from.

Ji Wu Jue’s eyes flickered, Zhen (I) don’t believe that I can’t find you!


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