I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace Chapter 9

 Chapter 9 : 被人欺負到家門口了

Bullied to the Doorway

In the battle for the throne seat, all those who might stand in front of her way are her enemies.

The delicate make-up had been removed from her face, revealing a fair and delicate face in the bronze mirror.

“Remember to inquire about Lu Yunluo’s unfavorable situation in the cold palace, and whether the emperor has set foot in the cold palace in the past six months.”

“Niang Niang, don’t worry, this old servant will personally go to the Cold Palace tomorrow!”

The next day, early in the morning, Lu Yunluo brought out the list of items to be purchased and the jade pendant. Tomorrow is the day when Eunuch Cheng will go shopping out of the palace, they usually have to leave before dawn in the morning, so this afternoon, she had to go to Eunuch Cheng’s place and bring him the list of things she needed to buy, and she also had to ask him to pawn the jade pendant.

Originally, Lu Yunluo wanted to go, but Yin Shuang strongly objected. Now is not like the old days, it is better for her not to show her face outside,so better to let the maid do the errands, rather than let her show her face out in the open.

After Yin Shuang left, Lu Yunluo changed into a plain black dress, took advantage of the sun in the morning, picked up a hoe and went to the back of the hillside. 

No matter what, saltpeter was a good thing, and since she was going to prepare to leave the palace, she must take as much saltpeter as she could.

She threw all the saltpeter she had dug up into her space.

She worked and was busy until noon, when she thought that Yin Shuang should be back soon, she went back to her bedroom.

Before she even entered the courtyard,she felt that the atmosphere was not right.

As she looked around the courtyard, she saw an unfamiliar faced elderly woman and a palace maid standing in the courtyard, raising her head high while Yin Shuang who just returned, kneeling on the ground, her left side of her face terribly red and swollen.

She had been bullied on her doorstep!

Lu Yunluo threw down his hoe with a ‘bang’ sound with an ice cold face!

“Yo, isn’t this Niang Niang who was sent to the cold palace by the Emperor on the second day of the marriage?” The palace maid snorted with laughter at the sight of the woman entering the doorway.

Lu Yunluo was dressed in black linen and her hair was casually pulled back behind her head. She had been digging for saltpeter all morning, her clothes were dirty and wrinkled, her hair was in disarray. With sweat all over her head, there was no sign of Niang Niang’s appearance.

“This outfit is not even as good as mine.” The palace maid, Chui Yu Shan, looked mocking. If she hadn’t known that there were only two people living in this huge cold palace, she would have wondered if the person in front of her was a palace maid who did heavy manual work.

With a cold frown, Lu Yunluo came to Cui Yushan’s face step by step.The corners of her mouth curled up in a cold smile as she suddenly raised her hand and slapped Cui Yushan hard.

“What the hell? Why are you being so impolite? You didn’t even kneel down when you saw this Ben Gong (me) !”

The slap fell, causing the left side of Cui Yushan’s face to become red and swollen instantly, “You dare to hit me?” Cui Yushan’s face was unbelievable.

She is Yao Guiren’s dowry maid and after she entered the palace, she is a personal maid who served Yao Guiren closely. Apart from her master, no one had ever dared to hit her in Li Xia Palace!

The woman before her was just an abandoned woman who had been sent to the cold palace. Even the Emperor had forgotten about her, such a person is as good as wasted. How dare you hit me?

“Even if Ben Gong is not good enough, I am still your master. Yin Shuang, how did they hit you just now? You hit them back for me!”

At this moment, Lu Yunluo’s look is something Yin Shuang had never seen before.

She had the impression that Her Niang Niang was always smiling, as if she didn’t care about the affairs of the palace at all but at this moment, she felt her Niang Niang desire to protect her with all her might.


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